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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 10, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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do you don't. play. the business studio you news like from berlin millions of people on the move across the african continent refugees are topping the agenda as african union leaders need to end this album but our correspondent visits an ethiopian refugee camp and asks what the future holds for people there also coming up. a russian island under siege
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by color barriers officials declare a state of emergency as the bears and turn residential areas but the real crisis is the state of the climate. i'm call for welcome to the program. leaders from across the african continent are in the capital for the annual african union summit randon president paul kagame who's the outgoing head of the a u has been pushing for the body to expand its powers is just passed on the baton to egypt and president. who will lead the block for the next year the main focus of this year's summit is involuntary migration africa is home to a quarter of the world's refugees and ethiopia has become the continent's second largest for displaced people some four hundred thousand of them are in the gum ball
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or region funny fish are visited a refugee camp there some viewers might find this was the report disturbing. we are traveling through a beautiful but dangerous region needed so sudanese in the impoverished. conflicts among different ethnic groups. behind me that's all sudan a young and independent nation but the fighting over there continues more than two million people fled to neighboring countries like you feel pia but this country produces hundreds of thousands of this place people all the it's own after the clashes violence droughts and flooding so what's the perspective for refugees here . it's the o.p.'s become africa's second largest refugee hosting country in the gambell a region refugees number almost as many as ethiopians about four hundred thousand
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like this camp is home to sixty thousand traumatized who fled fighting in south sudan. when the war erupted in south sudan children were set on fire and many others were abducted. the soldiers even killed blind people. people were forced to eat dead bodies and have sexual intercourse with family members the boys were forced to have sex with their mothers. this trauma will not be forgotten you know guarding it and make a new bed and her family feel safe in this camp it's supposed to be a temporary home but they've been here for four years already without permission to work outside the camp she fears the future looks dim. commander now when my husband was in south sudan he had a job but now he doesn't this is a problem because we depend on a lack of education is also
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a problem and i want education for my children and for myself and only then will we have a chance here in ethiopia good. that's just one of the problems in the camp run by the un and if you open government. when we compare our the number of the refugees with the sort of is that we are providing to the refugee it is very. tender. states by united nations high commission for refugees people and the list resource and we are keeping almost. providing the basic service which is live there we are almost focusing on the life savings out of. food food food hills. and under so on outside the camp there are mixed feeling. among the local population if you ethnic new are are more while coming off refugees because many arriving from south sudan are from the same group but its u.p.s.
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apnic and work say they feel threatened. many of these refugees come from south sudan they're straining our resources we are getting poorer so the government should help us to if not there could be clashes with the refugees. here in the city the new prime minister has promised opportunities for everyone refugees and locals but unemployment is very high in the region especially among young people. he said we don't see any improvement regarding the youth. there are no jobs we're trying to get ahead on our own. but we don't get very far. playing pool costs five or twenty u.s. cents it's the only form of entertainment they can afford and the lack of prospects
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truck ethiopians to the streets to demand jobs last year if employment prospects aren't force coming soon existing tensions over land and the city could boil over. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. the u.s. has presented a draft resolution to the u.n. security council calling for fresh elections in venezuela and for aid deliveries to be allowed to enter the country across the border from colombia that immediately triggered a counter proposal from russia which supports venezuela's president nicolas maduro . thousands of protesters have rallied in spain's capital madrid demanding that socialist prime minister pedro sanchez step down a protest was called by a right wing party they say sanchez has to resign after he held talks with catalan separatists are demanding a referendum on independence. the typological party that nominated
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says brought for a prime minister could be banned from the general election in march thailand's election commission is meeting on monday to discuss how to punish the party its fold the princess's candidacy on saturday after just one day after her brother king ordered them to do so. french club nuns have held a moving tribute to their former player in the who died in a plane crash. a minute's applause was held before the match against the home players were black shirts bearing their former teammates named solow was travelling from launch to new club cardiff last month when the light aircraft disappeared from radar everything the stand. david in bits and still missing. american skiing great lindsey vaughan has hung up her skis after nearly twenty years of unparalleled success finishing her career in familiar style with
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a medal one produced a fast clean run to claim bronze in the downhill at the world championship in our is sweden she with a record twenty world cup titles to her name and even reached another milestone in her last race becoming the oldest. female medalist at a world championship the thirty four year old is retiring due to ongoing injury problems but says she did her best i risked it all today as always i was so nervous all day just. curious. you know i think i wanted more than anything to finish strong that's the best i could to today you know obviously. there's not another gear. and you know like i said i'm very very happy and thankful for bronze. and invasion of hungry polar bears has put
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residents of a remote russian arctic island into panic mode officials in the siberian region have to cleared a state of emergency saying the aggressive bears have left them in undated as sea ice melts and then when the bears have been drawn to settlements like lucy a google or more than fifty polar bears have been sighted in recent weeks. our reporter matthew moore has been following this story and joins me now matthew how bad is the situation well for the two thousand residents living there it's pretty frightening not least because somewhere between six and ten pairs of moved into the community and they've been attacking people there's been reports that you're walking into buildings and one instance of the area seen profiling the hallways of a residential apartment where there are problems takes a look in one of the proms and scoffers clearly looking for some food and another
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video of a heresy wondering between two apartment buildings and a man wanders up to the kind of confront him in danger and remarkably comes of comes our way from the incident unharmed what's being done about this well officials there say that the tried and tested methods of fending off these polar bears no longer work that's the kind of the vehicle patrol with the dog patrols. video that was posted online last year had late last year kind of showed the extent of the kind of the bigger presence in the region scavenging around the landfill say and locals are saying this is basically proof that they're emboldened like never before. yesterday declaring a state of american city in the region administrator said that people were scared to take children to nurseries the daily life was in turmoil. and so far the the environmental agency has said that there are i mean there's the officials there they would like
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a call possibly if they can find another solution environmental agencies have said they are endangered there will be no call anyone shooting the bear will face punishment. what's causing this because it's pretty unusual situation well the big picture is global climate change is playing havoc with the bears hunting grounds in a sense climate change has left the bears homeless and nasa has kind of visualize this over the last four decades. from each decade there's been a rate of depletion of the arctic ice melt at ten percent and so places where the bears can go hunt for seals and fish no longer exist and so they're forced to stay on land hunt for food in human settlements and what's happening is that you're seeing more of these confrontations between residents and in siberia tons of environmental agencies are like agents or there's a delegation is going there the moment. i'm going to look at all that that the scale of the problem and what can be done to solve it with killing any bears or
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will be following the story of matthew thank you very much and they four of the berlin international film festival also known as the burly nala let's go straight over to the red carpet. fill it standing by for us. charlotte what's on the berlin wall the screen for today. hey there with today the really exciting day in the band and on the schedule and that's because we are almost reaching the halfway mark when it comes to the thing the films that are in competition this year now there are seventeen in the running for that is really coveted top prize the golden bat today there were a few films on display and you might not see it now but a short time ago this red carpet behind me was absolutely full of people wanting to see their favorite stars from the film the operative thousand israeli spy thriller
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and it was a really big celebrities in it martin freeman for example he stars in the hope it's true to g. the british actor of course and diane kruger the german american actress from films like inglorious basterds and troy she is it always a huge hit on the ballot not a red carpet she's been here a number of times and of course is a homegrown star is who is going to draw the crowds and we do have another world premiere coming up in a short time so yet again we'll have people behind us queuing up to see their favorite stars. but the operative isn't actually running and competition as it. yeah this is quite confusing says needs explaining a little bit so there are twenty three films in the so-called competition section of those only seventeen are actually in the running for one of the top prizes the operative is one of those films that isn't competing that doesn't mean to say though that it doesn't still want to impress the ballot but in all the crowd i mean who wouldn't and it's a spite thrill it details the relationship between
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a female spy and her handler in israel it will seem talks about israeli rainy and relations but it's not really a political film the director. asked me you on he said he deliberately didn't want to make it political he wanted to focus on other things but it is based on a story written by an israeli writer who was actually a spy himself so people were looking out there watching the film for any sign of that at least in spite tactics that we're seeing that just by the bell and all the crowd too that wasn't seen sets in germany so that's always going to be a crowd pleaser here. and very briefly what is today's competition movie so the other film that coming up is miss jones that is a film about a welsh journalists who exposed a famine in ukraine in the early one nine hundred thirty s. it's an extremely difficult war. some very difficult scenes about hunger famine
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and the premier is due to happen in a short time so be us tell you a lot more than. charla tells them on carbon. up next night grooves our weekly mix of music and conversation the news is back at the top of the hour in the meantime there's always our website dot com thanks for watching. here's what's coming up on the board is plenty to talk about here. it's tough to look a little bit means for the sake of course. the bundesliga every weekend
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here come on. good evening and welcome to night groups tonight we have lots.


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