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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2019 11:00am-11:30am CET

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this is the news coming to you live from berlin u.s. president donald trump delivers his state of the union address he calls for national unity but he also hits out at his opponents and economic miracle is taking place of. the only thing that could stop. our foolish war politics or we get. partisan investigation. let's get to get the reactions of the people also coming up. another
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devastating revelation for the catholic church pope francis admits that some priests and bishops have british nuns and that the abuse is still going on the church is also forced finance to have abortions. and you're on the wrong track if european regulators look set to vote down the merger of the river operations of germany's siemens and france's onshore. hello i'm under touch welcome to the program. u.s. president don trump is given a wide ranging state of the union address calling on americans to unite and politicians to start working together across party lines are in foreign policy an ounce. new summit with north korean leader kim jong il on in three weeks and his
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address was delayed by over a month because of the dispute over his controversial border wall. street. the president of the united states. are writing for his second annual address a high temple of american politics for a state of the union that's a week behind sched jewel such as the roller coaster of donald trump's presidency on the agenda and the sprawling speech economic border walls and matters of war and peace if i had not been elected president of the united states we would right now in my opinion be in a major war with north korea. my relationship with kim jong un is a good one german kim and i will meet again on february twenty seventh
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and twenty eighth in vietnam. the news will surely dominate the headlines but trump soon turned to the issue which almost saw the showdown in congress called his controversial plans to build a wall on the mexico border. i. in the past most of the people in this room voted for a wall. but the proper wall never got built i will get it built it was in their official response the democrats called tom's decision to shut down the government over the wall is a disgrace and happy lunar new year i'm stacy abrams the shutdown was a stunt engineered by the president of the united states one that defied every tenet of fairness and abandoned not just our people but our values. facing a divided congress for the first time the president called for compromise and cooperation
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for its hocking an f.b.i. investigation into his campaign links to russia amid the divisions there were flashes of unity as donald trump looked out on a pool of democratic female congresswoman dressed in the white of the suffragette movement. yet you know like this i had exactly one should sheree after congress passed the constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote we also have more women serving in congress then that any time after the early. harmony at last but in this deeply polarized cauldron of politics for how long.
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now for some analysis of trump's address i haven't needed to get lance is the head of the aspen institute. what do you make of the state of the union address there do you think trump was able to bridge differences with the democrats despite what we heard as flashes of unity and reader we just saw it that was one of the rare moments when nancy pelosi the speaker of the house also applaud the trouble but she did it only because you mentioned that there were more women in business and in congress but if you look at the numbers there more than eighty congressmen on the democratic side but only thirteen on the republican side so what the congress did when they were pulled from the democrats pulled themselves try to achieve unity yes he tried reaching out to the democrats but on his terms he said if you for the follow me you have peace and prosperity if you don't you have me against you built a wall and i'm with you and this will not be ok and what if the u.s.
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is international international partners what do you think they'll take away from this a state of the union address because he has a reputation of alienating his allies and pandering to his foes he didn't officially alienate his butt allies but he did mention him and that small the same as in the past this was a speech directed at the domestic public and maybe looking forward to the next upcoming presidential election twenty twenty so he didn't mention the nato alliance he didn't mention international bodies like the united nations he didn't mention america's role within that framework what he didn't mention was pulling out of a maybe pulling out of syria which you already announced and partially. went away from it so this is more america alone that's why america western allies are very much concerned about this president because he's not consulting us on anything concerning foreign policy. and global economic policy since we're talking about
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domestic politics he has strong past some seventeen investigations going on and he's just lost a battle with the democrats of it over the funding of the border wall is this it was is the speech of a president who is in control or also someone who is a bit in back to and weak and he's made my choice and he tried to show no signs of take of refusal or all backing off i mean he's a fighter and i think this has to be recognized as foreign allies but also about those he will stand his his term and tried to to win the battle but i think he is the battle is facing not only a lot of sort of investigations the mother reports will come out pretty soon every have to read between the lines what's in there and if that will be enough to sort of weaken him we'll have to see but he has the next ten days and then he has to decide to do what about the ball and if the democrats don't cave in and it
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doesn't look like then he will have lost another battle trying to do to get lance to head off the aspen institute here in jimmy thank you very much for that assessment so we had some analysis now of what how all voters responding to the president's speech the dandies reporter stefan scene longs has been out and about in washington d.c. to gauge some reactions it's trivial night at duffy's irish pub it's a tuesday tradition here and president from state of the union address won't change that however the manager has made some changes there's only one topic of tonight's quiz presidents and government. said it was brass. era government over. participants at the tables and the bar most of them government employees have little trouble getting the questions right this group of reserves five women celebrating their friend's birthday and winning the event.
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with the crease over people order another round and get comfortable for the main event the state of the union nobody sly and delude himself and whenever he said something crazy and insane he would only turn towards the right side of the room because he doesn't want to see that over half the people in the room are not supporting what he says. i have to grade him on a curve because my expectations are low oh and he's getting through it so you got to give him an a for getting through it and it's ridiculous and it's full of paul's words that were given out and i haven't listened to most of it because i know he lies he can't be honest and he's pandering to one part of the population of the country and i don't agree with most of what he says. it's nearing the end of
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the president's address for many here this one problem with what they have heard so far. and said you are strong you know this country even if you keep my we just you know i disagree i think it's actually the worst we've ever been worth the worst we've ever been as a president hasn't done anything to bring us together. after almost one and a half hours the president says is finally works the crowd at the feast is exhausted they say this to me and to chum for that long really takes it out of. the start on the focus on one of the biggest nonsense in that state of the union address president trump said that he will hold another two dishonest with the north korean leader kim jong un on denuclearize station next month at the same time a confidential. u.n. report claims north korea is doing all it can to ensure its nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities gone to be destroyed and the two leaders met last june where
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kim plans to work towards didn't arise in the korean peninsula trump has said that there has been tremendous progress in his dealings with the state but u.n. monitors say they found evidence that young's ballistic missile programs remain intact they also say the country is working to ensure those capabilities can not be hit minute to strikes. now from i'm joined by general steven burrill vickie's based in the civil south korea stephen two very different views on north korea and denuclearize ition what are you hearing that the thing is that neither side is totally correct correct when he says that it's over the past year that we've seen all this sort of unprecedented diplomacy between north korea and the u.s. and north and south korea and that really has pulled back from its usual confrontational stance and they have to start testing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles as far
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as we can tell at the same time they haven't done anything to actually either get rid of all the weapons that they already possess or to permanently dismantle this infrastructure that they've built up that allows them to develop these kinds of weapons so coming up north korea will have to either take some kind of meaningful step towards real to nuclear station or this is good move to try to looting may not continue and stephen why is this summit taking place in vietnam and what are then the realistic expectations of this summit. i think vietnam was chosen because it's a country that both north korea and the united states have diplomatic relations with countries that north korea has traditionally been pretty productive with it's also a country that i think the united states wants north korea to follow in the footsteps of and that is supposed communist country that hands opened up internationally and instituted a market economy as for what this summit might yield both sides will be coming in
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with a pretty clear objectives are pretty it's going to be seeking relief to be very strict sanctions that they're condom is under and the united states is going to be seeking some kind of verifiable promise to north korea that they do intend sureness leaves even theorised but this will be a stiff negotiation and it remains to be seen which side will you look at and whether or not they'll be able to come to any kind of meaningful opinions. stephen brobeck in seoul south korea thank you very much for that update. you. now on a second look at some other stories making news around the wide leading u.k. newspaper says government ministers have had secret talks on delaying britain's been joined from the e.u. the telegraph ses ministers discuss postponing beggs that until may the twenty fourth weeks later than planned britain and the e.u. remain deadlocked over the terms of britain's exit from the block. thai
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authorities have said that a refugee footballer fighting extradition to remain in jail until august when his case is decided. by the was arrested in thailand in november while visiting from australia where he has refugee status he could face a long term if extradited to. the former president of costa rica us has had a criminal complaint of sexual assault filed against him that's been reported by the new york times the paper reports that his accuser who is a doctor said assaulted in his own home the former nobel peace prize winner has denied the allegations. the catholic church has been hit by get another abuse scandal for the first time pope francis has acknowledged that higher ranking members of the clergy have sexually abused and raped nuns trances admitted
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suspending priests and bishops for abusing women and promised to do more to eradicate the problem up to now the vatican has done nothing to address the crimes campaigners say the reports are protected by a culture of silence and secrecy. nuns throughout the world abused and even held a sexual slaves by priests and bishops faced with a growing international outcry about the latest scandal to rock the catholic church the pope could no longer remain silent. in the mistreatment of women is a problem. i would dare to say that humanity has not yet matured. women are second class citizens but. it is a cultural problem. a cultural problem that the holy see itself isn't immune to. the vatican has
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reportedly long known about nuns being sexually abused by priests and done next to nothing to address the matter it was first publicly acknowledged as a structural issue by the vatican magazine women church world. basically the church has a great tradition and habit of not seeing women at things they don't exist they don't count then this is a mentality that is resistant to all changes with and there's another problem many of these women have been forced to have abortions with money from the church bishops and priests have paid this is a very bad thing for a church that fights abortion and this is dramatic. last year various media outlets and clerical women's organizations denounced the culture of silence and secrecy that prevented nuns from speaking out. if an abuse nun
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goes to her superior and says that she has suffered abuse she will be told to shut up with because if you don't this bishop will turn against us you know only too difficult for them to bear would happen. with more and more abuse cases being brought to light pope francis is now vowing to step up efforts to protect nuns from unwanted sexual advances by clergymen. i can't slow you this doesn't happen in my heart this is true. should something will be done yes you do have the will yes. but it's a pass that we've been on for quite some time yet. the pope has asked the faithful to pray for progress on the issue but many want to see action now not just was. i to talk more about this. religious affairs analyst welcome martin some really
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shocking revelations we heard in our report the pope is talking about the clergy abusing and raping nuns what is the scale that we're talking about we don't really know sort of this merger brown one particular case in friends and a total levy that really shows a pattern sort of pretty widespread. there are cases that we know of in india other cases that we know of and that in america and also in asia. the fact is that we don't know but you know in a sense i mean there is no longer scandal and what we have now it's a very very consistent pattern of sexual abuse that only at every level not only children that were put in the care of the church but now actually within the very structure of the church against each other and you know against nuns that are essentially part of there are so you know we are at this stage in which really i think you know i myself following this for a very long time know i can honestly say that i more or less have run out of how drage and you know it's very hard to say how we said that the church manages to
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maintain itself without actually making very specific claims as to what policy is that they're going to take to stop this because they know it seems it's been known for a while that's nuns were being abused why has the pontiff decided to speak about it now i mean there is something to be said in favor of the fact that the church was was not talking about it most certainly did not mean that it was not occurring and i think that for many years those of us that were looking at many things thought it is remarkable that they can get away without saying this is something that one can say in favor of this but to see which they have brought these things out into the into the light evidently questions of prayer and questions of penance are quite simply not enough some of the accusations that are being level of owed sort of forcing abortion this abortions being paid the money of the church i mean in a sense it's one farther blemish on the moral authority and religious with already of these institution something has to give we've been saying this sort of this very
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screen for a very long time but there is still nothing concrete that we see other than essentially words that say it and what people want is more than words they want to action you know i guess we had there's a culture of secrecy and silence within the catholic church you just see any criminal prosecutions. you know it's very hard to say i mean the church has been very timid about turning these cases to national authorities they have to the tradition has been to take care of this ng house. with completely what a complete lack of transparency i think that there really has to be a very strong push to turn days basically to the justice of man and let actually justice take take its course right. these are just religious affairs analyst thank you very much fayetteville it's. not a controversy over here a pin mucha francis finance minister says the e.u. commission has rejected a tie up between german engineering john siemens and france's. the two companies
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a set to merge that revive businesses to enable them to take on foreign drive and there is tough competition official law got it fester is it to speak in a few minutes on the mucha. it may not be all aboard for the merger of europe's two most important train producers with siemens i.c.e. on the left teaming up with france's out stone t.g.v. on the right the companies have been working on the merger for a year now but even if they do succeed they will still be miles away from the chinese industry leader that company is c r r c with an estimated annual turnover of twenty four billion euros together zeman is in our stone are worth just over half that amount and canadian train make a bomb body a is left far behind and a new zealand's ouster on giant wouldn't automatically be better for european consumers at least that's what some in brussels thing so e.u.
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competition commission imitative a stock is not expected to approve the merger in europe the alliance would be close to a monopoly but zeman are more concerned about the global market the main competitor is a state owned corporation make that a super conglomerate merged from two state owned corporations. chinese own c r r c there's plenty ultramodern projects. for example trains that don't run on rails. and new zealand's austell merger would have to keep track of new developments. on japan. it's nine month operating profit for close to thirty percent trying to it's to slash its fully a full cost it dropped to something. says in north america and equity investment losses though back from a potential no deal bricks it also has a carmaker what it is predicting annual profits of one point nine trillion yen or
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just under fifteen billion euros that's down from earlier estimates of more than eighteen billion euros. some were faces also at the german comic a dime's last year's profits fell twenty nine percent to seven point six billion dollars last year despite selling more cars the auto giant had challenging a two thousand and eighteen following the united states trade disputes with china and the european union in which the car making industry has been a big bone of contention the aftermath of the diesel emissions scandal also with down on time it is the first german car maker to release results this year. turning out to india where research is see the country's cammy population has fallen by thirty percent in recent years as they've been replaced by motorised forms of transport is bad news for those whose livelihoods depend on the camels but
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in the market is opening up that could bring a boost they need. for centuries they were known as the majestic ships of the desert but technological advances have seen the reliance on the camel slowly declining the days of nomads like ritesh reich and his family leading caravans hundred strong are all but over. we had around a hundred fifty camels but we can't find the labor to look after them it just doesn't generate money any more it's the opposite we have to put in our own money to keep them going. but salvation for a cash and his father lunch man could come from far away in the cities where the market's been driven by another of the camels qualities then milk. it's. sierra insults here than cow's milk the researchers are hoping to pair up herdsman with urban entrepreneurs to produce a line of new products with an emphasis on the health benefits of camel's milk.
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we saw that the camel milk can maintain the glow calls and it will very nicely and it can manage the type one and type two diabetes what. india are being told that over to capital we can make use of milk. converting to camel milk could be a tough sell many in the country worship cows and their products crude but. still hoping it will be keeping the ships of the desert afloat. the german capital is abuzz with dissipate the heads of the international film festival the. stars including the. president and christian will be in berlin and we just do it is. the red carpet has been out
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and mind you this red carpet is very green it's made of recycled textiles and fishing net. so everyone looking forward to a feast of films due to start on the seventh of this month you're watching news here's a recap of the top stories that we're following for you in his second state of the union address president trump has called for an end to the politics of revenge saying the speech of the union is strong. congress to support his border wall in mexico he also announced a second summit with north korean leader kim jong un to take place. in a few weeks. you'll have an india helping region threatened by water. put in by a family experiment to reduce carbon dioxide that's it for now.
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