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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 3, 2019 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from the end donald trump warns that sending the military into venezuela is an option it's comments come as the standoff there continues with venezuela's rival ladies holding separate rallies and no end in sight to the deepening political crisis we'll speak to our correspondent in caracas also coming up pope francis sets off on a stark mission he's on his wife of the united arab emirates says the first bombs have to visit the arabian peninsula. and in the bundesliga leave
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a curse and deal gone munich an unexpected blow deepening the crisis of germany's struggling champion. i'm rebecca it is welcome to the program the u.s. president donald trump is turning up the pressure on venezuela's nicolas maduro and a television interview this morning warned that sending troops into the country is an option pressure is coming from europe to france and austria have said again today they'll indorse self declared interim president. doesn't call elections before the end of the day other countries are expected to do the same in venezuela both sides held mass rallies. one going to his message to supporters is that changes around the corner he and his backers are demanding fresh presidential election it's. i some who came out to support the opposition leader say even basic
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survival has become a struggle i when i want to see him and want to see him it's very difficult and getting worse all the time but since november the situation's been out of control i can't get hold of my blood pressure medication anywhere and it used to be the cheapest on the market now we can't get hold of even the most basic painkillers. glider has garnered international backing for his claim to be acting president venezuela's sitting president maduro as a key source of support in venezuela's military leaders but in a surprise move a high ranking commander in the air force threw his support behind you i dove via twitter on saturday. i am addressing you today to let you know that i reject the illegitimate and dictatorial authority of mr nicolas maduro ninety percent of the armed forces oppose the dictator and support the venezuelan people in this way. but
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manure is backers also held rallies marking twenty years since the rise to power of late leader hugo chavez moderate addressed the rally and suggested holding congressional elections earlier than planned but he remained defiant you know that in a sign of anything going on the opposition are tricking people in venezuela saying they're in government and that the entire country and the armed forces obey their trickery trickery and more trickery you know thing don't you. the crisis has split not only venezuela itself but with washington and the european parliament backing who i do and russia and china are supporting my daughter the spirit goes far beyond the south american nation. of a more let's go to our correspondent in caracas. thanks for joining me u.s. president donald trump has said that sending military to venezuela was now an option how will that go down with a mature account. well we have seen that mother aunt has been leading
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a military exercise exercises in the past week you have spouted straight on militia that supporters government other leaders and members of government have called upon their supporters just around the country against an imperialist strike against but it's clear out now the opposition has seen this as a show of power in front of the nation to demonstrate mother has control over the military because in the past year we have seen small revolts from the military against motherwell and yesterday activision general my business was in the asian deflected against what he called a dictatorship we saw leaders other active members follow suit so what could happen if there is an american military intervention depends on how strong the most grasp of the military actually is because of what we saw yesterday from some of the military continues this could lead to a domino effect that could outmaneuver on our. in europe in the following names otherwise we could see classes which is something nobody. and us intervention would
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be good news for one quite wide open his supporters now wouldn't it. well frank why don't can't we have heard a little about their support for an outside intervention other than the humanitarian aid for the good of medicines he is asking the u.s. to sentimental sweater when i asked ask them as one military to allow this humanitarian aid to enter venezuela and buy it against colombia in your rela that have control of some areas in minutes well that are needed to allow absolutes in order to distribute this aid he also said that there won't be a gathering centers in colombia and brazil now we have seen in social media videos of chains and military heading to the border and villages way to review people's alarm about military intervention or a court order were to allow aid to enter venezuela we've also heard rumors that if there is a military intervention in venezuela it would be led by venezuela now with terry
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that are in exile officers that left the country and deflected because of their opposition you could ask my who are we have seen several videos of this of these military in the past week from exile when it's on military pledging support for a one way belt but as i said these are rumors and it all depends on how strong mother can hold the support of hispanics what does this latest development mean for the bigger picture and its way into what well anything can happen but i swear that we have seen that the country has become the discords of apple between russia and the u.s. and now with both countries dropping the f. nuclear treaty there are fears of a new old war arising with venezuela acting as a new cuba obviously that's something nobody wants and there's a lot of people putting hope in that one way to go can regain power of the country in a constitutional way and not through all means of force on day domini
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correspondent also in caracas thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world tens of thousands have rallied across serbia for the ninth week in a row to protest against pres president alexander of a church and a mounting free elections and an end to his stranglehold on the media the church has rejected opposition claims suggested that he might call an early election. in the us democrat governor has refused to resign from office northam says he was not one of the people who appeared in a racist photo in his nineteen eighty-four medical school yearbook the statement contradicts what northam said on friday when he apologize for appearing in the fireside and. akio adjusts in age of have uncovered a tomb containing more than fifty mummies from the tall late era some two thousand years ago they were buried in four chambers at
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a site south of cairo among of acacia method suggests they held prestigious positions. in pope francis has appealed to the international community to ensure humanitarian aid reaches suffering people in yemen francis was speaking before leaving rhyme on the first ever trip to the arabian peninsula via reigning pump pontiff is due to spend three days in abu dhabi the capital of the u.a.e. francis will take part in a christian muslim dialogue and minister to the un a small woman catholic community mainly indian and philippine guest workers. this is that mary's catholic church and to buy one of dozens of churches in the united arab emirates the emirates has a reputation for religious tolerance in the region were all there was tight restrictions on worship outside the muslim faith. francis is trip to the gulf states is aimed at encouraging more contact between christianity and islam some parishioners here think the visit of market turns in point in relations between the
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two religions. i think it's really no i would not for all the muslims and christians in the u.a.e. and in the vatican city it's like you know it's a global event but francis is facing criticism over the visit because of the emirates role in the war in yemen a saudi led coalition of which the emirates is part of has been accused of carrying out human rights abuses in its battle against hutu rebels francis will likely avoid publicly raising the topic of yemen when he meets with the emirates leaders for now the goal is a smooth first time visit by a pope to the arabian peninsula the home of his. heavy rains have flooded communities across northern australia and forced thousands to flee their homes one town half a meter of rain come down in a twenty four hour period forecasters say rain and possible tornadoes are expected the city of townsville is largely submerged and the water there is set to rise even
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higher authorities in townsville northern australia a warning residents to move to higher ground by nightfall. that preparing to fully open these flood gates the ross river dam close to townsville is it double its capacity. fully opening the gates will create even more flooding in residential areas downstream but will likely save other areas from a similar fate the sheer volume is astounding the rain has broken records here in australia a year's rain in a matter of days and it's not over. it's a severe weather event and a major focus at the moment is on townsville in relation to townsville townsville has had the equivalent more than one that made of rain over the last seven days this is an all time record as i said yesterday we are in on priest in the times
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there is more rain to come townsville in northern australia is used to monsoons and to flooding but not on this scale rescue teams have been stretched and some residents are understandably shaken. just at the border keeps rising and i'm very scared i want to terrify i think what january was australia's hottest month on record and there's been lots of extreme weather events across the country flooding here in the north drought and wildfires in the south. climate change means that weather records are being broken year on year. and as the rain shows no sign of stopping residents and the thirty's in townsville and now bracing for yet more record breaking rain. well in this latest something now and by manic we're dealt a serious blow in their race to catch up with late late his daughter and on
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saturday they went into the match with leverkusen already six points behind their rivals and champions ended up travelling back to munich empty handed. i think close the boy and heading into this clash captain manuel neuer out injured backup spend all right straight into the action for the first time this season and with just a minute gone there was already panic amongst the back lot and. play the clues and demanded a penalty but to no avail despite kevin falling short clearly hitting mats hummels on by and took full advantage of the let off as lead carets got pounced in the forty first minute his fourth goal in three matches a perfectly timed run meeting thomas willis inch per se cross and just before the break robert levin dusty hit the back of the net with aplomb the offside flag cut short celebrations though by some great plays it was an extremely touch cold buy in just one goal up at half time. the tide turned in the second half though
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lay on bailey with a thunderous a call ours are five one one after fifty three minutes spent all right left wanting . and ten minutes later lay the kids and went from three kevin followed. by silky smooth build up giving the hosts a shot to one late. and later cruz and soon secured a with three points blistering counterattack converted by lucas l.r.u. by the brave one the final straw levy couzens revival underpay to bosh is picking up pace. followed by. seven points beyond talk to rivals dortmund. now let's take a quick look at the results of the games played this weekend so far as we've just
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saying leave it isn't bait mun bun munich three one elsewhere front foot and dortmund drew one one while spurs one one nil away to gave one one one nil away from to berlin in blood one two nil away to shell cup often high and shared the points and so did nuremberg and braman in the friday game one three nil it had of a wall today minds travel to old spoke and took on face book. victory victoria's asian cup football team returned home to a rapturous welcome graded by hundreds of thousands of fans the tame drive on especially decorated open top bus to meet the huge numbers who'd waited patiently for them to arrive a long haul into doha kickstarted another not celebrations in the city since friday's three one victory over japan the posse partying has barely stopped it was first ever asian cup trials. well you're up to date on d.w.
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news up next our documentary on the utopian world of the bauhaus on rebecca written in both ends from the entire team here thanks to the company.


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