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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 2, 2019 9:00am-9:16am CET

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blame blame blame blame blame blame. this is d. w. news like berlin are russia and they did say it's lining up for a new arms race. the united states will therefore suspend its obligations under the i.m.f. treaty effective february second and the u.s. says it will pull out of the key nuclear disarmament attack completely in six months if russia does not stop violating it also coming up ugandan officials seized the biggest fall of the legal ivory and had to go in scale if they've ever caught
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by seeing through unlikely disguise. and the vague russian is on as millions of chinese attacked trains to celebrate the lunar new year with their families to take a closer look at humanity's biggest annual migration. thanks for joining us i'm marionettes team. washington says it will formally notified moscow later today that the u.s. is withdrawing from a key arms control treaty secretary of state mike peo announced the decision on friday say the us will suspend its compliance with the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty and then it will withdraw completely from the accordance six months if moscow does not and alleged violations of the pact. it's the end of months of
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speculation in tension secretary of state mike compel you has officially signaled that the arms control treaty which has helped keep european safe could soon and if russia does not return to full verifiable compliance with the treaty within the six month period by verifiably destroying its i n f violating missiles there launchers associated equipment the treaty will terminate this is the weapon that the u.s. is talking about the russian built as a c h a missile system washington and many experts believe has a range of more than five hundred kilometers which would mean it's a violation of the i.n.f. treaty. but the kremlin says it never intended to violate the agreement a russian foreign ministry spokesperson says the u.s. ultimatum is part of a strategy to dodge its international legal obligations. for many european countries the end of the i.m.f. treaty brings back memories of the cold war and it stokes fears of
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a new arms race the german chancellor angela merkel called on both sides to continue talks. first it's clear that russia has violated the treaty and that's why we must talk to russia on behalf of germany foreign minister haiku muss and myself will do everything to make talks possible again in the next six months. the agreements between the us and the former soviet union banned all land based nuclear missiles with a range between five hundred and five and a half thousand kilometers that marked an end to decades of nuclear instability during the cold war. experts now fear the end of the i.n.f. treaty could not only further damage the transatlantic relationship but also threaten the future of other arms control agreements d.w. correspondent alexander phenomenon told us what is likely to happen next between with the i know of treaty between the u.s.
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and russia secretary pompei us and the insulin starts a six month clock that trump administration officials believe will and with the full american withdrawal from the treaty beginning on saturday the you asked would be free to start testing and deploying its own weapons it's not clear this will happen but experts fear that this is just an opening shot in a new global arms race. well for more on the story we're joined now by michael barr enough he's the director of the german marshall fund office in warsaw michael thanks so much for being with us so what do you believe is likely to happen if the united states does indeed exit the nuclear treaty for good. so it's true that you know this they started the clock on withdrawing from the treaty but we all have to remember that there is a full agreement in nato that it was russia who first violated and broke the ice in
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their feet by testing and fielding. intermediate nuclear weapons that they are already have stock so we are here evolved three to four that are used for bit in the missiles that russia has already period and as you are on this we could hear chancellor merkel is in full agreement with this so u.s. is withdrawing no but it's russia that tree i don't expect anything you need to change right no because the west does not have to do it used to put in the field it will take years for us to develop such weapons all right so you say that nato has pointed the finger at russia blaming it for violating the treaty you say is going to take a while for the u.s. to develop anything but do we expect to be entering
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a new arms race. they needed to be knocking me on the western side. it would be and we would kid ourselves he would be lying to ourselves if we thought it you are not in the arms for us right now it's russia who is developing those weapons both on the nuclear front they have. no grange nothing to mediate range but also the whole smaller nuclear weapons inside it will take a while for for nato the us to respond in kind again there's no disagreement among the four states nato countries who is who broke that treaty now it would be what we could see in the short term if that u.s. or other european powers the sites to field storage or medium range weapons there are not lent based there for example see that. again it will take
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a long long time to develop and based missiles there are not ready. to michael by now ski from the german marshall fund office in warsaw many thanks indeed for your insights. thank you very much. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. venezuela is bracing for rival protests as opposition leader one white dope presents president nicolas maduro to call snap elections many european countries have said they'll recognize blind is in terms of president if munder open fails to call elections by sunday millions of people are expected to demonstrate in the capital caracas. newly released footage shows the wall of mud that swept through a brazilian mining operation and nearby residential areas last week the mining waste came from a retention pond at the mine one hundred fifteen people have now been confirmed
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dead in the disaster another two hundred forty eight are listed as missing in the united states the governor of virginia ralph northam has apologized after his nineteen eighty-four medical your book page emerged showing a photo featuring men in racist costumes african-american politicians in virginia called the image disgusting and other leading politicians urged the governor who's a member of the democratic party to resign. ugandan officials have seized the largest contraband shipment of ivory and pengelly scales they've ever taken in a single operation all told the haul is estimated to have a market value of around eight million dollars ganton authorities have been stepping up efforts to crack down on illegal trading in elephant tusks rhino horns and penguin scales especially to asia while there they sell for thousands of
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dollars a kilo for use in ornaments and medicines. the ugandan customs checked every container but they were suspicious about this one because it came into the country via a convoluted route from the democratic republic of congo true south sudan to the ugandan border inside to tropical timber but the tree trunk said be hollowed out and filled with ivory. where the book to intercept fitty are by trying to contain as we trust declared shop the incontinent oak tree to vietnamese nationals have been arrested and officials believe the ivory was headed for the asian market three hundred twenty five elephants had to be killed for this ivory. there were also the scales of hundreds of endangered pangolin is. a worry for us this is one of the biggest a crutch whole interception of full board switch up prohibited to be traded in on
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the international what's left protocol or sites so we believe that this is a vice that's ones us from the nature of it to sucks having we're not into getting them attack us this was from them the smugglers hadn't reckoned with state of the out scanners at this border crossing but as long as there is a market they will be smuggling. so sports news now and when this league of soccer he started with high hopes but his first match ended and disappointment hanover's new coach tomas dawe and his team suffered a three nil loss at home to rb leipsic orbán scored twice for the bulls after their fourth loss in a row had over stay at the very end of the table well this weekend was the actions he's title candidates by an endorsement face tricky away games for table toppers dortmund a trip to high flying frankfurt awaits while byron make the journey to laver couzin rejuvenated by a new man in charge the results could be crucial in this season's tie title race.
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they because a need to make up for a poor first half of the season that's why they brought in pates of bush's coach during the winter break he faces a tough early challenge in the form of buy in. as is into their team but so much of it will be an interesting game and i think quite intense as well. play because you have taken forty four shots in just two games under bush and with their high quality attacking players the team could yet play a decisive role in the title race. next into could a more of course we could help dortmund but above all we want to help the people of laver cues and live of course as i know from. dortmund themselves face frankfurt who have ambitions of their own when it comes to champions league qualification and they're certainly not lacking in confidence ahead of the clash. when the guys from
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there if you want to be at the top i think you have to beat one of the top teams to talk to. frankfurt are currently in fifth place just outside the champions league slots there are potential stumbling block for the league leaders. the world's biggest annual human migration is under way more than four hundred million chinese are on the move to ring in the year of the pig which begins on february fifth that means an estimated three billion trips by rail road and air as people head home to celebrate with their loved ones reporter often are boarding the train from beijing to get hung. it's the start of a long journey home all these people are hoping to board train k six one seven headed west to lou new years sees millions leaving beijing for the provinces. inside the trains are over crowded not everyone has a reserve ation forcing some passengers to get creative.
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personnel has secured a seat the twenty five year old engineering student going home to see his parents will be the. spring festival for the chinese is like christmas for westerners it is a holy day and everyone reunites with their families so it's really important for us. like many chinese. family once a year parents and children often live far apart and travel expenses a high. and it's no short journey outside the. inside these girls are killing time they're in high spirits. now they're heading home. we want to have fun the last thing i'll do is my math homework.
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everyone a happy new year. and then it's time for lunch apart from singing and eating there isn't that much to do. in the. well for some it's a chance to catch up on lost sleep. gifts are a big part of the new year ritual. bringing something for the kitchen. after six hours on the train who reaches his destination and is ready for the fist of a tease to begin. he's looking forward to the food and fireworks the year of the pig brings with it plenty to celebrate. yet his i'm very happy and excited finally i'm with my family i really missed them home is always the warmest place on earth for me that i'm going to lynching. at home he's dead is waiting for
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us oh yeah the journey is over but millions of others a still on the road and looking forward to a fist of time with their families. you're up to date now on the union use i'm there in evanston from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. it's time to take one step further and say still. time to smash the no budget for the troops. time to overcome down dreams and connect. it's time for dublin. coming up ahead minds. hello and good evening i'm very happy that your tune in tonight today we have to do.


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