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tv   World Stories - The Week in Reports  Deutsche Welle  February 3, 2019 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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discover who. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. this week on world stories. trump's female challengers. heavy metal group blasts sperling's right wing government. but first to germany where. holocaust survivor has teamed up with
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a hip hop band by using rap they hope to connect with today's young people and prevent nazi crimes being forgotten dangerously this song saved my lai hot here the sleeve that still. lives. ninety four year old esther vision is singing a popular german water time song bellamy. example cheering but it brings back memories of her time in auschwitz back then s. to have to play bellamy on the accordion tradition for the concentration camp orchestra she was a talented musician but she had never held an accordion before. i concentrated on the job at hand and told myself you can do this i knew if i didn't get accepted into the girls' ocus trust and i would have to do hard manual labor that would have been the end of me and. i was
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only eighteen years old when she was deported to auschwitz she had already been separated from her parents who were later murdered by the nazis. as part of the girl's oka struck esther played songs as the prisoners marched out to do their work . later she also have to play when the trains arrived bringing thousands of people to the gas chambers. lips of us. that's the worth thing that has ever happened to me because i felt so hopeless i couldn't help these people i knew they were going to the best now. behind us did the s.s. soldiers with their rifles and if we hadn't played then they would have shut us. up. more than a million jews were murdered in auschwitz as the bishop ran or escaped death but most of her peers didn't she feels it's her duty to tell young people what the
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nazis did she goes to schools reads from her memoirs and gives concerts she's backed up by a hip hop band called microphone matter here. concept was to bring members a lawyer to compose rap music using personal letters and journals from former concentration camp prisoners it was written. by using rap they hope to connect with today's young people here in the cohen high school they're getting a warm response. they've been sharing a stage for ten years now but the recent rise of right wing radicalism where he's asked. my dream is that all nazis who just disappear and i always say i was saying until there are no more nazis left. even though she knows that may not be a realistic goal aesthetician run
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a to not give up. in the us several female candidates are expected to contend for the democratic nomination for the twenty twenty presidential elections you include come out iris many people think the californian senator can be donald trump. long lines in downtown oakland come along harrah's drew a big crowd here for her campaign kick of rally among them many young women like aisle in portugal eager to hear what the senator has to say. we really love how strong she is i'm like criminal justice reform immigration she. just doesn't allow people to believe her like she asked the hard questions she keeps her composure she's really will spoken i am excited to see her or her pop for. about
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what matters and ultimately be reinvigorated by her yeah this really was supposed to be a show of political force and it certainly looked that way when kaamelott harris took to the stage the daughter of jamaican and indian immigrants promised to be a fighter for the people stating that it was time to restore what she views as a loss of american values on their president we are here because the american dream and our american democracy are under attack and on the line like never before and we are here at this moment in time because we must answer. a fundamental question who are we. who are we as americans let's answer that question. america we are better than this. i don't think yet but we're dozens of democrats
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lining up to run in twenty twenty the crucial question will be whether the party things come along harris has a chance of beating down old trump her supporters definitely think she does understand people she understand them either thank you i understand the needs of our country and she has morals which we don't have right now with a year and a half until the democrats pick their presidential nominee kaamelott harris still has a long way to go but her oakland rally was beyond doubt a good start. ethiopia has its first female president and there are lots of female ministers in the government. but away from the cities women and girls still don't have the same chances as their male counterparts. this campus could be anywhere in the world but this is if you and something here is strikingly different. in this it lets you better so
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i'm lucky to be here at the university because most girls in ethiopia do not have access to university like this is my life now you need to look at the not doing any b.s. well that's because most girls don't even make it to secondary schools hard to believe given the fact that if the opium made headlines when they was named the country's first female president and there are more women in politics. in the countryside where most ethiopians live their men are still confined to traditional roles i see girls coming home from elementary school and asking them about their goals a doctor. said each or engineer the almost all children go to primary school these days only thirty percent of girls make it beyond eighth grade the notion that girls do not belong in school persists in rural villages and
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if a family can afford to send a child to school boys usually take precedence. from others believe that although women get an education they will not succeed. about it but. most girls drop out of school when they are fifteen like their high she wants to become a doctor but her parents don't have the money to support her she says. you know you think the status quo should change. and men should come into the kitchen more often than. her reality working in this household for three hundred b. or about ten dollars a month that she sends to her family in a village nearby she hopes to find someone who will sponsor her education her employer feels more lucky she can afford to high service as a maid over ethiopian coffee she tells us that her husband encouraged her to work as a nurse instead of staying at home and raising their child. because he did it just
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does me personally i have a good life but growing up i have seen many women facing obstacles. i have witnessed women raped in school if you have seen women get kicked out by their husband because they wanted to go to school. and i have seen men lying about having kids and taking girls home marrying them. that you get. back in the capital back to a different world women here are successfully asserting themselves in society and raising their voices one of them is how we are a young reporter and host of a show called women in focus. your good afternoon today's women in focus will take a look at you during your one of six bring movements an hour or. today's focus is in movements that fight for gender equality how it tells us the problem in ethiopia is not just with men though most times we talk about issues of women we're talking
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about the issues they suffer from men but women also we put ourselves down we do not not exactly put ourselves down but we do not realize or put into how sometimes we go along with the status quo so the things that we do to change that status quo the mind see we have towards our own selves that's very crucial if the o.p.'s capital is single rapid change on that of prime minister ahmed but there's still a long way to go before noticeable progress is made on improving the lives of ordinary women. the recent murder of get done six mayor a liberal critic of the governing p.r.i. as party is just a further reflection of the increasingly toxic political climate in poland. you know heavy metal band is turning up the volume against hate and violence and right wing nationalism. as a heavy metal guitarist adam d'arcy likes to throw his angry weight around he's the
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provocative front end of the polish black metal band behemoths. vehicle for his political protest. message against. paul is a goaltender says that it's been conquering your land for like the last four years that it's. just driving towards some kind of isolation. spoken critic of poland's right wing nationalist government which has little regard for the european union. among his snubs against the ruling law and justice party is this subversive take on biblical themes. a parliamentary member of the party even tried to turn into the police. he just bridge below our criminal law is very very clear you cannot insult religion. as the band makes last minute preparations
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for a concert in warsaw at his performance persona. who fights against foreign hostile way. but in this case the hostile countries own led by what he sees as a regime opposed to his liberal worldview. he wants to jolt people into a more open attitude he's controversial unfortunately he doesn't resonate with that many people here. some poles regard the heavy metal rocker as the last artistic voice calling for a more open society. speaking. my freewheel. put him with an adam d'arcy are now on tour in europe where they will be looking to continue to spread their message.
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a space transmitter. and lots of creatures. an enormous number of creatures. the interest project is intended to predict catastrophes and help prevent epidemics. with the help of the wind and furry friends and their sensors to oral tradition next on. meet the artist we talked to sasha follett's. a choreographer who's constantly pushing the limits of dance theater so the funny thing was quartz up on the list the highest hula she is the dancing against the current for twenty five years where does she get her energy from me.
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in sixty minutes d w. sometimes books are more exciting than real life. preparing to read. a whole. book what if there's no escape. list. sherman most streets. hello and welcome to another episode. tomorrow today the science show on d w coming up this week. sensors that fly crawl getting animals to collect big data on our planet. the smart swarm exploring new pathways.


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