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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2019 7:30am-7:46am CET

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these tracks take the experience to another level ok thanks to him talk composer way much. featured in many games his music is bound to. his friends he opens doors to. sounds good. oh sure that's so much more than just background music video game music stores february twenty fifth on d w. welcome to the bundesliga d.w. state twenty one was brought to a close by two teams and a profit relegation six points stick around to see how stuck bad it doesn't offer but that's not all we have for you. better braman celebrated their one hundred twentieth anniversary this week by beating in the german cars because they couldn't
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even come double against. them by that point this nigga standards there's been a huge influx of british players of the last eighteen months to talk about the just because scouting practices and if they're affecting home grown talents. i'm nick mechanic line of welcome to the show we have plenty to talk about and humming do just that i have two experts joining me in the studio to my left a man is making his debut in the bundesliga today welcome to the book is to get more votes thank you is a film festival paula and the premier league in germany as well doing some commentary some scouting now the question i really want to know from you is how difficult is it for a young teenager the as you were back then to go to a foreign country and and start their football career. it wasn't very difficult because it was a great opportunity for me to to progress both my football career but also to. see . those give me an opportunity to get to know
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a different culture learn another language and from that perspective it was great but it was also challenging you know getting to know the languages and and fitting in in a new place i didn't have a football career in the presence of my right also didn't have a football career but the age of twenty four it could still happen could still happen we've announced able more it sticks around to see me have a kickabout les abend we also have news on and on that welcome to the show it's i'm going to. let coverage in braman veta celebrated their one hundred twentieth anniversary this week by pushing goldman all the way in the cup against a mystery all after x. the time the green and whites were hell bent on winning and prevailed on penalties as if they could carry that formidable form and then match on sunday against. the good fives are back in braman and visiting alex berg were given no rest but straight from the whistle. put the hosts ahead after just eight minutes with this
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pace of individual brilliance. struggled to deal with grim ins ruthless intensity you had a second time smashed home the second perfect hit to leave keeper grego could pull stranded. just a minute flight out braman strained forward again. fox three stocks red and cold. a stunning strike and braman with three no lop heading into half time. after the break braman took their foot off the gas but still remained dominant substitute kevin moved out rounding off the four nil victory in the eighty third minutes. at the day serve at braman as they celebrated their anniversary wake in style. sunday's other mass or doesn't. take own got in a battle of two sides to
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a fighting relegation fight off time it was already one nil to distance off and within four minutes of the restart all of us think made it to nail a great way for him to open his account in the league this season into that shot. and then later in the match they need so how monsoonal all three point three nil for this loaf was the fifth win in seven games not bad for a team supposed to be relegated i just. took my relegation let's have a look at the table and i see how those results affect the table don't have they lose their cushion at the top stanza five points by and the only side of the top five to win at the weekend ever cousens win on friday sees them in the european places and despite britain's emphatic win still in the bottom half dozen twelfth that best position this season as minimal change at the bottom as got. back in high
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level switched places. now it's time to bring my guest into the conversation as we've just seen don't drop points and suddenly the variants back marts don't have a very young exciting team but by and have experience of a stiff bludgeon is the chase back on. yes i think that chases them but there's no reason for me to believe that dalton cannot be champions at the end of the season ok and tom my guess last week they said that bill but i'm going to win the title are you just as confident well i mean it's becomes very slightly more difficult to be quite so confident because they haven't won now in in three games. but the upcoming fixtures nuremberg out and still got it going three of the next four games in the wind as we go back could be you know there's a be able to parents they could be picking up some steam again i agree with morris i think. when we used to be champions at the end of the season you know they've earned themselves this question they can afford for it to be
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a little bit and the big question is also whether or not byron can you know stay on top of dortmund and you know chase them to get to the season i think that she's been have also got a slip up in the air in there i wouldn't be quite so sure that they'll be very you know consistent i think it's going to be going to don't understand the season so this was a mistake when she went to thirteen that match days to go so there could be a slip up here or there of course we do have another topic for you though and before we do that let's get started by having a quick look at c.v. . maurits votes for six years old when he started playing football in a team by the town of the century he was one of the biggest talents in germany more than enough reason for off known to pluck the bend sixteen year old from shall because you think cademy but it was it fun i'm where votes really made his name in england appearing in more than one hundred twenty premier league matches. so he never broke into the senior national team getting close in two thousand and four he
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was an ever present for germany's under twenty one's. eye today vote scouts in germany and austria. so there you have it nor is it a lost cause work here in germany in the bundesliga has quite a few young players from the english premier league why do you think that is for the various reasons for it. at the moment as a generation of highly talented players in england that's one point. especially of the kind that we currently lek in german youth football and difference makers attacking players flair players we see the effect that jade and son show and reece nelson just a name to have had this season. then with that comes the good experience of doctrine and with the name too that will obviously made it make it an attraction to other clubs to follow the same route we know how easily
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a trend established in football in general so we'll see that and then also i think a part of it is the systematic approach of english clubs such as chelsea such as manchester city having a loan system in place where they try to acquire talent very early and then used clubs and various leaks to to give them the sort of final polishing touch. when this is. oh you have been happening for a couple of years now how long do you think this trend will actually last well i think you know we're actually really still at the start of something i see no reason why you know this would this kind of model should should or should you know stop kind of growing at the moment like morris is said it continues to be basically in the interests of all parties for the players for sanchez you know he comes to play football in germany plays in front of brilliant you know fans on a fantastic stage he's put himself in the shop window for
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a lot of other clubs around the world he's got these gatherings a great experience that he wouldn't have had if you to be if you did stayed at manchester city for the blues the good clubs is of course also brilliant to have you know these young talented players coming in playing for a couple of years look how much sanchez has you know boosted bruce you don't win this year and then for the premier league clubs like you said. it works very well for them to let their players get you know i've got a first team big stage experience around the world particularly here in germany so yeah i've my only potential concern is that it's kind of exposing the gulf between the boomers league and the premier league at the moment and it is difficult and i think becoming increasingly so for german clubs to compete on a european level. and we all know that you know these loans those come to an end and even centuries on a permanent contract it will be very surprising i think to everybody if he spent his entire career with bristol i think he's always going to have one eye on going
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back to the premier league. so that's potentially useful work martz first of all do you would you agree with that that it is a problem for the bundesliga that they all these days are coming in and if that does happen to change what trend you think could come next. i think whether it's a problem depends on how long that trend continues i agree with that. i think as a short term fix for maybe you know a shortage of that type of player. it's something that you can always consider ways think scouting should have a like an open approach to various ideas i think then you have to see the difference of asuncion deal which is a permanent deal so. brizard or one can be a big benefactor of progressing central korea. adverse to reason elson who is a lone player and you know we don't know how long he's going to be here in the bonus league and what happens after. but yes in general i think the
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situation points to a few shortages and issues that bonus league and german football in general need to address another question of the merits. you know the city saying that they're moving abroad to get a game especially the loan players how long until that british influx of these young players coming in actually effects the hunger players the german players i think the homegrown players affected immediately because it's increased competition now when i was at the age of sort of a breakthrough age of seventeen eighteen there was for years a problem in germany for young players to come through and see the difference and under twenty one international teams nowadays they are all established regular players in the business leader teams back then it was a rarity. so you have that but. yeah i think it's already a problem and it's something that those players have to have to deal
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with some very briefly is this a model that can work just about other clubs having agents on shows in their club will be judged centuries of course the pin up boy for this kind of model isn't the end for this story because he's just had such a brilliant impact to proceed to him and because of the story of you know him basically saying to prep while you're at manchester city i want to play in if i don't get to play i'm going to go i mean. for incredible thing to say to a costar that it can work well for other clubs but judges i'm sure is just was a fantastic player and know everybody who signs of a premier league player is going to get one is great as him well we'll see how this whole thing develops that's all from us this week i'd like to thank my guests more as well as the fords have you back on the season and of course my right hand man i'm going away from all of us here in the belly thank you and goodbye.
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