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self and your family from diseases and all moved by applying the five keys to see for to use them you also have a role to play here. this is good news like for lent a year after the u.s. national team that mobilized young people on gun control parklane school students in florida holds a moment of silence to remember the seventeen victims and we're joined by hundreds of thousands across the country we will look at what has happened since also coming
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out border. another day on the path to britain's exit from the european union and another tough defeat in parliament for prime minister theresa may and there are just six weeks to go now i'm told greg's that. and a farewell to the super jumbo european aviation giant airbus says that it will end production of its double decker a three eighty because airlines don't want them. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program hundreds of thousands of students and adults in the u.s. have observed a moment of silence to mark the first anniversary of the shooting at a high school in parkland in the state of florida americans were shocked when a nineteen year old killed seventeen people at marjorie stoneman douglas high school last year the shooting rampage has fueled the debate over gun control but
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what's different this time is that students at the high school have turned into political activists they launched. movement called a march for our lives but the aim of tightening america's gun laws. valentine's day two thousand and eighteen students at marjorie's stoneman douglas high school run for their lives after a gunman opened fire in the school hallways killing fourteen students and three staff. little order. in years old. grief for lost friends and siblings quickly turned into activism was was was only six weeks after the pop one massacre more than a million young people took to the streets across the u.s. in one of the biggest youth led protests since the vietnam war. the main event in
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washington d.c. alone drew a crowd of eight hundred thousand pachmann students where the driving force behind the movement which they dubbed the march for our lives. among them emma comes on as one of the main voices of the protest. this is the time that i came out here. it has been six minutes and twenty seconds the shooter has ceased shooting and will soon abandon his rifle blend in with the students as they escape and walk free for an hour before arrest fight for your lives before it's someone else's child. i but the gun lobby soon hit back the national rifle association claim to come pain was straightened by gun hating elites chemical and fellow activists david hong who are accused of being paid actors. and president trump that the n.r.a. is back the solution to school shootings teaches he told delegates at the annual
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convention in the wake of the protests there is no sean more inviting to i mare's killer then or sorry that did claire's this school is a gun free zone come in and take us. through on your own pocket when students continue their campaign hoping the tragedy that turned them into activists may help to change america's gun culture. and correspondent all over sal it was marjorie stolen douglas high school today and here's his take on the one year anniversary of the shooting. more than twenty school shootings across the united states made it one of the worst years in gun violence in the country what's different this time is that students here in parkland florida did not want to be victims but became activists instead and while on the federal level not much has changed since then there were changes on the
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local level just like in the state of florida for instance that was long known for deregulating its gun control and that is now raised its minimum age from eighteen to twenty one years when buying a rifle those may be small steps but they're the result of a movement that was born one year ago and that is still alive today. she didn't use all of her salad there in parklane florida british prime minister to resign may haue suffered another defeat in parliament over her brags that strategy lawmakers voted against a government motion asking them to reaffirm support for her plan to see changes to her bragg's a deal. to tears and to resign may's own party opted to abstain from the vote saying that the prime minister is moving in the wrong direction the vote does not force the government to change tact but it is likely to undermine e.u. leaders confidence that may can when parliament support for any revised agreement. due to be a corresponding mass transit now for more on she's covering all these events in
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london so what exactly has been happening here. well it's more of a symbolic but also such a symbolic defeat that's the reason may have suffered essentially was you was asking for time to go back to brussels and negotiate their withdrawal agreements something that neither said they're really not willing to do but anyway this is series i'm a strategy and she has suffered a defeat by her own party people basically abstaining and not backing her so it's really not a good look for treason maybe if she calling even have her own party beside her behind so basically another day another vote that we're seeing here and yet more political tennis in the u.k. house of commons what happens next. well it's seems like the drama is not ending to reason may has said that in two weeks' time she will come back and she will yet again present a house of commons with i have well she says
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a solution she wants to go back to russell's and she wants to have another results you want to have something that's legally binding that is a commitment by e.u. leaders to change somehow the position of northern ireland yet you either as we know are really on willing to do that so her critics here in the labor party mostly accuse her of really running down. the clock of trying to achieve something that is already clear she called the chief and then she really runs down time so that at the very end of this process at the very end of march when the the u.k. has to leave the european union that there is no choice but for those m.p.'s in the house of parliament here to backstab how whatever deal to reason may will have hammered out that so that she is just buying time and this is the fear here in london also by business who say we need clarity we call and live anymore with this on certainty is affecting business already and there is
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a lot of criticism here in london in the u.k. as far as tourism a strategy is concerned also of course there is a concern on the e.u. side dead if they somehow give into had the mons and change the backstop go for a different compromise can she even get anything through the house of parliament so how trustworthy of a negotiating partner is she that's what leaders must be asking themselves even more after this defeat tonight so many open questions of mass in london thank you. well let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world twenty people are feared dead after a boat capsized in bad weather in northern sandia authorities say that the vessel was carrying more than forty people when a storm struck lake vero the boat had left a town that was nearby and was headed toward some small islands when the accident occurred. the u.s. senate has confirmed william barr as president attorney general with
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a new job barr will oversee the long running probe into whether trump's twenty sixteen campaign colluded with russia the senate vote was largely along party lines many democrats opposed fars bid amid concerns that he may not make public all of the investigations findings. and around three thousand farmers wearing orange vests have rallied in rome to protest against what they say is a lack of government support last year's damaging frost and a plant pathogen have caused a significant loss of crops protesters are calling on the government to declare a disaster and compensate them for their losses. on down to the top international business story of the day european plane maker air bus is ending production of the super jumbo passenger jet the a three eighty after just a decade in production the company had hoped that the a three eighty would revolutionize air travel but airliners have been cautious about committing to the costly double decker planes the final straw came as two kia alliance quantas and
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emirates canceled orders let's take a look now at the world's biggest airliner. the optimism alone could have lifted the massive jet liner at its two thousand and five unveiling in toulouse to a three eighty wasn't just the future of aviation but the symbol of what the e.u. strive to be unified industrious competitive as is stunned triomphe it's a triumph of european science of and european engineering schools but the a three eighty was more than a symbol it was a product in a competitive market and that market was indeed moving to bigger jets when air bus began talking about a super jumbo in the early one nine hundred ninety s. the company flirted with a joint project with rival boeing before starting work on the a three eighty in two thousand and two production was carefully divided across the e.u. the wings in the u.k. the landing gear in spain assembly in germany and finishing in france billions of euros in government subsidies kept things moving and angered rival boeing the final
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product brought volume to the airlines they could pack in more than eight hundred fifty passengers in a single flight if the market increasingly demanded the opposite smaller twin engine planes that could fly directly to their final destinations like the boeing dreamliner or airbus is a three fifty the massive a three eighty travel between hubs as competition grew across the industry and margins tightened unsold seats in the a three eighty became even more expensive for the airlines. emirates was said to be the only airline that could operate the jet on the necessary scale as late as last year it seemed the airline might keep the a three eighty aloft embers and i have no doubt but we will produce great creative use even ten years from now that hope quickly faded emirates waffled on its order and has now announced it will reduce the number of the new jetliners for air bus and perhaps the e.u. as well an abrupt end to a thirty year old vision. of
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a more now with his very own chris tucker over his joining us from dana i mean what kind of impact is this likely to. for airbus because they were really banking big on this particular model it is a certainly a blow to airbus because it shows a gross miscalculation of the market which ultimately didn't have a use for a plane for a product like this only about a fourth of the interest spaded. have been sold so far and taking into account the about twenty five billion dollars roughly of development cost airbus not making one dime of profit off of this plane there is some good news though the workers of the production line will most likely be able to shift it to other parts of the company as other planes are selling much better than the three eighty but at the end you know it is the end of a very prestigious project and this and it stings it really stings for airbus and that's something that c.e.o. tom enders also admitted to special because i mean it was quite an achievement and
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it's day i mean this massive plane really incredible very luxurious why did it fail well it's a plane that passengers loved and still do because it is space is spacious so big it is very quiet and takes off but it's also a plane that is feared by accountants for several reasons one is the world's largest jet liner it sits in an ordinary conference configuration about five hundred fifty people and selling all of these seats is a challenge the second one is the a three eighty s four engines and they consume much more fuel than more smaller more nimble jets with just two turbines which are the common feature today and third airbus anticipated that passenger numbers would exponentially grow between the big hubs the aviation hobbs' of the world london shanghai new york well turns out passenger numbers did grow but in the entire market and passing people don't want to change planes in frankfurt or new york they want to go from their home airport to the next one and these smaller routes the big
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simply not profitable direct flight i know i always chose that one every time you don't go you know one has to also think christopher. of the concorde for example right now and when that was also brought out of the market you know this whole concept of big air faster or higher when it comes to aviation i mean what is what is next now for kids to dream of well when it comes to planes the concept of bigger seems to be that for now because the market is not there the concept of faster may see a combo because the russians are thinking about reintroducing supersonic air travel by reworking a military jet for that but i think there are more exciting developments out there i mean if you think about air taxis i mean that might still take some time until they are really around but that's something that certainly i would want to try and if we stay on the ground. going down the freeway in a autonomy self driving car you know once the technology is really mature that's something enjoy. from do business thanks to stuff.
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and i us president vice president excuse me mike pence has lashed out at some of america's closest traditional allies accusing european countries like france and germany busting sanctions against iran in a speech to middle east security conference in poland in the polish capital warsaw mr pence called on europe to withdraw from the overall nuclear deal the talks in warsaw are led by the u.s. and israel who want to push a more aggressive stance on iran delegates from more than sixty countries including a number of arab nations are taking part but several countries including france and germany chose not to send high ranking delegations let's listen in now to the comments from the u.s. vice president mike pence sadly. some of our leading your heart. has not been nearly as cooperative in. the. mechanisms to bring.
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well joining us now from washington d.c. for more on this story is my son rafah he is an iran analyst analyst excuse me but the u.s. based crisis group is research is focused on the iran nuclear deal and the country's regional policy is welcome to the program and thank you so much for joining us i'd like to begin by asking you this were new to us push against iran why now. i displeasure to be with you well the trouble ministration since since a chemical office two years ago has been fairly clear in its assessment that iran is the primary do stabilizing malign actor in the region and particularly since it's true from the nuclear due in may of twenty eighteen it's been trying to raise international support for what it calls a campaign of maximum pressure and i think at this conference and more so as part of the subgroup to increase international by for the diplomatic political and economic isolation of tehran why is the conference being held in warsaw do you think let's call and stick. it's
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a great question i think for the americans obviously if the idea is to show international support for its campaign and keep bearing in mind that the conferences especially in the days leading up to it were billed as as as a broader initiative to discuss a wide range of middle east peace and security issues even though has as the comments from vice president pence that you played sure the focus was to a great extent on iran if the idea is to show international buy in that having it in washington is a little bit of an own goal and having you know regional allies particularly in the gulf resists different sensibilities particularly with the participation of prime minister and that's when you know. traditionally u.s. western european allies including germany france and the u.k. have been hesitant to see involved at a high level in poland having a close military and political relationship a new partner the u.s. has stepped in to act as co-host ok so interesting stuff but meantime i just want
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have a quick look at what iran's president hassan rouhani had to say because he was attending a parallel conference in the russian city of sochi he joined the leaders of russia turkey to discuss how they can work together more closely on syria as washington prepares to withdraw its troops russia and iran backing the regime of syrian president bashar al assad as we know while turkey supports the rebel forces fighting against him all three positioning themselves as key foreign players in syria's long running war. so you know given that therefore i'd like to ask you what does russia want out of being a central player and all of these talks in your opinion. well the the iranians the russians and the church have converging occasionally diverging interests in syria and that meant hand carrying out these trilateral discussions since twenty seventeen russia over the past couple of years and particularly since
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twenty fifteen onwards is emerged as a key player on the ground in or president assad iran has sent advisors and has been involved in a tit for tat over its involvement in syria it was with israel and you know the situation in syria is obviously it and entering a very interesting turning point potentially with the defeat of isis and also with the us withdrawal expected by the end of april so i think all of these countries are jostling to make sure that their interests are represented in parliament at the one process just briefly before we go the conference in sochi and the one in warsaw they have one thing in common that we just like to highlight no western european country taking part there what message do you think that that sends one day before the munich security conference begins tomorrow in germany well i think particularly as the u.s. doubles down on this course of pressure centric policy towards iraq. inevitably
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there are going to be particularly among western european allies that secures the j.c. purely divergence but it's the u.n. process on the one hand and so to process on the other hand in syria itself show that there are competing powers competing agendas. joining us from washington d.c. iran on a less analyst with the us based crisis group we very much appreciate your insight thank you. well now the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria will be a blow for kurdish forces closely allied with the united states they fear an all out offensive from turkey once the us is out of the way now turkey regarded the kurdish militia in syria as terrorists and have this report now from the kurdish city of kabbani on the border with turkey. layla visits this grave in every thursday to pray and honor the memory of her only son rody he died fighting the so-called islamic state in twenty thirteen as did thousands more kurds leyla hopes
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her sons commitment to freedom wasn't in vain it's a hope that unites many mothers who have lost their sons in this region. we'll never forget them it is truly a tremendous loss that we're keeping our composure by remembering our sons and our hometown god forbid that blood has been shed in vain them and not a hero i doubled but many kurds in northern syria have misgivings this is where the kurdish militia the y.p. g. forces the i asked to retreat in a major offensive in late two thousand and fourteen the price of freedom was high a heavy death toll and enormous destruction. today another danger looms from the turkish side. across the border near by president tyco to one day use the one p.g. as an offshoot of the outlawed kurdish workers' party the p.k. k. he's threatening a military offensive because of the don't have to education invasion of northern
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syria would be nothing short of colonialism but if we're defending our country here . what does add to on once here let them know what does he want from a human. error one insists on creating what he calls a security zone along the turkish border he's calling on the y. p.g. to pull out of this thirty kilometer strip. if it complies turkey would then control the area for many kurds living in co bana that amounts to a nightmare but. i think security zone is the wrong term this area has been secure for a long time now the whole world knows that syria's north and east is the safest region in the entire country. but that could change dramatically grieving families like layla's would be all the more and better if turkey were to take control of her fallen son's final resting place well now after ten months in
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prison german turkish journalist and social worker is to be given conditional release in istanbul even as his trial over alleged terrorist activities continues a turkish court ruled that he is not allowed to return to his native germany. after a second day of negotiations relief for ideal damages supporters the german reporter will be released from custody but a judge ruled he was not allowed to leave turkey. doesn't hide it's a small victory but a cell the size of istanbul is better than a jail cell that's for sure and we won't give up until advil is free and back in cologne hometown. shot damage is set to be released from the high security jail silvery where he has been held since april twenty eighth seen he still stands accused of being a member of the far left m l k p which turkey labels
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a terrorist organization turkish authorities say damages presence at funerals of party members serves as proof but damage he says he was covering them as a journalist his lawyer maintains the accusations against him are baseless so didn't comment on the fact that even the prosecution today demanded the release of and clearly shows that there are no serious offenses that would justify convicting him. or mud on the. damages lawyers say they will appeal against his travel ban the trial is set to continue at the end of april. well many countries around the world are celebrating valentine's day the day of love and romance so perhaps that's why people in mexico city were happy to get free condoms kinds of out by someone dressed as a giant condom the days around valentine's day usually see a spike in sales of the contraceptive so the l.a.
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based aids healthcare foundation organize the campaign to encourage safer sex. in time and for its news the knockout stage of football's europa league has begun in the first leg of the round of thirty two russian club versus byer leverkusen ended scoreless it will now all come down to the second leg hosted by the bundesliga side and the day after violent clashes between fans on the streets of rome so via the home team a lot c.-o. one nil with some bend yet are netted for the spaniards in the twenty second minute meantime in golf tiger woods is gearing up for a big tournament later this year by practicing with two well known golf lovers namely former u.s. president barack obama and his successor donald trump woods has not won a major since two thousand and seven following personal and injury problems but the forty three year old american showed signs that he is getting back to his best at
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the end of last season he's now ready to target a fifteenth major after testing himself on separate occasions against obama and trump now woods hinted that trump was the easier opponent have a listen i played with president obama the week before and said you don't play it with person from plus we. did not particularly a couple presidents in a few weeks. enjoyed both these. present from has been very busy up in d.c. doesn't play a lot of golf. has to have the town. right are now the top stories we're following for you here at the w a year after the u.s. match shooting that mobilized young people on gun control park when school students in florida held a moment of silence to honor the victims they were joined by thousands across the country who paused to remember the seventeen people the personal and of european aviation giant airbus is scrapping of the a three eighty of the world's biggest ass
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interplaying airlines haven't been buying an awful the cost of double deckers which can carry more than five hundred passengers. and with that now you are up to date on to the few news i'm sarah kelly in berlanti don't forget you can always follow us online that's a d w dot com and you can find me on social media thank you so much for watching i'm going to take.
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court if. an islamist i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. got my license to work as a swimming instructor here to share knowledge to children under dos was one of the toughest. what's your story take part sheriff on info my greenstock next. marking one year since the u.s. school shooting that sparked a major youth movement on gun control today the seventeen victims of the rampage at marjorie stoneman douglas high school and parkland florida well remembered they shall not be forgotten.
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from the darkness of tragedy triumph must emerge. and triumphs.


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