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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm CET

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this is you know you news live from berlin a reality check for britain's gregg's it renegotiation helps to be able to work the special place. in the code looks like for those who'll promote a great deal without even the schedule for the client code to carry safely europe's tempers fray as theresa may prepares to go cap in hand to brussels that's after trying to sell her deal in northern ireland also coming up another devastating
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revelations on the catholic church pope francis admits for the first time some priests and bishops have sexually abused nuns we'll hear from a survivor of sexual abuse within the catholic church and u.s. president donald trump delivers his second state of the union address calling for national unity but at the same time lashing out at opponents. thank you so much for your company on line. well the nearer that brings a deadline comes the more freight the nerves of political leaders seem to get on the eve of british prime minister teresa mayes crucial visit to brussels european council president revealed mounting frustration over the impasse he underlined once more that the european union insists it will not reopen the existing drugs
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a deal and he did it in a rather remarkable way here's what he said. by the way i've been wondering what that special place in looks like for those who promote a great feat without even a sketch of how to cover it so you. think. well to a success statement came at the very moment that the recent may was meeting northern ireland's five main political parties as she tries to break the deadlock over the terms of britain's exit from the european union while talks were focused on a range months for the british border while the issue remains the biggest obstacle to the british parliament ratifying the deal. art for more now on all of this i'm joined by our brussels correspondent barbara basal she was present at the press conference given by mr just that has provoked a very angry backlash in the u.k.
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good to see you barbara i know mr tusk is known for not mincing his words of having a way of putting things very bluntly but even for him these are very strong remarks coming from the e.u. council president what was the reaction in the press room when you were there. press room gasp collectively of course and then at the microphones when the two leaders knew of iraq or the irish and the will to squeal leaving the podium the microphones picked that said to the british press is going to cause you a lot of trouble for that and yes indeed they are already at it of course but this was the sort of well thought out and before hand prepared to remark i mean this was not off the cuff because we later saw that in the minutes off his little speech there it period exactly word by word. deliberate this so why does he do this one is of course that he is really really he feels deceived and he's been
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to london during the last year particularly over and over again he's trying to talk talk to the reason why he's trying to talk to the british top politicians and sort of trying to find common ground and breck's it into now sort of sees spinning out of control and if you really look at the market it seems strong but of course it's worded carefully nobody is actually insulted because nobody is named and of course ac d.c. springs to mind the highway to hell maybe for hard line for executers. i don't think that reference indeed was lost on us rubber all reaction was fast and furious from leading briggs appears in great britain nigel farrar former leader of the euro skeptic party ukip tweeted this in response to. after breaks that we will be free of unelected arrogant bullies like you and run our own country sounds more like heaven to me. barbara i would say to shay there the backlash to
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comments were immediate in the united kingdom. of course the backlash was immediate but they have also some scottish s.n.p. who said that this kid hit the nail on the hand because it was exactly like you said to cheers so well to the british public a sort of exit from the european union that they hadn't thought about beforehand and they hadn't offered up a plan for and now things are sort of just getting more and more kids chaotic in london and to sort of refer back to nigel for i mean he has no reason to complain because he once insulted a european council president. and called him a damp rag was the sort of charisma off a bank director i mean really the two sides sort of deserve each other on this point i think and these remarks and i think what's really worrying comes just
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a day before british prime minister three some may head it to brussels goes to brussels to meet with counterparts there does that that doesn't bode well for the talks. yeah but that was clear from the beginning because the e.u. at the moment has no presence to give to treason may they really want to see for us what happens in westminster they want to see whether she can carry any sort of stable and reliable majority for any sort of deal they might offer her any sort of sort of change in the was droll agreement or if that is off the table is the reiterate again and again within the political declaration that might smooth the way for british parliamentarians to say yes to that was drawn deal so that is something that probably this remark by don't want to was like a verbal smoke grenade something to sort of cover up the political reality on the ground and also to sort of log back of the at the other side the accusations that
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have been made for instance by some leading brick city is today again that said it's the intrenchments and intransigence of the european union that causes the difficult situation and russell says no it is really the hard line breaks the cheers who have no idea how to deliver what they promised but what is the reporting from brussels thank you are as i know about some of the other stories making news around the world. macedonia has signed a an expects session protocol where nato allies bring the country a leader step toward joining the military alliance macedonia's foreign minister and nato secretary general were at the document signing ceremony the move comes out of turn the resolution of a name dispute with police. authorities in thailand have said that a refugee footballer fighting extradition to beheading could remain in jail until august while his case is being decided hacking the was arrested in thailand in
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november while visiting from australia where he has refugee status and could face a long jail term if extradited to behaving. a four story building has collapsed in a residential area of the egyptian city of look sort killing three people the victims were two egyptian gross and a female german tourist who was walking past the building at least thirteen others were injured including a german man. a the catholic church has been hit by yet another abuse scandal for the first time pope francis has acknowledged that high ranking members of the clergy have sexually abused and raped nuns france's admitted suspending priests and bishops for abusing women and promised to do more to eradicate the problem in a moment we'll hear from a german nun who was abused herself but first this report on the vatican's culture
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of secrecy. nuns throughout the world abused and even held as sexual slaves by priests and bishops faced with a growing international outcry about the latest scandal to rock the catholic church the pope could no longer remain silent. you know the mistreatment of women is a problem. i would say that humility has not yet matured. women are second class citizens that's where it starts us it is a cultural problem. of the problem of. a cultural problem that the holy see itself isn't immune to the vatican has reportedly long known about nuns being sexually abused by priests and done next to nothing to address the matter it was first publicly acknowledged as a structural issue by the vatican magazine women church world. basically the
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church has a great tradition and habit of not seeing women at things they don't exist they don't count then this is a mentality that is resistant to all changes and there's another problem many of these women have been forced to have abortions with money from the church bishops and priests have paid this is a very bad thing for a church that fights abortion and this is dramatic. last year various media outlets and clerical women's organizations denounce the culture of silence and secrecy that prevented nuns from speaking out and that's one of the bad that if an abuse none goes to her superior and says that she has suffered abuse she will be told to shut up with because if you don't this bishop will turn against us the noise. the power that these bishops and priests have has become truly dreadful for
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magdalene that i mean. the consequences have been too difficult for them to bear would happen. with more and more abuse cases being brought to light pope francis is now vowing to step up efforts to protect nuns from unwanted sexual advances by clergymen. i can't slow you this doesn't happen in my house is true. should something will be done yes you do have the will yes. but it's a pass that we've been on for quite some time. the pope has off the faithful to pray for progress on the issue but many want to see action now not just was. our offer more on this so i want to bring in doris risinger she is a former nun and has herself suffered sexual abuse by a priest and today she is a catholic theologians and author and has published a book about her experience as
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a very warm welcome where you're joining us from the german city of five burke what do you make of the pope publicly acknowledging that sexual abuse of nuns took place within the church. well on the hot on the one hand it's definitely a relief it's a my assume because it's the first time ever a pope has admitted these cases ixus and i think i'm personally and relief that this has happened on the other hand it's. that i am wondering you know when the pope is speaking about what he has done so far and really wondering what has he done because i know many of those cases and i don't know any case spirit somebody would really have stepped in and perpetrators would have gotten some sanctions so i'm wondering and also to the has to be a moment you know there has been these cases have been known for over two decades
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now and they have been known publicly that since at least since two thousand and one been reports by more i don't know where to buy the new york times and back then their personal statement no reaction from the church so today after what you've seen and what you've just a detailed as well how much faith do you have in the church that they will now punish and fight sexual abuse within the church. i'm afraid i don't not believe favor take any. sanctions on any and the proper. reaction now to these cases. the church only ever what it can not longer deny but. i don't have any hope that the. proper reactions of being taken know how you were to book detailing your painful experiences may i ask you to sure with us some of what has happened to you. well you know
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i don't like to speak about it actually. i and at the convent have us one thousand years old in two thousand and three and at first i experienced spirited abuse various forms of you know i was not a rationale to read books i was not allowed to go out i was not about to contact my parents when i finished. and i had to do very simple broke you know collect cleaning and and and cooking all day long and that was very hard for me and in the end you know five years. after i had been treated like this there was a priest of the community who came into my room and drip me. and. a said it to me three more year as to to leave that community and after that evan i wrote my book i was contacted by other men who told me their stories and i did research
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being a theodosia i did research on this and i found a study that was carried out in one thousand nine hundred ninety s. in the usa by three researchers and they aimed to duck row and world and they ask women from three different communities in the united states and found out that approximately forty percent of them had experienced various forms of sexual abuse and ever so shocked when i found that out and then i found that the report spend more or donaghue and others who reported cases in twenty three countries from precedent over ireland african countries to the philippines versus says had been sexually abused by priests by bishops had been forced to have abortions had been thrown out of the convents even sisters having die eight. through apportions and ever so shocked on this especially because it was all known to the
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vatican already in the one nine hundred ninety s. and it was known pavlik the at least since two thousand and one and nothing ever happened and i'm really skeptical of whether anything is going to happen now but at least a pope has admitted these cases exist. how difficult is it after all that you just shared with us is it to speak out about this issue. i would say for many for many nuns it is next to impossible to ever speak about these cases because they're so dependent on the system they're so dependent financially there are none so cannot be if they're convents because they're financially dependent they cannot put up and i thought their own on their own and they're also spiritually dependent on the convent you know their whole life the whole idea of themselves they have the book ation it depends on the convent and this religious system and they have no means to create
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a different identity for themselves and this is why they can't speak out because you should be inside the convent siddhant half the support to report the perpetrators and to get justice done what would share what ideally like to see happen now but i would ideally like to see that the perpetrators who are already known to the vatican i being persecuted i would like to see that the victims who are already now known to the vatican get some kind of a recruiting station and i would like to that more research is being done independent research all over the boat on these cases how are you doing now well on the one hand i'm happy these cases have come out and the pope has admitted that and there is much attention to these cases right now on the other hand i'm right doubtful as to what is going to happen but at least if picking about these cases and i hope this helps more victims realize what has happened to them and come
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forward course rising up thank you so very much for sharing your very deeply personal experiences with us we greatly appreciate it thank you. thank you. are going to turn out to the u.s. where president donald trump has given a wide ranging so he and leader kim jong un in three weeks is address was delayed by over a month because of the dispute over his controversial border wall. street. that the president of the united states. by using for his second annual address such a high temple of american politics for a state of the union that's a week behind sched jewel such as the roller coaster of donald trump's presidency on the agenda and the sprawling speech economic boom border walls and matters of war and peace if i had not been elected president of the united states we would
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right now in my opinion be in a major war with north korea. my relationship with kim jong un is a good one jeremy and kim and i will meet again on february twenty seventh and twenty eighth in vietnam. not news will surely dominate the headlines but trump soon turned to the issue which almost saw the showdown in congress called his controversial plans to build a wall on the mexico border. in the past most of the people in this room voted for a wall. but the proper wall never got built i will get it built. in their official response the democrats called trump's decision to shut down the government over the wall disk race and happy lunar new year i'm stacy abrams the
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shutdown was a stunt engineered by the president of the united states one that defied every tenet of fairness and abandoned not just our people but our values. facing a divided congress for the first time the president called for compromise and cooperation before attacking an f.b.i. investigation into his campaign links to russia amid the divisions there were flashes of unity was donald trump in a pool of democratic female congress women dressed in the white of the suffragette movement. you know like this i had exactly one should sheree after congress passed the constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote we also have more women serving in congress
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then at any time in the e. harmony at last but in this deeply polarized cauldron of politics for how long. oh every now is peter buyer he is transatlantic order for the german government a very good evening mr buyer now i think believe it's fair to say that bilateral relations have freed recently but germany does remain a close ally of the u.s. what do you make of the vision that was outlined by president's trump in his state of the union. well first of all. in the center of his state of the union speech was but which was by the way very long over eighty five minutes. was domestic politics international politics played a minor roles for from our perspective from the other side of the atlantic here in germany over to europe. we observed in the expectations were is your something some
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language is very strict very queer with regard to native nato for example yes or portions of nato involved but nothing that we feared for example a more demand is strict demand for more burden sharing he put it as his excess that the nato allies increase the defense budget that their contribution to nato about one hundred billion dollars that is more or less all that was included in the speech with regard to nato and otherwise international politics we're again playing a minor role a lot of domestic politics which is understandable because it is state of the union speech right but what he did touch on though during the state of the union is he kept stressing that he wanted to end what he calls the endless afghan war the german government welcome that prospect and if the americans go to the germans follow. well again
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a stand is an important but porton topic but only one among other things you have heard about the announce was a withdrawal of u.s. troops for syria which came as a surprise so of guinness there is yet another addition to that it is understandable that there should be and there has to be an end to international involvement at one future point in time both with regard to syria as well yes with regard to afghanistan donald trump did not mention any concrete timeline to play and we don't have any details with regard to any concept of the withdrawal of u.s. troops so this is this is something that the international community we have as allies and also germany is a very active in afghanistan needs to communicate to actually to to to cooperate with to talk about with the american soldiers because it is very important not only for the afghan people of but all of the syrian people also for the allies so if
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what happens to the international community there was that is active there when the american soldiers withdraw what about logistic can we be involved in the future and what regard a lot of open questions a lot of open questions mr peter buyer transatlantic corridor for the german government thank you sir thank you very much they are being commission has blocked a plan tie up between german engineering giant siemens and france's alstom the two companies wanted to merge their railway businesses to enable them to take on bigger foreign rivals but the e.u. antitrust office reject the plan over what it called serious competition concerns europe's competition commission not my going to fester broke the news. our investigation showed that the merger would significantly reduce competition in several signalling markets and for very high speed trains. the merged company
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wouldn't become by so far the lowest paying europe and in some sickening markets there would be no competition that. these two companies had planned to share a single track on the left is the i.c.e. from zeman and on the right the french t.g.v. train from i'll stop the german and french corporations as well as their government are on board with the merger together they want to stand up to the chinese industry leader and that c r r c with an estimated annual turnover of twenty four billion euros togethers evens and house them would have achieved just over half that figure the canadian train manufacturer bombarded a is lagging far behind siemens and alstom warned of the overwhelming chinese competitor c r r c but in vain. the state controlled supply of trains in china c r c has more than ninety percent of
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its activities incites china it has less success outside its no markets for. the stockers bottom line it's a no from brussels to both france and germany. all right to football now and johnny in front to you know is almost guaranteed to serve a second term as he for president where nobody else standing in june selection and fantino spin in charge of world for balls covering bodies since two thousand and sixteen taking over in the wake of the sport's worst ever corruption scandal the forty eight year old will be unopposed after his only potential challenger a former player and i'm on the of a gun bill to secure the backing of at least five of the first two hundred eleven federations. here watching the news coming up next in the w.h.s. international day of zero tolerance for female genital mutilation or hear from the young african women championing championing the fight against this controversial
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practice within their communities. those stories are coming right up on a d.w.i. news south africa will rock n roll and i'll see you at the top of the hour.
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get ready for something new and. often bringing you stories of the major stories that shape our well coming up split the news africa. here's what's coming up for the book going to sleep plenty to hear what he has come
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up with all that means for the table of course. the phone to sligo every weekend here on t.w. . once upon a time there was a young girl. with a burning ambition. to become a conductor. i was a very curious child and very excited and in love with music and i would go to concerts with my parents and i always. learn for being on stage of the musicians and being part of that magic wasn't difficult for the first girl she was told because conductors but this girl had other ideas and one day she really did become a world famous conductor a moment of the not. to
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. touch the generic. g.w. . the for. this is steve harvey news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes it's international day off zero tolerance for female genital mutilation we'll hear from the young african women championing the fight against the practice in their communities. and will introduce you to the twelve year old boy that has stepped into our community and. france president emmanuel cross is also a huge fan.


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