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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2019 7:00am-7:31am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin and convicted drug lord el chapo says the fight is not over the u.s. court finds you or him good spon guilty of ten charges he could spend the rest of his life behind bars but his lawyer says the verdicts were unfair also coming up could spain's prime minister pedro sanchez be facing his downfall his socialist government is trying to get its budget passed by parliament but council parties looked likely to vote against. the girl whose pain moved the world and helped
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and to be at war now unesco goodwill ambassador and peace activist she's received the peace prize awarded by the german city of dresden. and we'll have the latest from the berlin film festival where plans have been finding out what it's like to grow up in a tough neighborhood of naples in the movie. hello i'm terry march and welcome to the program the mexican drug lord known as el chapo is to appeal against the ten guilty verdicts handed down by a u.s. jury the lawyer for you joaquin guzman said the trial was unfair and declared the fight isn't over because man was convicted of running a massive drug smuggling operation and other related crimes he could now spend the
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rest of his life behind bars the verdicts came after a three month trial in which jurors heard what's being called an avalanche of evidence against this month. joaquin guzman impassive even as he waited extradition to the u.s. seemingly snared for the final time after two audacious escapes and years eluding the authorities. the same stoicism was on display as the man known as el chapo was convicted of all ten counts related to decades of drug trafficking he gave his wife a thumbs up as he was led from the new york courtroom. to u.s. authorities meanwhile were in a triumphant mood. this conviction we expect will bring a sense of life without the possibility of parole is a sense from which there is no escape and no return. this conviction
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is a victory for the american people who is suffered so long and so much want guzman made billions pouring poison over our southern border chrisman will likely be housed at this supermax prison in florence colorado known as the alcatraz of the rockies authorities are confident guzman won't find it as amenable to escape as the two prisons he sensationally broke out of in his native mexico. those escapes including one down a tunnel dug from underneath his prison cell toilet and a subsequent rolling stone interview with star actor sean penn have contributed to guzman's almost mythological status in his home country. there was a hollywood element to guzman's recapture by mexican authorities as they stormed his hideout in two thousand and sixteen they said later that el chapo was meeting with pan had been instrumental in leading them to him. but some of the charges that
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got guzman convicted are anything but myths conspiracy to commit murder money laundering and a legit use of violence against enemies of his powerful cinna lower drug cartel. el chapo is set to be sentenced in june and will likely spend the rest of his life in jail his attorney says he will appeal the conviction. our washington correspondent helen humphrey has been following the trial and sent us this assessment for the u.s. government this guilty verdict is a moment in history after a decades long cat and mouse like game between your enforcement and the world's most wanted drug trafficker joaquin guzman known as el chapo time simply seems to be above the law he was the mastermind behind a network of tunnels allowing for the trafficking of tons of costs a drugs from mexico into the united states tunnels which also saw him escape from
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prison on two occasions and in twenty seventeen mexico finally granted an extradition request from the united states fearing that if he continued to invade their clutches justice may never be served but as much as el chapo story seems reminiscent of a hollywood movie his crimes were serious at times very grisly they exposed corruption in many levels of mexican government and as head of the soon a low a cartel he pocketed some fourteen billion dollars he's now due to be sentenced in june and it's expected that this time he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. now to spain where there could be a stop election if the socialist government's budget plans don't get approved by parliament today prime minister peter sanchez is reliant on the support of two catalan pro independence parties to get his budget passed but it's unlikely he'll succeed because the catalan parties have so far given the budget
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a blanket rejection they say they would be open to negotiate if the government promises them a dialogue on the right to self-determination for catalonia that right however is prohibited by the spanish calls to to shift well for more on this vote let's cross now to journalist jaime. in madrid hi made the prime minister has been criticized for his attempts to start a dialogue with the catalan national parties what do you be prepared to negotiate further with them in order to get their support on this budget deal well a bit of time that has been always open to negotiate with a country and parties as you said. my no one thousand government they're supporting by lament and they're fun to. try and tool and the table gothic got on with enough of the negotiations for the twenty nine thousand the council and by two
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thousand last minutes decided to introduce this how the timing nation in those negotiations and that is how we got here they decided to vote taking the budget last week and bit of time to decided to remove he's all for dialogue but the prime minister has the youth youth he is always ready to talk with them but there's on the one red line which is this so that their nation. well certainly the president or the part of the prime minister rather is between a rock and a hard place there could the government fall over this budget. it is quite it's quite possible that the government will fall probably if the if they are not able to pass a twenty nine hundred nineteen budget is very possible that maybe even early next week by the sounds of we call them is not election and right now it's
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just a matter of when the selection will take place. talking maybe at the end of april and then there's also the all the option. that would be in may this regional or local elections around the end of may and this and the general election would be probably together with those all the elections in a super sunday as we call it here in spain but at the moment we don't know if it's going to be earlier a brit or maybe later on may yes although if i understand you correctly it sounds like people really are expecting the government to fall over this if that were to happen what would that mean for the catalan independence movement. yeah it's almost sure that. once it is not able to pass the twenty nine thousand budget we don't know if the last minute the catalan pieties will change their minds i
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don't think so that is definitely bad news for them in the mouth in the event of new elections and pressure lections in spain the future will be really think that the right wing parties and when the election they can form a coalition the people of piety the liberal democrats feel the latinos and their new fire right parties both they can form out for lucian and they are very very. strict and they have a different approach to the cattle and question and probably they will be. calling for. they would be reactivating their one hundred fifty five article of the constitution which means taking over and they've gotten that to outearn i mean and have direct rule of that's the only one from from spain and in the case of
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a conviction for the that elite and are now on trial in the case of that ok probably stationary the penitentiary benefits would be different with a fire with a right. government in bottle in parliament thomas thank you so much for bringing us up to date on my last quest in madrid well that budget vote will take place a day after the trial of twelve catalan separatist leaders began in the spanish capital madrid as jaime was pointing out the defendants face charges of rebellion and sedition over their roles in the two thousand and seventeen independence referendum and that referendum was deemed illegal by spain supreme court if convicted the defendants could face decades in prison. dawn in madrid spain as trial of the century begins twelve catalan defendants formally regional government ministers now stand accused of rebellion and sedition by the spanish state. kim
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torah catalonians current president who is not facing charges talks to his colleagues before the trial community education about its being seen as a test of spain's unity and of its judicial system that is being televised to fend off potential accusations of not being fully transparent but. outside protests some pro independence. and some anti here supporters of the far right vox party which is in a quirk of the spanish justice system actually part of the prosecution. they definitely could be in for a long time the separatists have been challenging the unity of spain the constitutional order they have been doing that due to the systematic an action of several spanish governments got off a little bit because well we had all this but you as the trial began in madrid in berlin carlos pushed him on who spearheaded the catalan independence vote in two
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thousand and seventeen that was then declared illegal by the central spanish government spoke from self-imposed exile. but if you really are you sure came up with hellish but you know from today the spanish traditional system is being tested here we are going to hear it we're in a democracy in a rule of law government judicial system is one of the fundamental pillars. in all this is a stress test for spanish democracy. after work thousands of pro independent supporters congregate in barcelona spain's government may hope this trial draws a line under a constitutional and political crisis but for thousands of supporters of catalonia is independence the trial might not resolve anything at all. look at some other stories. making news around the world today australia is set to reopen a controversial offshore migrant detention camp on christmas island close to indonesia the government said it was expecting
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a new wave of poseidon seekers arriving by boat that's after it was defeated in parliament when m.p.'s passed a law that would give sick asylum seekers and other offshore camps easier access to mainland hospitals my wildfires are raging in southern chile authorities in the city of query on have raised the highest alert highest level of alert in the region but they say people's homes are safe as the country's south bottle's the blaze the north is dealing with flooding and landslides that have left at least six people dead and u.s. president donald trump says he may extend his march first deadline for reaching a trade deal with china said he might do so if the two countries are close to reaching a deal if there's no agreement u.s. tariffs are set to more than double on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports you no reason to do that no other polities germany's president. is on
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a visit to colombia his trip comes at a time when colombians are worried about the crisis across the border in venezuela they fear it could erupt into a full scale civil war germany is keen to help prevent that. and escalation by a show arrived in bogota only a few weeks ago but already she's out on the streets from morning to evening selling sweets she's desperate to earn a little cash so she can feed her baby boy. i left venezuela because i couldn't buy anything that no food no diapers. escalating story is typical for the many venezuelans who have fled hardship at home and who live a hand to mouth existence in colombia there are no migrant camps to shelter them often the only help they receive comes from the generosity of the locals. the government can afford to offer only limited aid with so many colombians living in poverty themselves. the german president's visit comes at
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a critical time colombians have shown compassion responding to the mass migration into their country. but they're worried the political crisis across the border will escalate into civil war. further swelling the number of new arrivals. frank walter steinmeier is keen to prevent that. is missing mid to long vehicle for. we have to find ways and means to avoid the bloodshed that many fear could ensue in venezuela. shipments so that's why i hope that there will soon be a presidential election. in the presidential election which will give quite both a legitimacy that he himself sees as necessary. it's fair father to should steinmeyer and colombia's president even to k. i agree that aid needs to get into venezuela as quickly as possible no bit of meet
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the to not let humanitarian aid into the country is a crime against humanity. he said if you make it was it has to happen fast. that the international community could not accept the current situation. the world can't stand by and do nothing as aid is prevented from entering and i think that we do can believe everything must be done to get aid into venezuela he did not say if that should include military intervention. every year the people of the german city of dresden remember it's intense bombing during world war two as part of that remembrance they award the dresden peace prize and this year's winner is peace activist kim phuc upon t. a photo of her taken during the vietnam war became one of the most famous war protests of all time. met her interest.
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is to say that home will to be the recipient of such a thing that this team was word. with so much meaning behind him for his famous for being the subject of a photograph. a photograph of such power that it galvanized public opinion around the world about the war in vietnam and helped change the course of history. voice. oh boy totally. my peace you know my mouth my i my body is the worst moment of human mean. as a little girl i felt so embarrassed why i was
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naked and my brothers my passing was close on. i just stood right there and i turned my hat and i saw four bombs landing lead that fire was everywhere and the fire actually bird michaels. almost nine you know and i remember i thought oh my goodness i got. so i would be out. and so people always see me a different way of course that moment that picture that day and my life what i have. now i know i have a picture i am not. feeling embarrassed like before.
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but is not much today until the moment when i have a child i love my boy. never one the children suffer like that little girl is me and so from that point is that really touch me and that picture became soul powerful give for me. if everyone can learn to live with love with hope and forgiveness absolutely we don't need war. eef. can do it so everyone can do it too.
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now to the berlin international film festival where. waiter caught a screening of karada a film about growing up in a tough neighborhood of naples and calling foul of the law firm you're young you have money and guns. the world is your oyster. at least until someone kills you piranhas tells the story of a group of young men from central working class naples they descend into crime as they pursue girls shoes and complete control over their neighborhood. but it's not just a simple coming of age story it's based on reality the director and writers say the film's themes of youth powerlessness and crime are universal i feel. this film is but it's really about adolescence so it's not a sociological film or at least we weren't trying to make a film about the sociology of the criminal underworld there it was simply
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a way to tell the story but at the heart of it it was a story about adolescence and its relationship to a certain type of criminality that you know. for everyone involved this story was deeply personal hundreds of thousands of people leave italy every year it's the only way for a poor young italian to find a better life except that is to be seduced by money guns and glory and turn to organized crime. lead actor francesco to napoli said he found it all too easy to identify with his character because he comes from as he put it a difficult area of naples. even though i've always worked to drive try to avoid them i know people like this who are gang members. everyone involved in this project clearly felt passionately about it these were non actors actually from the neighborhood in the film and the statement that the movie makes about life in southern italy makes it loki one of the most political films of the festival.
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famous for his two thousand and six book amara wrote the book on which is based and co-wrote the script. of course this is the political story in the highest sense it's the story of a generation and it's destiny that is this the only money and power that. is in competition for the golden bear at the berlin film festival. a local personal story whose sense of hopelessness mixed with aspiration can be felt the world over. some football for the champions league round of sixteen is under way with two matches played last night the biggest draw also a premier league side manchester united host french powerhouse. despite p.s.g. being with superstars neymar and edison bonnie they outclassed their hosts after
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a scoreless opening half p.s.g. took the lead in the fifty third minute just seven minutes later football sensation kilian made it to nil to manchester united's woes store paul was sent off in the dying minutes of the game and will miss the return leg in paris next month. in tuesday's other champions league match hosts roma edged out portuguese side porto thanks to nineteen year old nicolo zanjero lol the teenage midfielder scored both goals for the italian side to seal a two one victory the result ended porto's five game winning streak in the champions league this season well there are three german clubs left in the champions league and every one of them will face opposition from england starting tonight when dortmund face tottenham next week by and munich will play liverpool in shock a take on manchester city so with the bundesliga heading into
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a direct comparison with the premier league we took a look at the differences and similarities between two of europe's european football's powerhouses. the oficial trailer of the english premier league sells itself as a global spectacle it is after all the richest football league in the world and for that reason also the most glamorous. of the ten clubs in the world with the highest revenue six are from england. the bundesliga trailer is somewhat more modest its strategy aims to play on emotions. on the pitch the bundesliga can still go toe to toe with the premier league when it comes to marketing strategies and t.v. revenues however there is a gulf between the two divisions for the schools of course the big money is going
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to stand in glint and there's nothing we can do about that at the moment being in the nuts and we often forget that in the domestic markets english clubs earn less revenue than german club the big difference is in the international broadcast rights and of course they have a certain advantage there in terms of the language you can spot. english is spoken around the world which boosts the international popularity of english clubs and the value of the worldwide television rights in that area the premier league are in four times as much as the bundesliga. the total revenue of the premier league at the moment is two point three billion euros a season for the bundesliga it's just one point one billion. this massive money is pretty helpful when it comes to attracting playing and coaching talent you're going club and pep guardiola aren't the only imports from germany seven of the ten most expensive bundesliga transfers went to premier league clubs.
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investors to are lining up to get a piece of the premier league by english football has become a playground for the world's super rich. and you just want to. i don't want an english system where the ticket prices are driven so high by investors. can search up. so high that an entire section of society can't afford to go to the games anymore because it's not up it. a trip to the stadium in england is expensive youngsters are hard to find here. the cheapest ticket to watch tottenham hosting dortmund is around thirty four year zero s. a ticket for the return leg in germany on the other hand can be had for about half that. and the upcoming champions league clashes between premier league and bundesliga sides we'll find out who's worth the money.
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you're watching news after a short break christophe kobo from our business desk will be here with me talking about hope that high stakes u.s. china trade talks in beijing this week could have a positive outcome. all that much more coming up with our business news thanks for being with us.
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france's yellower back. is bound to boil over it's a lot of this is really dangerous. the yellow vest movement has friends and leadership on the defensive. what happens when so many citizens feel politically alienated. played. sixty minutes long t w. a war of obscene wealth.
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india's new maharajah allow fleeting glimpses of. the subcontinent economics has made them billionaires. elect their revelling in their lives for trying. to lose numerous lives glenda umana rogers of it starts feb nineteenth long d.w. . once upon a time there was a young girl with a burning ambition. to become a conductor. i was a very curious child and very excited and in love with music and i would go to concerts with my parents and. yearn for being on stage with the musicians and being part of that magic it was a difficult road at first but. she really did become world famous conductor
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eleven columns of the luck of us lamaist. starts feb eighteenth on t.w. . cut. a flexible deadline trade talks between chinese and u.s. negotiators enter crucial stages president trump says the march first deadline to reach a compromise could be extended if talks were going well also coming up supplies of some common prescription medicines are already lower in britain and many fear inventories will suffer even more after the u.k. leaves the european union next month.


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