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tv   Night Grooves - with Angelo Kelly Family and Jaqee  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2019 1:15pm-2:01pm CET

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also use the d. w. al to send us your photos and videos. you're watching to delay news coming to you from berlanti we'll have another update for you at the top of the hour course in the mean time you should always check out our website for updates just go to. an area to abstain from all of us in the newsroom thanks for watching. what's coming up for the book. plenty to talk about the job you know it's going to look a little bit means for the title of course. the bundesliga every weekend
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here on w. good evening and welcome to night groups tonight we have lots of guests on our sofa. this time we have a special program with families the youngest member of one of the most successful musical families of the nineteen nineties where joined our show today angela kelley and his family ours second guess was born in oregon that she spent her childhood on the round so she discovered her passion for music very late we're looking forward to have her here on our sofa chuckie good to. talk about was a music touched me to. cut the link you could cut. cut. cut cut.
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cut. thank you. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you very much was thank you very much because i knew i. was going to get something i've been wanting to give even though it's out of. storage of food i should be so how is a woman a mouth and deal and eyes as a kind of mother would be from what i do best. you know because if you have not let him. phyllis or george stephanie. we're here and you know my mom is you know for me. you have by dint of having a little bit of the numbers out of your does who are you know madam as. the giver
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jerome as give us my middle name and aromas the middle number from mine thought of his and. i with us or some. such i best move on him so i do consider. it was not a good marriage but let me know also gets very feisty yeah i suppose i must tell you i'm done for by my money yeah helen josephine money yeah. you know joseph you when you consider the map but you're beginning to nice from the perkins music on the she gets the ball oh yeah i get different from the mention i'm not going to be i need i almost. started so i'm just an irish for going to the symphony it's my. allergy it's my off the clatter and the kings but i was listening irish heart. after. just to poke joseph not missed the edge of the i'm a good place to be i'm getting along so many other words i got you thank you.
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thank you. yes yes yes yes or no and family made lord of the dead. that was discussing the subtle clues from start. to give. us.
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a shoot. to. make us.
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see what you. would do. thank. you as i may have that step downs. missed it as often this is no tolkien. yes. i hand. them over side but you must make my home yeah. you know i mean what do you mean there's nothing. i can remember those who were here i did and i know you know he thank you i suppose not on our own. and. so one of the spirits or back up our eyes oh oh oh oh oh yeah. ok. yeah yeah thank
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you. very much. that's how did she even sure stepped on. to skate as of that's one front river dance can't. then is it about as. not such. as females can also place by seventeen year old does have. its own traditional land us on the sun step on this and this in the. future and also. after day to all of us but. also ministerial as. export music yeah but. he's not good enough on this book is also done in pub. i think ross perot. systems
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is a book at the shop on. their butts and deck and this is this is. not a medium i have. said it is an awful lot and. even if i scatter as you do stink it global. you can do it to minister. in a non-threatening guns here and show views that i must get member. melanie for for . from there you have against your technique you haven't if you didn't have heeded either the abyss the kinds of one on a course and yes rajaratnam was the last. i was under the last couple of times even if yet sean we go of all the lies and then once you got that much faster to see extreme on done and was all what it is this one till we go on this as oh i thought mr fuck and done harm via yeah yeah it was
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constant of on the pivot leaving comedic and off. on the lets me alan as i thought says that people see it but once of all that has come back the kelly family of michigan up through d v d carry feminist canon having to get meat of technophobe i think that's making minds up i. used to empathize with susan candiotti bit. of a shiny short order to thousand money whatever trust me. it's very nice of you it's just. yeah i believe this public and media teenage mom.
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and it's happening and what i want them to buy i do on the name and i had a vision of kind five this is the kind of it happens to this kind of security cameras of course and there's a lot was this cost when it was kind of. when we started our other gave us that sense and so for the proposed that of the instagram was on the move is because the mechanics don't have. i'm not going to look at all oh yeah i want to help me and walker lindh and equipment and i was. kind of feeling. like you know something i think a bore going to mars because somebody you could examine. been five. years as an ounce of the. fact that he's participated it was a lesson plan this video yes part of the adult sites of. it that they got that they can somehow they're going to. take this course. cancer from media
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the academics and kind i don't know then on could last all kinds of huge bottom so much fear. about the fate institution in time you make the damn fundaments of any public much my guns cause for me impression which i think of as a force that is the goal so i look for this part of come back also cause. i'm. a senior in. an example telling me to move and move all i got to get the country. move. back and i think i'm going to say let's. give you something to munch on. as
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a gun that reflected the time it seemed much needed comcast dot com was conscious to lend their country would have team and i'm not a cunt i did actually a billion i did a cover at score lady sings the blues and that's how my home in music on television as against my mom was acknowledged yeah yeah and has to go to ghana does you how did it come. do you know maybe it was that i was the only black girl and the days they were like ok you're the black girl so you get to be a holiday vacation of them struck one good book got them back ok well done what it does and distribute on disaster and noise no no no no i was nervous i was really like shaking on the microphone but what happened is that we did it and we performed it for the show for the for the whole score. and my teacher was pretty sashed
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and she was like you have to keep singing and never stop singing and that was my click that i click. for and you ok and i'm on to all this even to telling you. i want to see any. of mr matalin and of us as my can get dressed up. after him a lot of stuff i walk to prison and i work in hospital but i also was spending a lot of nightlife out there like looking at concerts and doing shows locally and stuff. and i need to i needed to make a decision you know like sooner or later they have to make the decision which way to go i see can do both because they're not compatible and. so i just decided to like go full in for your sick sick if you listen believe that's the truth so then women i mean really. got to believe in this concern that's they're going to live in the legal. bellaver is
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a very multicultural city you know and i think for me this was what was cutting me for berlin and there was a lot of i could feel at home there i didn't have to stake out too much you know and i was melting into the hollow berlin baz said this is why berlin is actually a very good place to be but that's somebody. die and song yes i have the right yeah yeah yeah yeah i'm from i was on the boat. of dom i'm telling. you it's true yeah yeah i heard you got some holes and forgot to each one of them is can devise is going to lead to a follow up that's what i paid and i haven't if you mean very little for a good thing to need that sounds off get less there it. ladies and gentleman enjoy jackie with fly high.
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let me do this done it again to. get the. it's going to. be up to the. time. it was. done at the into the. down to. the.
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love. love love love. love love love love love love. love. love. love. love.
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lead. love. love love playing. the one. last sunday. mom.
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thank you very much jacki on. the specialists who drop. out in droves and i know i know you know how do you come to get me to. feel like you know i have been comments and focus and. i don't think so much about that stuff actually i mean my job is to make music and and actually i'm more focused on making music and playing the music and everything else that happens i'm
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kind of just happy to. just take it so it's not really i'm not focusing so much on . the other aspect i just you know you're not going all the hall of interest good luck to you but a platform on your great time doing. this. kinda . land us mint and you haven't said this one. is a home. lawson i thought this song scribes a business or done. song had just been done bloggers come on strong then she. gets become it's just become just a lot of good you can shift much of it in a body of the computer. can't actually get. to insertion of. cared for content on more i was on top sometimes this one so what.
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i. did was i can go into trite condition good yet in part the idea that i know i'm no no no no no no no you know it's very funny that you ask this because we just had i was i was talking to the dad about this and the grandparents were like ok let's give her like defense you know that she learns how to deal with money and gets the responsibility of like understanding what she can get for fifty cents so we're going to start giving the six year olds fifty cents per week. so she can buy stuff and school me to you know you know step up our english trying to my money and i just to just going on record. i'm for it because you can often example because i'm
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well and you think my management much less a bustling or. have a good out so long as i don't see you in five counties with. farmington one. small mom pop out in legal. consequences then man bust i just mark has been i think it is underway how it has come on her. i shall jewish out it's very dark i'm supposed to. hold for gordon on target seeing on. as of this is confirmation. that this is your own family trust your best for me and abuse one little boy don't have to suspend your awful from ear. to use and i mean. yeah it is i mean i think it's usually like that you
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need this close knit if it's possible i mean i'm i'm one of these kids with grown up like being raised by a lot of like aunties and uncles and stuff from uganda and now since i got my kids i'm pretty like hardcore in this hard. you know like taking care of this energy because i think it's very valuable if you want to get like a stability you know because because you you direct like an individual into the world you know and this is i think very important to have this this is this good base thing you know so i think you guys that i mean i think so and there isn't always a decent. can say i'm only so long of a dozen. more to. not know but you feel that you feel that. you feel it when there is this sense of of of of of not safety bad trick here i'm speaking swedish now i'm looking forward to the head but there is there is this grounding that is so necessary for to get like there. they have strong grown up you
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know your ties to your feel to me feel. as if i'm going to a future not. new construction but they don't believe i see myself happy often golson. family flew as. easily. as organized they get. and it isn't wholesome whatever the big thing was sick doesn't ghanim i'm it's a night line and there's a sense of when all this leaves was for you i'm going now that's his toy on music or by. the media or. yeah here's a thing as many. i would have you believe that you might see on your screen being here friday seen madonna from you can fluted gundam but ultimately you will align. i went with my mom to with me. just
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offering the visor can pass it just as slim as a woman was surprised. let's be real good most of them very well and i think for me as in this age i was it wasn't really that bad you know because. because of how the whole thing was planned and how it was done and of course for me it was very exciting to to get out of the country and to feel it was the first time i was in an airplane for example because they went with them. through the whole tariff lot. to sweden so it was it was a very exciting time and but at the same time very a lot of things happen and you just you're a teenager and you're by this changing and everything is turning around his so i just go where your parents go you do it by some of you know gonna bust a move to the yeah yeah of course i do that i mean yeah yeah yeah i know you know. you should you love it yeah i think it's like oh for this to go to yes you know yeah i'm just about i think it was young enough talking let's listen to some music
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now and family with always be there. if you haven't. left you. have to.
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i think. it was. so you. have to follow. you have to. use months to. know when the wind. was. her.
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you. see. you. if you haven't. noticed. if you. have to. just. haven't. told. the kids you. have to. slow.
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down for news for some. you can. thank you thank you. as this really bizarre nothing. less than this then. i am not come since money may come come come to me get up and under those fed i'll finish. last i don't know. who i made of any. other plan. about love and money. but i was a who i love this is you know this if you tell us how is the siac enough pointless
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anger he said yeah yeah yeah and that path you have any kind of money thought i know for but i've heard you're always rational back here on this want. me. they're very good we have these a bigger against. the architect chauvelin created something really exceptional. house is one of only four houses worldwide representing the new architectural style noise power. it was a modern style created in the nine hundred thirty s. in order to create a perfect home he did extensive research on the family's daily routine not easy in a family of six the children had their colorful peoples to look out and the wife only had short walking distances to organize their household. was able to watch the
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smoking chimneys of his factory directly from his bed every morning his wife on the other hand was kissed awake by the first rays. sunshine. if you don't hear them surely behind those hits and. someone doing. lead dog. doesn't darcy ok. on this. wild rover on this but he's done it in oregon i quote. this missing and. i know it can't have been. said and i spent a month risky and. those golden breaks stole our. lives. and it's nolo
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a. mole was. known her. this no. no. no no. no no like gets. stuck up boy it's not going to these days now it's again. i'm down and say. i'm. done. on stage say i love the world i'm down i know
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a. i'm pushing. this. that. was. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you kind of like sleep that's come just to do this but you're looking. now i do have a cause to do it. yeah i understand german it's just them but my fluent in english spanish i'm not german yeah there's a lot of awful stuff goes on yeah not a question not a life thing i'm. sure does and so much for a couple more i'm trying to take to clean it up walk in there and i was go back and i blow a bunch and it seems the dash to tell you or yeah i. got
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a muslim decision but it seemed astonished the formation of a and i ended up being schoolies and least yeah i actually feel i'm handy he stars in his arm twisted. as a d. . and. so. on the third after kwikset and mines he lies. off called. so they understand get up and hang even this and she needed this could stop. at fast food for money i'm still going to have my mind handy even if the sign talisman was just on the way to go and try to d.n.d. by touche they all think. at sudan is a bit extreme with yeah absolutely very the opposite of what you. would say. that's a very technological country i mean everything instant so far ahead in sudan development
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wise that and i agree with you actually on this whole point of because i also believe that actually it's really important to keep this human connection. and talk to people and feel people and touch people meet people and so so i try to do this with my kids to jackie to sing yeah. i do. from checking with them song america. to.
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lol you really. did you it seemed to. be. good.
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for our. goal if you. told them they told. you or a bowl of good. job to. be good at a poll of. polls. going
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to lay all bowl in a bowl no good job to a the. right move to the right house then draft best you know and then it was for the army are here on the. probably until now i can get through it. on this document that's on to an old photos you have here sean i need. this press language
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pattern of halle so we can even more chips allegan minds are just been terrified that this cancer lived here for diesel lindsay schools to say if you have a test in. your own give you know. you can. get lots of money in fort hood it's an investment go blow pick up friends. and thought ok. it's true. i look like a magnetic so it's not one of these you know nothing of. him out there guts and then they hear them on the other project looked at me i feel like i was serving as a dude to the last man to drug companies and you know i don't like to think of it is not just in the family survive in the dark it. was just if there was any of us ok i could if i was a friend ok ok let's. not get on. i'll make sure that i'm able to god if i took six tickets knowing about once you're on.
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talk of. i did let's this my music and cling to lawson here and the whole shrink in lieu of concerned about us what if it took them off too much money you know because then that's a little bit of checking we can only call me that sometimes. maybe senchenko mom and little caylee and family with i'll tell me ma up. to. you it was.
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still cold sapphire. told. you this flight is. soon. to be sensitive to elude the. local police from. this. little below. when she. coming.
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the future to move. closer to slow the cars are going to close. a tazer to tell me.
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like a child. how i'm. gonna get. ya such a. bad night it was. no longer. these gaps so much more. can be how to train the. begin cultural centers all from hang out.
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over the world. to. your romantic. story so that people world over information provided. the means they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter today in touch follow us. a world of obscene wealth. india's new mother russia allow fleeting glimpses of. the subcontinent economics has made them billionaires. play their lives living their lives for trying to. do such little
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load. of the search for your. w. play. play. play play. this is t.w. news live from berlin the standoff at the venezuelan border intensifies opposition leader one why don't warns that blocking much needed aid could constitute crimes against humanity but soldiers loyal to president nicolas maduro remain firmly at the bridge marking the border with colombia.


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