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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2019 5:45pm-6:01pm CET

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it's a reduced dependency on russian oil it tries to soulsville liquid natural gas from the united states but could africa's gas exporters help as well. also on the show beer sales are fizzing across africa as the world's big brew is understand the continent is among tops grossmont. this is business africa. africa means jobs and that means it needs investment for countries like germany whose export driven economy leans heavily on overseas manufacturing and markets that's an opportunity which is why germany's development minister is in our krug amounts a day where he says german firms have a lot to like about the larger african market. the i.m.f. says africa needs to create eighteen million jobs annually up to twenty thirty five to employ its rapidly growing population and while traditional development aid has targeted areas like health and infrastructure experts say more private investment
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is needed to spur business but domestic pulls are limited meaning external players like germany can play a greater role ghana in particular is an example the host of this week's german african business summit has undertaken reforms to cut red tape and moved up on the world bank's ease of doing business ranking folks wagon announced last summer it was building a plant in the country we're also making sure that we create an environment that has great partnership appeal jean look at this this and for and activist this and so far it's worked out well a lot of the reforms as also happening economy wide to make sure that garner claims to the to be the best business environment in africa many of the world's fastest growing economies are in africa more reason for european businesses to take a closer look. taking a closer look is fine but will it be enough let's bring in our correspondent. who
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is german african business summit in. in. any concrete results from that conference there have been concrete results from this makes the key highlight has been the signing of a deal that is supposed to establish a german dax one of africa's biggest banks access bank in gaza so that financial support and solutions can be provided for german businesses operating in ghana and parts of africa also to help gagnon businessmen who are doing business ways jim on a business is the whole idea is that financing businesses in africa has been a challenge and so once that support is provided it helps so concrete decisions have been taken here and concrete deals have also been signed to hope of growth in africa. these these concerts they normally produce a lot of goodwill and well intentioned speeches but has there been any firm
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commitments from the germans especially with regard to due to jobs for example what a german government is saying is that it wants to and power and noble african governments to create jobs for themselves awful for the our people and themselves it doesn't have to be a foreign country i actually stimulating the economy and creating jobs for young people especially the german government is committed to helping in training young people and we've done that through various institutions and parts of africa in ghana as world to ensure that young people are trained the eye given their skills needed so that they can be employable so that has been the push from the german government in terms of doing tree and business with african countries. thank you very much. thank you
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now another german minister the economics minister paper of my is in talks today with the united states of about importing more liquid natural gas which could help berlin reduce its dependence on russian oil and gas l.n.g. stands for liquefied natural gas that's the abbreviation and many countries across africa are also gearing up to jump into that market both exporters and as potential customers let's have a closer look gas rich mozambican tanzania spectrum to start exporting l.n.g. from twenty twenty joining cameroon and goa and equitorial genea and goler for instance has proven reserves of more than three hundred billion cubic meters and is already exporting most of it the us has only recently begun to break into the l.n.g. market but experts say the americans could become the third largest exporter in the world by twenty twenty just behind qatar and australia the u.s.
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currently has three ports to load l.n.g. gas supplier shown here operates two facilities in louisiana and texas while dominion and he operates out of maryland over a dozen more terminals are currently under construction or plant and l.n.g. could also help solve another problem the dirty little secret of world trade and she could help reduce the huge carbon emissions of large ships currently powered by heavy oils. this crowd is here to see the christening of a very special ship. the kyra's is the world's largest bunker supply vessel for liquid natural gas or l. and g. with a capacity of seventy five hundred cubic metres it's a floating gas station of sorts enabling other ships to fill up with l.n.g. anywhere even out at sea. it's a flexible approach to what some call the fuel of the future we have glider ship for if we have ships with small tanks that can certainly be supplied with allen
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jeep by a truck before the big ships the big ferries cruise liners all container ships we can send a hundred trucks to fill up that tank that's why we need to supply vessel like this one it uses. in fact refueling from a ship is much easier than from a tank truck which can be an elaborate procedure as seen here in cook's half and in germany. ellen g. mainly consists of methane that's been liquefied by cooling down to minus one hundred sixty degrees celsius critics of the fuel complain about the energy costs of cooling the gas but once tougher emission rules go into effect in twenty twenty ship operators will be obliged to use lower sulfur fuel than they do today which could make l.n.g. more competitive. just. that means up fuel will get considerably more expensive which will reduce the gap between the l. and g. price in the fuel oil price secret with you so there's
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a lot in motion in the sector and the bottom line is we need l. and g. in shipping to make more progress in climate and environmental protection it's. hamburg based shipping company lloyd is leading the way it's retrofitting a three hundred seventy meter long container ship to run an l. and g. the company plans to have it fueled in rotterdam and singapore but it is aware that a container ship is in a different league from the many ferries that are already powered by l. and g. . i fell off at full. it's very sales from a to b. and in l.a. and maybe maybe there are ellen g. filling stations so you can always be sure that you can fuel your ferry but our ships at sea for many many weeks and we dock at many different ports all around the world so if something doesn't cover according to plan and you have to refuel earlier than you thought then you might have a problem because the next port where you can get l.n.g. might be thousands of kilometers away and get huntington and that's where
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a bunker supply vessel like the cairo is comes in in twenty nineteen it will remain in the baltic sea but in future it may be deployed to ports world wide. rocco has reached a new deal overfishing with the european union the sustainable fisheries partnership agreement or s f p a will be valid for four years the package will allow vessels from the e.u. countries to catch tuna sardines on macro in the waters of the western sahara and morocco in exchange the e.u. will pay morocco just over two hundred million euros most of which has been earmarked to promote sustainable fish and practices in the country. now to some of the other global business headlights india's antitrust commission is looking into accusations that google abuses its popular and droid mobile operating system to block rivals the body has been reviewing a case similar to one google faced in europe that led to
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a fine of over four billion euros last year. which google is now appealing. german tameka b.m.w. is recalling half a million cars that could be equipped with faulty our bags the safety devices in five and x five series can inflate unexpectedly and injure passengers the company previously had to remove forty year bans made by a now defunct japanese supplier to carter. in germany the interior minister has called for a change in the law that would see stricter conditions apply. two foreign producers of telecommunications equipment is mulling whether to let china swallow way be part of building germany's five gene at work the telecoms equipment maker has close ties to the chinese military one of the proposed changes companies taking part would need to undergo security set a situation and sign a no spy agreement. aimed at monitoring wall why better as opposed to excluding it from the german market itself the china blasted the u.s.
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for attempting to stop countries doing business with huawei. when it comes to beer africa as currently a largely well untapped market like nigeria with a population expected to grow to four hundred ten million by twenty fifty many international brewing companies are eyeing up the vast potential market pouring investments into the country. the main looked like seasoned drinkers but here in nigeria taking the edge off with a tipple hasn't traditionally been a national trace. where the fall of the leaf was always keep the law of. moses beside the way that we all love these days but a loss is relative the average nigerian consumes just nine liters of beer per year compared that to germany where the average is one hundred and four liters per person. days a lot of room for root in these markets there's
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a lot of room to excite because you was more i one brewing company hoping to excite consumers is belgian based on hisor bush in bad it's recently opened a factory in the outskirts of lagos. because of the big big leagues it's been five meaning if you look at it in africa i mean both above the fourth or fifth biggest economy in africa if you want to play a big thing you have to be in legals when it comes to topping into the market businesses are pinning their hopes on the young hof of nigeria's population is under thirty five that's tens of millions of people with decades left to develop a taste for the better stuff. and that's.
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the generic. t.w. . exclusive interview venezuela's opposition leader accuses the government of a silent genocide. of thousands could die if the president refuses to allow humanitarian aid into the country also on the program. germany's
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labor gap a new study shows the country needs a quarter of a million. worse because every year to offset its aging population. i'm going.


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