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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm CET

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this is the w.'s live from. the u.s. mass shooting that mobilized a young people on gun control of school students in florida although both of silence to honor the victims were joined by hundreds of thousands across the country who told the seventy people to look at. what has happened also on the program. united states tells you how to get on board with its policies the vice president calls on your allies to withdraw from iraq in his deal to stop trying to
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invade u.s. sanctions. european aviation giant abscess to look at production cuts double decker a three eighty because they don't want the. competition the international film festival has already seen the film premiering as we speak. the final film competing in the festival and it by one of china's most celebrated director will tell you why we think it might win the festivals top prize . welcome to the program. a year ago today a nineteen year old student shot his way through a high school in parkland in the u.s. state of florida killing seventeen people as we passed a mass shootings americans were gripped by shock and grief but this time the
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response was different students about high school launched a movement called bart for our lives with the aim of tightening america's gun laws . valentine's day two thousand and eighteen students at marjorie's stoneman douglas high school run for their lives after a gunman opened fire in the school hallways killing fourteen students and three staff. who. are. in years old. grief lost friends and siblings quickly turned into activism. only six weeks after the part time massacre more than a million young people took to the streets across the u.s. in one of the biggest youth led protests since the vietnam war. the main event in washington d.c. alone drew a crowd of eight hundred thousand pop and students where the driving force behind
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the movement which they dubbed the march for our lives. among them emma comes on as one of the main voices of the protest. the time that i came out here. it has been six minutes and twenty seconds the shooter has ceased shooting and will soon abandon his rifle blend in with the students as they escape and walk free for an hour before a rest fight for your lives before it's someone else's child. i've but the gun lobby soon hit back the national rifle association claim to come pain was orchestrated by gun hating elites chemical and fellow activist david hong who are accused of being paid actors. and president trump how the n.r.a. is back the solution to school shootings teaches he told delegates at their annual convention in the wake of the protests there is no shawn more inviting to i
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mare's killer then or sorry that did claire's this school is a gun free zone come in and take us. through on your own pocket when students continue their campaign hoping the tragedy that turned them into activists may help to change america's gun culture they'd have a correspondent all of a solid as of a moderate starting with douglas high school welcome tell us more about today's events. well it's a very sad day for the community here behind me at the stillman douglass high a commemoration events were taking place throughout this morning they are close to the public as the community is still struggling one year after these attacks but what's different this year and that's what you've just reported of all in the report that we've just seen is this movement that survivors and victims and.
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school mates created right after the attacks this never again movement and also the marches for our lives that took place attracting hundreds of thousands of protesters taking to the streets in washington d.c. across the country and that has changed the public awareness here in the country and until today really and they have achieved something that nobody nobody else really achieved after a rampage shooting like this which is bringing this topic on the agenda putting this topic on the agenda of lawmakers as congress is also planning to tackle gun law in the future so. as you said this was profits today how has the community changed so the community is still struggling but the big question here right now for
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everyone is will there be a result out of these protests that we've just mentioned will there be tougher gun laws on the federal level because that has not happened so far but if you take a closer look then small things have happened for example supermarket changes chains like wal-mart have raised the minimum age for buying rifles from eighteen to twenty one also other companies have canceled their discounts for members of the national rifle association as they fear. damaging their their images and so on and that is certainly taken a year or witnessed here in the community and gives them some come forward as well . all of us siletz in florida thank you for you some of the other stories making news around the world the judge in the united states israel the former trump campaign manager paul maeder fought did intentionally lie to investigators looking
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into russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election after being convicted of financial fraud last year as the mother fought probably stick cooperate with the investigation as part of a plea deal breaching that agreement means enough could face a lengthy jail term. a court in turkey has ordered the german turkish journalist and social worker adult image she be released from jail in istanbul he spent ten months in prison are alleged links to a far left party that he considers a terrorist organization to reach his trial is still ongoing and he's not allowed to return to his native germany u.s. vice president mike pence has called on europe to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and accuse washington's european allies of trying to invade u.s. sanctions on the country it depends was speaking as a middle east security conference in the post craft warsaw talks are led by the u.s. and israel and want to push for more aggressive stance towards iran delegates from more than sixty countries including
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a number of arab nations are taking part several countries including france and germany chose not to send higher ranking delegations. let's say there are some of those comments from the u.s. vice president sadly some of our leading european part. nearly. the. mechanisms to break up are such as get more on this from a journalist and middle east expert or kristin held back a welcome to d w. the u.s. has been around for some time but that seems to be this renewed push. well actually the u. s. is planning to withdraw their own troops from syria and they were there from the point of view from present president trump to contain iran's influence inside syria so what they are trying to do now is to find partners in the region and in eastern europe especially together with israel obviously and prime minister netanyahu to
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contain iran even while u.s. troops won't be there so that's the whole point how to create an alliance to push back iran until they see this very clear this is a political as well as a military strategy yes i mean president champ would like to have regional countries neighboring countries to fill the gap maybe saudi arabia egypt maybe the united arab emirates they are there and they are the ones who really all rivals of iran in the region they want to clearly contain iran's influence in the region because iran during the past few years have really gained a lot of leverage inside of the middle east look at the ban on look at iraq look at syria now look at yemen so what they are trying to do is to create this alliance to really push back any influence inside syria why even without u.s. troops on the ground many of these countries have to have signally failed to get completely involved in this in this conflict so what can he tell them or offer them
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now that will change their minds well it's not that he has a lot to offer a president that's the whole problem because he's basically saying that you know america first we don't really care for the region could you please take care of your own problems while at the same time selling them american weapons that's the only thing that he kind of you know offers. take care by all weapons and take care of your terrorism problems you know to to make sure that isis won't come back and to contain iran and look for your own interest so the big part of this and the the the biggest part the biggest jigsaw that is a bit has moved around is the fact that american troops are now leaving so once we america has gone you people now know that that you will have to do something so this isn't just just out of focus minds this is what he tries to focus on this is to reassure israel and they have basic fear off iranian nuclear weapons and this is to reassure prime minister netanyahu that you know the u.s. will be still on this and it's not it's you know confronting iran i thank you for
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that kristin helberg while iran was the focus of talks in sochi the country's president hassan rouhani was attending a parallel conference today in the russian city of sochi rouhani joined the leaders of russia and turkey to discuss how they can work together more closely in syria as washington prepares to withdraw its troops russia and iran backed the regime of syrian president bashar al assad well he supports rebel forces fighting against him over three have positioned themselves as a key players in syria's long running war. and the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria will be a blow for kurdish forces closely allied with the u.s. they fear an all out offensive from turkey once the us is out of the way he regards the kurdish militia in syria as terrorists we have this report now from the kurdish city of kabaddi on the border with turkey. leila visits this grave in every
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thursday to pray and honor the memory of her only son rody he died fighting the so-called islamic state in twenty thirteen as did thousands more kurds leila hopes her son's commitment to freedom wasn't in vain it's a hope that unites many mothers who have lost their sons and this region. will never forget them it is truly a tremendous loss that we're keeping our composure by remembering our sons and our hometown god forbid that blood has been shed in vain them and not a hero and that will. but many kurds in northern syria have misgivings this is where the kurdish militia the y.p. g forced the i asked to retreat in a major offensive in late two thousand and fourteen the price of freedom was high a heavy death toll and enormous destruction. today another danger looms from the turkish side. across the border nearby president type of the one views the
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y.p. g. as an offshoot of the outlawed kurdish workers' party the p.k. k. he's threatening a military offensive a confidant at the education variation of northern syria would be nothing short of colonialism what we're defending our country here. what just added one wants here but what does he want from. there to one insists on creating what he calls a security zone along the turkish border he's calling on the y. p.g. to pull out of this thirty kilometer strip. if it complies turkey would then control the area for many kurds living in co bannon that amounts to a nightmare but it's because i think security zone is the wrong term this area has been secure for a long time now the whole world knows that syria's north and east is the safest region in the entire country. but that could change dramatically
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grieving families like layla's would be all the more and better if turkey were to take control of her fallen son's final resting place. british prime minister theresa may is hoping to avoid another defeat of her plan to bring the go state to the bricks and deal that made the opposition from members of party as it used for receiving a version of the aims to go into the government more time to seek change the deal from the new opponents in a party say she's moving in the wrong direction that's apparent to upstage protesters a four under against britain's withdrawal from the european union have been gathering outside the parliament building have a vote but if it would hinder the prime minister's ability to bring the go series and win approval for which will do you know let's get the view of this from a profit actual european factory the body is germany's that justice minister she's also standing for election to the european parliament as the german social
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democrats lead candidates also hof german british welcome to day doubly thank you so when you hear the words of the word bricks it's what goes through your mind always deep sigh i'm really sad that i thought it came the same way. nobody seems to find a way out how it we can we can take this without without having a great damage to as well the u.k. as to the rest of you do you have any sympathy for teresa mayes position well for a long time i thought she was doing the best she can but these last six weeks my feeling is that she's only trying to to gain time and to put more pressure on to the other member states and that is a strategy that will not work out think of everything that the end goal of that presumably if she is tried to play for time is that ultimately british m.p.'s will
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say well this is the only deal in town let's just get on with it. from the job perspective is that what everybody wants this is this is the deal that was that was signed up so long as they get song. who cares if that happens ok but i think it works both ways i think the pressure she's trying to put on works as well for the for the m.p.'s in britain as for the other member states at least that is the feeling that i got when i went to the island northern island in london two weeks ago that you your for example car industry is getting nervous should you move now that. it becomes more likely and i don't think that is a strategy that can work out it's interesting you're saying you were in northern ireland because it was a base seems to be the thought the heart of the biggest of the problems and so those of us who don't work within the political process that this it does seem like an impossible puzzle how do you have a situation with no border on the island violent while maintaining the
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constitutional integrity of the united kingdom well in the end there can be solutions found of course there will be a border i mean the question is as far as as the free movement of goods and persons and workers is concerned how do you organize control so you can find a solution for that but the problem is the backstop the problem is that. at the moment there is not willing to accept that in case we don't find a final agreement but then of course we have to protect the good fight is agreement so so it's just kind of a rescue option for ireland the northern island that we are really. absolutely willing to keep and obviously in britain it just being seen as something that you know their opinion wants to kind of oblige britain to stay in or something
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like that it's not about that the only question is that we have to protect irish interests and therefore we need to backstop. when you go back to britain there's a mention the talk you're half british do you is this is something that you avoid or is this something that the people will just bend your ear about. well when i meet my family. i'm glad that they all voted remained. yes i was i wasn't sure actually because my uncle set up a company and i always saw him as a kind of a more conservative person but they have moved from england to scotland and maybe that changes the perspective because they said maybe all of a sudden we become foreign knows no country if scotland then has a new referendum we might be far knows as english people so they voted remain within the family it's fine but i see the society as very much more divided than it is of a big. bunch of the top you're germany's justice minister you're also starting for
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election to the european parliament would you do both jobs or would you resign no i will resign as a minister of obviously. i will serene resign as a member of german parliament i will then concentrate absolutely on your wives are because i just i look at this i look at you're about god in the government and you've you've you were a family affairs for nine months. i gave you the labor and social affairs brief as well and then you talk about your minister for justice for eleven months or so are you a committed european or are you just a good politician that your party is sending to sort out trouble well i didn't say yes in the very first place when they asked me to run for the european elections because i really love what i'm doing at the moment and as you mentioned i really wanted to do that for a long time but as you look up the developments in europe a really convinced that the most committed europeans have to go to this european parliament because we are facing a real danger from the far right we're really facing the danger that europe divides
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itself and becomes a europe of egg. waists instead of countries working together and really willing to do my share and probably the most european person that you can find maybe not in germany eventually at least. talking to thank you so much for talking to. bobby joe mr justice minister thank you very much. that you were here in the plane maker has announced that it will and production of its super jumbo passenger jet the a three eighty after a decade in production the company had hoped to they. would revolutionize and travel but i'm supreme cautious about committing to the cost of double the planes the final straw came to king and once qantas and emirates counseled the owners so let's take a look at the rise and fall of the world's biggest airline. the optimism alone could have lifted the massive jet liner at its two thousand and five unveiling in toulouse to a three eighty wasn't just the future of aviation but the symbol of
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what the e.u. strive to be unified industrious competitive as is stein triomphe it's a triumph of european science of and european engineering schools but the a three eighty was more than a symbol it was a product in a competitive market and that market was indeed moving to bigger jets when air bus began talking about a super jumbo in the early one nine hundred ninety s. the company flirted with a joint project with rival boeing before starting work on the a three eighty in two thousand and two production was carefully divided across the e.u. the wings in the u.k. the landing gear in spain assembly in germany and finishing in france billions of euros in government subsidies kept things moving and angered rival boeing the final product brought volume to the airlines they could pack in more than eight hundred fifty passengers in a single flight if the market increasingly demanded the opposite smaller twin engine planes that could fly directly to their final destinations like the boeing
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dreamliner or airbus is a three fifty the massive eighty three eighty travel between hubs as company. grew across the industry in margins tight and unsold seats in the a three eighty became even more expensive for the airlines. emirates was said to be the only airline that could operate the jet on the necessary scale as late as last year it seemed the airline might keep the a three eighty aloft. and i have no doubt but we will produce a great three eighty s. even ten years from now that hope quickly faded emirates waffled on its order and has now announced it will reduce the number of the new jetliners for air bus and perhaps the e.u. as well an abrupt end to a thirty year old vision. is the last day in competition the burden a film festival. telling david levitz on down the red carpet welcome both so you've had a look at today's that world premiere so long my son by chinese. wang wei
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he's already won a silver. twice insists his gold here. you know what phil if i were a betting man i would say that we have a winner what do you say charlotte yellow for let me put this in context for you there are sixteen films in competition we've seen all of them the prize announcements coming on saturday and speculation is really building that this film that we saw say long my son could be the one to win it really has everything i have to say this blew me away it's it's very emotional. political as well it's three hours long it covers the last thirty years and i should say thirty years of recent chinese history through one family in particular through their personal tragedy the loss of their son they would like to have another child but they're prevented by china's former one child policy this really brings together the personal and the
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political quite critically actually right and that is the theme of the whole fest. the personal is the puzzle of the political not something the jury said that they were really looking for in the films the in competition now the director of this film one sure shy he said that he wants to show the cars in a slightly critical and critical light so that lessons can be learned in the future into it to a western audience or to keep you might take from this that it's quite critical of the chinese government and as the jury said that we were looking for a very human film i think this was particularly good chances and i found it very human i was crying my eyes out shirley got a little wet sitting next to you and i did you know that so you had time she had to wipe off my tears i'm so sorry simon. happened clearly charlotte made of sterner stuff there was supposed to be another chinese film in the competition this is one second about the country's cultural revolution that was pulled the well i mean
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yesterday lots of speculation about censorship if we learned anything more. that's right for that something that of course you would expect if a chinese film is pulled from a festival just days before it was meant to have its world premiere that perhaps there is something in it that chinese authorities weren't happy with or that there's been no confirmation of that at the moment so far it really is just speculation all we do know is what we've heard from the film social media site it said that the film was pulled for technical reasons that was something that was then backed up by the bell and all the festival itself it said that the film simply didn't make it in times there are a number of reasons why it may not have made it but the director of the festival dieter caustic he expressed his regret for it not making it he said that this is his last festival he really wanted to see a very special director here in the ballot not as someone who has won a lot of awards in the past have his film shane let's have a listen to what he had to say. because i'm disappointed you can't imagine it was
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sick closing night for my eighteen years film festival year and now it's without checking she move. now talking about that speculation that it was pulled because there was something in it that the chinese government didn't like that speculation has led to a lot of confusion today after we saw so long my son a movie that was in our eyes very critical of china so if that was the reason it's hard to say why one film got to be shown in the other one didn't. talk of what else is creating a buzz stand that. that's right well. the honorary award for lifetime achievement this year is going to charlotte rampling i we got to see her a little while ago at her press conference she came onto the scene at age seventeen was discovered for her good looks now she's seventy three she stuck around for her for her psychological power if you are trying to get here on the ballot now there is wealth though she's been on the jury she's won multiple awards including
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a silver bath a head performance say she's really someone their lot of people are very happy to see get this accolade shallots tell some a tell that david that that second beth. you know upstate remember you can always get the latest on your same question on our website that's t w dot com i'm going to.
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. to. mine. this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the elusive preacha ports on felt the black panther sightings had long been rumored in kenya and all scientists have confirmed the animals presence there with a serious offer a images. and the calls from candidates will meet the nigerian teacher running for president and find out why he say's education is his priority.


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