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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CET

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to. start did you marry on t w. this is p.w. news coming to you live from berlin spain's government on the edge the country could be facing a snap election prime minister pedro sanchez arrives at parliament to try to get his budget approved the catalan parties look likely to vote against it also coming
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up drug lord el chapo could spend the rest of his life behind bars as a u.s. jury finds him guilty on ten charges but his lawyer says he'll appeal against what he calls unfair burden. and the girl whose pain moved the world and helped to end the vietnam war now you know goodwill ambassador and peace activist she's received the peace prize awarded by the germs german city of dresden. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us we start in spain where there could be a snap election if the socialist government spending plans don't get approved by parliament prime minister pedro sanchez for lies on the support of two cattle on pro independence parties to get his budget passed but those cattle and parties have so far said they'll vote against the budget they want son she has to agree to talks on
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self-determination for the region but the government argues that spain's constitution does not allow that. more on this i spoke to high may have been lost but as a journalist in madrid earlier i asked him if the prime minister will be able to strike a deal with the catalan nationalist parties that would allow him to pass this budget . disappointed seems a very very difficult situation and of course the beauty moment. rejected twenty nine thousand budget. negotiations broke when they tried to introduce the question of so determination and the government has already said that this is the red line they are willing to negotiate and you think about the timing issue and so and it's going to it's very difficult and it's unsatisfactory due today so it seems pedrosa inches is stuck between a rock and
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a hard place i understand he has just entered the parliament we're looking at some live pictures now from the parliament where the debate is about to get under way on that budget could pedro sanchez's government end up collapsing over this budget vote. yeah definitely by the scientist has already said he doesn't manage to pass the budget today he will call for elections we is a matter of time when do you think actions probably are going to be called so yes we can see romney today the end of. government and new elections well next week and it looks like he's just about to speak right now if the government falls what would that mean for the catalans independence movement. well there's definitely a use for the consul on watch you because there's a fine chance was very eager to negotiate then probably after the new and actually
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it's called then supposing that it be done the right wing parties take the government and they are not that. they are not willing to negotiate and probably it will find more hide what she should from the central government done before. and that was how i made my last president list to madrid speaking to me a little bit earlier now some of the other stories making headlines around the world today belgium's airports are at a standstill due to a national strike to demand higher pay almost no flights are landing in or departing from the country with airport bosses saying they can't guarantee safety with a skeleton staff strike has also paralyzed belgium's railways and port of. australia is set to reopen a controversial offshore migrant detention center on christmas island close to
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indonesia the government said it was expecting a new wave of asylum seekers arriving by boat the move comes after the government was defeated in parliament with m.p.'s passing a law making it easier for ill refugees in other offshore camps to be treated in australian hospital. and us president says he may extend his march first deadline for reaching a trade deal with china trump said he might do so if the two countries are close to reaching a deal if there's no agreement u.s. tariffs are set to more than double the two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports politician has to go through the mexican drug lord known as el chapo is to appeal against the ten guilty verdicts handed down by a us jury a lawyer for guzman said the verdicts were unfair because money was convicted of running a massive drug smuggling operation and other related crimes he could now spend the
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rest of his life behind bars. impassive even as he awaited extradition to the u.s. seemingly snared for the final time after two or day scapes and eluding feel for a tease. the same stoicism was on display as the man known as el chapo was convicted of all ten counts related to decades of drug trafficking. he gave his wife a farm's up as he was led from the new york courtroom. to u.s. authorities meanwhile in a triumphant mood. his conviction we expect will bring a sense of life without the possibility of parole is a sense from which there is no escape and no return. this conviction is a victory for the american people who suffered so long and so much. billions
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pouring poison over our southern border. will likely be housed at this supermax prison in florence colorado it's known as the alcatraz of the rockies. authorities are confident find it as a minimal to escape as the two prisons he sensationally broke out of in his native mexico. those escapes including one down a tunnel dug from underneath his prison cell toilet and a subsequent rolling stone interview with actor sean penn have contributed to cause months almost mythical status. there was a hollywood element to guzman's recapture by mexican authorities as they stormed his hideout in twenty sixteen. they said later that a meeting with pan had been instrumental in leading them to him. but for some who live in his mexican home region of sin aloa it's not the fame they
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will miss but the money. we know that close to here and. helped a lot of people to build roads schools churches and well they'll suffer because that support will end because the government doesn't give the support that is needed. help the sick and also supported them. but guzman's charity can't make up for the charges laid against him conspiracy to commit murder money laundering and alleged use of violence against enemies of his powerful sonando a drug cartel. is said to be sentenced in june and will likely spend the rest of his life in jail his attorney says he will appeal against the conviction. now to the crisis in venezuela where the government and opposition are facing off over delivery of u.s. aid to states all massive demonstrations take place across the country demanding humanitarian aid be let in and as well and migrants in colombia also to the streets
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in the border city of where the aids lies are currently being stored demonstrators marched to protest against embattled president nicolas maduro who claims the aid is fake and is blocking its entry into villages where. during president time maya is visiting but a split was neighboring colombia for talks with the country's leaders colombia has seen a massive influx of migrants through to the crisis across the border through. arrived in bogota only a few weeks ago but already she's out on the streets from morning to evening selling sweets. she's desperate to earn a little cash so she can feed her baby boy. i left venezuela because i couldn't buy anything that no food no dike was. story is typical for the many venezuelans who have fled hardship at home and who live
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a hand to mouth existence in colombia there are no migrant camps to shelter them often the only help they receive comes from the generosity of the locals. the government can afford to offer only limited aid with so many colombians living in poverty themselves. the german president's visit comes at a critical time and colombians have shown compassion responding to the mass migration into their country. but they're worried the political crisis across the border will escalate into civil war. further swelling the number of new arrivals. frank walter steinmeier is keen to prevent that. is missing mid to long view good for. we have to find ways and means to avoid the bloodshed that many fear could ensue in venezuela. field guns so that's why i hope that there will soon be a presidential election. in the presidential election which will give quite doth
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a legitimacy that he himself sees as necessary. it's fair fatherhood steinmeyer and colombia's president even to k. agree that aid needs to get into venezuela as quickly as possible no bit of meet the to not let humanitarian aid into the country is a crime against humanity. he said if you make it was it has to happen fast. that the international community could not accept the current situation. the world can't stand by and do nothing as aid is prevented from entering. that. do can believes everything must be done to get aid into venezuela he did not say if that should include military intervention. every year the people of the german city of dresden remember its intense bombing during world war two as part of that remembrance they award the dresden peace prize and this year's
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winner is peace activist kim book on t.v. a photo of her taken during the vietnam war became one of the most famous war photos of all time the w.'s going to kettle's met her interest. is to say that home will to be the recipient of such a thing that this teen was no word with so much meaning behind him for his famous for being the subject of a photograph. a photograph of such power that it galvanized public opinion around the world about the war in vietnam and helped change the course of history. voice. oh boy totally. my parents you know my mouth my eye my body
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this is the worst moment of human me. as a little girl i felt so embarrassed why i was naked and my brother's mike housing was closed on. i just do it right there and i turned my hat and i saw it fall bombs landing lead that fire was everywhere and the fire actually burned my clothes off. i was nine you know and i remember i thought oh my goodness i got. so i would be out. and so people always see me a different way of course that moment that picture that day in my
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life what i have. now i know i have appears joe i am not. feeling embarrassed like before. but it is not much to me until the moment when i have a child i love my boy there but one the children suffer like that little girl. is me and so from that point is that really touch me and that picture became soul powerful good for me. if everyone can learn to live with love with hope and forgiveness absolutely we don't need war. if walking
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in that picture can do it so everyone can do it. folks speaking there are the winner of this year's dresden peace prize you are watching the news stay tuned for our documentary that's going to take you on an amazing ride through ecuador thanks for being with us. first. for first climbing less of. the doors grandma with her arrives. joining a regular jane on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. on the record saying returns home. w dot com tanks.


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