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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  February 7, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm CET

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work of a dutch artist whose terms packaging into renaissance cost. but of course we get underway with the burden and something which precedes the actual opening film the so-called march of the gladiators that's the introduction of the jury to the international press seventeen films are in the competition for the golden bear and this year the president of the jury is none other than the french star juliette binoche who had this to say about there being a lot of female directors in competition this year. well when i spoke with details he said to me very happy that we have seven films of women directors this year and he said i didn't select them because they're women because they're great films so i think that's a good step forward. and now let's have a look back at the illustrious career of juliette binoche herself.
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very few people in the film world have built a body of work as dynamic and multifaceted as judy it been a wash. the french actress has been in over sixty films and right from the start has worked with some of the world's most visionary directors bin ash was already a star in france when her sensual performance in philip kaufman's nine hundred eighty eight the unbearable lightness of being launched her international career. in one nine hundred ninety three she starred in the visceral haunting cult classic three colors blue. for the nine hundred ninety six passionate world war two epic the english patient she got an academy award and a bafta. in two thousand show colossal been seduced no less than
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a whole town with her chocolate. god and it was. the actress says she only chooses films and roles that resonate deeply with her. it's important for me to feel free and if i want to say no i say no if i want to say yes i say yes it has to be a very intuitive and hidden almost hidden place for me to say years to feel. like with twenty tense metaphysical labyrinth certified copy for which bin osh won best actress at cannes. the multi award winner is a physically and surety of performer who seeks to work in collaboration with directors on the artistic vision of their films in recent years she's done this repeatedly with clear denny and denise let the sun shine in a radiant been asked the question what does true love main.
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antony's side fire highlight has been washed getting freaky in the future as a mad scientist brimming with sensuality. with a career that spans more than thirty five years juliette binoche is one human and versatility see her continuing to defy expectations i let's cross over to pop some of plants now the hots of the band in my callie david leavitt's is there mixing with the styles but you were at the press conference david what can you tell us. well first of all robin let me just tell you that the jury is right behind me right now including the one and only as you get the notion and she is just as radiant in person as she is on the silver screen i know it's hard to believe now earlier at the press conference they were talking about this
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gender parity at the bally nala which is quite unique to this film festival you won't find it in can you won't find it at venice of the four hundred films in total one hundred ninety one of them are directed by women and should be at the most is leading quite a jury this year she's got to sunda who know one of germany's top stars and so bust earlier who just won last year's oscar for best foreign feature they were talking a little bit about what they're looking for in this year's film and the belly not only you know is a very political festival they were talking about the cruelty of global politics and saying that they were looking for a film this year that was humane above all they also talked a little bit about the big debate about netflix as you know can this year missed out i should say last year missed out on roma because they refused to take any movies produced by netflix that was venice is again there is a net flix film in this year's belly and the jury member said they were
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a bit conflicted about that ok i'm chill so talk to harvey weinstein a bit didn't she. she did you know she worked together with him extensively including on the english patient and to all of our surprises she said you know what he was a really good producer and she said justice needs to take its course but that she thought it was time to give him a rest and that she hopes that he would have peace to his heart and to his mind ok what a surprise certainly a headline ok david for now you go off and enjoy yourself thanks for the much. ok to show the diversity of the festival we've got a couple of examples a turkish film in competition for the gold back cold a tale of three sisters but first a film from singapore called demons about the abuse of power in the world of the arts here two women are getting the best of benefits of direct by speaking.
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this review is standard practice for every starting to report it is operating at a condiment of over five hundred million dollars we are asked to charge the male will of electronic devices to control the incantatory supplies yes and this review shows evidence of and that it was almost that if left unchecked may disrupt the continental benchmark all to inspection but you have no consequence. as long as you obscured the cost and roto scoped to us you might still be eligible for many you pick not in the us we're not seeing major not reject me more it's just that competition dictates that frequency and feedback need to be decompressed in order to celebrate this do a sector in effect flow woman cooling agents after flux. well
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there's diversity for you now if you shop online you're like to have some of the stuff featured in our next report lying around at home with billions of packages shipped around the world every year packaging materials have stormed a massive industry but have you ever thought of turning that discarded from into art that's exactly what this is i'm a young man styles she finds beauty in bubble wrap. are these words by the old dutch monsters. all modern art dress made for.
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head coverings fashioned from foam sheeting. packaging waste is the rule material on a young man's use is to create a works. at a studio in the dark city of bridge or the artist towards all manner of things normally used to pack and protect items for shipping. could be. to do that. as a child young man's was fascinated by her mother's arch books and to this day she's inspired by the flemish painting of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries especially poor traits buyable here from dave aden and yon fine ike she doesn't just we produce their works like finites the feni portrayed from fourteen thirty four. she reinterprets them with the help of polish styrene
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beats. plastic sheeting. i like the. like but then when you look closer then you can see that it's. the artwork. next she makes preparations for the photo shoot mon peanuts are upside gold into a halo the model's jewelry also has a past life as packing peanuts. young man's layers dozens of different shots to create a single picture achieving a depth of field that's virtually impossible to capture in ordinary photos. a twenty first century take on a fifteenth century masterpiece this is young man's interpretation of young fun ikes the virgin mary from the ghent altarpiece. i like thrusting. go along
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with only. it's seems just opening a box off. this phone and then i get i do want to do something with its. design a young man's launch for much facial graphs sell for around five thousand euros more than masterpieces are proof that one woman's trash is another woman's treasure . successful music and chat series night groups has return for its second series it's an experimental show where two musicians come together in a relaxed and then to spare. the songs all that here's a taste featuring mel c. just before she had to go off and start rehearsing for the spice girls we have yet .
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to. see. this. as. and you'll find the whole show night cruise on our website
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at g.w. dot com slash culture that's it for today of course we'll be covering the film festival quite a lot in the next ten days or so but they'll be other stories from the world of oxen culture as well i hope you'll join us but for now i'll buy.
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one treat gun international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week various state of the union speech this way to us president ahmed trump vowed that his country is prepared to outspend and out innovate other countries when it comes to intermediate range nuclear weapons could a new arms race begin store that's our topic on hundred join us. thirty minutes w. . right on how you got our friends. here silly thank you so much i don't know if they experiment. with my god like that right right. oh my gosh. god.
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a bit of. this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight while the people of venezuela go hungry the even that's where the regime tells the outside world keep your aid to yourself nicolas maduro has ordered the army to stop a humanitarian convoy eighth at the country's border self-proclaimed interim president one is calling on the military to defy those orders to go well why go food and medicine into the country also coming up to the u.s. and france want berlin.


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