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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2019 9:30am-9:45am CET

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i. believe. anything. to be chance because justice is about the truth. truth detectives starts feb fifteenth on w. . china in the crosshairs again u.s. president donald trump says the country's called soft of u.s. jobs and wealth must end all that referee going down with the chinese less than a month on the chill day trades truce between the two top economies in the world runs out we'll get the latest from our correspondent also coming up car giants dinosaur and to yoda both issuing dismal earnings reports you take a look at what has profits running and the next big thing in european murderess may
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just be true big for european authorities the e.u. commission looks set to vote down the. child. i'm christopher welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has once again accused china of attacking u.s. industry in his state of the union address we'll tell you what he said in just a moment first here some context in the next few days mr trump is likely to send his chief negotiators back to beijing china's president xi has invited mr trump to the resort island at the end of february if negotiators haven't got results by then the u.s. president has threatened china with drastic tariff increases on chinese goods at the beginning of march. now at the state of the union address donald trump and what he thought was at stake for the u.s. economy take a listen. to build on our incredible economic success. one
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priority is paramount reversing decades of calamitous trade policies so bad we are now make it it clear to china. that after years of targeting our industries and stealing our intellectual property the theft of american jobs and wealth. has come to an end. as president on from delivering his state of the union address there are now four chinese reactions to the speech let's bring in the w's william yang in taipei william good to see you how's that rhetoric of donald trump going down with leaders in china so currently there hasn't been any reaction from beijing as donald trump has emphasized the importance of including structural changes to the final deal with beijing chinese experts have
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pointed out some possible measures that could show beijing's swelling is to comply with washington state mandates they include passing the foreign investment law which ask local governments not to force american companies to ask to transfer their core technologies to their kept chinese counterparts as well as importing more soybeans and out of molehills from the u.s. however washington has also repeatedly emphasized that these demands well be enforced strictly now william president trump out of the negotiations with the chinese as going on very well how's that assessment on these talks from the chinese side. experts predict that the u.s. is still having the upper hand in the ongoing training because the china's sluggish economy and the rising unemployment rate are putting a lot of pressure on beijing they predict that if both sides cannot find
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a solution to end the trade war china's economy could eventually collapse. there's only twenty four days left on the hill the truce between the trade between the u.s. and china is to run out and tariffs are to spike again how nervous are businesses in china as time is ticking away there have been reports about chinese factories temporary suspending their operations because they're trying to assess the impact of the trade war on their businesses however experts that i talked to earlier today predict that both sides aren't likely to extend the deadline of the trade truce so they can continue to negotiate and find reach consensus on the course of lucian's issues after all they predict that. washington is unlikely to suddenly raise the terrorist from ten percent to twenty five percent because it could still cost damages to the u.s.
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economy all right we'll see when that deadline march first is here william yang reporting from taipei wm thank you so much. japan's car giant to yota saw its nine month profit fall close to thirty percent prompting it to slash its full year forecast it attribute it to drop to slumping sales in north america and equity investment losses from a potential no deal brecht's it also has the comical for its addicting annual profits of one point nine trillion yen or just under fifteen billion euros that's down from earlier estimates more than eighteen billion euro this. summer faces also add german carmaker dimer last year's profits fell twenty nine percent to seven point six billion dollars despite selling more cars the auto giant how to challenging twenty eighteen following the united states trade disputes with china
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and the european union in which the car maker as the car making industry has been a big bone of contention the aftermath of the diesel emissions scandal also weighed down it is the first german car maker to release results this year. let's take a closer look at the story with paul christian brits in frankfurt our financial correspondent standing by by all christian diable profits for twenty eighteen just it did take a major hit how's the reaction there in frankfurt where you are. well here in frankfurt investors naturally aren't too happy about these numbers especially some such since timelier also cut the dividend by forty cents per share and that never seems to go down well with shareholders. they've also been spoiled really because in the past it's been a series of record breaking numbers that c.e.o.
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did such presented and now in his last year and twenty just before he's ready to hand over the baton the numbers were sort of in this disappointed there's now first calls for more efficiency at the company especially since the guidance for the year twenty nineteen doesn't show much improvement. to yoda also reporting a drop in profits both carmakers toyota and dime are seem to have problems in important markets is there an underlying bigger problem here. well carmakers worldwide really have a problem selling cars in the u.s. to you know to actually had a drop of forty five percent and profits in the u.s. market. and the trouble with china also continues. who is producing cars in a series especially in the u.s. was facing tariffs. importing cars to china and facing
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a slowing demand of chinese car buyers plus in europe we've got the problem of diesel emissions and the lag of the german kindness tree to get behind electra mobility and really get get going there so that's that's that's eating into comics which targets i'm going to you know see profits plunging poll chris original article frankfurt thank you. europe's next big industrial champion might not come into being the european union looks set to veto a merger between german engineering giant siemens and france's all still the two companies were said to merge their railway businesses in the hope that the tie up would enable them to take on foreign rivals but the european commission expressed concerns about competition in europe. it may not be all aboard for the merger of europe's two most important train producers with siemens i.c.e.
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on the left teaming up with france's out stone t.g.v. on the right the companies have been working on the merger for a year now but even if they do succeed they will still be miles away from the chinese industry leader that company is c r r c with an estimated annual turnover of twenty four billion euros togethers evens are now stone are worth just over half that amount and canadian train make a bum body a is left far behind and a new zealand's austan giant wouldn't automatically be better for european consumers at least that's what some in brussels think so e.u. competition commission of a stock is not expected to approve the merger in europe the alliance would be close to a monopoly but zemin are more concerned about the global market the main competitor is a state owned corporation make that a super conglomerate emerged from two state owned corporations. chinese own c r r
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c is planning ultramodern projects for example trains that don't run on rails. the newseum is our store merger would have to keep track of new developments. it's to india now where researchers say the country's camel population has fallen by thirty percent in recent years as the animals have been replaced by motorised forms of transport now that is bad news for those whose livelihoods depend upon camels now a new market is opening up that could bring the boost those people need. for centuries they were known as the majestic ships of the desert but technological advances have seen the reliance on the camel slowly declining the days of nomads like ritesh reich and his family leading caravans hundred strong are all but over. well i'm about earlier we had around one hundred fifty camels but we can't find the
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labor to look after them he just doesn't generate money anymore it's the opposite we have to put in our own money to keep them going. but salvation for recognition his father lakshman could come from far away in the cities where the market's being driven by another of the camels quantities then milk. its past year insults here than cow's milk the researchers are hoping to pair up herdsmen with urban entrepreneurs to produce a line of new products with an emphasis on the health benefits of camels milk. but we saw that the camel milk. the locals will very nicely and it can manage that by one and because what. india are being told it over to capitol we can make use of milk. converting indians to camel milk could be a tough sell many in the country worship cows and their products sacred but
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wreckage and his fellow still hoping it will be one way of keeping the ships of the desert afloat. and that's it for me and the entire business team here and don't forget you can always go to our web site for more that's t w dot com slash business or simply follow us on facebook or twitter live you know with this quick check on global markets thanks for watching and have .
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taken a closer look at modern culture from. the. culture. hey listen up. video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today tracks take the experience to another level. talk composer wayne. featured in many games his music is bound to.
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his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. but a genre that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. welcome to news from the world about sin culture i'm robin merrill and let's have a look at what we've got in store for you today. this painting will self-destruct and so it did street artist banksy made waves with his high jinx now the infamous shredded picture finally goes on display. musical talents sophia hall is shaking out the scene here in new york with a fresh mix of jazz rock and pop she'll be here in the studio. and
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a look into the inspirations of three women credits is with inventing abstract before that better known male counterpart. last october at sotheby's auction house in london the anonymous british street artist banksy told a mischievous artistic prank by triggering a device that started to shred a painting of his that just sold for one point two million euros go with a balloon has now been read a and love is in the bin and has pride of place in an exhibition in southern germany. not fans of queuing in the cold to get a glimpse of banks he's go with the balloon or as much as they can see anyway this is doubt it's the hot i don't want to miss out. i thought it was in the picture that was partly.


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