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tv   DW News - Africa  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2019 4:15am-4:31am CET

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tasing going. to be a chance because this is about the truth. truth detectives starts feb fifteenth on w. this is news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes south africa is settled on the polls that just gave one of the most important speeches off his presidency we're asking what is the stage of the rainbow nation just months ahead of the general election that could definitively change the country's political landscape. and as tens of thousands of nigerians feel an upsurge in violence or hear from the experts warning off a new make humanitarian crisis. i'm
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christine one bill welcome to news africa i'm glad you're chewing been the stakes were high when south africa's president also gave he's state of the nation address on thursday evening i'm opposed to has been president for just shy of he assumed office office of the ruling a.n.c. the former leader jacob zuma but as the a.n.c. rather continues to be buffeted by corruption scandals the powerful pulpit all the drama an opportunity to market his vision of the reform party we'll get reaction to the state of the nation speech but first some of the highlights. cinerama arriving for a second state of the nation address since taking office with an election looming the president of the ruling african national congress set up to hide out advances made in the last twelve months. over the past year we are focusing our efforts
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all accelerating inclusive growth. increasing levels of investment and putting in place measures to create more jobs. those efforts have yet to provide the desired effect growth is sluggish and one percent unemployment remains high at twenty seven percent and then this corruption commission into grafters had a steady stream of details of bribes paid to governments and a.n.c. party officials under former president jacob zuma from my post is promising action . the action we take now to encryption and to hold those responsible to our count will determine the pace and the trajectory of the road to cause social and economic transformation we seek from a post has also hinted at movement on one reform promising to redistribute some government land to the poor. now as part of accelerating learned reform we have
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identified land parcels that are owned by the state for redistribution started to plea located and will be released to address human settlements needs. and. the a.n.c. is vulnerable and the tissue radical parties want the seizure of mostly white help private land without compensation from a house a want against undermining post apartheid unity. at times it just seemed like that mocha fumin kindness that i loaned us to recon tile in ninety ninety four had gone sour. i want to bring in professor to needle my leg and now he's a south african political analyst based at the university of pretoria professor it's good to have you on the news africa perhaps start out professor by by telling
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us what was the overall message so around the post i had full south africans and perhaps make sense of the milk metaphor for us while you're at it i think at the center of two speech there was the whole load of. the economy really there it was a speech of art the sort of quantum leap and what needs to be to revive. it it was full of issues that relate to the economy that didn't need to follow that it's been. made to the result of asia in that allows people to come in so we can boost our two lives in. a sector in the country and of course also of our production but. over there in a bar it was about the economy and i think he wanted to say so i think. there is
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a hope we can fix this if we work together i have a plan i have several plans to seek to say to the south africans and in terms of what he meant with the mocha metaphor is he speaking to the fact that south africans of this point in time there's a lot of disunity within the country. there is definitely a lot of disunity and it shows at several levels at one level it is as you know we have very few. incidents. go viral on the internet and people get very upset. at times as i didn't class because there is in this very rich country and quite a high percentage of people living in poverty yeah so that is i'm not a source of of the lack of core he's eaten in society oh he's also gender based
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because there is a lot of violence against women is ok if a professor gets hold that thought because we're talking about the an equal society that is south africa at this point in time and we know that the land issue has is looming over south africa right now let's hear from one of the people in leading the debate of land reform that led to this problem to our people what. kami. we are. six into it you five of the constitution to our law now expropriate and often without compensation. to be by to pass it by your false they killed our people. our people they stole their lead we could not that he was really pleased with our not that we want to met out of us we want our lead to packed issue it's not the
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question for a professor coming back that isn't an emotionally charged julius malema is this sentiment widespread amongst black south africans. i wouldn't say that it is widespread what is widespread of course is the sense that the lend issue needs to be dealt with. what is widespread is that the a.n.c. government for twenty five years now has not dealt with the learned very aware but i don't think that's my limited present and my judge of so that's the terms which is why he his party has only six percent in the last election so but he doesn't present some people i don't think they're in the majority don't ok professor let's wrap this up here my last question see you is about the upcoming election which we now know will be and may many all some people have called it a referendum on the a and seen it is that how we can read this particular eight
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election well every election has been a referendum with barry and c because the a.n.c. has won it's so far so they have the government they have the better of proof as it where they have to prove to the citizens that. they're down whereas it was their fault that they were given less time and they have to do have a plan that they're there to do those will buy into so in that sense it is a referendum on them but i think it's enough of them on all the political parties that are coming in because all of them have to offer something like the bad side and soon as it where and and i think this is and will make up their minds you know on the eighth of may i think that's where the general election will take place ok but as a teen you got a political analyst in south africa base at the university of victoria thank you for your time. and your. ok let's turn our attention to
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nigeria now way it's a warning of a growing humanitarian crisis in the fall in the east tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes ofter and upsurge of attacks by the is not missed militant group boko haram the violence is concentrated in borno state you can see on the map there many of the new displaced people all seeking refuge in the state's capital that would be by way camps they were told already over filling the nigerian president obama recently acknowledged setbacks in the fight against boko haram and now we hear from vincent pushing a off the international red cross he told you that they are extremely concerned about the impacts the intensifying violence is having on civilians what we have been seen in the last two months is one of the most important move a population since the last two years in maiduguri alone i mean more than thirty
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thousand people have arrived lately it just in a matter of a few weeks so that's creates a lot of problems in terms of overcrowding of the comps that's wiser to reach inside to do about a new camp so that people can be assisted properly you have the feeling there's an adequate response by the authorities on this deteriorating situation it's always a challenge i mean to cope with i magine see and to provide an adequate adequate answer to my dear he said in some protests in the streets by b.p. is. related to related disasters are receiving but there is a problem there is that you get thirty thousand by the piece that is scattered throughout fourteen camps and never in more than hundreds of thousands of i.d.p.'s that were already there it's been difficult for many years so out to distinguish between those who are newly arrived that have some specific needs because some left with almost nothing and whose we have been there for a long long time so that's a that's
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a very challenging. and for the time being and i says he's going from one camp to another try to identify the other him interactors i mean we zoom and we have been able to ask more or less hard for the population that to write them and we started when we could go out of the sense with some essential household items so basically blankets mats i mean muskets and that's because these people just left with nothing to do and was women. during an attack last year to a few workers where abducted them later on killed do you by now have the feeling that your staff their work and conditions that are safe and that are convenient for them or exists these killings were a big shock for us i mean for for all of as i said stuff worldwide i mean and even within the nigerian relation we've got a lot of misinformation patty but it highlights one of the biggest challenge you mentor actors and i see face in the northeast that's access to be teams high that's why we need them and support from all communities i mean for all stakeholders to to
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be able to access as a people to deliver as and with some assistance. as now as we're speaking i mean we mentioned thirty thousand people that did access my degree to get some assistance but many others did go to places where human to access cannot have access for safety reasons for security reasons we shouldn't be the case i mean according to international min show you major actors should be protected and access to the people in need so i mean to deliver them which food was made it seems. so on a fox. right that's where we'll leave it from africa for now you can catch all these stories and more on our website at facebook page at because they're just too beautiful not to share it will leave you with some stunning images of the number of days it in south africa i've been on. the phone.
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