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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2019 5:02am-5:31am CET

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century began in one nine hundred seventy nine and underestimated group of islam and angry students in iran pushed out the us backed monarchy the show was replaced by the supreme leader oppression from the elite was cast aside in its place manipulation of the masses by them all tonight after four decades we ask does iran need a new revolution i'm burned off in berlin this is the day. the stomach nature of all revolutions is they got a hold of the revolution of our system. the time. we celebrate today because it's the revelation that it's lasted for forty years and while we're here to slap america and israel in the face. many countries when they
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believe that the police could use. a point i'm. just say the presence of people in the celebration on streets across iraq and in this city means that the enemy will never reach its equal of genitives. hollywood just try to deal with iran and its have stood by their revolution for forty years they support their leader and god willing will do so till the end finally. also coming up tonight we take you to the berlin film festival my colleagues my us waiter and scott roxboro are at the barely nala hi guys. hi brad yes we're live on the red carpet where christian bale batman himself was here just a few hours ago yes the dark knight himself here with a very different but still fairly dark character and invite where he transforms into the former vice president dick cheney so that more coming up.
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want to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day marking four decades of iran's ongoing islamic revolution now that is how the leaders of iran's the ocracy would describe the events which took place today back in one nine hundred seventy nine and on this day the ayatollah khomeini return to iran from exile in france and he declared iran's millennia of monarchs over iran and the world have not been the same since the hate in the mistrust towards the west the shells of death to america have not decreased neither have the predictions in the us of the islamic republic's impending implosion trepidation continues to triumph over attempts at rebuilding trust see almost trump in the iran nuclear deal and on
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the streets of tehran the truth that you would like to hear is still determined by whose ears are listening. death to america death to israel and death to england's a slogan frequently chanted by the many people out on the streets of tehran today it's a display of strength by the supporters of the islamic revolution in it conover like atmosphere. has come here with his wife and it's not among those joining in but he still believes in the islamic republic as a political system come paris into an either countries in the region like saudi arabia like other countries that's. a complete dictatorship actually element of it i think you know in this region having. democratic country and government. is
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a great thing. that most people here went even paul. and at the time of the revolution in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine but they still believe in its ideas. we celebrate today because it's the only revolution that has lasted for forty years and the world. we're here to slap america and israel in the face of this little. mr trump you can never defeat you said the tribune loosen the happy chance to control it first a contract fix and keeping your promises something nuclear deal with it now the islamic republic will be united to kims to military threats so that it downloaded looking is only for your music ahead of us other news there. but not everyone out on the streets today feels comfortable telling us their thoughts about the anniversary. if it comes down i cannot answer your question because i cannot tell the truth. i'm just here to take photos not for the celebration it's all
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cut to television. most people who share held views stayed at home today so they're not around but they do exist many people here know this highly happy with the current situation the country is in the ones with reform the syrians are still waiting for the personal freedoms president rouhani has promised them and the poor ones are very much suffering from the u.s. sanctions that have been ripping the country's economy but the support of what this what republic is a whole is apparently still strong so one general rule seems to remain full the more confrontation with the u.s. the more support for the hardliners here live off. doesn't seem hostile towards the u.s. but following its withdrawal from the nuclear deal he thinks washington can't be trusted he believes iranians hold the key to a brighter future in their own hands i think you have to be. a seal be unified
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unified country. secretary geithner. in this situation and. be counted there are no come out of this situation i hope shared by many because so far the islamic revolution has yet to fulfill its biggest promise better economic conditions for everyone here in your run. major show of support for the government today but as we heard their discontent in the economy is not the only issue across the country women are rising up against the regimes strict religious rules jerry reed joins me now here at the big table for more on the women who are defying iran's leader that's right one of the main movements that's popped up over the last few years this cold has wife wednesday's basically in protest against the strict rules that govern what women can and cannot wear in iran and the idea is that on wednesdays women wear an article of clothing that's why and some even actually take off they he shot which is of course so beaten and then they upload protests videos
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to social media sending a message to iran's religious leaders that they're not going to submit to what i say is oppression and as you just mentioned these protests take place on wednesdays but they have to be much more frequent than that we women and saying well we want to do these not just on wednesdays but any time any place but of course it's not without consequences last year a woman was sentenced to two years in jail for what was described as encouraging moral corruption there obviously taking a risk by doing this they're not just protesting the rules regarding the job or they know that protesting the rules regarding things like dancing because women are not allowed to dance in front of men that are not family members and this is a condition physical disobedience and again more videos social media videos like this has taken on social media in iran and they typically pop up when authorities
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punish other people for john things or people post them in support of. fallen foul of the law in twenty fourteen authorities sentenced some of these young men and women to suspended prison terms for being in a video dancing to a song cold happy to. dance. and probably can carry a penalty up to two years in jail is there any indication that these protests are actually changing i mean the wall is the wall we are. department here george surveillance today and basically they told us that these social media movements are contributing to a general feeling of contempt for authorities and a culture where authorities and religiously does less and less fear nowadays and we've got a video to show you of a woman here in a subway station standing up to a cleric who's told her to put on her job and then interesting really other men
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coming to her defense telling the cleric to leave her alone and similar situation elsewhere when a man really gets in the face of another cleric who told me that man's wife to cover iraq it's interesting to see how in some ways social media is imploding people to question this previously on conditional respect for clerics and that's that's changing. these these kinds of protests if we didn't have social media in the internet so i am wondering is it the regime in iran or the attempted then to turn off the internet or do you restrict access will. most social media networks ah blocked in iran but of course as in the case of many countries millions of iranians get around with with a v.p.n. helps them get online juries always we appreciate your reporting excellent insights there thank you. well my first guest grew up in iran under the shah and he became
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a student protest leader and was targeted by the shaws secret police after the nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution he was arrested and sent to prison for daring to champion freedom of thought and speech he spent almost a decade underground with his family and now lives here in germany i'm happy to welcome tonight. ralston condit is a writer and author and translator cliff good to have you on the program so iran is marking or having me iran is marking forty years since the islamic revolution what do you see when you look at your home country well it depends from what angle i look but they're not so people are making so many protests every day they did intellectuals and they are human rights activists political activists being arrested almost every day
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and they are not they are harshly in prison and the norm the ordinary people the people on the street and having a tough time because their income has been cut down by almost half in the in the span of a few months and they contract for many many. take on the contract for the name he says that these medicines everything in the price of everything is shooting up. and. it is not a happy land on you and i were talking today about how in one thousand seventy nine when you were a student you had lots of hopes for the revolution and what it would bring those hopes have been dashed does iran now need a new revolution. i wouldn't like to to put a name on what is going to happen but it is going to happen did the people have been
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in striving for the right to have a decent living and obviously only people in the writer's intellectuals have been striving for also having and that the freedom of expression and they are going to achieve achieve these demands but at what cost i don't know i hope i just hope that it will not be another bloodshed. similar or worse than what happened before this revolution until the people push the shah what do you see that that change revolution whatever we want to call it do you see it coming from within or do you see it being an catalyzed from al saw well there are lots of lots of forces trying to.
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have an impact from outside but i'm sure and i hope that i will not be mistaken i'm sure that it will come from within the country. from the people themselves and sometimes these interferences from abroad and from the powers to be. are causing obstacles problems for the people and for the activists who are accused frequently of working with the enemy. so. many people would like to leave to keep these interferences out and get on with then on top and today the this supreme leader said death to america does not mean death to americans but he said it does mean death to president trump is
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secretary of state and his national security adviser isn't that the same kind of hateful rhetoric which donald trump is accused of using i mean aren't these these rivals these enemies aren't they actually using the same tactics in the public sphere they are mirroring each other i wouldn't wish that for anybody why not wish life for everybody what the policies that the both of them are following. sorry. are going to bring death for many people and it's life is getting very difficult for people i hope we will not get to the stage like and unlike iraq food for oil which cause death for many children in iraq and. one can see that coming in iran and i hope they can avoid it and they become a people can get on with their lives let me ask you about the iran nuclear deal do
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you trust the regime as the european union appears to do and in trying to keep the deal alive i mean do you believe that the intentions of the leaders of iran when it comes to nuclear weapons do you believe those intentions can be checked and those intentions are good. well i couldn't john i couldn't judge what is going on in their minds but anybody nowadays would like to have nuclear weapons. just to keep themselves safe look at north korea look at libya before cutoff he was top boat and he gave up his nuclear weapons so the iranians are trying to avoid his fate yet but i think if the europeans and the international nuclear agency
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careful they can check if iran is abiding by its commitments and by what it has promised to do on the deal with the west and but with the with five plus one including gentleman he. arose from county writer author translator joining us tonight from munich and we appreciate your time tonight and your insights we appreciate you sharing your story with us as well thank you thank you very much. a bahraini born soccer player is on his way home to australia after spending more than two months in detention in thailand i came out. was freed after bahrain withdrew its extradition request. claimed asylum in australia back in two thousand and fourteen saying that he feared torture and even death if he were to be sent back his arrest
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in thailand during his honeymoon sparked an international outcry. art we'd like to bahraini human rights activist to talk about this case. al would die he is based in london with a group called the bahrain institute for rights and democracy and it's good to have you on the program tonight what was what was your first reaction to the news of iraqis release. i was a little much at the bell to heat of the new was and then when i was reading it breaking give you a. b. i was reading it again just to make sure that i'm reading it that i think it was an excitement moment it's m.-s. big city will be torture victims i'm behind and it's also a message that it's a city that if you message that when someone's cell phone or when someone goes through that would be like a human one hundred one and
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a ninety minute it could be as good ending and that's good ending with means that there should be persistence of continuing to advocate on the case i don't remember them but if they have scored that second called me from his prison cell in thailand telling me that about and there or not this and now just to see all of this night the man is coming to and i can't fix a price to have been this for this moment and i can't to make suppressed and yet. let me just ask you about we understand that there are other people in bangkok in thailand who are for extradition to bahrain in other words there are other people who are in the same situation will they also have this happy ending. i mean frankly speaking i'm an adult and that of cases but just for the record in two thousand and fourteen thousand as expedited at dorchester by of a two by day and nate that we had amnesty international and the commended but he
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had a fit about how he was tortured even beaten at the airplane and the guy is to this moment is continue to sit and look for imprisonment and be subjected to and tortured to beat meant and behind so as as far as they know there isn't any pending cases. which i can think. present or face think of this you know just by you know talking with us tonight you are a vocal critic of the authorities in bahrain and i gather that you even your family you say has is paying a price for that spoken criticism tell me about that. yeah as hack you said is that when individuals seek to move to end of the country to seek a refugee we thought that this is what we are going to get to put the action we have a freedom of speech freedom of expression we could accept we could exercise for
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rights for this point unity i was stunned with the ality that my actions would have consequences for me personally the consequences for the closest to me so that when the government and able to come after me. they came the closest the most beloved to me and they started with my infant son at eighteen months at the time i don't with his mother being how she was to be fit at the airport and then to prom traveling following up with this i took against the king of spain and using this seven hours of interrogation she was told that they will offend our family member one by one and in march two thousand and seventeen they started with in prison and had a mother brother and cousin and they all languish behind bars having between three years to eleven years my mother in law being even denying by telling me to get treatment as she being i guess it really beaten and tortured and that's when the
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united nations raised had a case where i'm at a case was also raised in the british parliament right since september my mother no hasn't been able to see our committee weeks the. only will being the it's an end and a long list right there of mistreatment and we really do appreciate you taking the time to talk with us this evening we certainly recognize the risks involved in doing that but. what i have the bahrain institute for rights and democracy in london thank you very much thank you very much thank. you all the berlin international film festival is in full swing and guess who was there wus maya sweeter and scott rocks for of course they are down at. the red carpet good evening guys i understand you got to watch the movie
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vice and i understand it's all some red carpet action earlier this evening tell me about it. yeah vice of course stars christian bale of who inhabits the body of former vice president dick cheney and mr bale mr batman himself was here on the red carpet and we could talk with the film in a second but to be really superficial to start off christian bale gained a huge amount of weight for this role to like slip into the skin of dick cheney he almost literally yeah almost literally here on the red carpet the damn books felt i mean it was unbelievable i mean he said this all the time he goes up and down the way for rolled back and forth he's like a human yo yo diet i'm not i'm a hipster beard back now the thing yeah yeah it was amazing i basically see just a few feet away from us probably my best moment so far the spill. yeah he's a long way from jackson hole wyoming that's for sure what was your help film of the
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day my i'll start with you. well my stand up on the day was actually vice i really enjoyed this film has its historical accuracy has to be taken with a bit of a ground but christian bale's acting was fantastic because of the board generally it was fantastic and i thought it was actually a really creative way to tell a story that can't really be journalistically verified considering how much cheney tried to keep his fingerprints off of history even though he had such a huge influence and really stepped right up through today so that was for me yeah you know i grew great great film i think it's made it difficult these days with trump in the in the white house to do political satire like this so i'm not sure if it fully works in that context but it's very very entertaining but for me particularly today when it's the fortieth anniversary of the iranian revolution another film really stood out and that's a documentary from a iranian german director called born female and it's her personal story going back
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to try to examine her past because she was born in the notorious prison of being the political prison where parents were being. kept she was born there later was able to immigrate with her family to germany and never really knew the true story of what happened and the documentary is incredibly powerful also because it looks at how that trauma the trauma forty years ago of the islamic revolution how that still affects not just the people who went through it but also the second and third generation it's very good point and one that we heard earlier tonight on this very show we we've got about thirty seconds guys what are you looking forward to tomorrow. well i'm most looking forward to this new everything franklin documentary that's coming out that is actually was shot in the seventy's while she was reporting her most famous album amazing grace and we've been advised to not just bring a box of kleenex but an entire bucket of clay next to us yeah i can occur that's a film of thing everyone's been talking about every time i spoke to loves the i love that this must be incredibly powerful so i think the franklin big film come
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here to really and i hope it's going to get the r.-e. s.-p. can see t. find out what it means to me that's right my it's waiter it's got roxboro at the bell and all of the yarns. are that they have nearly done but the conversation continues online you'll find us w dot com on twitter at w news or you can follow me at bring t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody. will.
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recall india enough of all this embarrassment mensuration is still a taboo subject in india women. hygiene products are hard to find one group wants to change this by many freshman senator. and so when the door to door. he explained to them they should be used instead of. next.
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an eco tory eligible entia a journey by the rail to aqua to. the ridge winds its way past the peace of the land. trombonist a month of the stunning scenery. and discover the traces of ancient indigenous culture. really of the rise of ecuador by train. in forty five minutes on w. . crimes against humanity civilians who become witnesses of. their recorded images travel around the globe via social media. but what is propaganda fiction and what is factual digital investigators comb through the flood
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of images they combine sources to try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of the protestant. forensics between bits and bytes. truth detectives starts feb fifteenth on t.w. . hello welcome to a brand new episode of india a sustainability magazine that puts the focus on change makers who are finding solutions to the biggest problems facing our world today i'm sunk tarago coming to you from the city of mumbai in india. over the next thirty minutes our travel company in food is going beyond its call of.


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