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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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chance because justice is about to truth. truth detectives starts feb fifteenth on t w. this is the w.'s line for a brawl in washington gears up for a divisive political setpiece u.s. president will deliver his second state of the union address tonight as plans for border wall are expected to feature prominently in his highly anticipated speech also coming up a friendship a trade union is joining in yellow vests activists and widespread industrial action
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in the latest challenge to him a new iraq close government very demanding social justice and higher wages and a rebel leaders are all around it you should see the lunar new year they're hoping for happiness and prosperity in the year after the b.p. . oil hawk is great to have you along everyone u.s. president donald trump is set to deliver his second state of the union address in washington later today but after two years of impulsive leadership broadsides at opponents and polarizing policies few expect trump speech to mend the deep divisions in american society but that's not bothering trump's biggest fans though he wus travel to the midwest to meet the supporters who will. glued to their
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television screens and to his every word truly and brothers bakery is a community fixture in this detroit suburb it's one of the few small locally run operations left every morning for the past forty eight years richard julian has put on his a friend and served the neighborhood everything from deli meats to birthday cakes the bakery is also situated on the edge of a county that was pivotal for trump's victory mccomb county outside of detroit julian like some of his employees and many of his customers voted for trump he thinks the president's term has been good for his thirty employees and his bakery donald trump. much of a stretch for me in the beginning when he became the nominee for the party. because he was a businessman this is exactly the sort of small middle american establishment that was at the heart of trump's campaign message to lift up the little guy and stick it to the elites. and celine white of an educator and
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a neighborhood resident said she was attracted to trump and his message in part because of how different he sounded. more i heard. at first. the first debate. stage it was just different they don't love everything about him everyone we spoke with mentioned that his tweeting can be cringe worthy that maybe he has a tendency to speak without thinking and sometimes his personal life can be messy. a bakery regular and lifelong michigan resident said despite everything she wants to see the president succeed. i'd like to see him take us back to the days when people were pay paul. not units or objects or numbers classifications where
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people were people but we have respect for one another and. i like some of the things that he's done on those are the moments. i just i really like the man and i want to see him continue with his goals in the least get most of them accomplish not everyone in the neighborhood is a trump supporter and some family ties have been strained. gary milburn an employee at the bakery has two daughters who do not like trump he says he understood their objections but he still voted for trump. the family is not thrilled with me because because you know i did vote for trump you know he's made you know different you know definitely many many excuse me many statements regarding i grab the women by the whatever and doing this and that which to me is a lot of or you know a locker room talk. two years into trump's term as president the country is still
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divided there have been shocking announcement scandals treaties have been torn up but would these people vote for trump again and. would you vote for him again yes i would think you once again i hope. well why. don't i want this to continue i would vote for him again depending on who he's going to be running against at this stage a true republican challenger looks unlikely during the two thousand and twenty campaign and the democrats will have a tall order to win back the hearts of these voters here in julian's bakery it seems trump would have no trouble getting reelected her second term and a programming note stephen hughes will have live coverage of trump's state of the union address starting at two am central european time but before that it's still a couple of hours away i've got here with me in the studio or you know a group craft who will be back for its first special coverage along with our team from berlin and washington but you're here to give us a little preview what can we expect yeah well i mean the state of the union is
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always known for its political theatrics but it's shaping up to be a particularly theatrical moment coming right after the long a shutdown in u.s. history and maybe on the heels of another one coming up the congress can agree to a budget and to this wall controversy that trump really wants to push you know we don't really know what he's going to talk about we have some good hints i mean just based on some of the guests he's inviting. first time nonviolent drug offenders who have been committed to sentences victims of the tree of life synagogue massacre from a few months ago opiate substance abuse victims so we can see this shaping up to be immigration trade economy security prison reform and we'll be here to cover all night long starting at two am central european time at eight pm over on the east coast united states and you can tweet me w n blue cross on twitter if you have any questions or. things to add or want me to look into stuff we'll be doing that all night. so check us out and we'll be here i hope you will be you got us cover it
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there is so much looking forward to it while i am thank you so much. i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. and belfast british prime minister theresa may has reassured the people of northern ireland that she remains committed to preventing a hard border between northern ireland in the republic of ireland all this is by seeking to limit the so-called northern irish backstop they will hold talks with e.u. leaders in brussels on thursday. agreement it's all about assault on an army base in northern afghanistan has killed at least twenty six members of the country's security forces the attack in could induce province lasted for more than two hours the militants were eventually repelled when reinforcements arrived. russia's defense minister says the country must develop a new a land based missiles within two years sergey showed loser comments come after russia followed the united states in announcing its would draw from
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a nuclear weapons agreement on saturday that agreement the i.n.f. treaty bans all short and mid range missiles launched from the ground. officials in paris say a woman has been arrested on suspicion of arson after a fire and have now apartment building killed at least ten people the suspect is a resident of the eight story building on the capital's wealthy sixteen the small local media say the woman has a history of mental. and staying in france union strikes cost significant disruptions across that country as workers took to the streets to demonstrate against the policies their presence in many one might call the labor union it seems you see organized reaction in response to what is called the country's social emergency and to call for a fairer taxation system some key figures involved in the country's yellow best
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movement which has been protesting against the president's my call since last november also join the rallies and our correspondent max hoffman is covering the strike in paris and i asked him how the demonstrations on full that today. it seems that at the end things got slightly out of hand again which is almost traditionally the case at the end of demonstrations here in paris cobble stones were thrown and we still have the with of tear gas here in the air and behind me you can see some of the police special forces blocking decide street where we are normally this demonstration should have been over but now people are returning in the other direction fleeing to tear gas so nothing special really in paris but many here say it's a shame because before that it was really peaceful all right now going to actual isis for us max why is this strike so significant it is significant because for the first time the yellow vests that have been making headlines all over the world
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in the last months have teamed up with one of the larger trade unions the c.c.t. before that the you'll of us always rejected the old institutions especially the political parties but also the trade unions but now they are joining forces at least some of them and that's because they are at a crossroads many feel like the yellow vests in the traditional form have run their course many people in paris by the way are fed up with the violence that they experience every saturday some of the yellow bus want to go to the next level like i said join forces but also have maybe found some political parties to participate in the european elections so max would you characterize this as some people have as a turning point for the yellow vest movement. it might be too early to say that but we do know that they are losing people on the streets every saturday now so the numbers are decreasing and as i said earlier people who live in paris say ok it's
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enough in the beginning i was sympathizing with them but i don't really like the violence and i think now it's enough because they are blocking daily lives daily life here every saturday so if they really are able to transition to the next level that is something that requires a higher level of organization that they have shown so far but it is not impossible because they did have a lot of support in the population and what they are are revenge acadian what they want is legitimate for many and that is a higher standard of living. what does this all mean for president and my cause. same thing as with the yellow this also he is at a crossroads it seems like for the first time in months he might be able to regain the momentum he's reaching out to people in this big national debate that will be ongoing until the fifteenth of march that seems to have some effect on the other side he's trying to control these demonstrations every saturday just
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a reminder the yellow vests demonstrations are saturdays this is different because we have the trade unions organizing and by having a harder head by tried to limit the violence for example the parliament here the. on tuesday is passing a law to limit this kind of demonstration to be able even to forbit it just like with. their hooligan laws so that that's where it was inspired from so this is that's the tool approach that immoderate michael has that we need to wait for the next week to see if it really if it really works for max hoffman reporting from the french capital paris thank you. now people across the world have been celebrating the first day of the lunar new year today on many offered prayers and temples and sat down with family members for a special holiday meal is the year of the fake and this time around and people are hoping some beginning of the year of good luck. praying for good fortune in the
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new year a tradition for chinese communities around the world. here at beijing's by you temple thousands flock to welcome the year of the pig in chinese culture the zodiac sign is a symbol of luck and wealth hopes that were reflected in the new year's wishes. i wish for good health for my family and success in my career and of course i hope for perspective pretty conventional you know what how do you know. so far this year i'll be taking my college entrance exam so i hope to get into major. another custom to bring good luck temple go is trying to strike a bell hanging under a bridge it's a lucrative time for the monastery stuff needed shovels to clear the coins and a motorbike helmet for protection. but for the chinese and
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a growing international audience this has become a major part of the celebrations the spring festival gala. it's now the country's most watched t.v. show with an estimated billion viewers. to keep the millennial is hoped it's pipin with young celebrities like chinese boy ben t. have boys. but the showstoppers a highly choreographed routines like this by twenty thousand challis martial arts performance. for most people celebrating the lunar new year is about spending time with friends and family. and it's about food lots of it. hundreds of millions of people have traveled to be home for the feasts and festivities they're hoping that this year of the pig will be a lucky one. and a reminder of the top story that we're tracking for you this hour u.s. president donald trump is set to deliver his second state of the union address in
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washington a later he's expected to use the occasion to push for his controversial wall on the border with mexico to w. news will have special coverage of the event as it unfolds. here watching you when you still to come in d.w. a business africa monica jones will bring us the latest from nigeria where presidential elections could determine that country's economic strength for years to come. to that and a whole lot more coming up in business news africa thank you so much for spending part of your day with me. i'm secure that. that's hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers what alliances. what's your story.
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i'm with i was and women especially of victims of violence. take part.


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