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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm CET

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this is the w. news live from. crimes on the increase in germany new statistics show hate crimes against jews at the highest level for a decade. in the country's jewish community also on the program spain's government in crisis with prime minister is expected to call the snap election after parliament votes down this budget. and sport the champions league draw features three matches pitting clubs from the english premier league against a lower key german bundesliga so how do the leagues compare and which will provide
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. primary. national film festival today. based from a true story. in spain. the controversial fact that you'll find that white raising eyebrows now. i'm for a welcome to the program. the number of crimes committed in germany has risen by almost ten percent over the last year the highest level for a decade figures released today of course and along with in countries such communities violent attacks are up by more than sixty percent which has prompted germany's central council of jews to call for stronger action from police and from politicians. the signboards of a jewish restaurant smashed
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a pig head marked with a star of david dumped by a door swastikas and stars of david on a wall this was the aftermath of an anti semitic attack in the eastern german city of chemists in august twenty eighth. it was just one of more than sixteen hundred anti semitic crimes committed in germany last year that's an increase of ten percent on twenty seventeen particularly worrying the number of violent incidents like this one in berlin has increased by two thirds even desire i am concerned but not really surprised it fits with what i hear from jewish organizations and representatives when i talk to them that. it should give us the impetus to take preventative action soon and to make sure that anti semitism does not arise in the first place. that. much of this hatred comes from far right supporters but experts say some of it derives from opposition
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to israel including from migrants from the muslim world and germany is not alone and he semitic incidents are becoming more common in other countries to france this week reported a rise of more than seventy percent in twenty eighteen compared with the previous year. unfortunately anti-semitism is on the advance everywhere in europe we need to find european solutions i support the idea of making the fight against anti-semitism a priority for the german presidency next year. another part of the picture in germany is that the jewish community is growing and demonstrations of solidarity with them by non jews are common while most germans recognize that from the holocaust comes a special responsibility to protect jews there is sadly still a minority ready to turn violent aggression against them. the
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center left government faces an uncertain future after parliament rejected its budget on friday prime minister pedro sanchez with us whether he'll call a general election the socialist premier have been depending on the support of two pro independence parties to get the budget through but both voted against after he rolled out talks on self-determination for catalonia besides recess for its constitution just know a lot. more from did observe pablo so welcome pablo so where does this leave the government well this leads to government with what fun is commentators are saying with hours more or less until an announcement is made on the end of better sanctions as government is going to call snap elections that's what it's what's expected it looks likely. it will take place in april because in may of course spain will be taking part in the european elections and
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also regional and local elections will be taking place then so on friday there's a cabinet meeting and it's expected that an announcement will be made by then over an exactly when the parliament will be dissolved and when the elections will take place ok so just to be clear this is this is such a big deal because he doesn't get the reapers and he doesn't get to change and come back it if he gets no budget then he doesn't go this is it and i mean at the end of the day it better sanchez is leading a very minority government will say you know we represent over thirty percent of the members of parliament so he's needed the support from as you mentioned before at the pro independence parties they have not given him this support for a number of reasons and one they were open to supporting him if heather sanchez was open to this to the idea of there perhaps even holding a referendum in catalonia to have a vote on the future of that. region sanchez has said no way that will not happen
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it's anti constitutional he had sort of made concessions in the sense that he was open to dialogue as i mentioned and he said that he would have an intermediary who would help will say in that process of of sort of breaking them those barriers that exist between madrid and barcelona since the referendum took place in barcelona back in october two thousand and seventeen ok so nobody in spain was surprised about this everybody saw this discovery down the road not at all and we have to look as well at the main opposition parties nationwide and of course there is now a right wing bloc medo the p.p.p. of the former government of modern overhaul and then a center party and now the far right party vox and together they have been calling for the end of paterson just as government in fact just several days ago in madrid they they were going to a protest where tens of thousands of people came out and they protested against the government of president sanchez and it was mainly based on the fact that i was
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making what they believe are concessions to those pro independence catalan leaders and finally mentioning the catalan leaders let's not forget that this week is also the week in which the trial has begun in madrid not too far from madrid parliament there where you have twelve of the leaders of the pro independence movement that pushed back in twenty seventeen so there's been so much political pressure on all sides that this was inevitable public. thank you so much. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world german authorities arrested two suspected former members of syria's secret police in the german capital burned in the state of rhineland latinate or the two men are accused of crimes against humanity they are alleged to have tortured opposition activists at a prison in damascus. thousands of workers in south africa have staged nationwide demonstrations
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against job cuts and high unemployment trade unionists took to the streets of johannesburg and other major cities as a jobless rate of over twenty five percent protesters say the government is failing to do enough to kick start growth. ahead of a philippines news site critical of the country's president has been arrested when a arrest says the accusation of cyber libel against her is the latest attempt by margaret could deter taste government to silence her social news network rappler the veteran journalist is one of several people named person of the year by time magazine for her political record. but as well and now where the government and opposition are facing off over the delivery of u.s. aid to say so massive demonstrations across the country demanding the aid be allowed in did neighboring colombia venezuela migrants took to the streets in the port city of or the aid supplies have been stored there and was able venezuelan
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president nicolas were daughter who is described the american aid as a ploy to allow a u.s. invasion and has blocked its entry into venezuela german president frank. is in colombia where so many migrants have fled from venezuela. yes killing by a show arrived in bogota only a few weeks ago but already she's out on the streets from morning to evening selling sweets she's desperate to earn a little cash so she can feed her baby boy. i left venezuela because i couldn't buy anything that no food no diapers. mescaline story is typical for the many venezuelans who have fled hardship at home and who live a hand to mouth existence in colombia there are no migrant camps to shelter them often the only help they receive comes from the generosity of the locals. the government can afford to offer only limited aid with so many colombians living in
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poverty themselves. the german president's visit comes at a critical time colombians have shown compassion responding to the mass migration into their country. but they're worried the political crisis across the border will escalate into civil war. further swelling the number of new arrivals. frank walter steinmeier is keen to prevent that. is missing mid to long view good for. we have to find ways and means to avoid the bloodshed that many fear could ensue in venezuela. so that's why i hope that there will soon be a presidential election. on the presidential election which will give quite door the legitimacy that he himself sees as necessary. d. as it is for fatherhood steinmeyer and colombia's president even to k.
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i agree that aid needs to get into venezuela as quickly as possible no bit of meat deal to not let humanitarian aid into the country is a crime against humanity. he said. it has to happen fast. that the international community cannot accept the current situation. the world can't stand by and do nothing as aid is prevented from entering. that. you can believe everything must be done to get aid into venezuela he did not say if that should include military intervention. he watching t.w. news live from berlin still to come in this half hour the chinese film one second was in the running at the berlin international film festival and then it was withdrawn in mysterious circumstances to find out more from our correspondent on the red carpet. head about germany's interior minister says he wants to change
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legislation to tighten restrictions on foreign telecoms providers horse a half his proposals would require companies to obtain security certification in germany and to sign no spying agreements berland is considering the changes as it decides whether to allow china's weiwei to take part in the development of its five g. network the telecoms equipment manufacturer is accused of being too close to the chinese government and military. connecting the world at high speed it's all in five g. and chinese companies are dominating the market for the latest telecom technologies two of them and competitor who are way banned in the u.s. but still hopeful to get into the e.u. market. which is an idea the release of our five g. products is just waiting for telecom carriers to announce their commercial network and verification standards for their terminals to talk with you that have neither of which will. but it's become difficult for hallway to sell goods these days the
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company's close relationship to the chinese government and military has brought up accusations of spying china strongly denies these accusations. in the eighty's and neither the united states nor any of its allies have brought up any solid evidence that can prove poses a threat to their national security their reasons nothing more than the issue of china's national intelligence long. indeed there is no proof but governments have become cautious germany is discussing tightening telecommunication laws and making huawei sign a knows by agreement poland is on the fence and under direct pressure from the u.s. to ban huawei to. we've also. decisions more difficult for the united states to. pump ailment the same threat in hungary
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and slovakia it could block walk away from important markets and make it difficult for countries to bring their networks up to speed. sports and there are three job and clubs left in the champions league and starting tonight each will face a team from england pitching the bundesliga against a premier league w.'s abundantly to present a bubble and premier league guru tom get annoyed here welcome both let's keep it clean let's start with your barber more top against dortmund are top of the boom designed with the top of the point. three top of the bundesliga they haven't won in three games do they stand much chance on the road actually i'm quite excited to see myself how they're going to handle the situation it's a difficult situation one of the three matches you mentioned was a draw after first leading so you know this is in fact a loss you must say and so we'll see how they handle it still i see them a little in favor you have to take into account that they have missed their coats
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for the last. six so you can be there for the match and doesn't fall there he is extremely important for the maps for the for the squads he is the one who really formed the players was getting the best out of the players it's a complete thing you don't want to see in this season i think so i still believe they are in favor also because they have fantastic substitutes on the bench or so even if we don't have the playmaker mark roy's playing i still think they are the better team also thanks to people like being just mandating something we have. going to see it's going to be interesting to watch him play a big role and i'm sure that he is going to cause tottenham quite a few problems to mourn our year. to top them showing show showing strong form their will in the premier league this is going to be a home for them what do you think you will like you said they have been shown strong form in the premier league and they have even managed to establish some very
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solid home form which you know for a long time since taunton have been playing at wembley stadium wasn't actually the case so that's certainly a positive for them going into this match. also in terms of the champions league form so far this season they pulled out a very big result in their last game in the group stage against barcelona to deny into manana place in the quarter for in the knockout stages. they have also beaten before in the champions league they played them twice in the group stage last season and one at home and away so they know their way around you know a yellow and black apart and however that was of course a very different side back and i'm like you said sanchez has made a very big difference so far to do this season tottenham are also going to be without cain and then the alley two very big players for them so that's a pretty significant loss but then again on the other hand. don't want to get me missing marco voice unpack i passes to talk when times are no feeling fairly confident and i think i have good reasons here but you do realize that if the if this ends up as a draw we're going to just put you to
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a cop and you don't have to duke it out. there are two more ties which usually clubs next week so this looks like being that sort of a test of strength full both leagues yes i mean it's important for both leaks to have international success i mean this is what brings the money in the end this is what draws the stars and you want to have the big players in the league and of course the teams are internationally successful they do have the big players and this is one of the big yeah like differences between the names i would say the premier league having a much bigger financial power and and drawing all these players joining us lost so many big stars recently to the premier league just because the english table absolutely absolutely i mean we just got a fresh numbers from the germany league it's another record of the revenue they now got four point four billion dollars. around i think they are like i mean as i get it it's a huge difference absolutely and in fact one of the games next week it's going to
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manchester city again cheika and this really fits quite neatly into the kind of stereotypical dark or to me of the premier league versus. when is legal mind just a city's a club with a lot of new money and with a big investor from abu dhabi has really come along and changed their fortunes in the past ten years and they're really on their way up they've done that with big star players and that's you know really a story of kind of money buying success which is you know a fairly premier league dynamic on the other hand you then have shot of is a very traditional german club in the you know in the typical model of kind of fan ownership fan control and bringing that players up through the through the ranks rather than buying them especially but yeah they've been able they've been they've been unable well that's a hold on to a lot of the players who they've brought for their own ranks so yeah i think at least in that case and i'm just a city versus shark and next next week it would be a brave money bets against the premier league moto i think that's probably going to say when they wouldn't really be that good to have you have both in the studio thank you very much bob more. every year the german city of dresden
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remembers the intense bombing it received during world war two as part of that remembrance the city awards addressed and peace prize this year's winner is peace activist kim falk a fun t. whose picture taken during the vietnam war became one of the most famous war photos of all time the w.'s go to kettles went to dress and to me to. this is to say that will to be received the end of such a thing that this word with so much meaning behind him for his famous for being the subject of a photograph. a photograph of such. that it galvanized public opinion around the world about the war in vietnam and helped change the course of history.
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voice. oh boy totally. to look my pitch or alone my mouth my i guess my body is the war so moment of human being as a little girl i felt so and there is why i was naked and my brothers my cousin was close on. i just do it right there and i turned my hat and i saw four bombs landing lead that fire was everywhere and the fire actually burned my clothes off. i was nine you know and i remember i thought
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oh my goodness i got. so i would be out. and so people would see me a different way of course that moment that picture that day in my life what i have. now i know i have a picture i am not. feeling embarrassed like before. but is not much today until the moment when i have a child i love my boy there but one of the children suffer like that little girl. is me and so from that point is that really touch me and that picture became soul powerful give for me. if everyone can learn to live with love with hope and
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forgiveness absolutely we don't need war. if. i can do it so everyone can do it to. take you. now to the berlin international film festival which is on the way just across town correspondents my skull to. the red compass. welcome both with can travel say the chinese film has been withdrawn. from the competition why. well we were all really really shocked yesterday when we suddenly saw exactly what you just said that it had been withdrawn the screenings were canceled and what was really fascinating was that the directors on the movie
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has been a fixture at the ballet now if you are very much for years now is very a beloved chinese director and the film as far as we know was packaged up and ready to go until suddenly a day or two ago the production just went dark and i mean i talked to a lot of people within the industry both here and also in china through two projects i have and there's a lot of mystery surrounding this but it does look like it although this isn't daughter official it is still a rumor that this is a case of censorship particularly because of the timing but also because the subject matter because this film is a film about the cultural revolution usually a complete no go area for chinese filmmakers and a lot of people quite surprised that john you even got a film about this subject through the censors but again as i say lots of mystery around why this film was pulled we did have a chance to talk to dieter cause like the head of the belly now of the berlin film festival and we asked him why was this film pulled from competition. i don't know
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about i just said it was looks ready because of technical response. kind of mysterious and mysterious that tell us more about john than i'm his significance for the brother the holy. well he was actually the first ever chinese director to win a golden bear here at the ballymaloe back in one nine hundred eighty eight or so and as we said his films of been shown here premiered here several times since then he's had a couple of major hits that have come from the belly now and he's also one of china's just golden directors he's one of their top people he directed the two thousand and eight beijing opening ceremony olympics and we were just in that we all were yes i. was really one of the only directors in trying to walk the line making films in china with the approval of the government but still being heavily respected internationally on the arco scene and your global if you don't like like hero or house supplying daggers and i'm very successful internationally as well but he was always able to maintain that line being created having some sort of creative
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freedom but still getting his films approved beijing if this film was pulled because of censorship it is if it has been blocked by the chinese government this is a major blow not just for young people but i would say also for the freedom of expression in the chinese industry as a whole let's talk about what's going on. behind you right now. well behind us happening right now is the premier of lisa in marcella spanish film starting just now somewhat hours think we're still waiting for the actresses to arrive but it is a film based on a true story of the first two women who ever got married in spain and they got married at the beginning of the twentieth century more than a hundred years before gay marriage was ever illegal in spain or many other places in the world and so this is a story based off of them but what's interesting is the very explicit content is not the most adorable thing about the content of the controversy around this film is actually for the people who made it it was made by netflix and this is the first
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time a netflix film has been shown in competition in berlin and that's got people really angry certain groups of people the german theater owners european theater owners have protested this film saying it's it's a scam. handle that a netflix film is shown in competition such a great film festival as the ballet nala and it only films that will be shown in theaters should be allowed this sort of prada place of a red carpet like this. one to tell us a break for what's coming up in this. yes later this hour in the culture section all be talking to chew with colegio for the star of twelve years a slave who's here with his directorial debut the boy who harnessed the wind and amazing film which also happens to have been financed by netflix so more on that later in the hour i mean i'm jealous about it. for a thank you for. the news coming up next indeed a billion years africa we focus on nigeria's young and poor as i struggle to make
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ends meet will this weekend's presidential elections make any difference to their lives. a new africa coming up i'll be back at the top of the.
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get ready for something new on the w. news office bringing you stories cross the major stories that shape up well enough for the news media's africa. six first day at school. the first coming less of
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a minute doors granda moment arrives. showing your ranting on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary during an orang utan returns home on t w don't come to tanks. check in. to fasten your seat belts above her. the book look at the be. the first. of. the for. good travel guide to dublin. of obscene wealth. india's raja allow fleeting glimpses of it.
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to some continents of economics has made them billionaires. the balance of their revelling in the less fortunate to come to mature. just a video. of you we're going to. this is news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes young and poor we'll meet one nigerian woman who was willing to risk everything to escape poverty but then this weekend's presidential election office young people like her. and we'll hear from the artist in supporting african women in phone in london exhibitionist.


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