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tv   Close up - Living with Dementia - A Question of Dignity  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2019 8:30pm-9:01pm CET

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virtuous city country should live. among the not. glamorous stuff. starts feb eighteenth w. n n in one point seven million people in germany suffer from dementia and they need help in the every day lives. the number of dementia patients is expected to double over the next few decades. to come most people want to lead a normal life first long as they can.
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this is the town of austria diminished in southwestern germany. felicitous vaunt a dementia patient and her daughter are making open on a desert philetus used to be able to do this easily by herself. after just toss it in oh sure. felicitas is eighty one years old she needs her daughter commines help to prepare even this simple dish. let me fill a torch my no mom i think you need a bigger spoon and this is a listen to her question do you have one for this let's have a look in here so it's ok with coke. but if you got there you need a spoon that's just icing the kind of taste can i use this. to taste. the first dimentia symptoms started appearing three years ago. for example fillets
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adjusted by too much food shopping and have perception of time became distorted. of attack and she was unable to structure her daily routine as well as before me that's why i thought i had seen it but she still was able to find her way around i was happy and i kind of one time i invited her over for a visit and i told her to take the nine o'clock train so she'd be at my place at ten or ten thirty. i mean you know. i stand and i turn in but then she was standing at my door at seven thirty she said well i didn't want to be late and it was little things like that that showed me that mom had changed. two years ago it became clear that felicitous was no longer able to live on earth and so she moved into a residential facility for dementia patients. the home is part of a program sponsored by the town of food and it helps patients continue to play an
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active role in society. felicitous often does the shopping for her fellow residents caregiver michelle trying to provide her with a list of items. for instance which are only twenty aides some fruit vegetables and a loaf of bread. the town has actively involved residents in the efforts to help dementia patients lead normal lives. ten years ago it launched a public awareness program to inform the public about the disease. everyone was encouraged to take cause civil servants bank employees and members of various associations and the fs has paid off. they say they get thirty eggs please. felicitous is actually supposed to buy just twenty x. but the vendor isn't top of the situation. commissioner list please.
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buy any of your thirty seems a bit much that's not the usual amount so let's do twenty of the throttle work ok great thank you. philip to test once to finish her shopping as quickly as possible because there's an art class this afternoon the vendors at this market know how to deal with problems that may arise. i don't like three pairs please. see my point yes hard or soft yes. babyy banner is patient with her dementia customers they often can't find the words to tell her exactly what they want. the country almost slow with them you have to coax it out of them and it's about articulating the words for fruit. you just have to take time to find out what they want to buy but i'm happy to do that now.
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experts estimate that they will be three million dementia patients in germany by twenty fifty almost twice as many as today. the federal government has developed a national dementia strategy to deal with the situation. determine the time a society is the country's largest self-help organization for people who suffer from dementia. is only a cook is one of the society's consultants and holds free seminars to help people understand the problems caused by dementia. as a bathroom it isn't course and the seminars try to get the topic out into the open . so. the concept of dementia is frightening for many people. feel one and that dimension certainly isn't pleasant but it doesn't mean life has
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come to an end. point. and we want to make it clear that even if your mind no longer functions as it used to so you can still lead a productive life. to be up to those. sonia and her colleagues have recruited thirty thousand partners with a program. today civil servants are taking part in the dementia seminar in voters' stoff in the eastern states of brandenburg. here for so compelling nuclear conventional. we try to get all kinds of people involved in caring for people with dementia and not just relatives and health care professionals he's. the ninety minute seminar focuses on how to detect symptoms of dementia and how to deal with people who suffer from the sometimes. do you see here the good dad made some good it was let's say an eighty year old lady has come to you for the
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third time to get her passport renewed for my you know it's a difficult situation but you still have to be polite and helpful you should try to see the situation from her point of view. sticked all she's trying to do is get her paperwork in order here i paid off. sony and explains that dementia patients are no longer capable of learning from their mistakes. what have the participants learned. to do with the loop with some older folks were the first visit might take half an hour instance and the second just ten minutes you have to be prepared to take the time it's like a stent in my head and i'm not sure whether you can apply these guidelines in all situations and that's what i learned a lot today about dementia and that's good dispassionate. visits every
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community that she can to provide as many people as possible with strategies in dealing with dementia patients. i find that it's very important for patients to live as independently as possible these seminars are designed for people who interact with dementia patients. so that they can recognise the symptoms and help the patients maintain their independence. but i think mark sampson. nearly one quarter of all germans over the age of eighty suffer from dementia with that number said to increase these partnerships programmes are part of an important future strategy. with. these people are hiking in the black forest. the group includes some dementia patients and pay serviceman an expert undimensioned sometimes. this man believes
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that local communities can provide an element of care that state run programs cannot. people need to volunteer their time and that's why he's here today. so much of this on the by the team i wouldn't want to live in a facility where i'm only surrounded by professional health care workers that sought office. there's something very special about taking a personal approach to the situation this is the result of a quality that is just not for mention so many neighbor to neighbor and so this into citizen you have to meet people and communicate with them. a number of experts say that as the number of dementia patients increases more community effort will be required to care for them. removing. them is not because it's often not possible society in general and politicians in particular must realize that we are responsible for the quality of our lives. for that but also applies to elderly
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people who might have to mention and need care that's just it was a civic commitment means people getting involved in the lives of their fellow citizens that is the essence of the concept of community. service open to them because of course want to stick to. that sort of civic participation can help improve the quality of life for dementia patients. with national money oh you've got an ankle strap in there better close it off i'm going to go for my feet and. modern technology can also help. them on down model by spears for example if you get lost you can just push a button on one of these devices it's not all. social workers it could cope uses digital technology to keep track of the hi chris and they can stay in touch with her as well. although that post response is this is from becoming not not even if we can talk to each other and the great
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thing is that i get a signal that shows where she is just a scot it's displayed on a digital map. your boss so it shows that we're standing right by the water line also showed us the amount sometimes when dementia patients are out and about to get lost. so their family members get worried and try to keep them closer to home. the stranger but if the patients have a digital device with them the family can keep track of them. and who you know and if they get lost the family can go pick them up. this past. new ideas understanding and a willingness to help those are the keys to making programs like this one because dementia can affect anyone relatives friends own neighbors.
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the town of us food and supports programs for dementia patients voluntarily it is under no legal obligation to do so. phillips the test is done with today's shopping now she's taking part in an art class who. thought that it happened today if i started out with a blank sheet and now well i filled it up with color this. bit were made of. the other room is open three times a week at no cost to the seniors the town picks up the tab for the rent and all the materials anyone can take part in this program not just dementia patients. some of the volunteers are retirees they're in good mental and physical shape so they're happy to help. for me to just make my own mind this sort of work very
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satisfying i try to get other people to volunteer as well but many don't want to get involved in health. care work to do not me that's really. unfair because you know i don't feel that way at all if i were a dementia patient i'd be happy to know that there were people there to help me and you just feel mentioned dr goodman revamped off. the patients spend several hours here they can be creative and they don't have to worry about their declining language skills and thanks to the volunteers the patients families can take the afternoon off. beck has spent more than a decade building this network of volunteers she's were tired to see to make people more aware of the problems associated with dementia. and she keeps working on this project because new people move to the town and others move away. i
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says right here i know of to search and i'm done is here to build it it's not enough to launch an awareness campaign and then think that the problem is solved. me but i think we've made a good start. we've also managed to get some of the politicians on board. and they say that they support our work with dementia patients and the town's efforts to help finance it for the first up in the streets and retreat into. the town has set up eleven different projects including the arts studio handicraft programs physical fitness classes and home visits by caregivers and repair professionals. company live regularly brings together volunteers and specialists to exchange ideas. the programs are financed by a consortium made up of the town of also food and a private foundation and health insurance companies. it covers tough the
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salaries of civil servants who support the volunteers provided they receive extra training in dimension. this. the town does all it can to increase public awareness of dementia. the local art gallery is hosting an exhibition on this topic the works of artist one you schmidt focus on the physical decline of elderly people. he painted this portrait of his mother shortly before she died. i mean if you forget to mention patients can forget things but they can still do a lot of. it's important to explain dementia to young people. them kicked by think this is a brave thing to do they could have just ignored this topic because it's not something that kids usually think about school just man i'll keep my but it's good to learn about what might happen in the future after. the end of.
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this art installation is made of plastic wrap it was created by artist jenny of interest or janowicz participants in the dementia programs and workshop helped to put the installation together. these fifth graders seem to understand its message. difficult hard to forget in your life think the plastic wrap the stretched out here represents the connections to thoughts. have in the stones represent thoughts and memories that are still there but are not. enough and the loose stones represent memories that have been forgotten and. given to focusing on other novel and friends although. i think it's nice to have an exhibition on old age and dementia in a public gallery. because it gives you an entirely different take on the subject under change. when people understand more about dementia they lose their fear of us
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and every encounter between the patients and the local residents helps. for. programs that help elderly patients also popular in the netherlands. this is building hoffa nursing homes in the town of stoll think. tank almost full of this suffers from dementia. was able to get him a place here by agreeing to do at least four hours of volunteer work a month. to. be. regularly placed records for his father and his roommates classic dutch hits from the one nine hundred sixty s. . run on the residents always enjoy these visits and music brings back fond memories.
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to people you know still. when they were yours you didn't have to see the same day. they already also have seen that they don't know. from the time of day mention what things from fairly early. they know. enjoys entertaining the patients and not just his father. any do you want to dance oh. sure where. people. are going to thank you thanks have a seat. so
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you don't find it if it is the facilities director he says that because more and more people are growing older there is no alternative to bringing in volunteers. in the future if we have to go through system with more. cooperation between family and professionals because an open office and there are more and more people in need so the only way to solve the problem is that we work together with the family and the fallen. since twenty fifteen dutch communities have been obliged by law to provide care for the elderly. traditional nursing homes have largely been replaced by complex local support networks. a member of the town council lavinia slaven hook shows us a map of her district. it outlines how nursing services
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age organizations and citizens' initiatives work together to provide proper care for the elderly. will be. the biggest advantage of the people can live at the wrong place in their own environment and they can do that for a very long time. and of course there are always a point or it's not possible anymore but then if it really doesn't work anymore then you go to the nursery home. the volunteer project at the bill who have the nursing home has been a success the patients relatives provide an extra level of support for the care program and. nurses like that could put out brawn are grateful for the additional help. tell film oh yeah so much we couldn't do our jobs without the volunteers there are a huge asset for this program and family members know what the residents were like they became they've known those people all their lives all flavors long ok and.
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then come stays with the group until dinner is served he knows that his efforts are appreciated here by the staff and by the patients. they have to feel at home in a strange home by this they feel a bit at home because. they're a bit pampered were also nursed and taking care of it's just to set the sectional so the people are content when i can make them feel good i feel good so that's been the four. years. almost all nursing homes have to deal with the shortage of care where it has one facility in the german town of lindau on the shores of lake constance has managed
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to cope without requiring relatives to help. mother who is the last suffers from dementia. she particularly enjoys the music programs here the residents play songs that they remember from their youth and. i wanted that mrs lasette tell you smiling yes i'm glad i'm happy. plus much i enjoy most. about being here. keep smiling i'm not one of. the criminally cyclone how do you know the lyrics well. well if you just have to keep working on it yeah. my. mother louisa is a retired cook and is seventy nine years old her dementia is advanced she's been living for eighteen months at a facility run by the mafia martyr foundation. the programs here are aimed at
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preventing several problems that are common among the elderly loneliness boredom and a sense of helplessness. the residents are able to lead fairly normal lives within the limitations of dementia. they are supported by caregivers like mother teresa detail. the upswing in the us leaving us of all the if we bring the support program to life with new ideas and today we're preparing food the residents don't have to participate but it's nice when they do it and it really makes them happy to tell me i'm good she and. active seniors stay fit longer. the facilities manager. tries to put as much variety as possible into these programs to keep the residents busy with things they like to do the point is quite strict also they can i was influenced their friends are dying off their children
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may live far away from me so they feel isolated when they lose their motivation. to forty one for daughter i suppose but they need to have something that keeps them occupied so they can maintain the skills that they still have for so much for come on. not only with the loss at us suffers from severe dementia sometimes but she's still a physically fit nurse zebulon cleaning takes her out for a spin. on attending bike. today they're going to ride down to the lake pleasant activities like this are good for both the patients and the start. of this dusty talent isn't all when patients gone out things like this they can get some exercise and it relaxing for them but it helps to restore their psychological balance it's a win win situation for both sides by deciding. do health care workers really have time to relax such moments are becoming increasingly rare in this age of staff
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cutbacks but there are no job vacancies at the mother yamato facility staff turnover is low. monthly and has worked here for fourteen years she has a specific job to do but there's a lot of room for creativity. fight of the home but we have certain responsibilities and there is a system here but within that system we can make some decisions on our own and that's important so if the weather is nice we can take the patients outside. and when i do that one of my colleagues will fill in for me here but i was scared. babs that's one of the reasons why the nursing staff at mahdia must take an average of only five sick days per year the national average is twenty six the number of starters and the salaries are about average for the sector and the facility is no more expensive than others in the region. the employees here seem to enjoy their
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jobs more. the standard treatment. of course these kinds of jobs are difficult times or for that almost goes without saying. so our first priority was to create working conditions where the employees are happy and stay healthy. so that they're not all. calling in sick. shine trishna. liver said it is proud of its work with dementia patients that helps them to leave relatively normal lives the main problem is that the german health care system rewards larger facilities and puts smaller ones like money amounts are at a financial disadvantage. to. dismantle you heard a flick about the more care a facility provides the more money it gets from the system for tonight for our lives so if those larger homes i don't think there's much incentive for the staff
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to improve conditions for the residents but there's still lots of room for improvement that's good news for. phillips it as valid doesn't need to go into a nursing home just yet it's said the residential community concept is ideal for her. she can enjoy a certain amount of independence in her daily life. on fridays there's an exercise class a healthy lifestyle can help to counteract some of the symptoms of dementia. village it has loves these classes especially because she can join in with the other residents and visitors. to.
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the gate of ok i think every week when it's time for exercise class i go right away . why hates me because i really enjoy it. there is no harm in that. but. the in. some communities and facilities in germany are making good progress. with their dementia programs but others don't have the money or the motivation to provide better care. dimentia patients need programs that will allow them to participate in society as much as they can it's a question of dignity. if
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