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tv   Doc Film - Dream Empire - Chinas Real Estate Bubble  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2019 2:15am-3:01am CET

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the first one. to come oh world famous come to. the end of the. lamaist. starts feb eighteenth on t.w. . via. a little hollow ohio ohio. are you camera. using good luck. to you what about fisher the wall mongols the trail i think i will share the service out of the sheer joy that he received without knowing who the most outspoken a stranger a load of bullshit the. i had to show the coalition to meet our call was it up full
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of harsh arguments about other. cities i see in the holland decision and your tweets in those circles of course church which of those ten well call up soon and ocean relating to goodwill because she's a good lawyer she was. just she does she know the shield is open up close and this is from the notes of the who put up. for the book i was used to pin father george are you not. but then they are but the . fourth. one i am a bot. your
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mom your you your my mom. usually means one of. your more long. form of immunity among. them from one. am. and then my mom. mom and. you want one on june.
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when i met jada she was just another migrant worker cianci. there were millions of others like all wanting a piece of the fastest growing city in the world. but yet i had a very special plan and a brother straight to me. a. tiny child while. i was trying. to cry because. i. remember the way most of us foreigners. her i was her for. a while she still. was. my.
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he goes a little. less. major and i've got a son had a job so my cars now hold on the feedback base testing yourself is almost to. the face. but it was not. oh. god please no luck with this shit whoa what a jewel. has come up at last i looked up. oh my god what's hot. what's in the snow the what you really.
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love. by the time yana found me the pieces were already falling into place for her to make her move. when i first went to the company office she told me that her hometown was twenty five hundred miles away. she came to the city with nothing but she felt great about her time. she's a douche here today you shoot my son oh. they sure i mean you can't we're not so young that. long. two thousand and twelve was the peak of the biggest building believe in human history. in true years and it would use more concrete than the us had the entire twentieth century. there were opportunities every countless demand for me. somehow one of these products was my white face.
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i was never more than a minor character and yana story whatever foreigners but through her i took a journey to the center of the book catching a glimpse of something that was much bigger than either of us. when i came to town i had already been around for a few years. i moved here on a grant to research organisation but that went nowhere fast. next thing i knew i was doing whatever odd jobs came my way i was still here even if no one really knew why. that's when you want to enter the picture. and how. you can like. more money in both the channel for. sure you wouldn't believe how good you know. what's illegal to show your legs hey don't trundle calmly we're trying to share.
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those are your leisure time you lot like i really should have been still be you. ok. it didn't happen. within a few days of meeting ana i was on a bus filled with foreigners the people around there were the foreign performances . there were students trips ex-con backpackers who stayed to watch really anyone interested in the past. and i was put in a band with three other foreigners never met them before. the horn lighting. keyboard player derek was an ex body guard straight from the streets of amsterdam.
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trying to start fresh in western china. he told me not to worry about the performers this is what foreigners call a white monkey. no actual skills required to. play such skill if he wanted to eat play let you listen to. him. and if. such. a listen thanks for so long as you're the right color they put you want to stay the course they'd still make up a back story for. me for example i played some clarinet and saxophone back in university but when i entered the scene david bornstein became dave brand zero
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celebrated clarinets. from a thank you. during my first few gigs i knew this all had to do with the building. of the things i solved. on the stage. i didn't have a clue how they fit together. one of the first people that offered me some clarity was a chinese journalist and chief editor at a national economic newspaper. as about people i know boys you need to record with i tend to be on the slow i. was always on it to allow i fact the tools that are so much cross because of what you're what you're good. at what you're taught how to dress for jessica jim she's there five actors that she's a size five to her book about biocon what you find yourself going. to church and
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she dropped her things that are sort of about your faith that you could have her for the way that not. that show was like it would have shown trace a book i just read a book from the good that would confided to going in. the door kind of a yes when i left once each. other was about how much time goes on more times and i've got the audio and i'm cutting it off i'm just on the train don't put apologies how long the what they've order that you just as if they change i don't enjoy watching us question each other. on the i don't think about i thought that after the time about that you know she stopped getting into each other here on the subway i think to change that image. to a lot of foreigners you know was just someone who sold them to the highest bidder. but there was a lot more to her than that. she wasn't like her business partner jimmy with his
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connections and family support. was the fighter she was alone in the city couldn't speak the local dialect got the money to start the company with bank of some small stones and angles out of whoever was land so wasn't even enough left over for her to rent an apartment. what i saw was someone staking everything she had on her company. even the higher why. no mama my mother gaza. all. tongues on the behinds. the whole of the baba had. cheated.
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by. the drunk with a trunk only thought she could start to assure you you go found the refunds are there going to be. no phones and you me on the. show you would kill clear that's one thing that i might have gone into. and who are going to shoot me. now but here the new. reality of communist government is really all you need yet it is actually china. that most ridiculous and usually use the show you must follow me we both know how
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you feel you should see all who say she grew up with her shit so you should be no judge you for. your city are just you wait oh i didn't want you to know which. means. to musicians you know but. you have made entirely unique to this is using images of coaches and he says he plays an image is there to. show for it. i mean it's not. the one hundred seventy three borders and it was obama's vision of what it always should be legal video the funny thing was in the legalisms you wouldn't mind playing a video. oh boy what a good hard time to do that it didn't just always feel.
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right if you can call it good neighbors it only good charcoal. he says you must believe this was done to you with. pretty good as praise for it is the prose and i should reassess my. god awful. awful awful awful go oh was awful oh i suppose he's up to me for. saying this shit you wish and that's it oh fuck what they're. really bad guys. as we don't tell who made the kid your next big big big big deal. all of.
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that almost every gig is the same ritual that potential buyers get busted. to hear speeches from officials if you. watch exotic acts. for this show that's where me and prince charming. people arm. but they see they can purchase property on the spot. please please this is not a living. thing the little. bit. was a little sleeker good good. good chance to what he read. a little. bit. of
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it. this film. blew. the moon with the bugle look. at this it was you know the jesus me show you the most of it too seriously so keep it as it suits it uses it look at each sheets it was so good it always has a chip that goes with it but you just something will see the sign and be assured. that it is the good old boy businesses who say. how could a bunch of four the three white man police people about how. it might have been because so many of them had never seen foreigners before. us standing their future property serving them. it was something new side. it was actually a brilliant marketing idea to go. on causing all the gosselin's in that
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palace in the battleship. wash it to ten thousand would help us to stop it. and it isn't funny. shit i'd tell you how to sense how can that sort of body kill. cold cuts. treasure hunt dot com that's for usually the most valuable that she says. cause. looks. good. and easy to call. just east trunks. oh yeah. oh.
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make that just. within one year of starting up was on top of the industry of jobs were rolling in to johnny miller yeah yeah let's all those so much also ok even though you think as for myself i was playing at least three white monkey kits a week salary for one of those only double my march they went on landing i think nothing. but around that time something was changing. our gigs were slowly migrating out to more remote locations. the problem was that cities were getting oversaturated with construction. developers solution just build new cities farther out of the countries a. place. to.
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play. the ambition of it all would have made the pharaohs of egypt self-conscious. this new world had a certain death. surface appearance. it was hard to tell what was and wasn't for fun. this made itself clear after i became better friends with yanna. so. over time our recorded conversations grew increasingly personal question on subjects that neither of us dared to raise elsewhere. to go to. the pump. for good shaming plans to push up a new car. in some neutral and true friends home sounds
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a particular way of president george w. sealants. oh yeah i thought it up to be out here without having to. decide what it is it was made up and since i didn't know the of zero zero zero zero zero. zero zero. zero zero four people around the country of south main. audience and country. town hall not even. as he was here many. was all over.
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initially she did say you know pushing for a better machine. community don't do it for others it's just. you it will push and you should see the sound tough to it does seem to have been it even had to be so that you couldn't sell the neutral since i am still janja. also to the point i mean who already has your song. of you can find any kind of monument in the chinese country's ads i always wondered
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about this empty stadium sticking out like an alien mothership in endless green fields. on this day i met a man who had some answers. about local after scouring the stadium for garbage the south. however for. those who did i say i don't the yahoo this is all. just on the go you know. how i learned a lot. since i was a mobile you'll. see them i was. ten they gave us will unify us like that without a. doubt or a confusion so you tell us his that we got him back you know that you didn't you know we had this high what if i mentioned the dams and. these giant cities waiting to be filled up. so many had apartments that weren't selling. many others sold to speculators who left them empty. concrete slaps sold and traded
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like stocks. but the developers didn't worry they had a plan. to . leave the scene. meaning.
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all my neighborhood to controversy that's the single. well an individual with a visit by clay what you do is. a place for the soul of the i think if you know the cause of all colors of all you know that if you call bob home is also maybe a woman either when they meet in the pub this or a high angle cold this or they get a little cold and it's all just because of the means the archer. have boyfriends of it then c.b.l. almost. looks. to
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them in a hole in it do you know how many jobs while not identical so. you push with them you're. going to tell me about the lighting they meet you mr sawyer . oh jeez.
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this is a village just biking distance from british. the land was next to mine right on the border of the ever expanding city. today was the deadline for the villagers to move out. it was the last day of their hometowns history they think it's a good one but it's not because i wasn't i was it was my fault. is it the benefit of. i told the people here that i was often hired by their local political leaders to play my hand you had to get caught how did it come to get an answer please could be that you know for sure people are going i'm going to put your. money on cheat and inform our driver told you don't you think even though you
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did you good luck with the sure thing i mean for the gulf in. the coming months we have got to we've gotten it got to get by is a good thing. there wasn't a moment when things suddenly turned sour. it was just a slow accumulation of ominous signs. abandon construction sites. businesses sinking into debt. for us less gigs. the local governments denied that they were building ghost towns but people were starting to notice. when the shows were over. the new cities became dark.
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the fastest growing type of social disruption in china are protests by angry homeowners by mid two thousand and fourteen this was obvious to. people with signs were showing up at my gig claiming they had been cheated. i couldn't help but think that what they were protesting was me when she was once again crying. on the shoulders of those. that are old but. there was an actual. recession this laotian was.
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in need because that's really what would you believe a real leader. in the words would of done you do the foreigner to do it maybe i'm. wrong about how much. longer all of the actual. lives will have to go and this was you know. john for the past a whole big issues even though he works well for much else. oh. boy you go oh. come on you're. a fool all for all well my interest.
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and i for one. reason c.p.s. from. little. or no. clue is telling me to look. forward to all of the point that you want. to legal. and.
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illegal easy. to. come when you go you josh. and you do the drums right are you a truce of the bush or john. very soon i will cling cheer for me if you go if i'm told she. focused on our place when you enjoy your show exactly.
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how many chair mordor or whether you be jealous of your mother she is. so intent on her that sort of thing doesn't but yeah well the mother. who was a mother you can pose with household chores and host of conference about how we look at them maybe i'll devote some of them along when you know well well. well they're both her family and your son or both and all of a the who was calling on you she let me show you which i was. given only of so little for walking about for you know what it was one hundred. young the situation was simple get more business or sell her stake in the company. for some reason she didn't seem to have much fight in her when i pay visits to her
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it felt like i was the first person she had talked to in a while. coming gunter or sugar in a single trying to show you only so thoroughly on your introduction what a single could become long if she will follow. since so when you go and suffer. or because. child where pleasure or percent which you are. but i shall only really hide to whom a few true very work you put out. but i would say to the ocean. now man you heard. johnny can laugh a lot has a way. to can now by email can are free plus you when you kill him do you should
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have a very bashing. me. your . whole war money truth. she is impatient them. to for show you. the whole world your truth how negative by and for. the whole. have a loud bang. theory of her calls or have a lot of us under and the whole. sound. true for you for how long.
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so old as you were and your foul words have seen. your teasing of how long. bonnie hold. so your sins are jaw fluid. just like you can see me. read. your stuff here. stuff here and then we've all started to take photos. of. the g. o. at the same time as business got worse the work itself just.
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didn't just want to start a state. we were now acting in all sorts of middle c. . and. o. this is scary really. the new city has had us acting as doctors working in the hospital for. residents moving in. and engineers designing the buildings. they are. the g.t.o. which i'm going to see in the algae is just shown pleasing to be enjoying jiechi mom that didn't don't you we didn't blow the tone punk enough on the edge of our nose for the five million some good somebody would tell us i was here and that's
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when the boys some guys were injured though the toll shots from that you could trace the. shin down our beijing to carve a. couple mean that you don't put that. way in that way and i change you know you don't feel dishing what to that those that suggest. somewhere where the genes are such a point of heaven for all. your requests i'll call you the humble hockey coach chances are you're. almost royals are you girl so you sure that you killed more pieces on those chinese or some type of. our functional use here on the committee chair time because those are the people should. figure how does the job for a family such as we function so she just a home made one of the keys wrench in his or hers what is one of them and. that's a new kind of for some grudging dishes for a cause or by chance of this or that mean that shouldn't happen i think again but. for the use of the job done in my part of the job he's done more to use it up with
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the fact that my families are. going to have to give me a refrigerator until i'm doing. and you were both of them are. all miles was in college or legal was a listen long legal eagles eagle. a battle you. google for males with three hundred near where to get out your phone this wasn't by most among the football truthout. ground or from our soil
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intrusion in little too little easy algal for a reason we are on the roof a the algerian. war mentioned our sins of halogens i wouldn't. see. the law. with them for the church. for sure the sudan mahmoudiya. says you can look forward to details of. evil gone my alters the holes. he was mentioning all this for the.
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issue of it's a new job that we you know comes funnel. money to help community. to go and then there's a freeze on all this where you go to go mushroom and they are all going to be using love and we'll commute although you know g.b. that one of those folks who normally does over the building then we'll deal with the reason there was a car total for one of these knows how many different. from the bottom i already hold because of the commute the both of you were awarded she sort of. also she needs. also to know much. through the. big three we could get
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a bill. for sale of songs or lose all your. voice on trying to track what. was on his show i mean kathy. jo i mean the still real kind of cult. are very. rare so. there are. also some. really good luck though given our. albums are symbolic through others it's a. little going to be a. little. while. people who include begin to care about what people who. buy local. or who. know all cultures out knowledge or the cultures help a little funny enough. then you go ahead but i'll fail one of the. problems also
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bought a lot of friends. king
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. of. the crime scene for instance the victims of katrina. he ever been. to tolson laura's window frames i'm going to call them with detectives we have new cases every day for. d.n.a. analysis an effective new tool in the fight against the illegal lumber trade. next on w. in good shape.
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this time we focus on chronic pain when you suffer from pain a lot of vanity switch can help but sometimes they just don't then you need a specialist. what are the causes of product pain and what they're apiece can provide relief to patients. good. thirteen. hey listen up. that's what video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level ok thanks to him talk composer who claim it's. featured in many games his music is bound
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to get those homes for his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. oh genre that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. venezuela's president nicolas maduro has rejected an ultimatum by european countries to cold snap elections after his rival won declared himself the country's legitimate leader major say it in a television interview that he would not quote cave in to pressure from those calling for his departure. investigators have found the wreckage of the plane which crashed with football player in million of salah on board a privately funded sarah.


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