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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2019 2:00pm-2:31pm CET

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players. player. this is deja vu news live from berlin the u.s. and israel get tough on iran u.s. vice president mike pence calls on america's european allies to pull out of the iran nuclear deal and stop trying to evade u.s. sanctions. also coming up farewell to the superjumbo european aviation giant airbus holds the plug on a double decker a three eighty because airlines just aren't buying enough of that. bangladesh's prime minister sheikh hasina speaks exclusively to d.w. she insists that the people of bangladesh do have freedom of speech despite the
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country ranking very low on the world press freedom index. also coming out at the berlin film festival movie that tells the story of a same sex marriage in spain one hundred years before it was legalized but it's caused controversy for another reason because it's produced by netflix. i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us. u.s. vice president mike pence has called on europe to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal accusing washington's european allies of trying to evade u.s. sanctions on the country now pence was speaking at a middle east security conference in the polish capital warsaw the talks are led by the u.s. in israel who are aiming to push a more aggressive stance on iran delegates from more than sixty countries are taking part including from
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a number of arab nations but several countries did not send high ranking delegations. let's listen in now to those comments from u.s. v.p. mike pence sadly. some of our leading european partners. have not been nearly as cooperative in fact they've led the effort to create mechanisms to break up our sanctions are at some strong words there from the u.s. vice president let's bring in our political correspondent hans bronte is covering the story for you hi hans have there been any reactions yet from the german government to these comments. you know if we know reactions in the last half hour or so since mike pence made that statement but we have to remember as we as we heard earlier that this conference where he's speaking in walsall is controversial in itself. some people here in germany especially on the left of the political spectrum are describing the conference as
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a war mongering gathering trying to start a war against iran i presume and certainly the german government of various other european governments in western europe mostly are not attending this conference at a very high ranking level that only send junior ministers to attend the conference so the whole set up is controversial and it can be expected that germany will continue to defend this deal with iran and will continue to keep its stance that communications channels with the iranian side need to be kept open all right that is the expectation hans but the u.s. is really stepping up pressure here is there any scenario where we could see germany and its a european allies heeding these warnings perhaps even ditching the iran deal. i think that the at the moment there's no indication of that at all there is a major security conference taking place in germany later this week starting tomorrow and in preparation for that the german foreign minister heikal marson his
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french counterpart published a piece in the newspaper here in germany today. defending their stance and pushing for a further multilateral order in the world and in that context said one of the big examples for successful multilateral deals is in fact this deal. tommy could deal with with iran so this morning in news papers here they defended their deal and in fact as we know the european union has set up a structure to help european companies circumvent american sanctions that's what mike pence was referring to there is an official structure in europe for european companies to do trade with iran and to help them to overcome or to circumvent american sanctions in other words there is a lot of political capital and possibly also commercial capital invested in all of this all right our political correspondent hans brandt covering this story for us
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good to talk to you. now iran has called of the middle east conference in warsaw a circus and says it is an attempt to demonize the country iranian president hassan rouhani is set to join parallel talks on the syrian conflict taking place in the russian resort town of sochi russian president vladimir putin met with his turkish counterpart. in sochi for discussions aimed at ending the eight year civil war in syria while russia and iran are backing syrian president bashar al assad turkey is supporting the forces fighting against him yeah the three countries have worked together before to try and find a solution to the conflict. now air bus is pulling the plug on its largest plane the a three eighty it was supposed to revolutionize air travel but it never really took off it is a plane that was beloved by pilots and passengers but in the end it didn't have enough orders from airline customers now the a three eighty represents more than
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twenty billion dollars in development costs it is also the world's largest passenger aircraft a double decker with a wingspan of almost eighty meters it also has room for around eight hundred fifty three passengers a range of almost sixteen thousand kilometers enough to cover virtually any connection on earth without refueling as impressive as it sounds only eighteen airlines actually found that the a three eighty was worth the investment of the big customers were emirates a singapore airlines also the australian carrier quantas and of the european carriers and air france now air bus was really counting on demand of one thousand two hundred eighty two orders when it launched a decade ago but in the end only three hundred thirteen orders came through as the price of fuel jumped and more economical plane designs became popular. the era of the airbus a three eighty super jumbo passenger jet is coming to
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a close the a three eighty took off for the first time in two thousand and eight and seats five. passengers the company had hoped that the plane would squeeze out boeing seven forty seven and revolutionize air travel passengers have always been big fans of the three eighty and have given the plane high marks for comfort space and for the quiet ride but airlines have been cautious about committing to the costly double decker planes and in the end they just weren't willing to pay the massive price tag to own the flying b.m. of the a three eighty had troubles from the start including tensions between airbus is french and german management and protracted production delays and cost overruns those prompted a company restructuring that cost thousands of jobs after can't just cancel the orders and emirates cancel thirty nine the company says it will simply put an end to production of the a three eighty by twenty twenty one. moniker xian's from good
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of you business is with us hi monica the airbus an airbus scrapping of the a three eighty how big of a blow is this well for one if you see the headlines we carry the headline and to every big broadcast. scraps a three eighty that's not a nice headline so it's a blow to the image definitely but it's an even bigger blow in financial terms invested billions of euros there's talk of some twenty five billion euros in the development of the super jumbo and despite that hefty price tag that we just heard about almost half a million euros per aircraft it didn't make a cent on the a three eighty so financially that wasn't a very good idea and then of course there's the impact on jobs the possible impact because there's talk about possibly three and a half thousand jobs being cut by this or affected by this but also said already that the button for its smaller mid-range and very successful a three twenty is so big that those jobs can possibly be shifted within the company so that's good news
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at least that's a silver lining we mention that pilots and passengers love this plane it was a big technical achievement as well. why wasn't it a financial success well. it's a bit like with the dinosaurs it's really is science you had there's these impressive numbers there and they are impressive but they were not very popular try and fill an aircraft that can seat about eight hundred or more passengers you first have to sell those tickets and i was very difficult for for those few airlines who actually bought the a three eighty and of course it is because of its size it's a four engine aircraft and those four engines they're very thirsty they use an awful lot of fuel and that is very costly so a lot of airlines rather switched to smaller also long haul airline jets which now only have two engines and they're much more sufficient so what was the big mistake from airbus there was a trying to go for a plane that was just too big i don't think they could dig couldn't read the sign of the times they thought that aviation would go the way that passengers would like
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to go from one major air hop to another big aviation hop and then maybe switch into a smaller aircraft in order to get to their final destination and clearly this is not what's been happening also because of those more fuel efficient two engine jets that were almost imitating this leak developed and that that were much more attractive and the a three eighty again the size you don't have many airports that can actually host this there's an airline i don't brazil for example doesn't have a single airport where the a three eighty would fit as a latin america africa no airline there bought the a three eighty so that was good right the end of the a three eighty for airbus monica johnson did of your business thank you so much. now to some other stories making news around the world a u.s. judge has ruled that former trump campaign manager paul metaphor intentionally lie to investigators probing russian interference in the true thousand and sixteen
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election after he was convicted of financial fraud last year man a fourth promise to cooperate with the probe as part of a plea deal reaching that agreement means he could face a lengthy jail term. british media reports say a teenage girl who ran off with two school friends to join the so-called islamic state in syria four years ago wants to return to london one thousand year old shamima begum says she's worried about the health of her unborn child but that she does not regret joining i asks. in the philippines prominent journalist maria ressa has been released on bail following her arrest on charges of cyber libel on wednesday reza is head of the news site rappler which has a reported critically on president territory her supporters see the charges against her as a government attack on press freedom. now the annual munich security conference starts on friday and bangladesh is a prime minister shake a scene that will be one of the world leaders taking part ahead of her trip gave an
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exclusive interview to w. is editor in chief in his poll i see no was elected to her fourth term last december and the trip to europe is her first overseas visit since then bangladesh has a face international criticism over the election athena has been accused of jailing thousands of opponents and imposing tough restrictions on media to silence her critics. what this was seen as first interview with an international broadcaster since her reelection and editor in chief as we said in a poll conducted this interview she is joining us to talk more about it hi ines tell us why you wanted to sit down with shake us you know what is it that you were looking to find out if as you just mentioned her first interview after the election when the lot of rumors the actions were kind of not free elections you know i mean bangladesh is a very very interesting country it's complicated. but it's a huge threat to really islamists get stronger there and so me personally i was
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really interested to get to know. but you know we didn't want to be to confront really wanted to understand what are you ideas how do you deal with this complicated situation in your country and we are so lucky. and you head of oh isn't department. she is from bangladesh and she was with us so she really opened the doors to get this. interview you wanted to get to know shake us you know what was your impression after sitting down with her she's seventy two. she has really experienced a lot of while and i mean after all her father and her whole family got assassinated in one thousand nine hundred seventy five she's under constant threat . of you know it's super high security and but i think that she really wants to fulfill the legacy of her father who is the fall under of bangladesh and she's really fighting for democracy but within its limitations one of those limitations
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is a topic we've covered a lot here on namely press freedom and you did press shake us you know on this issue let's take a look at the numbers here in the two thousand and eighteen world press freedom index of bangladesh ranks one hundred forty six out of one hundred. and you supported one hundred percent and also critical voices who criticize your own style of leadership or your decisions which you say this is part of a democracy listen if you work more then you. hear more criticism but. you should ask the senate is what i don't know what they think one of the. good. or what they need. some. so she's saying they're in there getting what they need it seems like a contradiction to where bangladesh places on the world press freedom index what do
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you make of that. i really pressed her because we as though she did also sometimes face you know some tough restrictions so i really wanted to get this answer so do you tell us here really in front of all camera that you will support one hundred percent freedom of speech and she said yes so i tell you we will help her accountable on that but indeed i mean she has to juggle a lot of things. you know she says a lot all muslims and also like. more radical muslims even politicians which are on the edge of bin islamists to express their free to to to execute the freedom of speech so they can talk about what they want to talk about that's her understanding of freedom of press and she also allows her criticize critics to criticize her political style but then on the other hand she really has to keep peace in this country you know so she has to level this out so how much. how
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can i say that how much aggression can she allow in the public discourse that's a tricky line so i actually believe her that she tries to give as much freedom of speech as possible but again she her first goal is to keep the country in peace and she has a lot of competing interests to balance there and you know as she also told you something that she hasn't said publicly before about whether this would be her last term and office we do have a clip of the interview where she talked about that let's listen to that. i want to . cause a kid to talk. and before that i was by minister was away for. so i don't know underground new for more. i think that everybody should take a break and then we can make a coalition for younger generation. ok so that is it important for announcement
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she's saying i don't want to continue what is she looking to achieve and what would be her last term. that's indeed the first time she said that publicly the big question will be who will be how successful or you know she comes from this family her father as i said. was the founder of bangladesh and she was on and off an office but she is like a huge figure when you walk the streets in bangladesh everybody knows her she has many people criticize her but she's kind of a highly respected political figure so that would be the huge huge question is she able to find a successor is she able to get enough younger people into the government we met some young highly educated men actually and also some women who might have you know join her on that path but she's also focused on really accomplishing like providing enough food for the people we talked a lot about education she promises to talk to also overstressed her and that as well she promised that she will fight for the freedom from from young girls because some islamic forces within the country they for example want to limit the amount of
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time girls are allowed to spend in school then one to lower the marriage age to nine years and this is something she really wants to keep in place she wants to do to protect the constitution the law which is now in place you know but i think her main main main issue is really to provide food and education we mustn't forget that everyone one in every four bangladeshis is poor poor and poor really means poor people are still starving they don't have any houses so that's from a topic that is a big issue indeed in as we should say that had seen impressive and rapid progress under shaikh athena's leadership but if she's saying this is her last term you know you spent some time reporting in the country what do you think are the issues that she hasn't been able to resolve well i mean the. learns from the from islamic
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forces you know i mean the as this country is so poor they have many many migrant workers many of young men go and work in saudi arabia and they come back i want to say infiltrated and this is something she has to she has to work with how can she keep democracy in place it's probably not one hundred percent democracy but at least people can vote how can she. keep fundamentalists out of power you know how can she keep this country in a kind of a peaceful way that will be her biggest challenge and so far short people are still threatened people are still killed on the streets this she has not accomplished it a tall task indeed for the bangladesh prime minister sheikh us you know our editor in chief in a poll thank you so much and you can see the full interview right after this show shake a scene as interview is also available of course in english and also bengali online at our website g.w. dot com. now moving on to some other news one year ago today
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a nineteen year old student shot his way through a high school and parklane in the u.s. state of florida killing seventeen people as so often before americans were gripped by shock and grief but what happened next was different students at the high school started a movement called march for a lives the goal to toughen up america's gun laws. valentine's day two thousand and eighteen students at marjorie stoneman douglas high school run for their lives after a gunman opened fire in the school hallways killing fourteen students and three stocks. will order it in years old. grief lost friends and siblings quickly turned into activism. only six weeks after the pop and massacre more than a million young people took to the streets across the u.s.
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in one of the biggest youth led protests since the vietnam war. the main event in washington d.c. alone drew a crowd of eight hundred thousand poppin students where the driving force behind the movement which they dubbed the march for our lives. among them and the gonzales one of the main voices of the protest. and the time that i came out here. it has been six minutes and twenty seconds the shooter has ceased shooting and will soon abandon his rifle blend in with the students as they escape and walk free for an hour before arrest fight for your lives before it's someone else's child. i but the gun lobby soon hit back the national rifle association claim to come pain was straight had by gun hating elites chemical and fellow activists david hong who are accused of being paid actors. and president trump had the n.r.a.
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is back the solution to school shootings teaches he told delegates at the annual convention in the wake of the protests there is no showing more inviting to i mare's killer then or sorry dad did clare's this school is a gun free zone come in and take us. for near on poplin students continue to come pain hoping the tragedy that turned them into activists may help to change america's gun culture. now to the berlin film festival where a film about lesbian love has cost controversy not because of its subject but because it's produced by netflix the streaming service that is upset theater owners nonetheless alisa and marcella the true story of two spanish women and their same sex marriage more than one hundred years ago is in the running for the festival's
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top prize the golden bear. time to shine isabel is one of seven female directors in this year's ballon on a competition line up. she was joined on the red carpet by actresses natalia de molina and gretel for nanda is to play the main characters. when ilesa and marcella meet in a high school in northwestern spain they fall head over heels in love. it's a poor people love kept secret. a relationship that the arch catholic and often homophobic population at the end of the one nine hundred centuries doesn't approve of. the movie is controversial not because of its story but because it was produced by the online streaming service netflix cinema owners and distributors fear of financial losses
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and they want the movie out of the belly knowledge line up they say the belly not as a publicly funded film festival should only promote movies that will be released in cinemas. director isabelle question says her film will be shown in spanish cinema as at least the call for a boycott makes her angry. i just wrote a script i try to have financing for ten years and. nobody really really was interested in doing it the culture has to be about respect the ouster and one thing saying the film doesn't deserve to be here it's not respecting the author and your second in the movie the two women clinging to their love with a lisa posing as a man the to get married their union was the first same sex marriage in spain more than one hundred years before marriage equality was legalized. based on
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a true story this could have been a powerful film paying tribute to the community's decades long fight for equal rights. yet the slow and often implausible movie doesn't live up to that promise. the first of three champions league last sixteen clashes between german and english clubs took place on wednesday tottenham gave the edge to the premier league with a three no victory over dortmund in the first leg just minutes into the second half south korea striker saw him in handed tottenham the lead at home the spurs added a second to seven minutes from the final whistle and then grabbed a third biggest club now has a big advantage for the second like in dortmund next month. golfer tiger woods has been gearing up for big tournaments later this year by practicing with two well known golf lovers namely former u.s.
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president barack obama and his successor donald trump what does not want to major since two thousand and seven following personal and injury problems but the forty three year old american showed signs that he is getting back to his best at the end of the last season he is now ready to target a fifteenth major after testing himself on separate occasions against obama and trump what trump was the easier opponent. i played with president obama the week before and said you go played with you know person from last week so . number two to put a couple presidents in a few weeks and enjoy both days. present from has been very busy d.c. doesn't play a lot of golf. as i have to tell him. all right you're watching news up next to bangladesh as prime minister shake us enough speaks exclusively to do she insists that the people of bangladesh do have freedom of speech even though the
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country ranks very low on the world press freedom index. that is coming right up on the dot you don't get to follow us on twitter for the latest updates our handle there out it'll be in news thanks for watching.
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the. interview exclusive. a reluctant prime minister ahmet long. talks to deal with the current issues in a country future. that we were. eighty percent of americans at some point and experience hardship.
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to. his fans the open stores. sounds good. oh sure that's so much more than just background music video music starts february twenty fifth on t.w. . for the first time most of the reelection. the prime minister from bangladesh gave an interview to an international broadcast and that was a thought we talked about her priorities about her fears and what she wants to leave behind ones she will have left the office. she can see now be a sitting here and in the painting of your father who is the founder of punk that. he was assassinated in august not.


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