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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 3, 2019 9:00pm-9:16pm CET

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grooves every week on t.w. . this is deja news live from berlin pope francis begins an historic trip to the united arab emirates is the first ever visit by a pope to the arabian peninsula and pontiff hopes to improve christian muslim relations officials of both faiths greet him at the airport also coming up donald trump warns that sending a military internet as well it is an option. his comments come as the standoff
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there continues and there's no end in sight to the deepening political crisis on saturday venezuela's rival leaders held separately we'll speak to our correspondent in caracas also coming up. deja vue speaking to author and refugee beirut chani do you want to stray only his top literary prize for a book he wrote on his phone from inside an isolated island detention center. next bicester thanks for joining us hope francis has arrived in abu dabi is the first time a pope has ever visited the muslim majority kingdom of the united arab emirates the pope was greeted at the airport by abu dhabi's powerful crown prince shaikh mohammed bin sayyid al nyan during his two day visit he's due to meet a leading muslim clerics. and hold an open air mass historic papal trip is aimed at
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turning a page in christian muslim relations in the region. joining me here in the studio to shed a little light on this is martin jackie religious affairs correspondent ok the pope is going there he's got some pastoral duties obviously as the head of the catholic church any political objectives yeah most clearly and they actually had been openly stated so the two main aims of history is to strengthen the position of the christian community in the middle east particularly in the area of the gulf which are in many of these caves in very very precarious situations and they you know under constant pressure for the better part of the last twenty years with serious reductions in the population and the second one is to actually most likely to have a behind this intervention on the question of yemen which is really kind of the hot topic and it's one that the pope has made himself very clear about. concerning his interest in actually trying to cement a kind of peace so you know it's not very clear what exactly the mechanism will be
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but as a matter of fact this is something that the vatican has been doing in different conflict targets around the world so use some kind of moral suasion to try to change their minds and no i think that pretty much real politics in full diplomatic sort of the blowing and i mean there are some very powerful diplomatic operators working within the vatican that word sort of very visible are the results of their work was very visible in the cuban american relations said was reconstituting the body and was central to the process and to stopping the u.s. from invading syria which in which magic and results are involved it is quite clearly the case that here though i think it's also going to be deploying its diplomatic corps in order to be able to try to achieve some sort of conversation and i suppose for it to be successful it's better to be private and public is certainly by and large i mean the vatican has been to operate away from the spotlight i mean we usually find out that something has happened many months afterwards and that of course all. so talks to sort of the fish and sea or the fact
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of mess of this kind of approach and just a quick final question about the sort of the business of the church i guess we can expect the pope to be putting some pressure or formulating some questions to his hosts so that it's easier to build churches in the usa i mean yes we did that you were a you're supposed to saudi arabia and other places in the region christians are actually allowed to pray i mean us are jews allowed to pray and allowed to worship openly the question is really the pope talking also to saudi arabia and to other powers in the region in which the life of christians is considerably more the fickle so i think in a way he's talking even in the united arab emirates but he's really projecting the message to the entire arab world ok thank you very much heat of the use martin back at the last. u.s. president donald trump is trying to turn the pressure up on venezuela's nicolas maduro and a television interview today trump warned that sending american troops into the
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country is an option pressure is coming from europe to eight european countries including germany france and britain say they'll officially recognize self declared interim president. if majority doesn't call elections before the end of the day under my leadership venezuela has lurched into an economic crisis. venezuela an oil rich country that is economically on its knees medicines electricity and even food are in short supply. despite its vast oil reserves years of low crude oil prices have left the government's high spending policies in a perilous state elizabeth. that's provided fertile ground for self-proclaimed interim president twang greedo he's unveiled an economic plan he promises will reverse venezuela's fortunes. but even with venezuelans laboring under the burdens of hyperinflation shortages and poverty
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president nicolas maduro has been able to stay in office that's jew in large part to support from venezuela's military leader has appealed for the armed forces to abandon the duro but only a few commanders have defected was. sent is because there's also a struggle going on outside venezuela the u.s. has thrown its full support behind guido even going so far as to leave open the possibility of providing military backing which is for options for oh as for all options are on the. maduro also has powerful allies he supported by russia and china who are wary of setting an example of a north or tearing ruler being deposed with the help of an outside power washington in this case. this old means that despite venezuela's huge economic problems vested interests both inside and outside the country could prolong the political turmoil much longer than some observers told. the
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earlier i spoke to d.w. correspondent oscar schrenker in caracas he described what president maduro can expect if he doesn't agree to hold fresh presidential elections by the sunday deadline set by a number of european states. well we can extract the rest of the european countries that said that eight days ago won't follow suit and recognize the legitimate claim when i don't have to be president according to records were written on situation not of the european parliament already recognized that the laws are going to meet you could not figure out unanimous decisions but the consensus was not to do it not when his reelection fairly last week and you thought it would give him that leader go on with our reporters and work to report of the military there's not much he will be able to do outside russia or cuba and maybe china on an international one and that was. speaking to us earlier from caracas. and now
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to some of the other stories making news around the world the people of el salvador are electing a new president four candidates are promising to stamp out corruption and gang violence polls put san salvador mayor in the lead but he'll need more than fifty percent of the vote to avoid a runoff. israel says it has started building a new barrier on the border with gaza defense ministry pictures show a six metre high galvanized steel fence prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it will prevent terrorists from entering israeli territory a submarine wall and it stopping hamas from building cross border tunnels is already in place. and in poland a new center left party called spring has been launched its members want to challenge the gulf countries governing right wing party ahead of upcoming domestic and european elections the leader of the new party is robert drawn made headlines
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in two thousand and eleven by becoming the first openly gay m.p. in conservative. earlier this week australia is richest literary prize was awarded for a book written by text message the author is this man a ruse he's a kurdish iranian refugee who detailed the despair of his many years in limbo inside an australian offshore detention center he wasn't allowed to attend the ceremony in melbourne to pick up his prize he told d.-u. d. w. however that receiving the award has been bittersweet into the big achievement for me for a few days and months on and on and also for all of that
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a few genes around the state the people around the war. by my service. we have lost many things over the past six years now that's why i think. i come up our celebration i come up celebrate my you know you are warm and you such you. as author and refugee bear is there and with me here is the reporter jared reed tell us more about this man who shot me is a kurdish journalist who fled to iran some years ago and sought refuge in australia he arrived. hardline immigration policies he was sent to a detention center outside of australia's borders and in this case it is cold madness island it's an island administered by your new guinea and the chinese has been there since twenty thirteen in the years since then he's become one of the
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best nine voices from inside the. tension system just driving quite often on twitter and online what he says in human conditions and human rights abuses committed these pictures we're looking at from the documentary he was able to shoot using he's inside the madness and he wrote the book on his phone that's right he taught to buy a text message and sent it through the service what a translator in australia and these are some of the chunks of text that he sent these screenshots were sent to us by the translator made to figure. he was worried gods would take his writing which is why he just kind of wanted to get a dot and send it to his translator as soon as he could and these texts became this book here it's called noir friend bought the mountains rising from his prison which barrister shani himself describes as the product of years of imprint prism and
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systematic torture both on him and other refugees and what he's talking about there are the stories coming that have come out of madness island and not ruined pacific island where australia has a detention center of human rights abuses been committed so refugees harming themselves of living in very poor conditions of riots. one is very rich prize around sixty thousand euros worth but he wasn't able to attend the. needs it to get the award because of australian law that's right so. when it comes to asylum seekers who arrive by boat just ready refuses to signal them in australia it puts them offshore for processing and then tries to resettle them in a third country and the government says will this is to deter people coming by because the journey is dangerous and logically it's worked because solemn arrivals by bus have basically stopped but it's as you can imagine being hugely controversial not least for the effects on children have been many children in
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these sentences there's been a huge push to get them out of the end their families out of the detentions and and into other accommodation so many have been settled in places like the us some of these children have had quite devastating psychological effects from the use in detention in terms of bruised he he still has to be on man as the sent away he wrote the book closed in twenty seventeen and he's been in other accommodation but basically since then it's just been waiting to find out where he'll be able to go or if you'll be able to go on us or more of a way for him unfortunately incredible to think of our being created in such conditions thank you jerry. let's take a look at all of the results from the bundesliga games this weekend labor queues indeed byron munich three one elsewhere frankfurt and dortmund draw one all well spurred one one nil away to berlin one two nil. often himon distilled or
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share the points and so did nuremberg and braman in the friday game rb lives the one three mil at hanover berg beaten by the same scoreline on sunday and a late equaliser gave freiburg a two two draw with guard. cutter's victorious asian cup football team returned home to a rapturous welcome greeted by hundreds of thousands of fans the team drove on especially decorated open top bus to meet the huge numbers who had waited patiently for them to arrive so long crawl into doha kick started another night of wild celebration in it the qatari capital since friday's three one victory over japan the parting has barely stopped it was cutter's first ever asian cup try. and don't forget you can always get your news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest
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news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the deed of you app to send us photos and videos your up to date now on d w news up next world stories the week in it reports next spicer in berlin and from the entire team thanks for watching. crimes against humanity. civilians she come with you six. to record you choose travel around the globe just social media. propaganda fiction and what is fact digital investigators combed through the flood of images
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they combine sources to try to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate.


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