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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2019 9:30am-9:46am CET

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digitally investigators combed through the flood of images they combine sources try to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate claims of crimes thanks to this video recording one of the soldiers who shot the young man is on trial now. also runs exchange between bits and bytes. truth detectives starts feb fifteenth on t.w. . a flexible deadline as a trade talks between chinese and u.s. negotiators enter crucial stages president trump says the march first ultimatum to reach a compromise could be extended if talks were going well also coming up singapore is already a top destinations for e.u. investment and it could very soon see lots more we will tell you why and supplies
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of some common prescription to prescription medicines are already lower in britain many fear inventories will suffer even more after the u.k. leaves the european union next month. i'm crystal kober good to have you with us apparently the deadline is a flexible one u.s. president donald trump is signaled he may give a trade negotiations between the u.s. and china more time initially fresh u.s. terrorist on chinese goods were set to come into effect by march first should both sides not reach a comprehensive trade agreement before hand the latest round of high stakes talks begins on thursday in beijing. it sounded like another off the cuff remark. but if you've been following the trade spat between the united states and china these words delivered ahead of another round of high stakes talks carried
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special waste. ten percent or two hundred billion goes up to twenty five percent and march first and so far i've said don't do that now if we're close to a deal where we think we can make a real deal and it's going to get done i could see myself living that slide for a little while but generally speaking i'm not inclined to do that whether or not he is inclined to do is the message of rising in beijing the march first deadline to either reach a deal or be subjected to another round of crippling tariffs is no longer set in stone but that flexibility isn't likely to come cheap the united states is determined to get china to make sweeping reforms to protect american intellectual property and industrial subsidies. failure to make progress on those issues may be the real red line determining the deadline. now let's talk some more trade the european union and singapore are one step closer to signing off on
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a long negotiated free trade agreement it's a sign of the use deeper push for open market accords with asian countries the european parliament will decide by wednesday afternoon in brussels if it approves the deal but all indications show that it will it's the first trade agreement with a member of the association of southeast asian nations a group of countries in the region that have teamed up to promote economic growth now the deal aims to remove virtually all barriers to trade within five years in the past year trade between the e.u. and singapore amounted to fifty three billion euros it's hoped the agreement will result in a rise of up to ten percent and bilateral trade the e.u. is already singapore's most important export destination for services and singapore is that used largest trading partner in south east asia now for some more perspective on this deal let's go to our correspondent max hoffmann in strasbourg at the european parliament where the lawmakers will vote on the deal later today
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max good to see you bilateral investment between singapore and the e.u. is over two hundred and fifty billion euros that seems an awful lot for a small country like singapore tell us more on that. well i don't know anything more than you do except that of course those are two very highly developed regions that have been trading for quite some time now so it's a fit and you mentioned some of the numbers right there very important trading partner for the european union the most important one in the region in fact a third of the trade of the european union straight in the region goes through singapore and how will this deal change things given the already rapid pace of development we're seeing how will the average european and singapore and sit ins ins know that they have a free trade deal later on well you have your classic parts of a trade deal meaning that you take away the tariffs you take away the trade
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barriers and that should in theory and usually that's what happens make the goods of the respective trading partner cheaper for your average customer for example alec tronics from singapore in the european union or little things like instant noodles i've read that one quite a lot there but not as much as changing for workers in singapore as some of the parties here especially those to the left the social democrats would have liked that's because singapore rejected some of those so-called workers' rights norms for example discrimination at the workplace or even forced labor they didn't sign on to that and that's why that deal is controversial here the farther you go to the left in the political spectrum the more this deal is rejected in the middle of all that the social democrats who really had fights among themselves whether they would support that deal or not the deal is expected to pass but not with a huge majority max this deal of course comes as the e.u. struggles are aimed to redefine its trade relationship with the united states and
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on the heels of a trade pact with japan what is the larger context of this deal with singapore for the european union. well the institutions of the european union have always negotiated the trade deals that's one of the reasons why the e.u. was founded that's one of the things where the e.u. is really really good at because it gives the countries of the european union the chance to hit harder and higher than their own weight class because they have this huge market at their disposal so that is very very important for them but of course when the u.s. sort of pulled out of that they decided we want to be the champions of the free trade world not only economically but also politically supporting the bill to a lot of will system and that's in this context right here the european parliament is to decide on a new free trade deal with singapore kaufman reporting from stafford max thank you more trouble for german electronic payment company wire card investors in the
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united states are looking into a class action lawsuit they are accusing the company to violate federal security laws and hope to recover damages from recent losses a lawsuit alleges that wired card has misled investors by not disclosing that executives in singapore was under investigation for money laundering and it came out in january shares took a massive dive dropping as much as thirty percent our call has only last year been listed in the german dax stock things. now as we all know context matters so why did germany and the u.s. put on a show of unity and talks over importing liquefied natural gas well because of a different from both sides are engaged in a nasty spat over a pipeline project that the u.s. says will deepen europe's energy dependence on russia so germany agreeing to buy more u.s. gas can be seen as an attempt to gloss over these differences. the controversial
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north stream two pipeline is being built here to bring cheap gas from russia to germany but now berlin looks to be eyeing other suppliers. the economy minister picture of meyer says two german terminals could soon be receiving shipments of u.s. liquefied natural gas a move he said was not in response to u.s. criticism of the pipeline. now and this could be about the no there's absolutely no deal involved and germany has its own interest in diversifying its gas supplies in the gospels which would be best if you'd see them and we also have an interest in developing our trade relations with the new ass in such a way that we can achieve not higher but lower tariffs and levies on industrial products and. industry productive. u.s. deputy energy secretary danbury yet downplayed differences over the pipeline project we do have our disagreements from time to time on this specific project
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called nordstrom but we will work through that and we will work to make the u.s. elegy gas competitive throughout the world until now high transport costs had kept american liquid gas off the german market now the u.s. side says it expects the press of the fuel to drop dramatically in the next decade . it's just forty four days until britain's withdrawal from the year european union and already supplies of commonly prescribed medicines are down in the u.k. chronically ill patients are becoming increasingly fearful for their health while others have started hoarding them. this is max morris is crying for it across a creek in it to medicines from germany denmark ireland cyprus and the netherlands max is both hiv positive and diabetic he's only ever prescribed medicines for short periods of time but necessity is the mother of invention if you wanted to support
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all your courage to switch to a different repeat practice and say i've run out i need a new prescription so there's a way for people. to walk around the system to make sure what they have enough to keep themselves alive max has built up a six month supply he says the government should be more transparent about its contingency plans and in any case anyone with faith in this government only has themselves to blame the uncertainty around what's going to happen is just really scary i think for anyone who's having whether chronic health condition or not knowing and kind of having this feeling of the government isn't really in control of what's going on it doesn't really understand the ramifications for example for health for you know medicines for all kinds of supply lines and transport and it just seems a bit shambolic britain imports around thirty seven million medical products every month in the case of a no deal breaks it border checks and tariffs would have to be reinstated at the country's harbors literally overnight in
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a letter to the pharmaceuticals industry the british health minister warns that there could be potential delays to imports of up to six months the government has advised drug companies to stockpile six weeks worth of medicines to combat the issue this online pharmacy is taking the advice seriously i'm preparing now for the thirtieth of march you can say with held up a very large pile of medication for our hundred thirty thousand patients and we sell roughly two hundred thousand per month. it might seem a crazy amount but and the past. and the pharmacy industry still can go short very very quickly. and even prior to potential post bricks it calles medications are becoming scarce on the island last october a forty five medications were on the shortage list now there are eighty why exactly is not clear is this simply normal fluctuations in worldwide demand problems with manufacturers or is it in fact pre-breakfast. either way max morris is starting to
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think about his future he's considering leaving the country once his reserves run out. and the start of the show on trade issues will ended on trade as well u.s. whiskey makers are feeling the tremors after a major overseas markets imposed hefty duties on their products in retaliation for u.s. president on trans terrorist on imports last year once levies from canada mexico china and the e.u. took effect whiskey exports fell by eight percent last year producers exported one point one billion dollars worth of billion dollars worth of their euros in the girl . and social thanks for watching for more there's always the web site www dot com slash there's every success.
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let's dive into the office take a closer look at modern culture from. a culture on the topic. hey listen up. that's what video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level partly thanks to him talk
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composer who. featured in many games his music is bound to. his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. oh genre that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. welcome to news from the world of arts and culture robert merrill we're looking at the following topics today. along with altering films the but also highlights often comic acting talent with its european shooting stars awards will meet two of this year's faces to watch. will also meet up and coming young soprano as
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a prize it shows making a name for herself and stopped so. but we begin with the american photographer cindy sherman she's this year's winner of the prestigious max spectrum prize which recognizes outstanding performances in the artistic field sherman is considered one of the most important and influential artists of her generation throughout her career she has explored identity and the nature of representation in society especially of women. cindy sherman has been photographing herself since the one nine hundred seventy s. but her works are not self portraits in the classic sense of an artist taking a look at their authentic self instead sherman takes on different personas in her own imagine scenarios critiquing gender and identity.
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in this series for instance she portrays women in their fifty's trying to reconstitute their last few.


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