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tv   Reporter - A School for Russias Young Offenders  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2019 1:15am-1:31am CET

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take it personally. with the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all the troops in. the lead up more than such a long line. life in lockstep cut off from the outside world from morning to night. you know this is a school for boys from. bad boys they live here in the village of sara female one thousand two hundred kilometers away from moscow. for seventeen year old vadim is hoping for a second chance. for the chance of
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a better life. it's seven o'clock in the morning the correctional facility is waking up the day starts with the same ritual every morning on the third floor seventy boys between eleven and seventeen years of age are here to be reeducated morning exercise the first step towards improvement. did. you. hear just do this. if it is.
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the next ritual making the beds tidally. a skill that some lads still struggle to master. when a seed you know that it will and we have the same standards for everyone we call that it's a folding method. on the bed is meant to look tiptop just as i'm showing you with five hundred fifteen centimeters folded under a month's really important is that everything is really taught not yet and in their bedside cabinets the toothpaste and hairbrush should be on the right and the soap on the left and the moms. who own. the rest of the morning is spent in the classroom.
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but there's no off came here two years ago he could barely read and write russian back then now the seventeen year old is learning english and abstract thinking skills. at least in the picture it's winter you know isn't it spring. yes it's spring well everything is melting and the grass is growing. like the other boys vadim dresses up smartly for school a shirt and jacket are compulsory here. and there's a reason for that. and this is what did they want but still in the outside world our boys pose a potential threat to others a danger to children from normal families the teachers there don't know how they're to handle these boys and the others are well dressed well nourished they know their parents are waiting for them back home court hours on the other hand don't even
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know what they should wear to school in the outside world i only wish they don't have such nice things as the others that makes them aggressive here everyone looks the same thing. but he wants to look good for his new start in life and he's putting his back into it working out several times a day weight training as a means of putting the past behind him. for good. and when i came here i was really thin and pretty rough and ready i didn't like sports but all of it was hard to exercise every morning to go jogging. but don't. want in the gym i couldn't even lift a dumbbell. it's lunchtime and by deem as kitchen duty today there seems to be plenty of food here soup but meat dish dessert the kitchen team on duty sets the tables led by.
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then it's time for the others to file into the canteen the midday meal divides the boys' day into school before free time afterwards. so. that mr i wasn't allowed to leave the grounds for the first three months. after the settling in period i was allowed to go for a walk outside i've never dreamt of breaking out they treat us well here. most. it doesn't exactly look like a holiday camp here. and nor is it meant to. none of the students came here voluntarily all the boys have criminal backgrounds from
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pickpocketing and assault to drug dealing and even murder. well then almost five stole a car and caused an accident. not of course i run away. until now but after two days the police caught me you know will bring to skip my wife and . her. her her her. her. her her. on average the boy spent about two years in serafin most got two years of reeducation. that means order and discipline on one hand and care and kindness on the other. the staff are like new parents to the boys teachers like friday does
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a diva. i think to getting the cult that these children exude warmth and we can feel that but they need people to return this warmth but some just want you to stroke their head even though some are pretty big lads like but here's. what i wanted to sling the sickly at the knees to some of them tell us their secrets. that shows they trust us. at the here. and trust is something very valuable said coming from tough kids like ours from august. in the afternoon it's time to get some fresh air. the school grounds and sara fimo scar walled off and there's a high fence intended to stop the boys from escaping. but very few trying to get out most to come here quickly realize the conditions in the correctional facility are better than they are at home. several thousand boys have passed through the school since it was set up in the one nine hundred seventy s.
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. each one has a story to tell but they all seem to have one thing in common they weren't given enough love in the. the outside world. by diem's parents had custody over him withdrawn for a while. some boys here are orphans some have parents who are alcoholics or drug addicts or behind bars now these children are meant to improve one day at a time improvement in the same sense the school authorities understand. their idea the russian soldier. the aim here is to give them a feeling of having achieved something worthwhile. many of them will go on to join the military they're not being educated to be independent
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critical citizens but rather to be patriotic servants of the state who don't question the authority of the government. because the children are also made to feel grateful for getting a second chance and because they do indeed experience love and attention. sometimes unconventional methods are used unconventional methods for boys at least. and i need to be careful here. which is what about the best use our boys are hyperactive ski but if they sit down and they learn to be quiet and to focus the mind the joke is of course it doesn't work straight off they're nervous at first and are eager to give up because that was but at some point they come to like it. would work is more what you might expect for these young tough lads. i deem doesn't really know what he wants to do when he leaves a facility for young offenders one goal he does already have in mind is to find
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a pretty wife and have a family of his own. in the evening there are dancing lessons. one two three four keep in time. the facility has a reputation for producing talented kids the facilities credo every child is gifted but this gift has to be discovered early. for these boys a life of crime was normal just a few months ago but now that it's over that's the hope at least. at eight in the evening
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a long day packed with organized activities is slowly coming to an end it's time to march back to the third floor back to where the day started in the dormitory. the state begins to look away a bit now as things get more private here and sara theme of the boys are allowed to watch t.v. it's almost like being home. but just as in every family there is also conflict here in the school especially when the boys first arrive here straight from the streets says by deep sense of legal i was a bad boy outside i was always getting into fights with other boys so i don't think i've totally changed since being here. and being here will come to an end at some point when the boys are released a matter of concern for their teacher fight he does i gave up used to be the big box store it's easy it would be great if the children could just stay here but
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unfortunately they have to leave the facility one day that the kids did seeing you would change and they often return to where they came from when you go back to their old surroundings sitting with what is the do is cut on your sleeve and only the ones who have learned to stand their ground will be able to stop falling back into the old way schooling i knew was that all i knew would be typical quick that that would get. there. was. a year. it's goodbye and to us and good night for the young offenders tomorrow the facility will continue its efforts to improve the boys' inside a theme of. for the world outside.
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the food. cost. her royal widows. once the wives of i os fighters in iraq. since the defeat of so-called islamic state many have become stranded in refugee camps. left without papers for a chance of returning to their home villages. for them the camps are more like prisons than places a safe haven. three thousand. ideals
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games his music is bound to. his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. oh genre that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. welcome to global three thousand this week. what has to be done to stop female genital mutilation an activist from getting working against a horrific tradition. how to save a unique bioterror locals in colombia have a lot of good ideas and are doing something about them. that first killed i s fighters left families behind.


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