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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2019 1:02am-1:16am CET

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welcome to the. troubles twenty two a close. in their boots and two could breathe a sigh of relief also on the show the title race has become a three horse race often. winning it back into the. serious contenders. was knocked out cold on saturday but in decision was made to keep him on the pitch what's being done to protect the plague. i'm nick mckenna kline welcome to the show we have plenty to talk about and to help me do just that i have two experts joining me in the studio to my left welcome back to the bundesliga two time world cup when it even needed to have you back to my rights my so-called right mannion expect also welcome to the show thank you good to have you both i'd like to start work where the home side clashed with might have hoped that site touch with might the visitors
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head into the match with their heads held high after a run of four games unbeaten that's in stark contrast oxburgh who will win this the last ten minutes to get games in order to change the top fortune and they have a new face on the bench. against lehmann made his debut as assistant coach for alex book the bavarians are hoping the former germany keeper will foster a winning mentality the team certainly began with plenty of confidence and in the eighth minute the handball by daniel brzezinski gave them the chance to score from a penalty alfred finn bogus and kept up his one hundred percent record from the spot. and lightning struck twice for book in the thirty fourth minute another handball in the box gave them another penalty the referee had to check with the video assistant this time but the decision stood and fin bogus and converted again of course his ninth goal of the season had spoke to nil ahead at half time after the break the hosts continued to
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dominate the game and with less than an hour to go on a counterattack ended within bogus and scoring his third goal it was the icelandic strikers for patrick. that was more than enough to end alex berg's ten game winless streak the yen's lehmann effect is already in full swing. and the big topic coming out of the bonus league of this weekend is from nuremberg game in braman on saturday i would like to warn our viewers that the images you're about to see could be disturbing. midway through the second half of the match. classroom. retainer was knocked out cold and had to be given first aid despite being unconscious petain it was not substituted and finished a match. or to credit i'd like to bring both my guest back into the pictures out with. did you have any similar experiences like
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korea yes i had one suggestion like this try to jumbo me and didn't make it so she was landing on my hat on your head yes mr boot i was pleading. yeah but. i at the doctor came and he fixed it and then i continued playing so samus messina yesterday in that situation do you think it was dealt with in a poor man or even on the pitch yes i absolutely think if you're going to ask an athlete he. will continue playing so i think doctors coaches absolutely have to protect their players and absolutely was not in my opinion there's no chance that she should have completed this game because you see the picture right now where he's on the floor i'd like to turn to you who bears the responsibility in a situation like this so the doctor bears the ultimate responsibility when it comes to any con of concussion and they call this final but you have to you have to remember that they instead the player wants to keep playing but they usually don't
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know what's going on as well as the coach he wants the player to stay on the pitch because they don't want to use a very valuable substitution so the doctors do have the responsibility but actually being able to make the right call before we go further into the discussion would be to hear from a ten year himself who actually talked to the media after the game with some pretty interesting comments. i didn't really know what happened i only realized when i saw all the players around me everything hurts my leg hurts my head hurts but it doesn't matter the main thing is we got a point i'm happy about that. so you know we've got a player here who doesn't know what happen he said he had a headache he said his whole body was hurting and yet the club's official line is there were no signs of concussion that doesn't sound to me though i'm not a medical expert. but it's concerning his well the comment like we won so it doesn't matter and i think some of the media coverage afterwards was also like oh
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he was so courageous that he stayed on the field you know calling him a hero almost and i think that's i think that's a big problem stephanie the wrong way to approach these kind of situations very sort of is there any sort of protocol for these kinds of accidents yes so the fifth does have an official protocol in the bonus they go also follows that where and he had class the referee has to stop the game then deede the medical stuff has two three minutes to treat them on the field before they have to take them off a concussion test can take up to ten minutes all should take up to ten minutes and clubs don't want their players staying off that long and so it's a big problem in that sense where these. these protocols also in the god line and faith may say this is what you should do but there's no repercussions if the club doesn't follow them as we've seen with numbers they didn't take him off and i don't think they're going to get punished for that let you live in the usa and work as a coach for the portland thorns injuries dealt with especially head injuries dealt with differently that absolutely when i came first to d.s.
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i was like what is going on the people. medical stuff treat injured people so carefully who's had injuries but yeah in the u.s. because of rock be our american football they have to strong time studies about long. damages and they found out that i'm not maybe one or two or five years after your retirement you will have long term damage just and that's why they treat specially had injuries very carefully comparing the us to germany why is that such a big thing in the u.s. and not necessarily here in germany why is that she you know i think has two reasons first reason people sue you directly if you don't get treated after you've brought a call and the other thing is because they have to term studies and then know what's going to happen you will have long term the possibility possibility that you have long term damages is pretty high that's why they treat it carefully and he in germany we don't have to see experience just very briefly i mean once this didn't
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set a good example yesterday house of the players and protected i think there are a few things the kids are watching this and they're getting taught in school that if you have a second concussion after a first contention it can be fatal and so there has to be. stringent rules on this i think the first is that clubs should get fired if they ignore faith as god learns a second is that the fourth substitution should be brought in whereas if there is a concussion the club can make an extra substitution or temporary substitution something along the lines of that but also i think independent doctors need to be brought in and they decide whether players concussed or not because a club doctor i think is under too much pressure to make a. all their luck as i said the coach the player they want them to sound the field so the club doctor will feel a lot of pressure on themselves make the right call there will have to be some improvement in this topic for now we're going to be ones the next topic we have on hand backs the pitch twenty was brought to an eventful conclusion by stuttgart and freiburg four minutes in freiburg zanuck half of us scored the open a driving the
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ball beyond. and into the bottom corner just beyond his physical things went quiet after that so a million of insua never the score was in the seventy fifth minute with this right . daniel d. davi then put short guards in front again just eight minutes later and his goal looked to finish off but florida need a national score the fourth call the game ninety four minutes to tie things up. now with those goals in mind let's see what that has done to the table we'll start at the top top and have a seven point cushion of the two teams will be talking about in just a minute. but let's look at the bottom half the table will be disability disappointment have conceded that lego equaliser to life on the phenomenon of because they played for the next week so the real is a real relegation six points are now you've just seen things are tight at the top of the table and i want to listen to one sound bite from chris of calm before we talk about our next topic let's see we had to say about resurrection isn't that
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what we're really on a roll it's difficult not to talk about the champions league or other things but there's no point in changing our strategy now. we've always been perfectly prepared for our opponents especially because we're not playing in europe but that's been the foundation of our success and we want to carry on and keep picking up points. and i didn't because of com of their mentions that playing in europe is that such a huge factor absolutely i mean they have their physical break they don't have to travel to week more time for rich regeneration they have a mental break so i think it's going to help them a lot and that trip especially when you talk about traveling within europe doesn't distract there isn't weekend to weekend to be fully prepared to get points in the end if one is there a couple of cloth away by its lead and that was ahead of them and goal difference i think they can be contenders for this season maybe is
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a title challenge is proper title challenges and i think they're going to end up on the second place i think they're too far away from dog month but on the way how they play at the moment it's unbelievable i think they will end up in front of by in munich so. for sure they're going to end up on a champions league spot but they won't win the league yannick reckon the violent on the run for their money. i definitely think they can push forward to the total and i do think dortmund will probably win it because this is a bonzi and it seems like it's dorman's but have the best force equal best defense in the lakes conceding just eighteen goals they have the third best attack in the lake which is quite incredible considering where they were last season the season before they had two consecutive ninth place finishes but the to hacking has come in and he's completely changed this team he has the attack spinning absolutely with talk and has a world class winger playing with both of them in the form of the laws and the
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defense is extremely solid and they have you on summer summer of course is a very very good cape in the bundesliga but the rest their defenders on superstars you know but the working as a unit and they're very very solid. i don't think i probably have to agree of the day and i think they probably can't win the title but want to finish ahead of boy and want to aim for that i think. they can definitely qualify for chambers they can finish you had a ball. would set them up very very nicely for the next season yes just very briefly how will combine do. yeah i think there's there's too many problems of not just little things you know the main colleague of ours wrote an article recently which said no longer a team to be feared you know there's no longer teams will go there and they will beat them and that's wasn't the case last year or even for the past seven years so i think it's going to be tougher by and i think they they need a lot of things to go right and seven points is a tough gap to make up some poise a tough guy back after indeed and unfortunate that's all from us to this week i'd
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like to thank my guests thank you for being in thank you for being the season good luck in the states and we'll see you when you come back next year and yanick my right hand man thank you as well to all of you at home thanks from us here in berlin and we'll see you next week thank you and goodbye. i mean this is the entire show your entire screen to jurors or. they killed many civilians. including my father while. i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself at least personally life became our. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. he takes it personally. with
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people and stories that make the game so special. for all truth. because. life in lockstep cut off from the outside world from morning to night. you know this is a school for boys. bad boys they live here in the villages. one thousand two hundred kilometers away from moscow. seventeen year old vadim is hoping for a second chance. the chance.


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