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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2019 12:30am-12:46am CET

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you shall be young man is on trial now it's just forensics between bits and bites. you. believe. anything going. to be chance because justice is about the truth. truth detectives starts feb fifteenth on t w. three days after a free trade pact between japan and the european union takes effect berlin tokyo explore deeper cooperation we'll tell you how the new agreement benefits both sides . also un warns that further tariffs being dangled over china by u.s. president trump could have grave effects for the world economy if they take effect . and also on the show as a no deal bragg's it looks more likely japanese carmaker nissan scraps plans to
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build its new s.u.v. model in the u.k. . i'm stephen beard's in berlin thanks for joining us. german chancellor angela merkel was in tokyo meeting with japanese prime minister shinzo abbay in a joint press conference both stressed the importance of close trade ties and times of rising protectionism. visit comes just three days after a sprawling trade pact between the e.u. and japan came into force good friends are important especially in hard times that's why german chancellor angela merkel has been emphasizing during her visit to japan a major ally in her coal for free trade but their relationship is about more than trade. i am in japan for the fifth time now but we've met seventeen times already. and we've always worked well together even at international conferences. and we have
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a long friendship with twenty twenty one marking one hundred sixty years of diplomatic relations for us it's an incentive for us to work even more closely in an ever more disorderly world. for his part a warrant against rising protectionism saying germany and japan the world's number three and four economies respectively had an increasingly important role in protecting multilateralism both countries face similar challenges a rapidly aging population and the need for improved digitalisation germany is japan's biggest trade partner within the e.u. some four hundred fifty german companies are active in japan and the german chancellor is traveling with a business delegation eager to forge even more deals earlier clemons kober the director of trade policy at the german chamber of industry and commerce in brussels told us about the significance of merkel's visit to japan. from a business perspective important sign that both economies want to cooperate
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closer we. trade while you move over forty billion euros between germany and japan and we have a new trade deal that is set to reduce the trade barriers for both exports and imports and improve investment so this is a very much needed signal especially for the german economy that is heavily dependent on open markets internationally free trade and openness for investment there was clemens kober from the german chambers of industry and commerce the u.s. plan to hike tariffs on a further two hundred billion dollars in chinese imports could spark a global economic downturn that's according to a united nations report released monday the study by the un conference on trade and development agency found that a tariff hike in march would rattle already unstable global commodities and financial markets a trump has threatened
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a tariff hike during negotiations between the two nations the study also says more companies would move their operations out of china. and let's take a closer look at this with our financial correspondent in new york again scored to yes what would further tariffs mean to some of for example the biggest american companies. well i mean that really is remains to be see you know what the report of the united nations claim says that the u.s. in general would not really profit that much if they are going to increase the tariffs and the big question really is will the tariff speed increase or not i mean the clock is ticking we are approaching the deadline of march first that pretty soon some of the bigger u.s. companies could try to get some of the materials for instance from other nations but you can't just do that over night so overall we probably might see
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a negative impact and also we could see some countermeasures from china the united states reports of united nations reports also claims that we could see a currency of war because china could try to count of those higher tariffs it was a devaluation of the chinese currency they have come to come back to you in just a moment i want to take a look first at wall street today markets in the strong on the strength of tech stocks apple microsoft and adobe leading the tech focused nasdaq index to solid gains that after overcoming initial market slump that followed the release of new u.s. figures which show declining factory orders in the number investors were still waiting in earnings report by google parent alphabet in asia lunar new year celebrations meant subdued market activity during monday trading. and let's go back to quick yes another good run for wall street today after so many dips late last year why
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are investors suddenly more upbeat. you know that's really interesting to see because we've been up here on wall street for the past six weeks and we also had a strong start into this week and i guess what really made the big difference was the federal reserve when around to christmas time they hinted that they're not going to increase interest rates any more any time soon because if you look at earnings i'm here in the united states yes for the fourth quarter their earnings reports came in ok but for the first quarter of twenty nineteen and of the next that meant that we might even see a drop in profits and still stock prices are increasing so it is a bit concerning to see this trend so all eyes on interest rates yes quarter there for us in new york thank you yes. now to a weighty question that's been occupying philosophers for hundreds if not thousands of years what makes us human one answer that's cropped up again and again is
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self-awareness now a group of scientists have created a robot they say is capable of displaying what was previously thought of as a uniquely human trait this is no ordinary robotic arm at least not according to the scientists behind it who say it's acquired the holy grail of artificial intelligence self awareness. how well it's a little complication the team at columbia university in new york developed a so-called self model to help the robot learn through trial and error much like a child learning to take its first steps. or first it kind of had no idea what was going on because it had no gathered no information about itself or about anything so it moved at first completely ran away with no coherent motion at all and no knowledge about itself at all after it's collected
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a sufficient amount of information and we've trained its first mission a sufficient amount of time it was able to create a model of itself from the information that it's gathered from all its random motion from all its babble and it was able to produce something that allowed it that was useful in a lot of to do any number of tasks training and it's this that sets it apart most robots are designed for one job to be performed under a specific set of conditions if the circumstances change it's generally impossible for them to adapt to this sets them apart from humans who self-awareness helps them adopt to an ever changing environment something we take for granted is that we have an image of ourselves inside of us we can imagine ourselves in the future doing things we can see ourselves we can picture ourselves in new situations but that's that that self image that we take for granted is not all of us leave there for
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machines while questions may be asked about whether this robotic arm truly does possess a human level of self-awareness the development is likely to reignite the debate about what it means to be a machine. irish budget airline ryanair has announced a twenty million euro loss for its third quarter which ended december on the back of weak fares now the carrier expects profit for its financial year which ends in march to fall by nearly one third europe's largest low cost carrier has endured a difficult eighteen months due to cancellations strikes and higher oil prices which have affected its earnings. with price at less than two months away and no deal in place u.k. based businesses and supply chains stand to lose access to the european single market in one fell swoop on march twenty ninth japanese carmaker nissan has now decided to act and shift production away from the u.k.
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. the nissan plant in sunderland produces more than half a million cars a year its new flagship s.u.v. the extra zero was also supposed to be assembled there but that has changed the japanese carmaker has shelved those plans due to uncertainty over brakes it my reaction to this festival which is absolute disappointment this comes at a time when the u.k. automotive sector isn't a huge amount of pressure not only with rex it days emissions of emission full point zero other issues more than seven thousand people work at the nissan plant in north east england one of the country's biggest car factories parts come from all over the world across supply chains that traverse the e.u. . well sunderland voted for brags that free trade within europe is crucial for nissan well it's devastating news fro city and the region any loss of future production at the plants makes it less stable but i can't say i'm not surprised you
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know that the uncertainty around wrecks it is is always a factor now in any decisions made in manufacturing. britain will leave the e.u. in a few weeks but no one knows what will happen next in the break that process a nice and clearly does not want to wait to find out. and that's it for me in the business team here in berlin don't forget you can always find out more about these and other stories on our website at www dot com slash business we'll leave you now this quick check on the global markets i'm stephen thanks as always for watching.
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let's dive into the. take a closer look at modern culture from. a culture. soetoro so. say this one. hundred german street on. it's time. to take
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one step further. and face to it's. time to search the unknown and fun for the troops. i will talk to over come down troops and scuttle. it's time for w. d w d is coming up ahead for mines. looking kind of thing you know i think you didn't do it clear and i'm pretty everyday person and the question is what can they do about it so it's failed just me walk with me and don't take liquids aboard elevators i do i do that every time i think about an elevator on this and there's a still waiting as i take this this. and i try and walk through it wherever i can instead of going in a car or even in public transport it's just you know doing things that i think
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we're going to be called in to be just got out of the habit as it became very easy and quick to the court of appeals that actually it's not very hard to change that's very easy for individuals to i think you know people cumulatively making a difference. oh welcome to news from the world of arts and culture i'm robert merrill and here's a look at what's coming up today. we find out how you successfully combine eighteenth century opera and contemporary dance. we take a literary dive into the underbelly of the weimar republic in our latest installment of one hundred german must reads. and we visit an exhibition of
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christiane and yours iconic fashion in london. but we begin with a production that's new to the hamburg opera it's the baroque opera and your idiocy directed by the legendary choreographer. who has been bad a director there for over forty five years so is this an opera or is it a ballet well actually it's a bit of both a choreographed opera if you like bending the genre a little which noir is celebrated for. his tragic opera and you really see christoph look at one time revolutionize the world of music director and choreographer john knew maya continues this revolution with his production. the version is done as a symmetry of music and dance a good sound. will seem to sense of the arts. it was
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good music.


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