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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 8, 2019 7:15pm-7:30pm CET

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your time with me have a fantastic weekend. bursts . home. of species. of words if you can. get those are big changes and most start with small steps or. interiors tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world . music concert good news to community submissions and first edition. community interactive content teaching the next generation because the took such
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action. using the channels available to inspire people to get action and were determined to do something here for the next generation. the environment series of global three thousand on t w and online. the land reforms heavy legacy zimbabwe's financial crisis hits the farming sector we go live to our correspondent in colorado. also coming up the state's reach an agreement on a controversial gas pipeline project linking rochelle's with germany. and i want to welcome to the show starting in a sim bob way where a mining company rios and then the production at. three of its mines that's because
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the country's central bank has failed to honor its commitments to pay for gold deliveries in u.s. dollars move comes only months after the company threatened legal action against the bank for quote significant and persistent delays in dollar payments gold is the most important export but several mining companies say the shortage of dollars is hampering their ability to expand and start new projects now this is only the latest development in an ongoing cash crisis which is affecting people around the country and as you'll see in our next report among those who have been hardest hit . hard you terry makes a living farming the fertile soil and southeastern them by a boy she has five hectares of land and her tomatoes are doing well this year despite the dry weather she's generally used to good harvests but this season she'll be leaving part of her land fallow the reason zimbabwe's cash crisis.
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if i'm going to do things that i'm aware you know when we try to buy c.m. the vendors want payment in us dollars but we only have zimbabwe in banning notes and if we use them to pay the same seeds will cost far more than we can earn later so we make a loss when it was it was it is zimbabwe was once called the bread basket of southern africa but those days are over the agricultural sector has imploded. government policies have left the country impoverished and cash strapped zimbabwe no longer have an official currency instead it has bonds notes a surrogate currency which continues to depreciate the government does not have enough foreign currency to pay its debts or to finance sorely needed investments that's not only a problem for small farmers calista would succumb i my virally owns more than eight hundred fifty hectares of land on them he grows vegetables in greenhouses but there
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are literally crumbling this was a complete can also but the time. it was actually put up what so we had actually destroyed but now the problem now we facing is that we can't construct the gales cause the coast off producing one is very expensive for us only four out of fourteen greenhouses are still in operation the others are too rundown for him to grow vegetables in them he'd like to borrow money to fix them but he can't get a bank loan. so for now he's plowing just twenty of his one hundred fifty hectares of fields he blames legislation for the plight of zimbabwe's farmers. we have to do all these by door to door deeds and all of bankable because the lender form came in this way or the. land belongs to the state saw. we actually if you have a car you have to use a car or house in town for you to get a lawn. but that's too little to keep
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a farm of this size going at the moment the only plants crop some small part of the land he's plod and he hopes that his tractor doesn't break down or he won't even be able to do that. let's bring in privileged muslin here who joins us in suburban capital harare good to have you with us privilege how can somebody get its currency crisis especially hyperinflation under control the solution to. the crisis at the moment economists say that. zimbabwe needs to boost production that is the major problem because right now these are nor are they are not exports literally nor exports that are going out of the country saw these nor generation of foreign currencies that has to come into the country and particularly if you look at the agricultural sector that's the major four x.
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in a for zimbabwe and tobacco is the only four x. that is of bringing money to zimbabwe and its season or crop which only comes once a year saw that is the major problem these need to fix production particularly in the manufacturing sector where production is law how big a problem are those financial sanctions that are still going on i mean kenyan president kenyatta this week said that he would support zimbabwe so that those painful sanctions would be lifted how likely is that. judging from the events of the past six months since august the fifth when it was about we just had the elections in july it is becoming increasingly difficult for whatever sanctions that have been forced on the country because of human rights violations there have been a lot of things that have up and i think the death of the six people in august that
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was short by the military when protesters were protesting for the release of the results and the recent events in january increasingly making it difficult for the international community to consider really moving sanctions that have been imposed on the country because these will help to unlock. created lines that have been not coming to zimbabwe for the past twenty years most of the international lenders are not to lending zimbabwe because of those sanctions right privilege. there reporting for us from how the capital thank you so much. the c.e.o. of struggling south african energy giant eskom says the government should take on some of its debt president cyril ramaphosa used his state of the nation address to set out a plan to save the firm by splitting it into three problems with eskom have led to
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blackouts and there's dispute about the best solution the company's c.e.o. wants the states to assume part of eskom stance of more than thirty billion dollars . meanwhile the south african rand weakened against the u.s. dollar following rama poses address a sign that investors aren't fully convinced by his economic prescriptions and that they expect new elections to bring added turmoil the round fell to a week low of thirteen point six six per dollar raising a recent search against the greenback the rand has been under pressure over the past year as risk investors flee emerging markets for safe havens like u.s. dollar assets. if you support the idea of a basic income to fight poverty for instance listen to this finance government has just revealed to the first findings from a two year basic income trial researchers say providing
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a basic income did not the unemployed to find work in january twenty seven thousand two thousand unemployed finn's became the first european citizens to be given a guaranteed basic income so a wage that would be paid regardless of whether they worked or not and they were also no requirement that they not. here in europe the european parliament is back to a compromise between germany and france over the controversial north stream two gas pipeline it will see berlin continue as the main negotiator with russia on the project which will bring russian gas to germany under the baltic sea. six hundred kilometers of the nord stream to pipeline have already been installed but the political problem surrounding it has still yet to be resolved this week france added its voice to those feeling uneasy about the project. this is what's at stake the pipeline would transport gas from russia to germany via the boat exceed
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the project in its current form is operated by the russian state energy company gazprom. and that's exactly what critics including president trump of the united states object to the dependency from russian gas will increase jessica lee with us knew a pipeline and that's the reason why they construct that and it contradicts obviously the european goals not only of the energy union but in the future we will see less gas demand because of climate policy and there's a reason why this pipeline is completely on their canonical front surprise its allies on thursday saying it plan to back e.u. proposals to extend the block's energy rules to cover gazprom but now a draft document suggests paris and berlin will together insist the e.u. member state where the line first connects should enforce the rules it's a win for the project but with other objections on the table is far from full steam ahead. all right just bring us up to speed i'm joined now by the boss in your
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research fellow at the oxford institute for energy studies paris good to have you with us please enlighten us why is the project so controversial. i think when a guy has you say to them it's very controversial because we have a division between the e.u. member states we have a division of the commission and that your parliament where again state and interesting enough the russian and gas from once is east as fast as possible because if you build it as fast as possible or that well everything changes regulation is not going to happen i think it's a question of controversy. and speed of who is going to achieve some targets ip the new e.u. gas directive or the construction and operation of these new parts ok so it's something like a race against the clock but then we heard of this compromise that's been adopted
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what does this latest turn of events mean for the project. well i think this is a testimony is that this fight is all about i mean what we heard yesterday was that france was going to be in favor of the new e.u. directive and this could have mean that the majority of the member states would have moved against to as as you stated germany is a strong supporter of this pipe and has been i think politically astute astute to find and to reach a compromise as he said as a compromise that out of germany to implement the rule and so what we can say is yesterday we would have said that the fate of those who was might be case that france was going to have her protest against lindstrom too but with this compromise i mean this new directive will have very little impact or not seem to. have a boss there speaking to us from paris earlier now the next generation
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a bullet train has been unveiled in japan the alpha x. made by hitachi will have a top speed of three hundred sixty kilometers an hour it's twenty two meter long noses designed to reduce pressure and noise as it passes through tunnels it's due to come into service and twenty thirty when the hokkaido shinkansen line is extended. business africa here and the w. thanks for keeping me company.
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nicole africa. celebrating nature awareness week is taking place in tokyo. the my birth environmental protection project has existed for fifteen years. it's all about using games to teach young people about sustainability. cultists a new planet. sixty minutes long double. digit. linked to school for the world your link to exceptional stories and discussion phone use it is easy to our website d w that comes much for joining us on facebook . for.
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this is news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes south africa is settled i'm opposed to just gave one of the most important speeches off u.s. presidency were asking what is the stage of the rainbow nation just months ahead of the general election that could definitively change the country's political landscape. and as tens of thousands of nigerians flee an upsurge in violence from the experts warning off a new made humanitarian crisis.


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