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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 3, 2019 3:00pm-3:15pm CET

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what's your story take part. in for migrants dot. this is day to every news live from berlin and venezuela's rival latest dig into what could become a long political standoff both sides held mass rallies across the country with president nicolas maduro proposing early unlike parliamentary elections on self declared interim president on why don't you protest to continue until mr o.
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stands down also coming up pope francis sets off on an historic mission is on his way to the united arab emirates as the first pontiff to visit the arabian peninsula . and in the bundesliga the latest gold mine traveled to frankfurt where they haven't managed to win in more than five years. i'm rebecca ridges welcome to the program tens of thousands of venezuelans have attended rival rally is in a political stand off with no resolution inside. later and self declared interim president called on supporters to stay in the streets until sitting president nicolas maduro steps down but president arroyo still enjoys strong support from his base. one going to his message to supporters is that chain. ages around the corner
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he and his backers are demanding fresh presidential elections i some who came out to support the opposition leader say even basic survival has become a struggle i went on what is a minority is very difficult and getting worse all the time but since november the situation's been out of control i can't get hold of my blood pressure medication anywhere and it used to be the cheapest on the market but now we can't get hold of even the most basic painkillers. glider has garnered international backing for his claim to be acting president win as well a sitting president maduro has a key source of support in venezuela's military leaders but in a surprise move the high ranking commander in the air force threw his support behind you i dove via twitter on saturday. i am addressing you today to let you know that i reject the illegitimate and dictatorial authority of mr nicolas maduro
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ninety percent of the armed forces oppose the dictator and support the venezuelan people. but manure as backers also held rallies marking twenty years since the rise to power of late leader hugo chavez maduro addressed the rally and suggested holding congressional elections earlier than planned but he remained defiant even in a saying anything going on the opposition are tricking people in venezuela saying they're in government and that the entire country and the armed forces obey their trickery trickery and more trickery nothing don't you know. the crisis has split not only venezuela itself but with washington and the european parliament backing who i do and russia and china are supporting my daughter to split goes far beyond the south american nation. of war let's go to our correspondent in caracas. thanks for joining me president arroyo has proposed holding parliamentary elections earlier than planned well that be enough to silence his critics. now that is very and might
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we actually. you know question about the with genesee of the national assembly is that many countries recognize the nationalism we as the only democratic we elected institutional left in venezuela so motos offer a school early legislative election is an attack on the opposition that leads the current parliament because they are using the legal steps in the constitution to regain power in minutes later this is the reason we have seen shifts in the military that are recognizing one way gone as the president of venezuela and i think she did that yesterday and that's your growth as well in iraq posting a video also supporting one way though this is because the national assembly is doing things by the book to restore confidence in government and legitimacy and all the institutions early elections because by this electoral council would only be accepted by those who supported by the. time materialising
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a lot of support but he has the backing of russia and china and also still a strong base with in venezuela i mean given the desperate state of the country how does he maintain that popularity. well i think it's supporters not a star as many believe are we saw yesterday that they felt part of a street that usually fills up completely with supporters in godparents and the opposition actually have mass rallies not only in caracas but also in every major city in america where latin also towns we have to understand that his government does not lead only by my guru but there are several actors in his government there are also pressuring him not to leave because if he falls the whole structure of chinese won't will go down with him and lenny are already sanctioned by the united states the european union have frozen bank accounts and are being investigated for
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human rights violations corruption and even drug trafficking so it's no surprise that the slogan for mother of this week has been always loyal never traders and he's using that slogan which reminds of east us not to betray the legacy of who are childless and this twenty year old project of a revolution that in the end has thrown the country into a downward spiral and. has promised to allow much needed aid into the country something the material has said would maintain outside intervention why is humanitarian aid such a point of contention. well even though mother has set up a system of food aid that the government sells to their supporters it has become a political tool to ensure supporters go to most of those rallies and vote for his candidates and even with that there's not enough food or medicine to combat the shortage was you're seeing today we spoke to several protesters yesterday protestors against motherhood all that were actually needed medicine and were
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having difficulty buying and finding food what mother argues from our culture humanitarian aid is that it will bring with it a military intervention and that is why the government has blocked it for many years now and this despite the growing humanitarian crisis it's and they we have the staggering number of seventeen percent of venezuelan children suffering from malnutrition according to n.g.o.s and one third of this generation want problems ahead because of malnutrition and people with renal problems cancer and he needs to combine medicine so for these people it's not a question of a british invasion or a military intervention you manager it is more to do with a means of survival they don't need correspondent also in the venezuelan capital caracas thank you now to some of the other stories making news around the world tens of thousands have rallied across serbia for the night wake in
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a rush to protest against president aleksander of the church demanding free elections and an end to his stranglehold on the media the church has rejected opposition claims about suggesting that he might call an early election. in the us democrat governor ralph ralph northam has refused to resign from office welcome says he was not one of the people who appeared in a racist photo in his nineteen eighty-four medical school yearbook the statement contradicts what northam said on friday when he apologized for appearing in the five chapters and the people i met. francis has appealed to the international community to ensure humanitarian aid reaches suffering people in yemen found says let's speaking before leaving running the first ever trip to the arabian peninsula by running on his is due to spend three days in abu dhabi the capital of the united arab emirates. francis will tie part in a christian muslim dialogue and minister to the. roman catholic community miami
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indian and philip payne guest what is. this is that mary's catholic church in dubai one of dozens of churches in the united arab emirates the emirates has a reputation for religious tolerance in a region where there are otherwise tight restrictions on worship outside the muslim faith francis his trip to the gulf states is aimed at encouraging more contact between christianity and islam some parishioners here think the visit of market turns in point in relations between the two religions. i think it's a really you know i you know for all the muslims and the christians in u.a.e. and to vatican city it's look you know it's a global event but frances is facing criticism over the visit because of the emirates role in the war in yemen a saudi led coalition of which the emirates is part of has been accused of carrying out human rights abuses in its battle against hutu rebels francis will likely avoid publicly raising the topic of yemen when he meets with the emirates leaders for now
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the goal is a smooth first time visit by a pope to the arabian peninsula the home of his. heavy rains have flooded communities across northern australia and forced thousands to flee their homes one town so half a meter of rain come down in a twenty four hour period for cost as say more rain and possible tornadoes are expected the city of townsville is largely submerged and the water there isn't it to rise even higher. authorities in townsville northern australia a warning residents to move to higher ground by nightfall. they're preparing to fully open these flood gates the ross river dam close to townsville is it double its capacity fully opening the gates will create even more flooding in residential areas downstream but will likely save other areas from a similar fate the sheer volume is astounding the rain has
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broken records here in australia a year's rain in a matter of days and it's not over it's a severe weather event and a major focus at the moment is on townsville in relation to townsville townsville has head the equivalent of more than one mate out of rain over the last seven days this is an all time record as i said yesterday we are in on priest in the times there is more rain to come townsville in northern australia is used to monsoons and to flooding but not on this scale rescue teams have been stretched and some residents are understandably shaken. just at the border control rising and i'm very scared of what terrified after what january was australia's hottest month on record and there's been lots of extreme weather events across the country flooding here in the north drought and wildfires in the south. climate change
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means that weather records are being broken year on year. and as the rain shows no sign of stopping residents and authorities in townsville and now bracing for yet more record breaking rain. well in this league a second now and leg later when dropped points away from home to frank said meaning their low in the street in france that continues. it's a long time since dortmund won in frankfurt the only players still around from their last victory there five and a half years ago is marco royce. frankfurt smelled blood and started the game on the front foot down to the coast and tested dortmund keeper roman bookie to rafael guerrero's assist. and royce almost doubled his tally but couldn't find the net with either of two chances over the course of three
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minutes. those misses almost proved to be costly straight away and a right bitch bundled his way into the box but the croatian forward was also foiled by booking the less said about philip cost of his follow up effort the better grade which went close again when he sped away at the bar but when dortmund failed to clear the ball they were punished to cost across the luca yardage to make it one all in the thirty six minutes. the serbian forwards magnificent form continues frankfurt's top score and now has fourteen goals in this campaign. the second half was low on chances the closest thing the game got to a winning goal was a free kick from dortmund to lock up their one one the final school. for mr fears are set up on the for me it felt like easily the toughest game of the season. frankfurt have an unbelievable amount of power going forward from for the
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moment she should phone the phone once again dortmund failed to win in frankfurt and dropped two points in the title race. well let's have a quick look now at all the results from the games so there is the door and school . elsewhere leave a cruise and b. y. in munich three one one one nil away to berlin one to nail a way to shall cut off and home and shed the points and so did nuremberg and braman in the friday game. won three nil at hanover while today lines travel to aus bold and face fribourg. victorious asian cup football team returned home to iraq show us welcome greeted by hundreds of thousands of fans the tame drove on especially decorated open top bus to meet the huge numbers we've waited patiently for them to arrive the long haul into doha kick started another night of wild
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celebrations in the city since friday's three one victory over japan the podium has barely stopped it was catullus first ever asian cup truck trials. you're up to date on day to be news up next shift living in the digital age i'm rebecca ridges in berlin from the entire team here thanks to a company. once upon a time there was a young girl with a burning ambition. to become come to.


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