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fight. the truth detectives starts feb fifteenth on t w. this is t w news coming to you live from these nomic republic of iran turns forty thousands of people are out on the streets marking the anniversary with a parade but how much is there to celebrate forty years on from when the mullahs came to power we ask what impact u.s. sanctions for. u.s. backed forces in syria say they're within hours of taking control blast stronghold
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of so-called islamic state terrorist group once controlled territory the size of the u.k. that's now shrunk to a village on the iraqi border. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us iran is marking the fortieth anniversary of the islamic revolution tens of thousands of people have gathered in the capital tehran for a rally led by president hassan rouhani he told the crowd that iran is determined to expand its military power and ballistic missile program and will not ask anyone for permission to do so iranians are facing many challenges partly due to sanctions imposed by the united states we'll hear more from our correspondent in a moment but first here's how events unfolded when the shaw was overthrown forty
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years ago. it was the winter of nine hundred seventy seven u.s. president jimmy carter visiting the shah of iran called the country an island of stability in the middle east. within a year however the shah would be deposed in a revolution. small protest had already broken out by the end of nine hundred seventy seven protests against the shah's modernization program and he's increasingly all thora tarion rule. but in september nine hundred seventy eight those protests became mass demonstrations worker strikes and riots. many iranians who joined the uprising were fighting back against what they saw as an attempt to westernize encyclical rise the country. others were calling for socialism and some were simply angered over the abuses of the shah's secret police
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. amid the my him one opposition figure emerged as a leader from his exile in front's hardline shiite cleric ayatollah khomeini. with public disapproval at a fever pitch the shah left iran for egypt. mean on february first nine hundred seventy nine returned to iran welcome to by a crowd of millions. it was a turning point in the country's history just two months later following a referendum many had proclaimed the islamic republic of iran. in just one year the country had transformed from a constitutional monarchy to a theocracy. but that was not the end of the instability and turmoil later that he student revolutionaries took fifty two americans hostage inside the u.s. embassy in tehran. the ensuring crisis ended diplomatic ties between the two
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countries sitting stage for a broader conflict in the middle east in which iran continues to play a dominant role. forty. after the eastland make revolution ayatollah khomeini remains a hero to many iranians. as the revolutions legacy has been repression censorship and stagnation. let's bring in our correspondent theresa trumper she is in the iranian capital tehran teresa forty years have passed now since the revolution began do ordinary iranians feel that the revolution has by and large fulfilled its promise. well the people out here on the regions they usually do with the hordes of the hardliners unlike many conservatives yes they feel that they now have what they want to back them like independence from the u.s.
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. public of course people with more reforms as you said these stansell hoping for more personal freedom so that's something president rouhani promised them in the process of action and something that you haven't been able to deliver so far and ordinary iranians are also of course suffering from the sanctions a lot so with the country facing the greatest economic problem for decades the islamic revolution has really the biggest one that was better economic is that everyone here. ok we're looking at some live pictures now from iran are seeing people waving flags there's a big parade going on and this is being celebrated as a very big event for the country at least officially what to expect there in tehran today. but you know yes the future for the telegram. for the government of the shiites never from the coffee and supporters it is to play out thanks forty years after the islamic revolution they want to show that they can build mobilize for model i don't remember that the government forces them
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to fight oppression the things that are troubling the country's economy so in a symbolic march today civil servants schoolchildren grandparents walk from the center of the capital to run on to revolution square and then to walk they don't ask. that's freedom square the kind of many demonstrations back then and i. and even with the weather cold and rain yesterday there are thousands of people out in the seas. and the clerics in the country hold the real power what about the ordinary people once again we have seen some protests in the past all the people in iraq as enthusiastic about this anniversary as their government and the clerics. don't want anybody not all of them of course republican lydon like to side mainly want to have a few supporters the final four radians excess of the present distributed combination and that's the people out here in the street say they have proudly showing off in the photos of them and carrying flags and of course they are the you
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through transfer of death to america in the saga that's aimed at the american as the strange and they suspect not of the american people here but of course many other people here in iran a very on happy with the current situation and mainly the effect of sanctions on the days i have so but these people are not out here in the streets today. it appears that support for the islamic republic remains strong so one general rule remains to be true. to be true the bigger the confrontation with the u.s. the bigger the support for on line a few iraq. teresa thank you for bringing us up to date they did obvious theresa truck in tehran us back forces in syria say they're within hours of taking control of the last stronghold of so-called islamic state the kurdish led offensive is focused on the village of bhaag near the border with iraq the last small region held by the jihadists last once held territory extending over much of
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northern syria and iraq thousands of civilians left the area in recent weeks. the end of the line these people are mainly the families of islamic state fighters they've escaped but the men are still holding out in buckles the group's last stronghold. this woman says she had nothing to feed her children but grass but she stuck with i guess till the end. these men denied being jihadists many of those left are foreign fighters from europe and elsewhere who have difficulty blending in with the local population. this is because the final front line it's for could be the last nail in the coffin of the stream of the caliphate spanning the middle east . that dream was a nightmare for the people who had to live under i.i.s. rule in a territory that stretched across syria and iraq the militants now control less
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than one percent of that. i asked him post an extremely harsh version of sharia islamic religious law killing men and boys and slaving women in recent days fighting has become fierce again let by the syrian defense forces an alliance of kurds and arabs have done the lion's share of combat on the ground they say they've almost succeeded. there are no more militants left. to put their masterminds are still hiding. the time will come for them will finish them off. but as of today the war with these gangs is over the truth is good to finish them off we avenged our martyrs deaths there is nothing left of yesterday . half a decade of brutal fighting has seen entire cities refuse to rubble and i asked
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still has the ability to wage guerrilla style warfare and launch terror attacks but within days the group could have no more territory to call its own. let's get you up on some other stories making headlines around the world today thousands of protesters in haiti have clashed with police in the fourth straight day of demonstrations against corruption and a collapsing economy protesters lit tires and marched through the streets of the capital port au prince raising the pressure on president jonetta. in the u.s. democratic senator amy klobuchar shar has formally entered two thousand and twenty presidential race the fifty eight year old politician from minnesota is the most prominent midwestern candidate to announce her presidential bid so far the democrats are trying to win back voters in the region and help put donald trump in the white house in twenty sixteen snowy midwestern weather. three
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and us music industry celebrated the sixty first annual grammy awards on sunday in los angeles lady gaga was one of the big winners of the night taking home three awards song of the year went to childish gambino this is america country singer kacey musgraves one album the year for her golden hour. really. hungry in prime minister viktor orban is trying to find ways to reverse his country's population decline without relying on immigration you know it's new tax low tax and loan benefits for families in his state of the nation speech but an increasing number of hunger areas are dissatisfied with ordinance rule. congress' opposition is sending a signal they've had enough of the actor all bomb. as the prime minister addressed citizens in a state of the nation speech anti-government protesters took to the streets to call
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for change and perswade others to do the same at home he thought there is still free media there are still free citizens there is facebook live us that you can speak up among your family your friends or your colleagues of cyber have. all been used to speech to announce new tax and loan benefits for families aimed at boosting the country's low birth rate without relying on immigration. where you do get the feeling we are living in times when there are fewer and fewer children born in europe for the west the answer to that challenge is immigration. for every missing child there should be one coming in and then the numbers will be fine. but we do not need numbers we need to hungary and the children and what you want. the benefits include a lifetime personal income tax exemption for women who give birth to and raise at
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least four children. but protesters are tired of oregon through forms and increased state controlled magnitude of the country is sliding towards dictatorship and we're trying to do something about it however humble our means liberal democracy going to become what is a goal that is not going to link is not a good for europe it is not true for hungry and it's not good for every day you know your rights. and a position parties have another problem they're facing hefty fines from state auditors over can pain spending fines they say are designed to undermine the chances at upcoming local and european elections. of course in thailand has dropped the extradition case against bahraini footballer hakim a robbie following a global campaign for his release a robbie fled bahrain in two thousand and fourteen before being granted refugee status in australia he has since he's been sentenced in absentia to ten years in
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jail for alleged bendel isn't and although he denies the charges he was arrested while on holiday in bangkok the thai officials announced that monday on monday that bahrain has now brought the extradition request. but its legal soccer and better braman have been in celebration mode this week marking the one hundred twenty thousand averse free since their foundation they continued the party into the match against all its board recording their biggest bonus legal win of the season. the good vibes are back in bremen and visiting alex burke were given no rest but straight from the whistle. put the hosts ahead after just eight minutes with this pace of individual brilliance. alex burke struggled to deal with graeme innis ruthless intensity you had a segue a star and smashed home the second perfect hit to leave keeper grego cueball stranded. just minutes later braman strained forward again.
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fox three stocks red and culled home. a stunning strike and braman with three no luck heading into half time. after the break braman took their foot off the gas but still remained dominant substitute kevin moved out rounding off the four nail victory in the eighty third minute. happy days for vertebrae men as they celebrated their anniversary wake in style. first clinging like. doors granted it's arrives. join the ring on her journey back to freedom. you know work interactive documentary. and regular
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returns home on d w dot com arena tanks.


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