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as well as appreciative occasions for any breaking news you can also use the data we app to send us your photos and videos business africa is coming up for next year and i hope to see you tomorrow. we make up over a week watch as the home office the under budget we are on the service of a president. want to shape the continent's future to. be part of enjoying african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their
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challengers. of the seventy seven percent a. platform for africa. i'm not proud of and they will not succeed in dividing us about not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters. made for mines. mining is the sunrise industry those are the words of south african president zero run of course up as he's addressed the twenty fifth investing in africa mining conference being taped out as the conference comes to a close the alst is africa's mining sector a fit for the future. also on the show how. solar powered taxis in ivory
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coast move people from a to b. while keeping the city air clean. and air bus in trouble australian carrier qantas council's a large a three eighty order raising new questions over the future of the world's biggest jetliner. alone welcome to g.w. business africa and want to get jones of berlin good to have you with us and we're starting in south africa where a major conference on mining is coming to a close mining of course is a key industry for many african countries the sector is a major employer provided tens of thousands of jobs but times are changing mining is growing more and more expensive leading to massive layoffs so what does the future hold in store what is the sector fit for the future and that is one of the key questions of the world's biggest money conference indaba investing in africa mining in a moment we'll go live to cape town for the latest but first
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a look at the industry its drivers and challenges. with platinum chromium gold and diamonds south africa's one of the world's biggest mineral producers but its mining industry is in decline as easily accessible reserves are depleted the cost of bringing metals to the surface is rising. hundreds of thousands of jobs have been cut in recent years in the late one nine hundred eighty s. seven hundred sixty thousand people works in south african mines by last year their number had gone down to just over four hundred fifty thousand which new technologies can make the mining sector fit for the future and what can be done about mining is devastating environmental impact those were some of the questions being asked in cape town at the african mining indaba the world's largest my only conference. gunness president called for more collaboration between companies and governments across africa africa may go all rich with. jerry
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sturdivant. and hoser rob. this is starting to reach africa across we may well have a. bigger price going to. drive us through this exciting project for sustainable economic growth. but some observers are skeptical about whether the sector really has a sustainable future they point out for instance that gold mining in south africa is hardly competitive anymore. now for more let's bring in our correspondent ellis of an gelder who joins as it caked out and as i believe that conference is coming to a close today maybe ended already one of the key takeaways. what you saw just log on to the second largest producer in consonance was very outspoken and it also said that africa cannot and should not be just an export are all
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materials that a shoots create industries for example the government in ghana has now created a seed of a company to help centers you do great it's a new industry so they're very much focused on that a star how can africa profit more from their own wealth than their own minerals and it was interesting as well at the conference is that although in south africa it's going to be very expensive to mind and maybe get some people underground here who are your worst kind of renewed excitement around schools because the prices go up so they're african companies countries and companies do hope that there are opportunities and they are out probably what added to that excitement as you mentioned is the fact that i believe for the very first time the south african president actually attended the conference and spoke to the delegates there what's the significance. well soon home of course of the southern african presidents he is actually looking for my you know a lot of money when he came into power after jacob zuma i said he is looking for
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a hundred billion u.s. dollars and part of that he wants to use to revive the mining industry and not only go all the suffering all sort of latin street here is suffering and he needs the money for new job knowledge you stoop to to look for a new mindset is the fun relax there ations and also he was there basically to two men trusts that there has been a lack of trust between investors and separately you see a lot of labor unrest in some parts couple of heroes which has helped government hasn't helped that was a cyclist has taken so much as he was on the premises built trusts and to bring ellis just just it just to briefly because you mentioned all these problems is basically has a conference managed to solve some of those. not sure i don't have a manager so think i think a lot of us lot of conference was about what is sarah for africa are fair for communities fair for an empire man's and so there are some african also the rest of
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africa do you really think how can they become competitive and get a fair deal but don't shy away versus all right alison gather they're reporting from cape town thank you so much. the first ever major offshore oil and gas discovery has been made off the coast of south africa fringe oil giant total estimates the field could produce a billion barrels and that's enough to supply south africa's refineries for four years it's likely to lead to a brush by oil explorers to find further deposits off the country's coast. all right we all know this getting where you're going fast and safe without adding a massive carbon footprint to that's difficult in crowded cities with plenty of traffic but in ivory coast a pilot project is offering a clean and comfortable solution is three wheeled solar powered taxis they were
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originally imported from china some eight months ago and they've since changed every day traffic in the coastal city of jacksonville for the better. for people like sophie j.j. from shock to be ill in ivory coast it's hard to get from a to b. public transport is virtually nonexistent. when you go to the market and finish your shopping then you start looking for a taxi you first have to find one that's available it takes time on it that you have to wait when you're in a hurry it's really complicated that bond never mind. over the last eight months the situation has improved eco tax is the run on solar energy have come to the city . brought the three wheeled soda taxes to shock feel the taxes a park here in the workshop this is also where there are assembled before they hit the road. so i discovered this solar
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taxis in china. we were there with a friend from togo. we bought twenty vehicles and realized they were really great that's how i ended up in the solar taxi business. cannot a started with a pilot program in jug field here in the coastal city the sun shines almost year round that makes it a good place to introduce the solar try sickles the taxis do have a solar panel on the roof but that provides a range of just thirty kilometers trouble further than that the other batteries need to be recharged regularly but they're still less expensive to operate than a regular vehicle and better for the environment. the batteries are charged using solar energy here too. they think the panel generates twenty five kilowatts per hour. and this is where the energy is story that where the three wheelers can be charged here at night when they're
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parked the solar taxis have even created jobs. eleven people work for the company and that's not all the solar taxis are an environmental boon. so the motors don't emit carbon dioxide that's one environmental aspect of course and they don't make any noise the motors are very quiet compared to the conventional engines that we normally use in ivory coast so our vehicles meet environmental standards they make a very positive contribution to the interaction of people and the environment. the company hopes to introduce sela taxes to other cities like yummy sucrose. and coronado but the success of junk feels pilot program had an unintended side effect with just six eco taxis demand soon outstrip supply suddenly three will taxis with combustion engine started appearing on the streets these competitors are far more
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polluting and they put a dent into jacques feels bid to become a model for green transportation in ivory coast. germany's antitrust watchdog is cracking down on facebook with a decision that restricts the social media giants ability to collect data in the country authorities say facebook cannot gather information from third party sites without to use a consent the decision comes after a three year investigation germany's cartel office looked at whether the take for data collection of activity on facebook which is on third party sites can be considered anticompetitive behavior facebook has responded by saying it will appeal the decision. and the german economy is losing steam the e.u. has sharply slashed its eurozone growth forecast for twenty nine thousand as a result of the unexpected slowdown in europe's economic powerhouse the association of german chambers of industry and commerce has sliced its growth forecast for
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twenty nine thousand in half to north point two nine percent that's a worry for the e.u. who now expects euro zone growth of one point three percent this year a big cut from the one point nine percent predicted in november. now there's an impressive figure of four hundred and forty five million dollars that's the price tag for an a three eighty aircraft from airbus great money if you can get it unfortunately the super jumbo is turning into a terribly expensive shelf hugger the australian airline quanto just withdrew its order for eight of the passenger jets and that is almost four billion u.s. dollars less on the european aircraft manufacturers bank account perhaps it's time to scrap the a three eighty. it's the largest passenger plane in the world three years the pride and joy of the european aircraft group airbus but as orders for the three eighty kept plummeting the group was forced to reduce annual production from thirty to just eight aircraft this year and those eight have yet to
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be delivered. quantas dropping the planes represents a four billion u.s. dollars loss for the european aircraft manufacturer and it's raised doubts about the future of the a three eighty itself the australian airline ordered the jets in two thousand and six but since then they've switched to lighter more fuel efficient passenger jets a worldwide trend the a three eighty is too heavy and uses too much jet fuel which wouldn't be as much of a problem if fuel prices that gone down but instead they've almost doubled since twenty sixteen. and that's business africa here m d w thanks for watching and do stay tuned did all the news is coming up next thanks for joining.
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more intrigued international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week during the state of the union speech this week u.s. president donald trump vow that his country's prepared to outspend and out innovate other countries when it comes to intermediate range nuclear weapons could a new arms race still in store that's our topic on qadri join us.
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on. doing with all the wonderful people. make the game so special. for all. the become more than a foot long line. this is. africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes. will hear from the medic as the fishermen who say they're being bullied by chinese trawlers we'll tell you why a billion dollar fishing deal with china has drawn a lot of critics. and some of the world's most dangerous cities are in africa. is trying to make the crime ridden neighborhood in kenya safe and. then we'll see
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how some pioneering wind pro is in the democratic republic of congo making the most of the first child.


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