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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2019 12:45am-1:01am CET

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talking to. david leavitt's. it's winter here in northern europe the days ashore the nights are long and it's dark out the further north you go so the danish capital copenhagen has come up with the bright idea of an annual light festival to chase away the winter blues modern technology and talented light designers transformed the city at night into a kaleidoscope of light and color. lighting up to the darkest weeks of the year in winter copenhagen turns into an open air gallery for light heart installations by artists from denmark and many other parts of the world turn the danish capital into a tourist attraction in the cult soon to. be there more shows more in europe at the theory. of fantasy in the car behind you and i really like it this time of year it's good to get out out see the lights and see the city and you know
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anything like this just this one. danish light artist mads vegas hopes to beat the winter blues with eternal sundown installation shines from sundown to sunrise in the port of copenhagen it's made up of more than one hundred forty neon strip lights it's this warm. light for live for this city for the citizens of course making during this winter that the last part of the winter of february because we have been through the dark period now it's here to remind us that the sun is coming back soon. the green laser beam is the symbol of the festival of light this year is only the second time that it's taking place the installations are spread across the whole of copenhagen the focus is on unobtrusive works rather than god or opulent spectacle typically danish you might say.
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throughout many years has been a policy of having. light as necessary sorry and as possible not to pollute in there in the air and disturb the animal and now all of us sleep rhythms so it's about making light in respect of the dock yes copenhagen's amusement park typically is also part of the festival. these origami sons were inspired by the fairy tales of danish writer comes under. the. laser create the impression of northern lights and. usually the park is closed between new year easter since last year it's open in winter to special for the life past. the audience really react to this we have some. show day we can see that more and more people come during the evening and we can see this is the biggest growth of audience that we have is the evening that people say that they had
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a very good spirit and they talk about the lighting. the works of art can be admired in copenhagen until the end of february some of them like the installation or will even become a permanent fixture in the city. fabulous especially the origami swans now the royal opera house in london and by reuters fresh beer how's have got a bit of a shock in store tobias' kurtz is on his why of course they know what to expect as the young german director is shaking up the opera scene with his innovative and we see productions and he's getting a new audience interested in what is sometimes perceived as middle east to start for. our two neighbors fight over
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a garden fence this new take on john philip from those baroque opera zoe last time is a revelation. by director toby s cuts of the thirty nine year old is breaking boundaries and setting new standards in opera he's in demand all over europe in twenty eighteen he received germany's top theatre prize the fast for best musical theater direction. his productions are fast paced intelligent and often political the prophet tells of a christian baptist sect at a french housing project it's an educational piece about religious radicalization holy water we learn can also be used for waterboarding. then there's opera new art mozart. featuring a desperate narcissism and a perversion of islam. and the blockbuster last weekend cuts aside five retelling of giacomo maya bit as opera casts the portuguese explorer
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vasco da gama as a space adventure it's an urgent lesson on the consequences of colonialism. cuts us latest project is very these love far as it does this or the power of fate with this piece he wants to explore the history of racism in america. to do that he's changed the setting from the original spain to the southern united states as in the original a young couple is kept apart by racial prejudice. when i discovered that it's a piece about racism and that maybe it's incorrectly called the power of fate it's not about a fight on ultra blood but about a basic structure that is very much made by human at beijing's. marginalization and depression followed as a red thread through jumps in time from slavery to current day police brutality
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it's an opera for the post obama era. and this summer to be as cut so will stage time i saw him by a boy with septa's i know i know it's a my art and video artist manuel but all after that the three men from munich are off to london's with dial up perhaps. but cutters giving no hints as to what he has in mind for toys are his fans will just have to wait and see. now to the first german film to be shot which is competing for the golden bat it's called system crash about a little nine year old girl called benny who's wild and driving everyone around her crazy and all she wants is a mom but her mum can't cope with behavior and ben he's been taken into the caste system unfortunately even their temper keeps getting into trouble.
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was. was was. some of the adults in benny's life recognise how deeply damaged and traumatized she was and they do what they can to help her like mischa who's assigned to make sure benny goes to school. come live up to the house again the. writers could make this one just one find and he's going to stand for he's going to have a plan. but ultimately he too is unable to heal the child's deep wounds and that's a rational. system crasher is a deeply humane look at children and adults made helpless by each other there are
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no heroes or villains in this tale just people doing the best they can and facing the. that it simply isn't enough the thing and he can know it isn't that there's something wrong with the children who then crash an existing correct system rather these a failing system processes which lead to a child or teenager not being able to feel at home in one place and having to constantly change to a new home that results in a kind of vortex of homes and that creates a dynamic that can be very damaging on thing i do not make mixes did and sadly thing come. with a powerful lead performance by young actress helen at single as benny system crash or reminds us that violence in young children is always a cry for help one that society at large needs to heed to live.
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its over to part some of parts not the heart of the international film festival and my colleague david levitt says that hello dave now you've seen the whole film we've just seen a little bit there so what did you think about. well let me just tell you there was a lot of pressure going into this film after the opening film of the ballina last night really got panned by the critics across the board and i even heard yesterday the opening people wondering is german cinema dead so there was a lot of pressure on this movie and i have to say system crasher really delivered i was on the edge of my seat the whole time i had to choke back tears pretty often you know i think side the director of this film does an amazing job of portraying this girl's struggles to get her behavior under control the struggles of those around her to get her behavior under control and the multitudes of social workers who are trying to save her these are some pretty complex relationships there's even
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one there's a really powerful scene in the movie where one of the social workers who's become really close to her says he has to give up the case because he's starting to have fantasies about rescuing her and he knows that he just can't resist the name of the movie system crasher is a literal translation of a german word system splaying of this is a term for children who don't fit into the system who basically fall through the social net that is supposed to save children like that here in germany now you mention nora fings side that i mean this is her first feature film she directed it she wrote the script i mean this is this is good news. yeah wow just wow and and she's really homegrown talent too she went through this program called betting on it talents that sponsors filmmakers and actors and really gets them going and she's really gotten going this is her debut feature film
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and it's in a lineup with some of the top directors from around the world including false was on the top one of france's top to rector's who also had a premiere today and this is a pretty low budget film i mean she didn't even have budget to sleep at a hotel during the filming she had to crash on a friend's couch so crude owes it to her from a can't here to the betty knowledge be one of the seventeen movies set or in the running so when the golden bear david as always great to speak to see lots of movies this weekend and i know you're going to be telling us about it about it next week thanks very much. and just before we go some of the movies coming up in the next few days here at the festival this is synonyms about an israeli guy in paris trying to become french here in a bar of mining some funky dancing from the ladies. and there's a straight up from brazil called money ghana about carlos money ghana who is like
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a chunk of our equivalent fighting the military dictatorship that in the ninety's six states. and finally an italian film called piranhas about youth gangs in naples that's just a little taste there are of course full hundred films to choose from dave is going to see some of them that's it for me bye bye for now.
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time to search the unknown. and fun for the truth. is hard to overcome down dreams and connect the world to. you it's time for w. d w d is coming up ahead think for mines. at least ten people have died in a fire at the training ground of brazilian football club flamengo firefighters said the blaze broke out before dawn on friday and a building that housed a youth players aged between fourteen and seventeen three other soundest had to have been injured the cause of the fire is not yet known classed. amazon boss jeff bezos the richest man in the world has accused the publisher of an american tabloid newspaper of.


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