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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2019 9:30am-9:46am CET

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go to concerts with my parents and i'll raise. here for being on stage with musicians and being part of that magic was it difficult for the first one. real. world famous conductor. longer than. my first. start figuring he takes on t.w. . it's the end of a short left iraq airbus is pulling the plug on the a three eighty. s. it will stop manufacturing its super jumbo jet airliner in twenty eight twenty one also coming up two days of talks are now underway in beijing as officials from the world's biggest economies try to run the a trade deal to march one deadline. and to twenty four hour club culture
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draws millions to the city is a big business but it is facing big threats to. welcome to do business i want to get jones in berlin good to have you with us ed was announced today that it will end production off its a c three eighty passenger jet in twenty twenty one the move could also lead to massive job cuts now abas pulled the plug after a major orders by australia's quantas alanson to dubai's emirates were cancelled the iconic super jumbo once promised to revolutionize commercial air travel but failed to deliver on expectations. the era of the airbus a three eighty super jumbo passenger jet is coming to a close being a three eighty took off for the first time in two thousand and eight and seats five hundred passengers the company had hoped that the plane would squeeze out boeing's. seven forty seven and revolutionize air travel passengers
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have always been big fans of the three eighty and have given the plane high marks for comfort space and for the quiet ride but airlines have been cautious about committing to the costly double decker planes and in the end they just weren't willing to pay the massive price tag to own the flying b.m. of the a three eighty had troubles from the start including change ins between airbus french and german management and protracted production delays and cost overruns those prompted a company restructuring that cost thousands of jobs after quantas canceled orders and emirates cancelled thirty nine the company says it will simply put an end to production of the a three eighty by twenty twenty one. and for more let's bring in a financial market correspondent joins us in frankfurt only as far as i can tell this doesn't really come as a surprise does it you know it's been a long time coming in fact about two years ago already the outgoing airbus chief
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tom enders was musing about stopping the a three eighty and then basically got the extension but we already heard all the reasons that speak against implementing the inclusion of a plane like this a large plane with four engines it uses plenty of fuel and you have to pilot hundreds of passengers from one destination to the other that simply doesn't pay off for the airlines so what does it mean now this decision for apple. i think it must come as a relief also to the shareholders because it was a drag on profits that never really made any money and when you look at the twenty eight thousand results air bus with a huge profit jump as a company over three billion dollars but there would have been even more because there was a big one billion dollar loss on the a three eighty be it combined with the a four hundred military plane so for airbus this must be early from they can now start
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really planning for the day exposed a three eighty but scrapping such a huge project means someone has to pay the price and it's probably employees. that's true we don't know yet the cost of what it will mean for the staff that all three to three thousand to three thirty five hundred jobs are affected by this alone in germany there are four factories and of course airbus has production facilities and other european countries as well because of the european nature of the project but the airbus itself says it will begin talks with the trade unions on a socially acceptable way of perhaps reducing the jobs affected and there will be numerous opportunities to shift internally and that's not necessarily an empty promise in a moment like this airbus is really doing well with all its other models right only bought in frankfurt thank you. the u.s. and china opening another round of trade talks today and what seems to be
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a much friendlier after u.s. president says he would be open to extend the current trade truce and delay new tariffs for another two months in beijing u.s. treasury secretary steven minucci and trade representative robert lie ties a meeting with china's vice premier you he who is leading the chinese negotiators on friday chinese president xi jinping will join the talks underlining how important a deal is full of the chinese. but the u.s. is also keen to resolve the issue of course on wednesday the u.s. president underscored his positive outlook u.s. president donald trump spent the day in washington entertaining his colombian counterparts but that didn't stop him from weighing in on the progress of trade talks in beijing. it's going along very well we'll see what happens but i think it's going along very well showing this tremendous respect. to show the united
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states to show respect. big difference from the old. so. deal with china is going very well the economy is doing fantastically the chinese side has been decidedly more discreet tuesday's news that the united states may be willing to extend the march first deadline to either reach a deal or be subjected to another friend of crippling tyrants is likely to have prompted negotiators to breathe a sigh of relief but beijing knows such flexibility isn't likely to come cheap the united states is determined to get china to make sweeping reforms to protect american intellectual property and curb industrial subsidies failure to make progress on those issues may be the real red line marking at the road ahead. a close call for german the the country's g.d.p. has remained flat in the fourth quarter of twenty eighteen meaning the country has narrowly dodged a recession now that's according to preliminary data released by the federal statistics office for the full year of twenty eight hundred numbers are looking
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slightly better with an economic growth of one point four percent while talking economics poor but sexy you know these are the words the former mayor of bilin once used to describe the german capital and the phrase caught on to this day it's often used to describe the city's gritty artistic appeal well now a lobby group representing the city's collapse has released a study suggesting that without them the city would be a whole lot poorer and less sixty two of course. here the last. stand of the german capital getting an economic boost it's. no wonder these travellers are having so much fun. while other parts of the country are known for cashing in on my c. mountains them fancy cars it's part of the trolls many to berlin now a new study has shed a strobe lights on just how much the clothing industry is worth. more than nine
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thousand people work in the city's clubs stop list months that attract some three million visitors every year they in turn generation estimated one point four eight billion euros joining their stay. so high in his club's turn a profit well taking care of the basics seems to do the trick. cooed and drink it can for sixty percent of revenue admission fees fill up about a fifth of the pos. location bookings on sponsorship deals make up most of the rest. techno nomics helped change perceptions the study's authors certainly hope it can report calls on politicians to recognize the economic as well of cultural value of the
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city's clubbing strain. and for more on that i'm joined by. knowing he's the spokesman of the club commission. which is the body behind to that study and he's also a member of bullets chamber of commerce and music board where he's frequently vote votes on city development issues that serve to protect klopp areas affected by gentrification so obviously there seem to be some problems good to have you here first of all why that study was necessary because the last study was twelve years ago and i think it makes sense to day to day it's and yeah it's important to see on the economic but also on a conference social level what is the city benefiting but if it is that study aimed at politicians first and foremost the public for all members but also for politicians to make decisions of course is that what you hope to achieve by that. i think we have a higher potations and i think we also have strong support but we also need to
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fight against real estate and city leaders and for cation happening and i think we have a lot of coming topics you have have to have good arguments and numbers always help so the club culture is somewhat under threat i understand then what are the biggest challenges i think the biggest challenge is of course change of the city which should be in the balance when it comes to the trade of scenes we need to protect of trade of spaces we don't want to have shopping malls all over and and townhouses we also have to look where are where is the identity of the city words of people meeting where were the hubs and to protect its bases for marginalized groups and of course where are the. stages for artists and how does that work out i do remember that there was quite a controversy when it comes to friction between club owners and residents when it comes to dinoire you know how do you resolve that. to happen and there's also is
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some very leave for for other cities to get one million euro for a noise protection fund from the city which helps us now to actually build walls and different entrances to asians to protect neighborhoods and could you elaborate to the gentrification issue again because obviously it means that a district is very popular which is also good for the clubs there yeah and i think clubs are also part of the invocation of course but the question is at one point is the tipping point that the only people who come in who benefit from what is actually there and the clubs i think they they actually deliver a lot of benefits to the communities when it comes to space where people can meet where they were where art is presented but also a social hub for. for communities and it just briefly for our viewers around the world when they come to europe what makes bilin plops different tell how do they
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differ from clubs in barcelona patters first of all is the amount i think there's not a city in the world which has more clubs than villain but also the diversity we have a lot of clubs which specialise knishes and and i think that is it's just not a not a club scene which is only based on top forty hits and bottle service which you can see in any other city in the world ok let's like something they're a board member of the club commission but lynn thank you so much thank you. that is your business update here and thanks for watching out for war you can always go to our web site that is the dot com slash business only follow us on facebook and on twitter i want to john thanks for keeping us company.
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let's. take a closer look at modern culture from. culture. hey listen up. video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another. composer.
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featured in. his music is bound to. his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. oh sure that's so much more than just background music video music stores for doing twenty on d. w. . hello and a very warm welcome to news from the world of arts and culture today we have a mixture of film and food for your. film. for is back with the boy who harnessed the wind an inspiring true story of a young man who saves a village. and that movie comes in the middle of
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a heated debate in the film world about the role of streaming platform netflix i'll fill next ways in. breaking bad all breaking bread this low from ireland could get you hooked. to us all edge of four is best known for his oscar nominated role to solomon northup in twelve years a slave now he's directed his first feature the boy who harnessed the wind is a true story from malawi and the film was actually shot in the exact place where it happened and culture met with the cost at the berlin international film festival i'll be talking to film expert scott rocks for in just a minute but first more about the film the rains came late this year and now the trees are gone. he's being sleep and. this is. going to do some good and that's.
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the point to harness.


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