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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2019 10:45pm-11:01pm CET

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and series of baking bread with. your. breaking his way around the europe. the sixty ninth burning film festival about is about to get out the way and it will be the last fall festival directed to a costly he's been in charge for nearly two decades and in that time he's raised its profile by one of the major film festivals in the world i'll be talking to my colleague melissa holroyd about what's in store this year but first a look back cos lex tenure. we caught up with to talk us look at butlins film and television museum. the current photo exhibition there on the history of the belly nala also tells his story as festival director. he took over the helm in two thousand and one. for me got dizzy it was not exciting because it's such a huge festival. number of initiatives we've expanded the film market the
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co-production market cooperation with the book and the biggest project was the talent campus called simply talents today. more than seven thousand young people have been a billion dollars nearly ten percent of the films we've shown each year have involved someone from the talent companies whether it is a director actor rule set design to. design a. coslet also gave german sentiment a special platform including inviting german directors to the main competition. i get into was really the first year that we started always having a german production in the competition the entire sometimes as many as four. interestingly when you look at the statistics these german films all the actors in these german films have won a lot of silver bear awards and feel it's you know a b. and b. called the then german turkish director fattish akon even won the main golden bear
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prize for best film in two thousand and four for his powerful relationship drama head on. that's why it was the moment that was a big moment i realized that on the red carpet arab language t.v. stations were suddenly there the whole world flew in from i want you for all i know when the rolling stones walk down the red carpet in two thousand and eight that was a dream come true for a cause like a passionate music fan they presented their documentary shine a light directed by martin scorsese. for after but as a qualifier leader of the press conference he said he would thank you ditto for inviting us on the father and i wasn't there but someone ran out and said hey you should download that as your ring tone. thank you i didn't download it but it was
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a great evening and one of the best experiences i've ever had here. is that these the ip. cars like how skillfully struck a balance between hollywood glamour and powerful films addressing politically relevant topics in twenty fifteen the jury awarded the golden bear in absentia to a rainy and director jeff harp on a he was forbidden to leave the country the next year the main prize went to fire it see an italian documentary about the refugee crisis cost. also turned the belly knowledge into the world's largest publicly accessible film festival with hundreds of screenings across the city film fans have the chance to see their idols up close even global superstars like shah rukh khan. trouble come after us and shah rukh khan did the red carpet and went up to his fans even hugging which never happened people usually just take selfies i don't think anyone has as many fans as he has. after eighteen years in the spotlight this is
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due to cost looks final barely nala he leaves behind a legacy that will go down in film history. and my colleague mr horowitz and now now it's his song but he's leaving behind a pretty vibrant festival is leaving behind a very very good legacy he's certainly raised the billion dollar to be among the three best festivals in the world the other two festivals can venice there are a lot more focused on the competition itself but the berlin is really a festival for the people which is also why it became so big it's also a very political festival what i think is interesting is that what he's praised for here what we've just seen is also what he's been criticised for people say that the burden is too big and that that means the standard has gone down and they also say that he's willing to like to take political risks but not really cinematic ones
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it's always going to happen i was there i mean ok it's his last belinelli what's in store for us well over four hundred films for a start seventeen of those films are in competition for the golden bear and seven of those seventeen have been directed by women just thinking about the venice festival where only one of their films in competition was directed by a woman in twenty eight ok let's look briefly at the competition. what's call your art the opening film for a start the kindness of strangers that's called by danish director lone a share. it's a modern day fairy tale about outsiders who cross paths in a new york restaurant ok and mr jones enough to choose another film by star polish director agnieszka holland it's about a journalist who travels to moscow in one nine hundred thirty three and discovers the myth behind the communist utopia ok for the moment thank you let's have
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a look at. telephonically ok so you. see. i'm on my we cannot go now rats i've been trying to reach you so we're coming here while i move you out again this time arranging an interview with please tell me you know way go through overdue round here you can see if. there's a lot of people and. i read. something. like. paul. paul. you know what i hate. ok that cup of films accomplish what
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about other ones in the panorama section there is a film called flatland by jan a cold bast which tells the story of three very different women in south africa who embark on a journey of self discovery. images here. and we've talked about being female directors movies are few and. while novel judy has been our shot this year is the jury president absolutely yes she's a very very welcome to replace jury president a lot of people are very very pleased about that she said and a huge career herself both in france and around the world will actually be going to have more. and shahram things getting a lifetime achievement award as well she's getting a golden bear for
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a lifetime achievement that's right all right thank you for fun. thanks very much melissa sorry and that's just a taster of koch course will be diving into the festival on a regular basis here on arts and culture over the next ten days now it's time for our series baking bread our europe correspondent matters is a passionate and has taken on the task of baking the national bread of each european union member states including britain will have to do that one quick anyway he mixes it also with some local history as well this week it's portugal. a little bit dusty that's what they used to say about this part of the you. know country of aging infrastructure traditional dances melancholy people and even more melancholy fish want to go is the oldest state in europe its borders have remained
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the same since the twelfth century but the country has changed radically. today portugal is hot just like it's cornbread the plough the middle. point welcome to the captain's kitchen. corner was first brought support to go by sailors from the new world. it was much cheaper then with and quickly became a food staple for the poor. take polenta that's a kind of medium ground corn meal and a tablespoon of sea salt and boiling water mix well and let it cool dissolve one
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teaspoon of sugar in lukewarm water and sprinkle over the years just after ten minutes mix everything together with plain flour. the traditional way of doing that is by hand. a dictatorship kept portugal under developed for decades until nine hundred seventy four when the portuguese showed their flower power not this flower that's what i'm talking about the carnation revolution it brought the dictatorship to a peaceful end and slowly turned the country. towards modernity so feel free to use an electric mixer believing. this should take about eight minutes until the dough is elastic now that dries to roughly double its size just like the portuguese economy in today's european union it's risen steadily out of the deepest
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recession and many people say it's thanks to this man. mario seventeen zero the head of euro zone finance ministers he mischa to portugal's recent economic comeback. is that what they feed you in brussels. those puny rolls ok that's better. seventeen of those of course that if you need column e. goes into recession it's bound to bounce back. if you punch down the dough and that's the next step. let it rise again. yes it will take some time but that's what a country just like a loaf will need in this case one hour. to. score the bread. and bake at two hundred twenty degrees celsius for forty minutes.
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with this cornbread and a glass of red wine you can chase away the evil most severe case of economic news. he really does have a great job and the rest of his figure holds baking facebook page at facebook dot com slash d.w. dot com chop that's all for the day i swatch rejoinders again very soon.
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put myself and my parents if i die naturally thought of the game with it but a beautifully it would. love once uncle the other one a little bit of that is the one i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there what i'm going to. want to know their story in full migrants to earth find and reliable information for margaret's. european council president donald tusk has expressed his mounting frustration over breaks it he said british tourist skeptics deserved a quote special place in hell for failing to devise a realistic plan for the process the strong words came a day before british prime minister to resign expected in brussels to try and renegotiate.


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