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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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visited every news live from above in the united states gears up for a divisive political set piece president trump will deliver his second state of the union address tonight climbs from the border with mexico are expected to feature of property also on the program new revelations in the. hold of the an absolute on the largest leak in sports history of the first time.
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i'm still going to welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump is preparing to deliver his second state of the union speech he said expected to challenge democrats to approve funding for the war he wants to build on the border with mexico aides say they'll also call for unity and optimism critics fear it will be difficult to overcome deep divisions after the last two years about he wants to impose more tax they don't because alexander has this preview. this state of the union address a grand stage for the u.s. president to speak directly to a national audience about what he has accomplished and what still needs to be done but what is the state of the union after two years of president see my state of the union i think could have a pretty good shape and look forward to hearing what the president has to say. going to sort of union in the conmen everything and hopefully to. focus a little bit more on bipartisanship and working together. i think it's. put the
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talk. in the white house and you have an incompetent. possibly insane person if they had the executive it's the same old stuff. you know money for the border. you know. the stuff you want can't afford choosing greatness that's the official white health theme for donald trump's address to congress you as president plans to strike a conciliatory tone and deliver a cold for unity in his speech but in many ways it might be too late the country and congress are divided along party lines and the democrats are determined to make sure that trump remains a one term president rebuilding the country's infrastructure lowering the cost of prescription drugs these are issues both parties could agree on but instead they
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fight over trump's planned border wall the topic is expected to be front and center of trump's address to congress with no indication of either side giving an inch we will be looking at a national emergency because i don't think anything's going to happen i think the democrats don't want border security and when i hear them talking about the fact that walls are immoral and will still work they know their work trump has suggested there will be a major announcement in his speech but then again he might be just trying to raise expectations ahead of the address he's difficult to predict says elaine k. mark author and former aides to president bill clinton we don't know if he'll stick to the script and also remember that behind him sit the vice president who is by the constitution the president of the senate and the speaker of the house nancy pelosi so i don't know what kinds of expressions nancy pelosi might make as he is.
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making this speech but that will be interesting to house speaker nancy pelosi will be visible in the camera shot her presence is evidence of the new phone power over to democratic party and a reminder struggles to adapt to a divided government in washington. as good as from the deal because well the marsh where you know washington welcome. what else can we expect tonight well as we heard in the report he's going to be trying to present a very traditional unifying message. of course this is all coming at a very wrong moment on capitol hill after just and of this government shutdown that caused so much chaos in the government and broader ripple effects in the greater society and the looming threat of another shutdown to come in just two weeks if something doesn't happen so this is his chance to politically grandstand and perhaps for for
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a message of unity but also perhaps say everyone needs to unify behind my agenda and what i want to get done there was heard there are a couple of touch points where the two parties can come together from a foreign policy perspective we can also expect to hear definitely something about venezuela and the political situation there because the president has been such a strong backer of the interim president go i don't know possibly also something about iran but in general he is a very domestically focused president that's what he ran on that's what his base likes to hear and so we're going to have to listen and see does he try to have a message that is actually much more unifying and inclusive of the greater american society or is he just going to throw red meat to the forty percent of his base that is very consistently supportive of supporting him and that put him over the top to make him president the domestic outlook is actually very good the booming economy high levels he's played
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a shelter about. absolutely we've actually seen some record breaking low unemployment numbers and high economic growth but a lot of those trend lines can actually be dated back to before when he was president now it all happened on his watch so definitely that is going to be something that is the centerpiece of his reelection campaign coming up in two thousand and twenty but nonetheless he remains such a divisive figure partly because of his governing style but a lot of it has to do with this border wall with mexico that has been a centerpiece of not only his campaign but his administration and the fact that it hasn't gotten done yet if it doesn't get done is going to be a huge hindrance. so. this is the the the wall this big beautiful wall of his this is going to be a big part of what he's going to say tonight what can you tell congress in this speech but he will change their minds about something that he's
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been telling them for the last two years. absolutely that is the big question right now democrats have openly come out and say while they do support further border security and there's been some rumors that they're trying to inch forward working with the republicans working on exactly that if there isn't a physical wall there. trump really can't claim a victory this is going to be very much an appeal to that sense to that sense that the wall will be the most secure thing that america could do to enhance its border security what could he possibly say it well last to wait and see but he is not facing down a very a friendly crowd as he was in the past years when he gave this speech much friday washington thank you. so now to some of the other stories making news around the world on his return from a historic trip to the united arab emirates the pope francis has pledged to do more
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to stop priests and bishops abusing nuns it was the first time he probably fit a knowledge this problem last month a vatican official resigned after a former nun accused him of soliciting sex from during confession. british prime minister theresa may has been reassuring people in northern ireland that she remains committed to preventing a lot of which will of northern ireland the irish republic mrs ray speech in belfast was meant to calm fears of the efforts to limit the so-called stop arrangement within the u.s.a.'s withdrawal agreements with the european who want the prime minister will hold talks with the new zealanders in brussels on thursday . officials in paris a woman has been arrested on suspicion of. her father in an apartment building killed at least ten people the suspect is a resident of the eight story building in the capital sixty i don't look at me just say she has a history of mental. union strikes of course significant disruptions across
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france as workers took to the streets to demonstrate against a president macro economic program that she was organized by the c.g. maybe response tonight says is the country's social emergency and to call for i say is a fair taxation system the rallies were also joined by key figures from the country's young avesta movement which is also in protesting against the president. the w correspondent that's hoffman has been in paris covering that strike. just another protest in the heart of paris yes well but at the same time it's also a new kind of protest because for the first time the yellow vests are teaming up with a large trade you see here at this demonstration we saw all kinds of people from public sector workers to of course the yellow vests to trade unionists but also members of the black bloc who try to incite violence here what all this mix will end up being is unclear at the moment because france and also
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a man who would not call at a crossroads can the government regain the momentum here it is probably the first time in months that it has the chance of reaching out to the french trying to show them that it might do it by calling compromise and at the same time trying to crack down hard on the violent elements of the yellow this. in paris a football league says an internet platform revealing the side of the game when it was launched in twenty fifteen it didn't only produce noise it also had some real effects just ask a jersey a marine you know the former manchester united manager his name appeared in leagues documents and today he's paying the consequences namely a hefty fine nearly two million euros to avoid a jail sentence in spain attacks from the brain are paid another one point one million euros in you know twenty fifteen when the case against him was first launched at the time he admitted to captains of phone dating from his time as the
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coach of valuation. now. thirty year old a portuguese national widely believed to be the mastermind behind football leaks has gone public for the first time following his recent arrest in budapest hungary spoke to german broadcaster. a secret location in budapest it's here in this modest apartment building were wants to give his side of the story. on january sixteenth last he was arrested in the hungary in capital. in response to a portuguese arrest warrant on charges of attempted extortion and cyber crimes. he's under house arrest and wearing an ankle monitor while awaiting a decision on whether he is a whistleblower who legally obtained the documents which could exonerate him or whether he is a cyber criminal. which could lead to extradition. i'm a whistleblower what matters for me and for football leaks is the documents are
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authentic i don't care about the origin. or so i have i have to expose and to jordan only as credible journalist the real deal and among those documents are details of confidential plans for an elite super league or for president john yoo frontino helped top european clubs get around the financial fair play rules who have been also admitted to contacting sports investment company under a false name a meeting was organized which led to accusations of attempted extortion. i think i was naive i did. i did something stupid i decided to play with them and basically said that yeah i have some documents. and they wanted i wanted to see their reaction i wanted i wanted to know. how. how valuable were these documents for them i want i wanted to know
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fought for how far they were ready to go if you really really know no. zero point zero faces up to ten years in prison in portugal if convicted. and beaten are both. because i'm a target and. and i feel that at the moment i will enter portuguese jail more feelies bun jail. i can end up and that. i'm aware of. a hungary in court times until march nineteenth to decide if peter will be extradited to his native portugal. and no happy ending for lindsey vonn the alpine skiing world championship or a sweden and what was supposed to be her penalty much race the american skiing legend crashed in the super g. after receiving medical attention she eventually got back on her skis and finished
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the course of. lindsey vonn has announced that she will start sunday's downhill event which will then be the final chapter of her stellar career one of the super g. it was a competitive mckayla shift. the german capital is abuzz with anticipation ahead of the biggest cultural event of the year the birth in the berlin international film festival the city is looking forward to welcoming stars like julia de bigorre c.c.s. julie president and christian bale it's just two days until the opening the red carpet has been rolled out and this year's is particularly sustainable as it's made of recycled textiles and fishing. this is d.w. news still to come business update the u.s. says it wants your big countries to stop buying from chinese networks acquired. while we are so vague listing. stephen basically i was out about story on the rest of the day something big business said the reason is because there's a it's just
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a. first yet you can always get your news headlines on the websites they don't. have the. take it personally i do it. with a little bit wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans dot com a funny. guy more than football long line just listen this is the sound of time tossing this forest the size of twenty five football fields are lost every minute adding to greenhouse gases.


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