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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2019 11:02pm-11:30pm CET

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she had insulted prophet muhammad. december eighth one thousand nine hundred eighty seven u.s. president ronald reagan and soviet leader mikhail gorbachev shaking hands on a historic deal to eliminate thousands of nuclear missiles the i.n.f. treaty was a big step towards ending the cold war but now tensions could be heating up again the u.s. announcing today plans to exit that missile treaty is a step towards a new global arms race or is the president finally holding russia to account i'm called aspen in berlin and this is the day. but with patience determination and commitment we've made this impossible vision a reality which are still what we are about to do this new signing the first ever agreement eliminating nuclear weapons. has
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a universal significance for mankind which. the good of the game so you've heard the americans are finally pulling out of the treaty one so it has now been hearing two we have but one side has it there's no mistaking that the russians have chosen to not comply with the street or people from the treaty is needed he says the interests of russian and european security. we provided russian ample window time to members ways for russia to honor its commitment. also coming up tonight to sing or not to sing the eurovision your vision song contest is no stranger to controversy but this year's pageant in israel as attracting board unusual in may funds from all over the world expected to come here to tel aviv with the song contest the speed. but
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despite the end of the us and the helping corps to boycott the event. a warm welcome to all of you watching on p.b.s. in the united states and our viewers around the world we begin today with the u.s. plans to withdraw from yet another key international treaty the intermediate range nuclear forces or an f. treaty eliminated an entire class of nuclear weapons when it was signed by reagan and gorbachev during the cold war but today the trump administration has said the u.s. will exit the deal and six months because russia has failed to comply now fears of a new nuclear arms race are growing in the one nine hundred eighty s. with missiles from both nato and the eastern bloc deployed nearby east and west germany br on the front line of the nuclear arms race leading to mass protest against american nuclear weapons in west germany. fund a mock traveled to the southern city of brawn where american medium range missiles
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were based in the one nine hundred eighty s. here in this clearing in southern germany american nuclear missiles were stationed during the one nine hundred eighty s. the only building left of what used to be the u.s. army vul tied to base this barrack number nine zero one american soldier larry nichols was stationed here in the eighty's when one of the worst situations imaginable actually occurred on january eleventh one thousand nine hundred five a person two missile exploded one thought it was a nuclear explosion it was a shocker i mean we're talking about a nuclear weapon carrier or rocket motor. for something like that happen here at the height of the cold war. the whole world was alarmed three u.s. soldiers died sixteen were seriously wounded nichols created a memorial in their own or he never got over his fear of nuclear weapons.
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you didn't know exactly what was going to happen but you knew what you had and what you were capable of doing and that was frightening yes. it was only after this accident that the people of had gone were informed that nuclear missiles were stationed directly in their vicinity it took another three years for the missiles to be removed after the i n f a treaty was agreed on the title was the first base in germany to remove and destroy its nuclear missiles he's a bishop knows the story from her parents and from our high school classes she's a member of the local green party and actively involved in protests against nuclear armaments he has recently i'm terrified by this i think that there's nothing more important than keeping world peace in particular that no nuclear weapons are employed also that his few countries as possible have nuclear weapons so that accidents are less likely to happen. she meets larry of the nuclear
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missile treaty what's your opinion on this. new us missiles nichols is unsure how he feels about that america america is in a very very difficult situation at the moment and my opinion is that it's everyone's form with a listen surely in the one nine hundred eighty s. there were massive demonstrations against us missiles across germany including here and. is a vicious cycle would attend the protest march if there were one today to rid off the i would definitely go out and demonstrate it's very important to me that peace remains our top priority i would definitely go out and join a protest for this cause. back at the form of all tied to base the old us soldier and the young pacifist share the same fear that the arms race between russia and the us will start up again and no one will have learned from the mistakes of the past. for more on this i'm joined by paul walker he's the director of green cross
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international's environmental security and sustainability program he's a right livelihood award laureate as well we heard there that question posed at the end of the report house russia and the us learned from the mistakes of the past. you know thanks for us in that question i don't think they really have at this point i mean there's really been no excuse for putin in the russians to produce this new ground launch cruise missile which the u.s. and others allege is in violation of the arnav treaty there's also no reason for the united states to begin a research and development on new ground launch cruise missiles or new ballistic intermediate range ballistic missiles either so it's a big concern i think trumps announcement today is very disturbing and really could lead to a new nuclear arms race and much lower security in a new cold war in central europe now today looking at this treaty it sounds a little bit as a terrible i mean it only bans
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a very specific class of weapons right so why is this treaty still valuable now in twenty nineteen verses one nine hundred eighty seven but we ideally want to keep nuclear weapons away from any sort of you know point of of danger in central europe of course with nato and was a pact forces years ago facing off against each other was a very very. difficult and sensitive area you want to keep nuclear weapons out of europe as much as we can as well as other as i say touch points such as the south china sea today with the chinese to introduce new nuclear weapons or missiles which violate the i.n.f. treaty that is missiles with a range of between five hundred and fifty five hundred kilometers would be a big step backward we've we've managed this treaty quite well for thirty years. the russians may have very well violated it we're not certain yet and that's what really requires right now more diplomacy and on site inspections and verification
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regimes rather than threats to pull out of the treaty the way trump has just announced well actually paul hang in there for just a second we want to play a bit of what president from had to say today himself about this decision take a listen to one side has not put it here into it we have but one side has somewhat less to go to what here we should be the only one i hope that we're able to get everybody in a very big beautiful room and do a new treaty that would be much better now paul you were just touching on this i mean is the president right has russia failed to hold up its end of the bargain with this treaty. you know we really don't know for sure. they've produced something called the nine m. seven twenty nine missile it's a it's a they allege a four hundred fifty kilometer a ground launch cruise missile they most recently opened up you know to a view of it so that western inspectors we needed took
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a look at it in western russia. the u.s. intelligence agencies allege that they've witnessed a test of this missile longer than five hundred kilometers and if a test was made over five hundred kilometers it indeed is a violation the russians on the other hand argue that the americans are potentially violating the treaty and that is by the deployment of surface to air defenses called aegis on land something called the s.m. three mock forty one missile systems which we've recently deployed in rumania allegedly to protect against possible future iranian missiles and so the this is not only a very troubling time with the trump announcement today but it's also an opportunity i would emphasize that both the russians and the americans can get together inspect each other's allegations go to see the russian missile go to see the american deployments in romania and elsewhere and try to negotiate this is all negotiable
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and i think you can limit the size of these missiles you can limit the fuel of the rocket motors everything is potentially negotiable so my hope may be too optimistic but my hope is that this can be negotiated over the next six months if not the treaty will fail and that will cost be another major treaty along with the a.b.m. treaty that the americans withdrew from in two thousand and two that really is starting to look like a new cold war and a much more dangerous period particularly security and you're now to have those negotiations maybe those inspections that you were just mentioning you have to have a level of trust you have to have a level of access do you think that those two things exist right now in terms of the relationship between russia and the u.s. . you know we have very little trust now between russia and the united states in the west we also have very little access i mean putin and the kremlin began closing down remember remember as probably ten years ago they threw out the peace corps they threw out
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a id the agency for international development they've thrown out all the cooperative threat reduction workers and we had worked for twenty years in russia i did a lot of that work myself as well in helping the russians to secure. consolidate and destroy their nuclear warheads their biological weapons laboratories and the chemical stockpiles which were the largest in the world. that all has sort of fallen away in the last five six seven years and the united states itself has alleged that the russians of violating the i.n.f. treaty since two thousand and fourteen formally so both under the obama presidency and now the trump presidency but i think for president trump to sort of throw the gauntlet down at this point and thrilly threaten to withdraw from the treaty putin will then of course as well and then we left without an i.n.f. treaty. we could renegotiate a new treaty we could put this maybe under auspices of the new start agreement that we signed with the russians in two thousand and ten there's still options ahead but
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i just hate to see the russians violating the treaty or even even the image of violating the treaty and i hate to see the americans begin a research and development on a counter weapon a ground launch cruise missile from the west and that's started by the way in the fiscal year two thousand and eighteen budget when money was appropriated in in the republican congress in washington to begin research and development on a counter weapon to the russian weapon and president trump getting a lot of criticism for this move today but almost immediately nato allies came out and said that they quote fully support this move by the u.s. so where does that leave us is this a tactic by trump or is this something that the west supports. i don't think the west really supports this i mean i think maybe stoltenberg you know had to come out publicly and just say he's in favor of you know looking into the allegations that russians are violating i mean after and we all are i mean i don't want russia to violate the treaty nor do i want the americans to violate the treaty at all and so it's important i think and i accept the fact that nato is fully behind. trumps
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arguments that the russians need to come clean the problem is the russians of course argue that the americans have to come clean to on this on this mock forty one launch system in romania and elsewhere on aegis ships that can be done and i think that's really what nato at this point is arguing let's talk engage in diplomacy on site inspections really get the experts on both sides in to see if we can overcome these perhaps misperceptions of this point in time and continue with the treaty but if we don't and this may be the intention of trump himself i really don't think nato will in the end long run support this i remember the the protests in the one nine hundred eighty s. against pershing twos and ground launched cruise missiles look comes we call them back then in the s.s. twenty from the from the soviets and those will happen again i'm sure nobody nobody in europe here wants more nuclear weapons in europe of us six months of talks could be on the horizon paul walker director of green cross international's environmental
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security and sustainability program thank you very much thank you e.u. foreign ministers are meeting in a bucharest romania today and the demise of the i.n.f. treaty was of course on the agenda there d.w. correspondent the barber of a zal has been covering that meeting for us barbara welcome first we just want to listen to what germany's foreign minister heikal must have to say at those meetings . we're going to i know without the nuclear missile treaty there would be less security but we recognize that this treaty has been violated by the russian side and that during the last sixty days unsuccessful attempts have been made to clear up the accusations for more transparency and more information. in so far as this is a treaty between two signatories and that one is in violation of it the treaty is de facto suspended. baro head mosse they're basically saying look no treaty means less security how important is this treaty to germany and to europe's security
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oh all the foreign ministers here in bucharest have stressed when they talked about this today that this was when one of the main pillars of the european security architecture this was the end more or less of the cold war and that was is signed off relief in europe when that was over and there was a sense of hope you never thought now things would get better the high tension atmosphere of those years was over you could look to the future europe would then. then begin to be reunited and it was all just a completely different time full of optimism and now there was this face a feeling here today when you listen to a minister speaking that want us everybody said obviously falling back into the time of cold war are we seeing sort of like a revamp of the saddle times will be see demonstrations in the streets again and there was also a strong feeling of sort of inside tea and dismay at watching this development that
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everybody emphasized europe was the victim off so it sounds to me from your account there that european leaders they're actually worried about a potential new arms race happening. absolutely totally worried and that was mentioned more or less by everyone here the foreign policy chief said rick i'm a greenie of the european union and she even talked about europe as a potential battleground of the future something concept that seemed to sort of be part of the past that seem to be sort of overcome i mean never was yesterday we've had that and everybody thought that those days were over and now you have to think about it again would this mean new deployment off american missile. along the eastern borders of europe we also have to see of course that that is the point where the divisions begin in europe i mean everybody was complaining always sort of
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very very sad and very plaintive today about what happens but on the other hand you know that if you listen more closely to the ministers from the baltic states or for instance poland you know that they feel insecure they feel imminently stretton by russia all the time and they would not be against new missiles american missiles on their soil so the differences begin between some eastern states and western europe and also that seems to be like a fall back into former years briefly if you can i mean we've heard that many in europe they want to salvage this treaty but what exactly can can european leaders do to make that happen. i mean there are some initiatives germany france is trying to hold or is planning a this armament conference and go lenin march it's not quite sure who is going to come to that table and there is talk about sort of including everything modern weapon. robotic killers cyber drones some just the whole arsenal that has been
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given has been developed over the last years and to include china in session like that and begin you talks a completely new round of disarmament talks bought i mean that is yet a hope it is very slow moving and europe is not that active in it the big powers are the ones who are the players in this game all right barbara basell in bucharest for us tonight thank you very much. israel is gearing up to host this year's euro vision song contest in may the annual celebration is rarely a stranger to controversy but this year it's been turned up a notch israel's human rights record towards palestinians is the focus of a movement to boycott the event to peace critics organizers move the location from the contested city of jerusalem to tel aviv a protester say that's not enough and now the show meant to bring nations together
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looks like it's heading in the opposite direction cramer sent us this report. that israel is eurovision song contest last year in lisp she was the public's favorite. outfit and distinctive song toey changed her life as a musician what a hundred and eighty degrees different i was a blues artist this thing going and basements and i did my looper stuff at home whoever had who i wouldn't have imagined in in twelve months. to become this perfect everyone is where the right to host this year's contest for the first time in twenty years is. in may funds from all over the world are expected to come here to tel aviv where the song contest is being held but despite the end of the us and now being caused to boycott the events hosting the grand
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finale in tel aviv rather than in jerusalem a city with internationally contested statist has deflected some of the controversy several international artists and celebrities have started petitions to stay away from the event accusing israel of piloting palestinian human rights and its military occupation a lot of people demonstrated in all sorts of countries weighed in and england and ireland against sending some singers to israel to the show and no one canceled which is surprising having said that we have three months to go i'm pretty sure it's going to be loud very loud i mean a lot of demonstrations letters experience criticism herself on social media and on stage but she prefers to focus on her music and has just released her second single also say about.
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the reporter all our stock has been following the eurovision controversy at least this year's controversy joins me in studio to walk us through it just tell us more first of all about this call for a boycott i mean your vision has always tried to touch it perceived to be nonpolitical but as you said before you know that every year there is there are all the causes of your political you know you remember russia and ukraine if you just back then just last week during the french national final of the show we had protesters storming the stage with. thing israel and then finally now this week a letter an open letter was posted on the guardian asking for the british public broadcaster the b.b.c. to boycott the competition for. info and to try to move the competition out of israel the letter was signed by more than fifty british cultural
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personalities i mean they include fashion designer vivienne westwood we have musicians like peter gabriel roger waters you might know from pink floyd film directors mike lee can life so you know respected and and treasured artists who have signed this letter and and you know i mention the french final earlier every every country to participate they have their own national final and the british foreign is known as you decide and so in this open letter they've used this name to get their political message through you know they write the b.b.c. should consider that you decide. it's not a principle it's a principle extended to the palestinians who cannot decide to remove israel's military occupation and live free of apartheid now the signatories are you know asking the same as. the singers are taking part in u.k. show to i guess look inwards and see if they want to. have this on their conscience
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oh how is this letter playing out so far. i mean the b.b.c. they have reacted with a statement of their own they say the your vision song contest is not a political events and does not endorse any political message or campaign we do not believe it would be appropriate to use to b.b.c.'s participation for political reasons and we found some reactions online as well social media scottish duncan hunter so we'll highlights that israel is not the first country with dubious human rights records when it comes to hosting your vision he asks can anyone remember whether michael e. vivienne westwood as urged the b.b.c. to boycott your vision when it was held in the famously human rights friendly russia and we also have reaction from helena shrubbery who is a palestinian legislator and skala she writes the israeli occupation is nothing to sing about we salute the courage and integrity of all artists who do not want to be
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complicit in israeli crimes so the b.b.c. is not budging and you know. both sides have arguments for the b.b.c. they're saying able that this isn't political but of course it is political i mean we've seen politics kind of creep into the music world in general before right especially over israel yeah i mean there's there's this movement called b.d.s. stands for boycotts divestments sanctions they've been calling for a cultural boycotts of a stretch for a long time many high profile international artists have you know in recent years canceled their. their concerts including you know we have to mention a few. lauren hill we also have. who don't support the movement famously. he a few years back he defended his friend saying that it was an attempt to censor musicians so we'll see if any of the british contestants in this in the national british. death will be aired on the fifth story the eighth of
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february so wait and see not in the euro vision final in may. all right. thank you very much thanks for. the day is nearly done but the conversation continues online you'll find us at the dot com on twitter at news or you can follow me as well at column assman thanks for watching and for making us part of your day i'll leave you with images of the world's largest annual human migration in china where millions of city dwellers are heading home for the holidays.
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the food. after. the laundry done international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week is well is bracing for further protests as its embattled president targets a young leader who many venezuelans hopeful afraid of the grip of the corrupt elite google web and the power struggle and at what price that's our topic on shut me up to. quadriga next on do you double your.
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crimes against humanity. civilians become a witness and serve god. their recorded images travel around the globe just social media. what is fair game to fiction and what is fact. digital investigators combing through the flood of images and they combine sources trying to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate claims of crimes first thanks to this video recording of a soldier who shot the young man is on trial now. forensics between bits and bytes. i have a. typing again. to.
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evan m's. because justice is about neutral. truth detectives starts feb fifteenth on t.w. . hello and welcome to quadriga venezuela is bracing for further potentially deadly protests as embattled president targets the young politician seen by many venezuelans as the only hope of breaking the grip of a corrupt elite that has plundered the country.


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