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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2019 7:45am-8:01am CET

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we'll also meet up and coming young soprano as a dries. herself. but we begin with the american photographer cindy sherman she's this year's winner of the prestigious maxed spectrum prize which recognizes outstanding performances in the artistic field sherman is considered one of the most important and influential artists of her generation throughout her career she has explored identity and the nature of representation in society especially of women. cindy sherman has been photographing herself since the one nine hundred seventy s. but her works are not self portraits in the classic sense of an artist taking a look at their authentic self instead sherman takes on different personas in her own imagine scenarios critiquing gender and identity.
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in this series for instance should women in their fifty's trying to recant or their last year. is even be on distance to see how different they are the one with the lion's mane of hair could be kind of barbra streisand impersonator and she has the kind of hunky golf looks sinful and so the women his guy says hello i'm stupid a fool in sixty six i can seduce you. sherman's photos sell for millions of dollars the now sixty five year old artist uses makeup wigs and clothing to create images of women images in which we can often recognize ourselves. as all in you she must have an enormous stock of costumes in a studio. cindy sherman the woman of a thousand faces and not only beautiful ones but also ones that seem ugly or nightmarish. the action in them because she demands indian
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starting back in the nineteen eighties she was creating work in which fantasies of death and dismemberment perversions the shocking and the nightmarish side. only a pia. have to flip through some foresight. also disconcerting are her clown photos which don't adhere to expectations there's not much to laugh about here. this month that makes these images mostly lied like all her photos. her photos are all untitled one more way that cindy sherman's work remains cryptic and open to interpretation. now there are many facets to the berlin international film festival and one of them is the shooting stars project every year the european film promotion networks select ten young actors from around the continent as shooting stars the actors may have already made
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a name for themselves in their own countries but by inviting them to the film festival it gives them all a chance to hopefully branch out internationally. thank of the international film world war upon these ten young stars of tomorrow made their big appearance at the berlin international film festival accepting their european shooting star of this year's class includes in america even one from norway and you learn much from serbia. thanks. each year the shooting stars come to berlin for a whirlwind four days full of activity with one appointment after the next. they have interviews with the press and they meet casting directors from around the world as well as producers and directors. they take advantage of every opportunity to make their faces known for the film business which comes together in a concentrated form at the bellina. i thought it was going to feel like
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just we're like now we have to make contacts and this is a. stepping stone. that i feel like it's much more inspiring and less than i expected i very happy because of here of course this great opportunity for me i think it's a big deal for a young guy to the main question for me is. what about after this award. we're through with your school on the students who. is ishmael and march had his biggest success today with duff a lot of which screened in the twenty eighteen billion dollars competition it's picked a group of writers with the soviet state of the one nine hundred seventy s. . the young serbian actor learned russian in just three months and gained twenty kilos all to lend authenticity to his portrayal of the poet surrogate of lot of.
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intimate leave this man is earning praise for her work in so many other white swan a biopic of. hollywood star and ice skating legend son yanni the film shows how henne ended up defeated by the male dominated film business the man learned to ice skate like a pro for the role despite breaking several bones in the process. the shooting stars put everything they have into their roles and into their time at the belly nonna and they're rewarded with great interest from around the world i was always loving the european film actors i asked the directors and producers to consider a long list usually of international child. so remember the names in the movie even on and on my you're sure to be hearing a lot from them soon. now joining me from the thrall being hawked of the film festival is my colleague david levitz david two names to remember the day they
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joined a few shooting stars who have since become household names. yeah actually more than a few others but i can't fill up the whole show i know so i won't list them all i'll just give you a few names ever heard of rachel advice she was a shooting star back in one nine hundred ninety eight now this year she's up for potentially her second oscar for the favorite and her husband the one and only daniel craig he was a shooting star back in two thousand now he's known as double zero seven the whole world knows him as the james bond with the best beach body of the hall another new you might know the least you have the candor of sweden yeah kandor of sweden she was a shooting star not long ago right before she starred in the danish girl now she's laura croft in two murders so this really is a launching pad for international fame here at the ballet nala. is perhaps too.
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soon now. and the german independent filmmaker. has a new movie with the interesting title i was a poem but now you've seen it was it interesting. robyn let me just tell you what happened in the movie theater as i was seeing it i was in the press screening before the world premiere so full of film critics and i have to tell you about half of them at some point or other dozed off for a little bit now that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad piece of art but it definitely means that the film critics are falling asleep this is not a film for a wider audience i'll tell you a little bit about it though the plot if you can call it a plot is basically the story of a young man who comes home his mother finds him he's covered in dirt we never really find out where he's been and we get a glimpse into this family there's some joyous moments there are moments of of
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rupture of emotional outburst. but in the end we don't really know what exactly is going on because there's very little dialogue the camera is very static and actually the director told us at the press conference that she only moves the camera if she absolutely has to if she sees a reason to i personally would argue that keeping your audience awake might be a reason to move the camera. point of contention there ok david thank you very much obviously that one is in competition but it doesn't look from your point of view that it's going to win david we'll have to leave it for now thanks very much for being with us we'll speak to you again very soon. now turn our attention to the opera singer as dry you see she was a bit of a shooting star in the opera world but it's quickly established herself as a leading siren lowest here in berlin at the start. of a very young age for an operatic soprano she is just twenty seven years old we
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spent a day with her. i mean our singer and today is a work day for me. and i'm singing do the same in media brylin staatsoper is like a second home for me to. work day begins with warm ups and vocal training. backstage the singers are pretty relaxed many walk around in back roads and slippers. my greatest wish my dream is to constantly renew myself. to never suddenly
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think i've reached my limit i can't go any further this sushi of assisting good can this fight again. the same role another hairstyle elsa device which is once again singing the role of your set in the opera the day. the singer with the stunning voice studied in paris and might see her parents are also opera singers i was. in this the printers i did performing on stage since i was six but there's a great picture i have to show you this photo reveals so much about my life up until now when this if i spent it all on stage even at six or seven and you see how happy i am it's been. backstage during the performance
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she prepares for next rulin stay up all these oh are. are. it's time for the curtain call. elza device back in costume once again at the end of the day to take our final bow. i. think. i'm sorry but i have to say i'm relieved because a couple of people told me that it was really good. after the show she autographed copies of her debut album there was another day in the life of an opera singer comes to a close. and another name to watch and i do like
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a voice not too much good broth so i locked up if you'd like to know more about how or any of all shooting stars at the film festival or indeed any of the topics on arts and culture go to our website at d w don't call them slash culture for today though that's it thanks very much for watching and do join us again soon by.
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france's yellow rebellion a movement against mccall. most of it was a bounce of oil over its a little space is really dangerous. the yellow vests movement has france's leadership on the defensive. what happens when so many citizens feel politically alienated. some thirty minutes on dublin. it's time for berlin sixty nine film festival. we give you the lowdown on all
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the stars. and gossip. the clean up twenty nine thousand every day on. earth home to millions of species. worth saving. google ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like deals to protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action global audience and series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. i was here when i arrived here i slept with people in a room similar it was hard i was fair. i even got white hairs that. benjamin language never thought this keeps me and little bunch making to entrap
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lives and say you want to know their story blood spurting and reliable information for margaret. this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin a convicted drug lord el chapo says the fight is not over a u.s. court finds you walking correspondent guilty of ten charges he could spend the rest of his life behind bars but his lawyer says the verdicts were unfair also coming up could spain's prime minister peter childish as be facing his downfall the socialist
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government is trying to get its budget passed by parliament but catalog parties will likely to torpedo it.


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