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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 2, 2019 11:00pm-11:15pm CET

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this is news live from berlin rallies have been taking place across venezuela both for and against the country's embattled president nicolas maduro opponents are calling on him to resign and call fresh elections joining their ranks just a top venezuelan general who denounced enduros on twitter go go go to caracas for the latest on the ground also coming up. russian president vladimir putin says his country will follow washington's lead in suspending a landmark nuclear arms control task experts warn of
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a new fox race plus. it's not everyone wants tom brady and the new england patriots to win a record six super bowl a lot of american football fans are backing their opponents the l.a. raptors we'll find out why. next bicester welcome to the program. tens of thousands of protesters have held rival rallies across venezuela both for and against president nicolas maduro the self declared interim president quoted why don't join supporters in the capital caracas he is trying to force the incumbent president maduro out of office and has already called for fresh protests in ten days time the opposition consider government to be illegitimate and blames him for the country's economic collapse i one guy do his message to supporters is that changes around the corner he and his
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back is a demanding fresh presidential election as i some who came out to support the opposition leader say even basic survival has become a struggle i went on want to see more and more to it's very difficult and getting worse all the time but since november the situation's been out of control i can't get hold of my blood pressure medication anywhere and it used to be the cheapest on the market but now we can't get hold of even the most basic painkillers. boy has garnered international backing for his claim to be acting president when as well a sitting president maduro has a key source of support in venezuela's military leaders but in a surprise move the high ranking commander in the air force threw his support behind you i do a via twitter on saturday. i am addressing you today to let you know that i reject the illegitimate and dictatorial authority of mr nicolas maduro ninety percent of
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the armed forces oppose the dictator and support the venezuelan people in this way . but manure is backers also held rallies marking twenty years since the rise to power of late leader hugo chavez addressed the rally and suggested holding congressional elections earlier than planned but he remained defiant even in a saying anything going on the opposition are tricking people in minutes whalen saying they're in government and that the entire country and the armed forces obey then try. three trickery and more trickery moving don't you know. the crisis has split not only even israel itself but with washington and brussels backing go i do and russia and china supporting my due to the split goes far beyond the south american nation. earlier i spoke to the correspondent oscar schleicher in caracas and i asked him if a high ranking general moving to support kwan why go could mark the beginning of the end for president maduro well that's what many opposition thanks so he can't
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this won't be a domino effect on the armed forces he cares if there are serious allegations that is general in the aviation division service including that ninety percent of the military is against the dictatorship of nicolas maduro as he said now that commander in chief of the aviation department has said that this general has absolutely no leadership within troops or has any leadership in the aviation department but it is obvious that he is one of the leading generals in plan if occasion with the aviation so it definitely puts a question mark on the that loyalty that that maduro government government is saying that they have from the military in fact today's slogan for them is no no more traitors and also loyalty so we're seeing some of that in the
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demonstrations in favor of my will today but woodrow seemed to give up a little ground and proposing to hold congressional not presidential elections earlier than planned is that enough to satisfy his critics. absolutely no not for his critics are in the congress and holding congressional elections it is an attack a frontal attack against that. power that is the only one that's being recognized as democratic internationally so in fact this would in bold and. congressman here in venezuela against michael don't do not favor them at all you are out today with the protesters what were you hearing from them well i was with the opposition protesters today and a lot of them were very hopeful that this is the beginning of the end of what they say is a battle of twenty years of protest against this revolution and now many of them
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came from the chevy small and have turned their backs on mother who don't they are same a lot of them were saying that they cannot find any medicines that food is very expensive and that they cannot find a lot of the things that they could find before and that's why they were protesting today in order to ask the government to allow this humanitarian aid to enter the country ok. and caracas thanks for that. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. in the united states democratic governor ralph northam has refused to resign from office says he was not one of the people who appeared in a racist photo and his nineteen eighty-four medical school yearbook statement contradicts what northam said on friday when he apologized for appearing at photo and the people i met along with the central african republic has reached a peace deal with fourteen armed groups after several days of talks the first ever
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direct dialogue between the parties was aimed at ending years of conflict that has killed thousands of people displaced hundreds of thousands more. monsoon rains have caused severe flooding in northeastern australia records have been broken in the city of townsville which is seen over a year's rain in a matter of days australia has also been experiencing record heat waves this summer . russia has pulled out of a key cold war era nuclear arms control treaty one day after the us did russian president vladimir putin announced that moscow would begin developing new weapons systems he's ordered his ministers not to initiate any new disarmament talks with washington. russia's response came quickly president vladimir putin said he was simply doing what the americans did the day before halting its involvement in the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty or i and if you can keep it you know
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our american partners have announced they are suspending their participation in the deal and we are also suspending our participation. but. we will wait until our partners have mature enough to conduct an equal meaningful dialogue with us on this important topic and you know. the us decision end of months of speculation president on the trump hinted at a pullout in october last year secretary of state pay of finally announced the move on friday. if russia does not return to full verifiable compliance with the treaty within the six month period by verifiably destroying its i n f violating missiles their launchers and associated equipment the treaty will terminate this is the weapon that the u.s. is talking about the russian build s s c eight i'm in south system washington and many experts believe has a range of more than five hundred kilometers which would mean it's in violation of the i.n.f.
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treaty the kremlin insists it has not violated the agreement and claims that u.s. antiballistic missile interceptors being deployed in eastern europe could be violating the terms of the treaty. russia's tit for tat response shift the blame for the end of the i.n.f. treaty to the u.s. and even the bloody near putin says russia is ready to talk it's clear that the threat of a new arms race is real and some here in moscow are certainly concerned about that prospect. it worries me a lot i'm scared that could be a second cold war like the one in the soviet union. that flight time is only something like ten or fifteen minutes then we wiped out and they're wiped out and what for yeah the most the the i think it's really bad when countries only think of themselves and don't think about the whole world the two superpowers should sit down and agree on something and this is in the go but it's moscow says it will now work on a range of new high tech weapons sparking concern in russia and in many european
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countries about the possibility of a new arms race. police in paris have clashed with so-called yellow vest protesters it's the twelfth consecutive weekend the protesters have taken to the streets on friday a court ruled that police could continue to use rubber bullets against riders despite a public outcry. this rally in paris ended with scuffles between police and demonstrators however the so-called yellow vest protests across the country was said to have been largely peaceful. fewer protesters took to the streets on saturday for the twelfth consecutive weekend of demonstrations according to the interior ministry less than ten thousand nationwide estimates on numbers in paris vary wildly at central locations such as the plastic public hundreds of people gathered while news agencies reported thousands in the capital protesters say they wanted to highlight alleged heavy handedness of authorities today and show
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solidarity for those injured in previous rallies. i am a victim of police brutality and i want to tell people what happened i should never have been injured i'm not some kind of hooligan who damages things or throws rocks at police or you see according to government estimates some one thousand nine hundred people have been injured in the protests or five of those hundred seriously many of the injuries were caused by rubber bullets used by security forces images can be found on social media activists say they're hoping to document the extent of the alleged police abuse but source information is often inaccurate or sometimes missing entirely. on friday france's top administrative court rejected calls for police to be banned from using rubber bullets i. from football in europe to football in the u.s. one of the or hurls most watched annual sports events in the world is kicking off
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to morrow and atlanta georgia americans will know of course i'm talking about the super bowl the l.a. rams are taking on the new england patriots patriots star quarterback tom brady is going for a sixth n.f.l. championship title but a lot of fans are getting tired of seeing his team in the game seemingly year after year. tom brady and the new england patriots are gunning for their sixth super bowl but it seems not all of the u.s. is behind them in georgia the memory is still painfully fresh of the atlanta falcons super bowl defeat two years ago at the hands of brady and co we have a copy that i sat there like. that thank you doesn't think. like that oh man i'm so sick of the patriots but mainly because they beat us two years ago the super bowl and i would myron it over in l.a. most rams fans are content to focus on their own team's chances. the rams the rams
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are going to win their very being super bowl championship. but others can't help but return to a familiar theme i'm looking for. tom brady to be upset and looking for disappointment in his face. to get reaction shot where you know he's defeated meanwhile one of brady's former teammates had a message for america's pig sick pig skin fans hater. if i think people do kind of stick up and you know what people in new england people who play the patriots. a six super bowl for brady will deepen new england's love affair with its adopted son but for everyone else in the u.s. this weekend there seems to be only one month for the rams. they are usually giving sermons on the weekend or right now in poland priests are on peace taking part in the annual. john paul the second skiing race clergymen from around the country traveled to we swaddle to participate many of them took on the eight
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hundred meter slalom in their cassocks as the bible has it small was the gate and narrow was the path but the point here was not salvation for twenty years it has been to honor the first ever polish pope who was an avid skier. stay with us here on the view after the break we'll bring you all the action from saturday's been does league games league leaders dortmund face a huge test of their title credentials they were up against frankfurt's formidable attack highlights from that match and the other games from match day twenty coming up on the go with nick mechanics line. and don't forget you can always get news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the to send us photos and
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