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monaco so how about the rest of today's our business news in just a moment to have more news of the top of the hour a good day. it's time for berlin sixty nine film festival. we give you the lowdown on all the stars. and gossip. the cleanup twenty nineteen every day on. earth home to millions of species a home worth saving. googling geos tells stories of creative people and innovative
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projects around the world ideas that protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action global audience the new series of global three thousand on t.w. and on mine. less money from outside africa but more from the inside investment from the west is dropping but it's increasingly being replaced with capital from within the continent we'll look at what that means for african economies and investors. and after more and more consumers jump ship apple is pulling the plug on the a three eighty eight production of the superjumbo will stop in two years. and phases shortage of flowers on valentine's day because growers on missing
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a key ingredient this is business africa on d.w.i. . and terms of investment african economies are increasingly able to stand on their own feet the african development bank says indigenous african investments are increasing its africa to africa investment report also points to a sharp drop in foreign capital inflows that would normally be a worrying development but it says that that shortfall is in part now being covered by local investors. one of uganda's major steel factories i would say to the capito com paula. the owners roofing group export three quarters of products here. and see that the growing demand in east africa was why didn't they are market opportunity with population growth in the region and with. the different trade agreements which are being signed across the continent i think that intra african investment is growing price obstruction and rio are
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a part of that story actually because we have invested in some distribution points in rwanda and we have we have the idea to put up some capacities there is in mombasa this is the gateway into east africa and we have we have also acquired land . according to the african development bank investments by law course within the continent have grown from four billion in two thousand and six to ten billion in two thousand and sixteen but investors like roofing this group say that's they can do better with an improved business environment the duties should not differ from country to country so has been the challenge of harmonization of tariffs in the region with trade in africa there are more than forty currencies each country has their own currency and they're quite weak if you see because we keep exporting low value products and we import high value products which always puts pressure on our currency. africa on the other hand has lost over thirty billion dollars worth of
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foreign direct investments in the last five years it has made economists skeptical even when the other known african investment is coming in and this africa is now able to replace that. that for me is a positive thing can look at but i would soon be worried and concerned about what is causing the add that if. you reduce to the levels that we are seeing. you see that the african market is not large enough to accommodate both or is there something bigger that the others are seeing which might come to haunt even the current africa africa investment. in just minutes in this district is like banking gun telecom iran top of the group of car. manufacturers too such as the roof in this group for c exciting prospects especially with major infrastructure projects taking off across africa. well that's bring in our
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correspondent george r. in bureau from nairobi joyed our africa to african investment is rising which is encouraging but it is african money better than western money. well that's a tough question to ask an african but i would say western money is still better than the african money because if you look at the foreign direct investment over the last year that is doing to eighteen there was a sharp increase to about eighty two percent it increased by each of the cent so it's still showing that you know these a lot of inflow or again will it investment coming in from multinationals from around the world into the african continent but still if you also look at africa's africa investment you know it is growing at the moment a few years ago in traffic a tree stood at about eight percent and now as of twenty eight hundred artists as of the end of last year it now stands at fifteen percent still fall tree but a lot of progress has been made and now intra africa trade is being encouraged more
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with the continent a free trade area as signings and right of cations as well that are going on around the continent and joy the africa to africa investment where does that money come from and where does it go to. well what we're seeing now these these are these are transit around the african continent where these trade between neighboring countries or maybe countries i'll give an example of kenya that has uganda as its biggest trade partner if you look at the western side of africa nigeria and ghana close street parking is if you look at the south and part of africa who would actually not is that south africa and zimbabwe and great trade partners so we having more and more intrigued you know treating our own the african continent that he's hosting this growth and i guess also the realisation that maybe they might be investing pool out sometimes from outside the continent more and more countries are
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looking at your africa trade as a way to move around so out to economies like south africa like nigeria which she's the most popular as a nation on the continent definitely an investment and then you also look at countries like moral or in north africa that are actually attracting more and more investment from other african countries as well so that you can see that these these quite a lot of investment there is the moved around found the only asian now could be. around via so i thank you very much and i'll talk top international business story of the day european plane maker absence ending production of its super jumbo passenger to me a three eighty s. off the just over a decade in production company had hoped to be a three eighty would revolutionize and travel but allan's have been cautious about committing to the costly double decker planes the final straw came as tokyo alliance quantize and that emirates
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cancelled orders. now let's take a look at the rise and fall of the world's biggest ally. not really what we talk about the world because with our resident playing sports the next. course of what kind of impact is this a decision like to have on of us it is certainly a blow for air bus because ultimately shows a gross miscalculation of the market which in the end did not have use for a big plane like that no airline in africa no airline in south america both growth markets picked up the a three eighty only about a fourth of the in to supply the number of planes has been sold so far and also taking into account the billions about twenty five billion dollars that airbus put into the development of this airplane if we take that into account airbus will not
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make a dime of profit on the a three eighty s. so overall this end of the prestigious project a three eighty it stings it really stings and that's something that airbus c.e.o. tom enders admitted to the as well it's nevertheless the a three eighty when it came out i remember it it's hard to go quite a remarkable achievement why did it fail why didn't it just a miscalculation is that the whole reason it is indeed an airplane lost by passengers and feared by accountants for several reasons one the a three eighty is the biggest jetliner of the world in any normal configuration it seems about five hundred fifty passengers and selling each one of these seats can be a challenge the second issue here is the a three eighty has four turbines which you know they take up a lot of fuel and nowadays there are more nimble jets that can also fly long distance with a lower number of passengers but they can you know go all the way consuming much less fuel thereby being much more profitable and the third issue is airbus
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anticipated that the passenger numbers on routes between the big hubs would grow exponentially turns out if you market grew after all the routes even on the ones connecting smaller airports and passengers don't want to go to big hubs when they want to reach their best. nation so this is a gross miscalculation as i said it was a bet on the future from airbus and it didn't materialize so now the a three eighty is gone concorde is gone is that era of the technological marvels is that over whatever you know little boys like you or me going to dream about well the concept of bigger seems to be gone for the moment but i think there are more. exciting developments out there if we think of air taxis you know it might still be some time until those actually come around but that's something that i want to try definitely and if you just stay on the ground you know racing down a motorway in an autonomous vehicle once the technology really has matured i mean that sounds exciting to me as well christopher over the sharing his view of the
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future with us thank you mr. now here floor is the nearly any country valentine's day is likely to be the high point of your business calendar that's especially true in kenya the country is the world's fourth largest exporter of cut flowers after the netherlands colombia ecuador and over the past few years the industry has been posting double digit growth but a recent government decision to impose checks at ports has left many florists fearing they'll go from blue to bust. there's hardly a better day to be a florist but here in the kenyan capital nairobi business appears to be wilting probably expecting that the visit get better by the day close in the morning it hasn't been so would actually we can compare to the rest of the valentine's day the business is about that is a big so what's keeping customers away higher prices for one growers in kenya primarily rely on imported first light there from countries including germany and israel but of recent decision by the kenyan government to crack down on counterfeit
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products has led to the introduction of checks at ports that's all well and good but lack of infrastructure has led to delays meaning growers have been unable to get their hands on sufficient quantities of fertiliser you have. to port for more than five to six months and yet we depend on fertilizers because a lot of flowers he's grown on a medium point. of nutrients. and therefore it was the most difficult time for industry kenya's floral industry has been flourishing in recent years bringing in the equivalent of one point one billion dollars in twenty eighteen but if the delays at ports continue they'll no longer be much for tom grant for growth. south africa's president. said there is no silver bullet to fix the crisis at state on power farm as call he wants to push
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a controversial plan to split the ailing company into three entities generation transmission and distribution he said this was necessary because eskom had not been properly managed in its current form unions fear the move could pave the way for privatization and job losses this fall misled the thirty billion dollars of debt following years of mismanagement outages and threaten to derail south africa's economy. that's all from me and the business africa. website for more.
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quadriga international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of. next week's the ballots in the host a conference on sexual abuse by clerics francis is trying to restore faith in his sacred institution. joining as we discuss the catholic church's darkest secrets on point. sixty minutes.
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and on demand. language courses. video or you know. any time anywhere. w. music terms. this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the elusive preacha ports on fill the black panther sightings have long been rumored in kenya scientists have confirmed animals presence there with a serious offer a images. and the calls from candidate will make the nigeria teacher running for president and find out why he saves education is his priority. then love is in the end god but it's both valentine's day ad national chalcolithic we also.


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