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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2019 12:45am-1:00am CET

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and breaking bad all breaking bread this low for a mile of could get you hooked. to us all edge of four is best known for his oscar nominated role to solomon northup in twelve years a slave now he's directed his first feature the boy who harnessed the wind is a true story from malawi and the film was actually shot in the exact place where it happened and culture met with the cost at the berlin international film festival i'll be talking to film expert scott roxboro in just a minute but first more about the film the rains came late this year and now the trees are gone. now eastern thankfully. this is. the single that's. the point to harness the wind is the true story of
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a young william and you sit idly by and watch his village start with you did with an inventive mind and a thirst for knowledge william takes his family's fate into his own hands it's. continued. to do it. to retell it geo force directorial debut is based on a bestselling memoir of the same title it's the true story of william come come the good aged thirteen built when it's to irrigate fields and save his village from famine. i was just deeply inspired by by william story and what he did and i was very moved by it and i felt that there was. an incredible amount of layering to it and what happened to not only william but his community just have such a white a resonance to me william's parents hope that sending their son to school will
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provide him a better future but natural disasters crop failure hunger and scarce funds make that dream impossible. some. leave it to the masses it's hard for the real william to look back on that time i have mixed feelings the only reason why i have mixed feelings because it's likely in some part to leave the past that was the very like difficult a very challenging shot entirely in malawi the boy who harnessed the wind is a positive story out of africa that doesn't ignore challenges but tackle some head on guys really good to see what they read about africa and claim it's a global warming and farming and really. open to. receive we just. as naturists from african descent i can see how absent the african stories are in western countries do you not think that.
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this type of positive stories can make a change in terms of the of the perception we have of other people especially from africa. right now joining me from the balance is our film guru scott rocks for scott first of all what did you make of the film and what did you make of your force debut as a director. yeah i was impressed by both actually the the film itself the boy harnessed the wind is some way quite conventional tale of a struggle struggle against incredible awe and an appositive achievement sort of a d.i.y. success story of this young boy who manages to literally harvest the wind and and save his village but what i was impressed by is
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a part was just put was said that piece this is an african story. but not one in which africa is rescued from the outside or helped by the western world it is a story of africa helping itself which is something we don't see that often and the other thing which impressed me about you would poles directing is that this doesn't have the feel of a hollywood story looking into africa which tends to be portrayed almost as if the continent of africa was some sort of fairy land with with with magical thinking because perhaps he decided to shoot the entire film on location actually in the exact same village where these events took place in the same houses in the same buildings it gives it roots everything in a real strong realism which which gives a really harder edge to the darker parts of the story and makes the success at the end all the more powerful now this film is going to be shown all netflix next month as lot of controversy about netflix film festivals and indeed
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a netflix film is up for the top prize. so where do you stand on this well this debates. yes very controversial film the next at some competition there are protests against it. on the red carpet and also by german theater owners who don't want to see netflix filmed streaming of the festival here personally i think it's inevitable and i think it is the future i mean we saw similar protests last year in venice when rome a black and white drama stream there and. competition won the golden lion and it's now up for many many oscars a good chance of winning the oscar for best picture in a few weeks again and that flicks film i can understand some of the protesters that say these are certain movies that should be seen on the big screen but netflix has provided a lot for filmmakers and some of these movies might never have been made otherwise i think people protesting against these films being shown at the festivals here
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they're they're sort of on the wrong side of history well actually i think it's inevitable to for now we'll have to obviously go on. down there live at the boat and thanks very much for joining us. bread is a staple food in many countries around the world and there is evidence of it being made over thirty thousand years ago well young europe correspond to the org has decided to make bread from all twenty eight e.u. member countries and tell us a bit about the countries while he's doing it today it's i have a. feeling frustrated you spend all day in the kitchen and nothing's going to plan. well then what you need is the luck of the irish. the republic of ireland is home to europe's quickest loaf no yeast no proving no
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rising all you need is put in some flour. and here is your irish soda bread. ok let's go through that again all you need is wholemeal flour butter milk salt and foregrounds of this rather intriguing white powder. sodium why did you carbonate. all just baking soda to you and me in the mid one thousand nine hundred silent started importing baking soda from the americans it was a cheap but reliable leavening agent. and this was only the start of ireland's
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chemistry with the united states in the ninety nine peace tech giants from the u.s. just like baking soda lifted islands economy overnight but watch out when mixing the dough you'll have to do that quickly. when the baking soda meets the buttermilk little bubbles of carbon dioxide for this causes it to rise but it's also a greenhouse gas and that is something that island's prime minister the teashop finds hard to digest are like i'd not proud of our lives before climate change and we need to do a lot more ok it's not because of too many fluffy solar breaths but because of this . parking cows and ireland has way more cows then people. so let's move on to the next step from the carbon footprint to the cultural footprint of iowa.
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once you have shape to go storage with the symbol found all over the island the celtic cross. then bake in the oven for thirty finally back to the irish american link it goes both ways of course that us baking soda raised the irish bread but in return the irish exported halloween unicorns and some twenty two new u.s. presidents to america kennedy reagan bush obama trump oh no not trump his forebears hailed from germany and scotland looks like someone dodged the bullet there. again luck of the irish.
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great stuff venetian painting in the renaissance is considered one of the most important parts in the history of european art for great mostow titian one of its shining lights state of museum has just opened an exhibition which includes more than twenty of titian's works. the smallest painting in the exhibition is perhaps the most important titian's portrait of a young man that psyched demonstrates on a very small scale all of titian skills he was most of all an outstanding portraitist. but the exhibition at frankfurt's museum goes beyond that it's about the art of venice in the early sixteenth century a time when landscapes were gaining new significance what was previously just background became the focus of the painters careful attention loaded with atmosphere and meaning. the venetians changed something else to no longer religious
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figures arranged mutely next to each other but rather depicted in almost cosy get togethers. the use of color in technique brings these works to life. this is a model of it's a kind of painting that leaves the brushstrokes visible up and a special way and it relies on the effect of color and that means that you can really see the pigment on the surface of these pictures it does appear that these artists were innovators but they also took inspiration for instance from their rivals in florence they learned a more muscular and vivid depiction of the male body. the renaissance in venice was one of the most important areas in european art history this day the museum has brought it to life again. extraordinary prime time and that's over those additional leave you now with pictures of the red carpets at the burdens international film festival.
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enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful beleaguered maybe it's him is most popular political party that's causing plenty of consternation for his hardline on migration my guest this week. is one of the. moscow zombie. is there love could soon face moscow formula really such a win the conflict some. thirty minutes. in developing countries it's an industry and a deadly threat to people and the environment it's in doubt is a vision of the fittest on the fence the finished she thought to bring it on the edge of africa i guess really. widely polluted news children with such things and then the nation more so by. the hazards of electronic waste in seventy five minutes on d w.
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y and on demand. language courses. video and audio. we make up we want to go to. the to. the civil service i. want to shape the continents future. part of it and join the youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent. for africa to. begin to.
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really know their stuff. they curbs we're going to shift. the car to check the musicians from around the world to. her. groups every week w. . spain's prime minister petro sanchez could be set to cold snap elections off the parliament rejected his government's proposed budget cuts and on separatist lawmakers voted against the spending plans in protest of independence leaders being put on trial right wing parties join them in rejecting the budget sanchez is expected to announce his government's next move on.


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