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isn't that true. of the start figuring t w. this is live from the islamic republic of iran for safe thousands of people are marking the anniversary in the streets but many have little to celebrate four decades after the voters came to power we ask what impact us sanctions are having. a small act of defiance as a woman in tehran is confronted for not covering but passing men. the cleric
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a sign that not everything is going the religious establishment way also on the front facing hostile future if they can for a major report presented today at the munich security conference. on freedom for i came out and he was arrested in november during his honeymoon is released and after his birth country and its extradition attempts. welcome to the program iraq is marking the fortieth anniversary of the islamic revolution tens of thousands of people have gathered in the capital for a rally tonight by president hassan rouhani he told the crowd that the country is determined to expand its military. missile program.
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the i mean around maybe celebrating but the country faces many problems let's talk about those with ali and chad a political scientist at the brookings doha center joins us on the line from qatar welcome to day doubly let's start with today's march i understand that people on the march for many children and government workers who were bussed in ordinary people as came on marking this anniversary. well. there is a lot of frustration among the many sectors everyone in society so we've seen also in the past year in those anniversary festivities started the crowds were not as large as expected so this is this is concerning. and let's and that given the partial collapse of the iran nuclear deal and the country's economic struggles do they actually have much to celebrate today. well the picture doesn't look so good there are immense us economic problems in iran there are high prices and there are
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a lot of there is high levels of poverty there are a lot of closures enterprises there is high youth unemployment and so there are a lot of very challenging celtic and problems that were homey but exacerbated by the reimposition of your faction plus the fact that politically. iran is in a stalemate with the moderate government also losing a lot of credibility and also with hard line liners now expected to you know to to be more prominent in the fusion around and so how does one play into the other how does the country's failing economic situation play into the country's politics. because if you look at the protests that have been quite wide spreads over the year of two thousand and eighteen you've seen that. the origins
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and sources of the protests words of economic work ecological but they always had a very politicized slogan because in the fungal public you cannot really separate those fears or can any and policy and politics because it's the same elite that monopolizes a lot of economic and political power and this is also something that the iranians realized this is why all those bad economic protests are very political in nature and so almost like iran and the united states not much in common i wonder though if the whole notion of the death so america that we've seen on the marches that i would if that's how much that has to do with the government giving the people an enemy to emmaus rather than taking responsibility for the state of the economy. well i mean those state sponsored
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demonstrations always try to you know put you know always to portray that those programs actually emanate from the people but as i said those are state sponsored as we've seen during the past year. despite their imposition of u.s. sanctions and quite hostile of the policies from the drug administration iranians have tended to blame their own government for the economic problems at home so there's not really a rallying around the flag the fact that we've seen a decade ago during the bush administration years for example so there is some kind of a you know there is huge frustration that people do blame their own government for the. force of good soaking through thank you so much for joining us. well it's not just. causing growing discontent within iran across the country women are rising up against the strict religious rules of jerad read more on the women
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defying the country's leaders that's right so a couple of years ago this this movement called wyatt wednesdays wednesday sprung up and basically it was in protest against the strict laws in iran governing what women can and con to wear and basically women wore on wednesdays or some even took off the job which is of course beaten and then they did these protest videos to social media sending a message to iran's religious leaders that they're not going to submit to what they say is oppression and i just mentioned that these protests type place on wednesday but they have sort of sprung up to take place more often than not they're much more frequent so women saying we want to walk around without a huge job any time any place but it doesn't come without consequences last year an iranian woman was sentenced to two years in jail for what was called encouraging moral corruption but this goes beyond just covering the head that's right it
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applies to things like dancing as well because there are strict rules laws governing dancing in iran women cannot dance in front of anyone else except a male relative and of course this is encouraging acts of civil disobedience which also make their way to social media and videos like this popping up more and more frequently they typically uploaded when authorities punished other people for dancing so people post them in support of others who fall foul of the law people like these young men and women some of them were sentenced to six sentences suspended prison terms back in twenty fourteen when they appeared in a video dancing to for real williams song happy. dancing in public in iran can carry a prison sentence up to two years in jail and so are these protests changing anything
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look we are asked that question to our fozzy department of torture valid today and basically they're saying that these acts of civil disobedience that make their way to social media a sort of contributing to a growing contempt of authorities and religious leaders and a culture of fear it lists and lists we have a video. of a woman in a subway station who was standing up to a cleric telling her to put on him he shot and then we can see other men telling the cleric to leave her alone coming to defense essentially and another situation where a man is telling off a cleric because this play we're told this man's wife to cover up so it's really interesting to see how this previously unquestioned authority to people like clerics is starting to change in iran a general great thank you. because
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my daughter has sworn that he is ready to defend his country against the united states the embattled president is being challenged by opposition leader who declared himself interim president nearly three weeks ago and won back in a number of states including the u.s. is to go is demanding fresh presidential elections. defying it in the coolest maduro overseas military drills in venezuela's north the army his keep pillar of support presented mr ailes made by russia one of my dear rose most powerful allies as the weaponry was showcased on state t.v. he vowed to defend his troubled nation. for all four of us if we are pacifists as long as no one messes with us and donald trump does not threaten us. get out of it is swim out with your threats there are armed forces here and people to defend our honor and dignity. while maduro reddy's his troops dignity is what these
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doctors on the border were pleading for on sunday they protested at the crossing where maduro's military is blocking humanitarian aid for some three hundred thousand people. and we call on them adore regime and the military especially the military to remember that every minute that passes a child dies an elderly person or an adolescent dies in our country but you urgently need this help to enter venezuela where somebody who was not murdered believes the relief which he calls a political show could be followed by u.s. led military intervention he blames the food and medicine shortages on sanctions imposed by washington there are fears that the aid has now become a powerful weapon in the standoff. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of protesters in haiti have clashed with police in the fourth consecutive day of
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demonstrations against corruption on the collapsing economy protesters late tiles and marched through the streets of the capital port au prince are raising the pressure on embattled president chavez. to tighten selection panel has disqualified the king's sister from running for prime minister and much is election just three days after princess a ton of surprise nomination they commission said members of the royal family should be above politics. democratic and i amy approached a probe shy house formally and the twenty twenty a us presidential race the fifty eight year old from minnesota is the most prominent midwestern count of the twenty. better so far i democrats are hoping to win back a voters in the region that helped put donald trump in the white house in twenty sixty. u.s. music industry celebrated the sixty first annual grammy awards in los angeles on sunday lady gaga was one of the big with us taking home
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a free award some of it went to childish gambino as this is america country singer case you must grimes one album of the year for golden hour. the world is in crisis that's the verdict of report published ahead of the munich security conference leaders of the major powers of meeting in the southern german city this week to discuss global threats at a time of strain on alliances that have kept the world relatively stable for decades ahead of this year's event the conference chairman came to berlin to present his report. it's one hundred pages long and it's not a reassuring read the global order is falling apart who will pick up the pieces is the question posed at this year's security conference. expects the europeans to take the lead in putting the pieces of the puzzle back together again. and so should we simply stand by while a liberal international system based on institutions on rules and on the law just
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crumbles. faced this racist. for german and european interests that would be a tragic but catastrophic development. and the cutter's of. one important issue will be defense spending and increased tension following the cancellation of the i and after ac. and for the first time climate change will not just be assigned because sees climate policy as a central aspect of security policy. as cleaver we want to demonstrate that climate and security are of central importance not only for us and europe but also for instance for ireland states and the pacific it. was a statement of protections are correct they will lose some of their territory they might end up completely covered by water the first question of those people then go
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to. the size of the delegation from the united states has tripled and non-play and nancy pelosi. this is a signal that in the u.s. too there is an interest in cooperation and in avoiding a dissolution of the international system. britain's economic growth slowed so you just know point two percent at the end of last year suggesting that the economy is in a weak position as the country prepares to leave the european union next month with lawmakers in london still deadlocked on the terms of withdrawal economists inside the e.u. are speculating about the cost to their own countries if the u.k. crosses out of the block without a deal. with a new deal breaks it's still on the horizon nervousness is the order of the day across the e.u. and the latest survey out by one of germany's leading research institutes provides little comfort it says germany could face as many as one hundred thousand job
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losses in the wake of a disorderly breaks it germany relies heavily on exports for growth and no deal breaks it would likely mean new custom duties on exports to britain causing a slump in german exports the survey says coal makers could be hardest hit with v.w. top of the list thousand jobs could be at risk china meanwhile could lose around fifty nine thousand jobs the total worldwide could be more than six hundred thousand. meanwhile signs of the potential damage to britain's economy are also becoming clear a new survey by the number and school of economics shows that since the two thousand and sixteen referendum british companies have shifted investment from britain to the e.u. stepping it up by as much as twelve percent around ten billion euros most come from the services sector the british economy is heavily reliant on meanwhile the e.u. is investment in britain has done dropping by as much as eleven percent in the last
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two and a half years the report's authors say that that shows bricks it has made britain a far less attractive place to invest in. full swing. red carpet correspondent mark. well it had a quite interesting start to the day especially for a monday morning there was a town called stories of ghost towns that featured several jumps scares at eight thirty in the morning which by me personally was not appreciated but nonetheless it was a very beautiful delicate and intelligent film that dealt with a lot of questions of loss of identity is enough. fear of the other in general as you see this this tiny little town in the middle of nowhere back in canada these
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weird apparitions of these ghosts of former villagers have all died started just randomly appear around town and the town tries to deal with what exactly they are and who they are and why they're there i will also note that this film is in french so if you are a person who thinks they speak french i highly challenge you to try to watch this film with the subtitles off because wow that was different ok you've also had a look. to see some red carpet action tonight. oh indeed this was quite a film to see personally as an american this is a film about the former vice president dick cheney and i'm old enough that i remember dick cheney ever remember when he was vice president he was always seen as the sort of shadowy background figure often the jokes at the time were about how he was the actual brains behind the outfit during the bush cheney presidency there in the early to thousands of this movie it very much leans into that tells
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a lot of the story that people don't know he has maintained a lot of privacy since he's left the public eye and he has really tried to even when he was in government keep his fingers fingerprints very clean it's really there was not a lot of records available as to what exactly he influenced and what he did in the movie dives into exactly what his influence was what his role was in the administration how big his influence was and how that has carried forward to the modern political era so what else can we look forward to today. well i personally in the next couple of days i'm looking forward to a film called amazing grace which is a documentary in the competition that was shot in january of one thousand nine hundred seventy two it is about aretha franklin who just left us in august of two thousand and eighteen and it is the filming of the recording of her most famous album called amazing grace which is still the best selling gospel album of all time and me personally as a detroit are i am very much looking forward to lapping up anything i can get
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that's left of the queen of soul. will enjoy. international film festival thank you . football at ib has been released from custody in thailand after his birth country bahrain withdrew its request for his extradition was to be claimed asylum in australia and twenty fourteen say he feared torture and even death if you sent back an international campaign for his release began when he was arrested in thailand last the hakim al-arabiya pictured here leaving care leaving custody in bangkok the bahraini footballer is set to return to australia after three long months spent in a thai jail whole war even though he was playing in a televised devised what we would like what we would like to do know is to think in a greatly respect the process that they have that they have had to work through those thoughts were echoed on twitter by al-arabiya that increase that increased
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pressure on thailand internationally. on a radio fled bahrain on political grounds in twenty fourteen and was granted refugee status by australia his family feared extradition would result in his torture and possibly death at the hands of bahrain's justice system but as a result of monday's ruling he's now heading home to melbourne. let's get more on this from a hundred or sati he's from faith pro the international football players union which is part of the save hakim campaign welcome to d w what was your reaction when you heard the news oh huge relief for joy it was something to say this is the kind of thing we work on day in day out it's really something special. now. there from international media in the main time the main time for more than two months we were working with a wide coalition of human rights organizations wider football community governments
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and so in the end i think buffering which effectively had hakim in an iron grip for so long seeking his extradition relinquished and handed over to thailand the idea that they can simply release him to go back to australia and i think that's in the end what it came down to the government's agreed that hakim should be freed that played any part in his arrest. but he is let's say the rest of it than the fact that he was wanted back in bahrain for it's pretty clear to us at least here a fifth broke that it was not a credible case but there was a more fundamental issue at play and that was the fact that he is a refuge a refugee according to all the protection that entails in australia and he should be free to travel and if he goes to thailand he should know that he can safely go there without being sane and extradited back to the country which he said he fled because he claims he was tortured this so in the end of we're happy i mean this is a day to celebrate for us and and that's really the point here and we've all but
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it's taken this this coalition of international organizations rather nations rather than the australian yes well if you look at the facts he is a football player playing at a lot of agency so many saw this person as an athlete and he was given extra attention extra tension because of it athletes don't forget need to travel to countries refugees need to travel to countries to train this is very is very important to send a message that refugees are protected and it's cut through in the in the end it was unacceptable that he was detained for nearly eighty days but look is going home and and let's just be taken care of because he went through a lot of psychological and mental to boil in that prison and now we have to take care of you moving forward under or saturday where the international football players are unifi from thank you thank you. today a bundle of football and how better bremen are in celebration mode this week marking the one hundred twenty five version of the club they started the party with
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a match against the court in their biggest ponderously when of the season. the good flyers are back in braman and visiting alex berg were given no rest but straight from the whistle me look put the hosts ahead after just eight minutes with this piece of individual brilliance. alex burke struggled to deal with brennan's ruthless intensity. and smashed home the second a perfect hit to leave keeper greg or could pull stranded. just minutes later braman strained forward again. outfox three stocks made and called home. a stunning strike and braman with three no luck heading into the half time off the four nil victory in the eighty third minute. happy days the days for vertebrae men as they celebrated their anniversary when certain results of affected
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a blunted a bond to sleep for next season's european toilets season had over climbed off the bottom by beating a fellow climbed off the bottom by beating a fellow strugglers you're about. the french football club know how the tributes are that. it's because they have much against new. players black shirts. i'm as remote as reminder about top story i base oxidative also foresee how to shift the revolution to pull some regime change in iran by tens of thousands attended official less celebrations in tech crunch even as irregulars continue to feel the effects of build up next a global freeze get all the way out latest news and information on a website that's. a good.
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thing. around ten million techies children today at work to help support their families. what can take. next.
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crimes against humanity. civilians become witnesses. among. their recorded images travel around the globe via social media. what is phenomena of fiction and what is fact. digital investigators combing through the flood of images and they combine sources trying to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate claims of crimes first thanks to this video recording of a soldier who shot the young man is on trial now. forensics between bits and bytes are you. typing again.
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the evidence. of this chance a because justice is about the truth. truth detectives starts a venue where we fifteen on t w. welcome to global three thousand here's what's coming up. what kind of weed would you like a fairly normal question in europe why where the sale and recreational consumption of marijuana is legal. have you.
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