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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2019 2:30pm-2:46pm CET

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take the experience to another level. composers. featured in. his music is bound to. his fans he opens doors to. so much more than just background music. music starts. on. the program the filipino unsafe in their own country a special report. as a teenager story many. many relatives of missing. from the chinese government.
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who grew up to be a peace activist. immortalized. in the rehab. she's been awarded. welcome to. it's good to have you with us we begin in the philippines where a comment by philippines president. last december prompted us to look at the issue of domestic worker abuse in the country during a speech admitted to sexually assaulting his maid when he was a teenager the comment drew criticism from rights groups but you did we wanted to know what that meant for the nearly two million domestic workers employed in the country. and i find this report.
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lucy was only fifteen when a relative hired her as her domestic worker her parents thought she would be safe with them she wasn't. been sent and that they go you and. your fare. well and you no longer an unlucky back that you might. not be quitters are lucky so i mean yeah it. was it but now i'm in the masowe where buying a bag in the uk that will knock some hundred some on the. high end this year my you really expand. domestic work is a default job for many filipinos but it can also be dangerous the president of the philippines even weighed in recently on the abuse of domestic help in what many saw as a shocking confession on what he did decades ago. yeah
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all. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah yeah one for the being president rodrigo to derek there recently confessed to molesting his domestic worker as a teen he reveals a dirty little secret many domestic workers in the philippines are sexually assaulted by their employers. the police runs a union for domestic workers and was also shocked by the president's admission so an often referred on to get a sad and degrading love for you and will not just because workers have a low status. does that mean they can be treated this way. but you would. never do that for the sauk says that while rape is the worst that
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can happen domestic workers faced sexual harassment on a near daily. mail employer once groped her while she was changing a light bulb she did not complain thinking his wife would not believe her care pretty as a lawyer who has been at the forefront of women's rights for over a decade sexual abuse. domestic workers here in the philippines he's very prevalent unfortunately we do not have statistics on that. and this is probably because of the silence of the victim silence of the families because it happens in their families there is a law to protect the estimated one point nine million domestic workers in the philippines but activists say it's flawed domestic workers can be as young as fifteen and when people are too young to know their rights and fight back against abuse and violence like the kind lucy experienced over twenty years ago.
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lucy endured a lifetime of shame and suffering she hopes that with the president admission more domestic workers will break the silence on their past so that other women don't have to suffer. and joining us now from. she's a women's rights featured in that report there good to see you and we just heard in that report president deterrent essentially confessing to sexual harassment what is the message that is sent out when a president confesses essentially to a crime but then gets away with it. yes well that's a huge problem because you absolutely need night or.
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because of the harassment it can be. considered even rape here in the philippines and courts in italy even. in fact bragging about it so. are us who are. who. are working on. this for more than twenty five years. so what i see that he is not helping our work . in fact encouraging is that he even said himself and that should not be happening and if you saw the president i would say that you know other countries they would have you don't fall for. such an act of a president do the same however are. the problem. or do you even lack that is. needed here in the morning so i would
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see this have a long way to go in terms of. getting these scientists who are having compassion i think. you can survivor. and. so you can actually. as effectively prosecuting these cases you speak with prosecutors and read you speak about prosecuting rip. action against sexual harassment there is a law against sexual harassment laws that protect the best of what those in the. working. probably in the past and now he's gotten even while we were all on. the floor. and. in the passages i said that he didn't have was that they.
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support players but there's a huge sexist happens when. communities. officer use whether it's prosecutors nice made it about the judges and so we have dismissed so but a prosecuting this case we have a quick vote. i regard this is. women's rights. speaking to us from manila thank you very much for your time. to speak chinese state media released a video but showing jailed we good musician up to break it alive after reports that he died in custody that video has triggered a massive response and social media. to we go other weaker families are demanding that chinese authorities relieve release proof of life videos for their relatives
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they allege are detained in internment camps this posted by a woman from istanbul she's calling on the chinese government to scholz that her father is alive and well and to release him immediately and this student who posted his photo with an area family members he says other than my parents i have accused eleven of my relatives detained in concentration camps prove that they are still alive and here are a picture of his missing family student i thought i would love he also was my moment two brothers are they alive or killed me too we. and you can head across to your page to watch that original story about a brave her youth and also a hero why another weaker singa thinks he's been falsely imprisoned please also free feel free to tell us what you think in the comments section we're now to another story another picture you see behind me is one of the most iconic wall for
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tools of all time taken during the vietnam war it tells of the suffering of ordinary villagers the little girl pictured in this photo has been announced the winner of germany's the eastern peace prize the doctor's going to kettle's peace activist fanti in jason. this is to say that kumble to be the recipient of such a thing that this thing was a word. with so much meaning behind it can focus famous for being the subject of a photograph. a photograph of such power that it galvanized public opinion around the world about the war in vietnam and helped change the course of history. voice. oh boy totally to look my parents you alone my mouth my i guess my body
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is the worst moment of human mean as a little girl i felt so embarrassed why i was naked and my brothers make has ng was close on. i just do friday there and i turn my head and i saw fall bombs landing that that. fire was everywhere and the fire actually burned my clothes off. i was nine you know and i remember i thought oh my goodness i got worse so i would be out early and so people would see me
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a different way of course that moment that picture that day and my life whatever. now i know i have appeared joe i am not. feeling embarrassed like before. but it is not much to me until the moment when i have a child i love my boy. there but when the children suffer like that little girl is me. and so from that point is that really touch me and that picture became soul powerful give for me. if everyone can learn to live with love with hope and forgiveness absolutely we don't need war. if walk let it
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go in-depth pitch it can do it so everyone can do it to thank. boeing line on our website did up with isha and don't forget to check out did other news on facebook as well. believe you know what some of the first shot it blossoms of a yacht in china these images from a park in the eastern city of gods will resume next hour about. stuff. crimes against humanity. civilians become witness six of. their record which is travel around the globe just social media. but what is propaganda fiction and what is fact digital investigators combed through the flood of images they combine sources try to
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reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of crimes thanks to this video recording of the soldier who shot the young man is on trial now st. paul's forensics between the bits parts. truth detectives starts feb fifteenth on t w. the e.u. is set to approve free trade with singapore the city state is already a top destination for you investment and could very soon see lots more but not everyone is happy with the deal. also coming up. unemployment is up in south korea is a steep price and the minimum wage takes effect. this
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is business as on the double younger adults as welcome singapore and the european union are one step closer to signing off on the free trade deal it's a sign of the e.u. deeper push for open market accords with countries all over asia the european parliament will vote on the deal by wednesday afternoon and it looks like it will pass that first hurdle it's the use first trade agreement with a member of the association of i'm sorry southeast asian nations a group of countries in the region that have teamed up to promote economic growth the deal and so remove all barriers to trade within five years in twenty seventeen trade in goods alone between the un singapore amounted to more than fifty three billion euros it's hoped the agreement will result in a rise of up to ten percent in troll trade the u.s.
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already singapore's more important export destination for services and singapore is one of the hughes largest trading partners.


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