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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 3, 2019 11:00pm-11:15pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin pope francis begins on historic trip to the united arab emirates it's the first ever visit by a pope to the arabian peninsula the pontiff hopes to improve christian muslim relations nationals of both face pretend at the airport also coming up donald trump warns that sending the military into venezuela is an option for him his comments come as the standoff there continues and there is no end in sight to the deepening political crisis on saturday venezuela's rival leaders held separate bradleys we'll speak to our correspondent in caracas also coming up. american football fans are counting down to
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a super sized sport extravaganza the rams and the patriots take to the field in atlanta later today in super bowl fifty three. next peiser welcome to the program. this has arrived in abu dabi it's the first time a pope has ever visited the muslim majority kingdom of the united arab emirates during his two day visit he is due to meet leading muslim clerics and hold an open air mass the historic papal trip is aimed at turning a page in christian muslim relations in the region. for many of the one point five million catholics in the united arab emirates it's the stuff of dreams the idea of the pope visiting the arabian peninsula the birthplace of islam was unthinkable a few years ago pope francis was invited by abu dhabi's rulers local parish priest
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who says the pontiff wants to foster tolerance and promote a moderate brand of islam. he says it's definitely a signal that he wants to build bridges he wants to say look it's lamas changing it can change and it also wants to change. the emirates have to clear twenty nineteen is the year of tolerance and there's a lot of symbolism in the invitation. i'm sure. there which should be. but this is the sort of visit pope francis will be in the amerge for three days he's expected to address a series of issues including the lack of legal rights for foreign workers but the fact the pope will lead a catholic service on the islamic and rhydian peninsula is a sensation in itself. hear it in the studio to shed
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a little light on this is martin religious affairs correspondent ok the pope is going there he's got some pastoral duties obviously as the head of the catholic church any political objectives yeah most clearly and they actually had been openly stated so the two main aims of history is just strengthen the position of the christian community in the middle east particularly in the area of the gulf which are in many of these caves in very very precarious situations and they you know under constant pressure for the better part of the last twenty years would serious reductions in the population in the second one is to actually most likely to have a behind this intervention on the question of yemen which is really kind of the hot topic and it's one that the pope has made himself very clear about. concerning his interest in actually trying to cement a kind of. you know it's not very clear what exactly the mechanism will be but as a matter of fact it's something that the vatican has been doing in different conflicts around the world so use some kind of moral suasion to try to change their
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minds and no i think that pretty much real politics in full diplomatic sort of the blowing and i mean there are some very powerful diplomatic operators working within the vatican and that word sort of very visible are the results of their work was very visible in the cuban american relations said was reconstituting the body and was central to the process and to stopping the u.s. from invading syria which in which logic and results are involved it is quite clearly the case that here though i think it's also going to be deploying its diplomatic corps in order to be able to try to achieve some sort of conversation and i suppose for it to be successful it's better to be private and public is your . and by and large i mean the vatican has been to operate away from the spotlight i mean we usually find out that something has happened many months afterwards and that of course also talks to sort of the efficiency or the fact of ness of this kind of approach and just a quick final question about the sort of the business of the church i guess we can expect the pope to be putting some pressure or formulating some questions to his
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hosts so that it's easier to build churches in the usa i mean yes we did that you a supposed to saudi arabia and other places in the region christians are actually allowed to pray i mean us are jews allowed to pray and allowed to worship openly the question is really the pope talking also to saudi arabia and to other powers in the region in which the life of christians is considerably more the fickle so i think in a way he's talking even in the united arab emirates but he's really projecting the message to the entire arab world ok thank you very much heat of the use martin back at the laugh. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. israel says it has started building a new barrier on the border with gaza defense ministry pictures show a six metre high galvanized steel fence prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it will prevent terrorists from entering israeli territory
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a subterranean wall and that stopping hamas from building cross border tunnels is already in place. in poland a new center left party called spring has been launched its members want to challenge the country's governing right wing party head of upcoming domestic and european elections the leader of the new party is robert get drawn he made headlines in two thousand and eleven by becoming the first openly gay and he and conservative. and the people of el salvador are electing a new president four candidates are promising to stamp out corruption and gang violence polls put san salvador mayor nigh to caylee in the lead but he'll need more than fifty percent of the vote to avoid a runoff. u.s. president donald trump is trying to turn up the pressure on venezuela's president nicolas maduro in a television interview today trump warned that sending american troops into the country is an option for him pressure is coming from europe as well eight european
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countries including germany france and britain say they'll officially recognize the self declared interim president. if the duro doesn't call elections before the end of the day. a tense quiet in the streets of caracas known familias saw and most residents here are waiting for european states to recognize one quite a officially as interim president participating it's very important it's time to put pressure on president maduro. this hand and modem and i would really make us happy we want freedom. many thousands of people across been a swell of followed quite as cool to protest over the weekend the police backed off from one to government protest and bought consumer thoughts prompting cheers and relief people took it as a sign of solidarity from police. certainly learned a lot here in the u.s. a president donald trump also moved to keep up the pressure on president matilda he
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reiterated his stance on sunday that the u.s. military could possibly be deployed to venezuela even in the same state t.v. showed meant to do in front of huge crowds of supporters but i witnesses claim the pictures were manipulated producing their own cell phone videos as evidence they say just a limited group of party functionaries and supporters turned up and that the streets were largely empty i mean when i was nobody showed up from a do or oh it was a lie. the situation in venezuela continues to escalate with madeira and learning to the possibility of civil war. earlier i spoke to correspondent oscar shanker in caracas he described what president material can expect if he does not agree to hold fresh presidential elections by the sunday deadline set by a number of european states. well we can expect the rest of the european countries that said that eight days ago won't follow suit and recognize the legitimate claim
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why don't have to the president according to french wardlaw situation now the european parliament already recognized the crisis. you could not figure out you know mr something but the consensus does not do what you're not when it's real action fairly last week and it's not what you're in the leader. for and what the support of the military there's not much she will be able to do outside russia cuba and maybe china on an international. that was the w.'s oscar's flanker speaking to us earlier from caracas. according to reports from britain investigators have found the wreckage of the plane which crashed with football player. and pilot david ibbotson on board a privately funded search for the plane began earlier on sunday focusing on the area where the aircraft last made radio contact north of the island of guernsey
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salo was on his way to join up with his new club cardiff city when the plane went missing. and happier news a football fever is taking over the us the super bowl is just over an hour away now joining me here in the studio to break down the big game for us is tom get away from sports excited i said yeah i mean this is one of the biggest sporting events in the world is expected around one hundred million people in the usa another move or so super bowl tonight. and it's a match which comes at a potentially pivotal moment in the recent history of the n.f.l. more of that in just a second first of all we're going to take a closer look at the event and see what's in store for all of those fans. policy atmosphere in atlanta where fans of both sides are gathering ahead of the main event on the playing field it will be a match of contrasts patriots coach bill belichick is sixty six while his opposite
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number shaun mcveigh is exactly hafiz age the youngest ever coached to reach a super bowl in fact he's also much younger than patriots forty one year old tom brady who will become the oldest quarterback to play in the super bowl. meanwhile the rams quarterback jared golf seen here in a red jersey is only in this good professional season. and the ram supporters have had a longer trip but they are joined by many locals and neutrals in opposing the perpetually prosperous patriots would not like to buy any bad cheaters i'm that's why. we're going to try an artist we're going to bring them or six we don't like we don't like brady you know all the who are tired of breeding telegenic just let us enjoy a couple more here that will go away like a bad when you're. a rams win could mark a changing of the god in the n.f.l.
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after an air of dominance in which brady and the patriots made nine finals and nineteen seasons but first there is a party to be that. ok tom let's do a little crystal ball gazing the rams have not done this for a while are they up to the challenge well like you said it's been a long time i mean the last time that they made it to the super bowl fanta was two thousand and two they met the patriots and that was the game that really ushered in the era of dominance that the new england patriots has been subjecting the n.f.l. to for such a long time. now seventeen years later can the rams get revenge i think the answer to that question is yes i do seem to have what it takes they have a lot of young players who are talented who also feel this which is a crucial and a very you know an effective and very powerful quality in a game like this they've had a fantastic season they are in brilliant form i do think that this could be the yes
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and the pitchers have all the experience keeping that's true you know that you need that biggest strength but tom brady is now forty one crucially though of course brady i'm just cards by the czech know how to do this they being the super bowl side many times there's a reason that tom brady has so many when his rings because he knows what it takes to go over the finish line and clinch the superbowl i think whichever way it goes tonight is going to be historically either going to say you know. the swan song of the patriots so to speak it could be you know death on goodbye to an era of dominance of the top of the n.f.l. or we'll find out that the guard has already tried and so whichever way it goes the very strong stuff they again are thanks that tom. moving back to football the european kind qatar's victorious asian cup football team returned home to a rapturous welcome greeted by hundreds of thousands of fans the team drove on especially decorated open top bus to meet the huge numbers i had waited patiently
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for them to arrive home along crawling to doha kick started another night of wild celebrations in the qatari capital since friday up after the break we'll have all the action from sunday's bonus league games including plenty of goals from a match against meit's spurred had gone ten games without a win before this weekend will found out we'll find out if they turn their fortunes around and world cup winner nadine anger is in the studio to discuss all the weekend's big issues. you're up to date now and news up next to the bundesliga on nick spicer in berlin from the entire team thank you for watching.
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street. crimes against humanity. civilians she come witnesses. to record which is travel around the globe just social media. but what is propaganda fiction and what is fact.


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