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only safe and iconic on a monitor to a frantic. sassy. this is t w news coming to you live from berlin tensions flare up between india and pakistan over a car bombing that killed dozens of indian policemen in the disputed region of kashmir the indian government is accusing pakistan of supporting the attack also coming up u.s. president donald trump threatens a national emergency to get the money to build
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a porter wall with mexico congress has offered him some funds but only a quarter of what he demanded. another tough defeat in parliament for britain's prime minister theresa may and into another mile on the perilous path to great sit there and just six weeks to go. also coming up could nigeria's changing political elites be in for a shock to join the youngest ever presidential candidate all of to help pain trail before the nation votes on saturday the country where the under twenty five star in the majority he could be in the group has no chance. of a serious contender for the top prize at the berlin film festival family chronicle covers china's explosive development over the last forty years critics are tipping it for the golden bear.
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hello and welcome i'm terry martin the indian government is accusing pakistan of supporting a suicide car bombing that killed more than forty indian paramilitary soldiers in indian administered kashmir the bombing outside front is the single deadliest attack in the divided regions volatile history of pakistan based islamist group has claimed responsibility. just the first pictures from the blast site show confusion and devastation security officials say it was a kashmiri militant who rammed an explosive laden van into a bus carrying indian soldiers. the attack took place on a key highway on the outskirts a shrink in indian controlled kashmir and the bus was part of a larger convoy at least five other vehicles were badly damaged in the blast police immediately launched an investigation.
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but despite the inspectors caution or thorough blamed rebels fighting against indian rule the militant group a mohammad has claimed responsibility for the attack which raises tensions between the arch nuclear rivals india has long accused pakistan of supporting militants but islamabad was quick to strongly reject quote any insinuation that seeks to link the attack to the state of pakistan without investigations. this is the deadliest attack in the disputed region in decades. let's cross over to our correspondent sagna father who is standing by in delhi. tell us what's the latest. hi terry well this this morning indian prime minister
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narendra modi and his cabinet held an emergency security review meeting and moody's said that you know those behind the terror attack would face a very heavy price and made a huge mistake the government here has said it's decided to take all possible diplomatic they have to ensure. isolation and withdrawn its most able to match nation status to the country yesterday danny has urged the international community to back at the naming off months. now that the leader of the monkey on base at all the gyration moment but the payments on the deep impact daily one seem to be named as the u.n. this week the terrible. tell us more about this group that's behind the attack what are they after one of their goals. well the group was you know started by this cleric muscles under in two thousand and it's been blamed for attacks on indian soil in the past including specifically one in two thousand and one on the
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parliament seen daily which you know took both india and box you know to the brink of war the group is also said to has introduced the site bombings in kashmir the first such attack took place in two thousand and it's been dented need to the terrorist organization by india. and has really been abandoned talks on two thousand and two. india's prime minister modi has promised quote a strong response you pointed that out how big is the danger then but in the conflict between pakistan and india the biggest danger that there to the tensions indeed an active war could clear up a bit. when i think it's difficult to see but i think that there's a definite risk escalation off tension between the two nuclear neighbors you know relations between india and pakistan are generally not good that dominated by mutual distrust and you know border skirmishes and clashes in kashmir or other
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major events and it ties we have to remember that since two thousand sixteen there's also been a major bike and violence in kashmir and in recent months the indian security establishment has been speaking about how they managed to contain the insurgency but this attack really is a reminder that conflict is far from over and i think what's going to happen is this attack does put the government on the bits of the thailand because you know taking any strong military action many here say for the alienated people in kashmir but not taking any action at all it could also host modi as you know to seek reelection in a few months from now sonia thank you very much for bringing us up to date the w.c. on your phone the car there in delhi. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today twenty people are feared dead after a boat capsized in bad weather in northern samea authorities say the vessel was carrying more than forty people when a storm struck lake the boat had left the town of lingo and was heading toward some
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small islands when the incident occurred thousands of brazilian soccer fans have paid tribute to the victims of a fire that killed ten young players of the flamingo football club it's a championship match was the first game played by flamingo since last week's deadly blaze police are still investigating the cause of the fire. hundreds of thousands of students and adults in the u.s. have observed a moment of silence to mark the first anniversary of the shooting at a high school in parkland in the state of florida the killing of seventeen people at marjorie stoneman douglas high school sparked a push for school and gun safety reform in the u.s. . you're watching news still to come in this half hour of the family chronicle covering china's explosive development over the last forty years the chinese director has already won two silver bankers at the berlin film festival
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a reporter on the red carpet tells us whether so long my son is likely to get a golden bear. u.s. president dull troll is threatening to declare a state of national emergency to get enough money to build a wall along the mexican border patrol is angry that congress has only approved a quarter of the funds he wants for the one point four billion rather than the five point seven billion he had demanded declaring a state of emergency would give him direct access to funds the bill approved by both parties in congress avoids another government shutdown senators in the chamber wishing to spite u.s. lawmakers efforts to come to a compromise trump's decision sets the scene for a constitutional conflict the border security bill had support from both sides of the aisle and easily passed its first hurdle a vote in the senate but not before senate majority leader mitch mcconnell dropped a bombshell he said the president would be bypassing congress to fund his controversial us mexico border wall leader mcconnell i've just had up kurdish make
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the president trump and he would say all my colleagues are going to kate is prepared to sign a bill he will also be issuing the national emergency declaration at the same time . and i've indicated to him that i'm going to prepare to support a national emergency declaration conference democrats members of the senate were quick to condemn any possible use of executive powers to build a wall if president trump decides to go forward with a disaster declaration they'll be making a tremendous mistake declaring a national emergency would be a lawless act a gross abuse of the power of the presidency and a desperate attempt to distract from the fact that president trump broke his core promise to have mexico pay for the wall the border security bill then went to the
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house of representatives where it also easily passed the bill will now go to the white house for president trump to sign it off on friday. house speaker nancy pelosi warned that any attempt by trump to sidestep congress could have major implications for the future everyone a democratic president can do that democratic committee president can declare emergencies as well so the precedent that the president is setting here is something that should be met with great unease and dismay. while lawmakers showed a willingness to cooperate on keeping the government running they remain deeply divided on the border wall and any executive order to fund it is almost certain to land trump in a lengthy court battle with lawmakers of a constitutional power as. well for more of the latest developments in washington we have one call you're with us here from bard college in berlin good morning or when so another government shutdown has been averted it looks like president trump
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is going nuclear as it were by declaring a national emergency in order to get the funding to build his wall will he get away with it well you can't fault him for not trying he really wants to make an end run around the constitutional power of the congress to control the purse strings and this is what it's all about he is not getting the money directly through legist the sort of legislation he wants and by trying to put this up with the sort of crisis like the swine flu or. the nine eleven attacks he is hoping to not have to go through his cumbersome and cumbersome negotiations with another equal branch of government he wants to be able to write his own checks this is the attempt. he still doesn't have the land to build such a wall so you know there are many things that go into building a physical barrier not least of which is having the land this is
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a long term project and this will not be a long term executive order how do you read these maneuvers that we're witnessing in washington the signing of the border bill getting the budget passed there to avoid the government shutdown and then declaring a state of emergency a national emergency today that these maneuvers exposed weakness or do they show him to be. a clever tactician. it certainly shows we've seen the behavior before he does not apologize he never admits defeat and in the middle of a wholesale retreat he is declaring victory and organizing parades this is par for the course we've seen it before but yes he's been completely rolled. the republicans really got bloodied up with the last government shutdown anything but
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that and now the amount of money the strings attached donald trump knows he lost that round by the clearing a national emergency the house speaker nancy pelosi says this is this is something we should we should look at very warily she says it could create a precedent to create problems threat to american democracy but what's interesting in one thousand nine hundred seventy six after the watergate affair the congress thought about this what happens if we get a scoundrel like a richard nixon or possibly something worse. this declaration of an executive order and the ability to say when the day the executive or this executive power is surrendered you know the congress said they have the power to say enough is enough
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and what we'll see is immediately first thing palosi will bring a resolution it will pass in the house of representatives disapproving of this. eighteen days the senate then has to take a position very good chances that that gets a slim majority also disapproving so the law to end such a power grab will be on trump's desk he would probably veto it but we don't know that yet and then it's back. but then there's the next line of defense which are the courts and the courts have not been kind to such initiatives on the part of the trumpet ministration a lot to keep track of there in washington at the moment or when thank you very much for filling us in our one caller from bard college here in berlin nice to be here. china's president xi jinping is scheduled to meet with u.s. trade negotiators who are seeking an accord with beijing to end a us china tariff to speed this is the second day of talks in the chinese capital
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reports suggest little progress has been made on u.s. demands that china crack down on force technology transfers and reduce subsidies for domestic companies xi jinping presence is seen as a sign that china is trying its best to accommodate u.s. delegation she'll have more on this business coming up after the riots. so far. africa's most populous country is going to the polls on saturday and it looks like the presidential election in nigeria will be a tight race between two candidates the incumbent president mohamed two bihari former army general who was voted in four years ago on an anti corruption ticket his main contender is atiku abubakar he was a businessman who has also served as vice president and stands for more moderate and liberal policies both men are from an aging political elite but after nigeria
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reduce the minimum age for presidential candidates some youngsters have also thrown their hat into the ring one of them is the thirty five year old. who in a country where the under twenty five's make up the majority of the population his chances may be better than some have predicted. krishna went to meet. them on the election campaign trail in abidjan nigeria's capital she who is visiting a private school he's the youngest ever nigerian presidential candidate and education is his central theme. until we stop to fix education it will be difficult to fix any other sectors in the nation who lived in the u.s. where he worked as a mathematic. lecturer he's calling for thirty five percent of the country's budget to go to war it's education. becomes a whole the school's principal is surprised to see a politician who understands education while the school receives no state support
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and is financed by fees affordable only to those earning good money. to government i don't think they have interests in developing education because of the quality of the dance we have. many of them done less inhibited location. and them they don't see education as something that would bring money to them so this was done with funding education that the political failures over the past few decades can be seen three hours drive from object a state funded school in ca to northern nigeria fairly worth feel the name pots of that have collapsed the classrooms have neither desks nor chasse. opportunities fourteen years old himself as students but currently responsible for his whole class. here's how i take care of them
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because i am older and i want to help my brothers and sisters like this the teachers aren't here again that's why i'm doing it since until. here there are no books joggers chalk up to it's only learning eight zero with. this nine o'clock in the morning and only now the first teacher has shown up and total the school has eight hundred students and only four teachers. about how much to house on sons go to school here affect their father reduced day in the the teachers are poorly paid he says no one would want to teach at such a school. my children should become doctors or soldiers they should have a worthwhile drop and a good future that's my dream of these circumstances nothing will come of it.
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if he had enough money of the motorbike taxi driver says he would have long ago sent his children to private school the ruling party of president who has been in power for four years and the federal state of the commissioner of education has shifted the blame for the educational situation onto previous governments seventy percent of teachers where i'm qualified more than twenty thousand teachers have been let go because they couldn't read or write. government on. the. budget requests for it. the key is. to take the. ten years. this state spends a third of its budget on education but at the federal level education spending makes up only seven percent of the budget the issue plays hardly any role and president who hires election campaign. wants to change that but he
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and his small party are struggling to be taken seriously and in spite of a minimal campaign budget he wants to lay down a marker. it's the hope the passion the vision the puppies that we as young people bring to the table started to change this narrative not good enough that we're not ready when are qualified to be think it's very evident that we have a whole lot more to offer to our generation under generations coming after us and the people who've been there he says it's a simple equation if nigeria with its booming population no longer invests in education the next crisis will not be far away there. he says it's something every politician should understand do you think it would be the way for you to be a green krishna reporting there now british prime minister theresa may has suffered
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another defeat in parliament over her brags that strategy ball makers voted against a government motion asking them to reaffirm support for her plan to seek changes to her break that deal hard line break to tears in teresa mayes own party opted to abstain from the party saying the prime minister is moving in the wrong direction but that does not force the government to change tack but it is likely to undermine the confidence of the leaders that may can when parliament support for any revised agree. so what's next for theresa may we put that question to our correspondent in london. well it's seems like the drama is not ending to reason may has said that in two weeks' time she will come back and she will yet again present a house of commons with her while she says is solution she wants to go back to russell's and she wants to have another results you want to have something that's legally binding that is a commitment by e.u.
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leaders to change somehow the position of northern ireland yet you really this we know are really on willing to do that so her critics here in the labor party mostly accuse her of really running down the clock of trying to achieve something that is already clear she called on the chief and then she really runs down time so that at the very end of this process at the very end of march when he the u.k. has to leave the european union that there is no choice but for those m.p.'s in the house of parliament here to back somehow whatever deal to reason may will have hammered out that so that she is just buying time and this is the fear here in london also by business who say we need clarity we call and live anymore with this on saturday it's affecting. is already there is a lot of criticism here in london in the u.k. as far as tourism a strategy is also of course there is a concern in the e.u. so i said if they somehow give into had to. change the backstop go
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for a different compromise can she even get anything through the house of parliament so how trustworthy of a negotiating partner is she that's what you need us must be asking themselves even more after this defeat tonight. to the berlin film festival and china's only entry this year is being tipped as a strong contender for the top prize the golden bear it's a sweeping three hour portrait of a nation in transition from the very end of china's cultural revolution to the present day acclaimed director weighing shell shrew says it's a hopeful story of people overcoming their struggles to make something out of their lives. face the future forget the past that was the ideology driving the cultural revolution in china. with his new film so long my son director wayne childish way shows us the years that followed this
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traumatic period when china transformed at an unprecedented pace. to come. home that she shrugged. their shoulders a lot after. you george allen is always hope that india should push us as. well as others will. put us into those countries issue. into a position to god. the film tells the story of a family that loses a child the sole chance for them to have a future under china's then strictly enforced one child policy. the three hour saga refuses however to forget the past constantly returning to that which was left
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behind. in so long my son we see a country that is changing so rapidly its people are struggling to keep up director wings said that china today is so different from the time he was trying to depict that it was even difficult to find the props he needed for his sets yet without this change the film would likely never have been made until recently any criticism of china's one child policy would probably not have gotten by the censors some have speculated that government censorship was behind the surprise withdrawal of two other chinese films invited to premiere at the bell another wayne said he could not speculate on whether they were pulled for political reasons but he said their absence is a great disappointment. on the national you won the national issues and i was on the plane when the news came out and i only heard about it when i got off the plane i was quite shocked and i really felt for them as well because it's really quite
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tough for any director to make a film. now so long my son is china's only chance for a golden bear this year but hopes are high some critics are calling it the most fascinating film of the festival. sports is there and the bundesliga is back tonight in munich visiting or hoping to close the gap on league leaders bruce adult and they're expected to have goalkeeper of money well neuer back after a thumb injury by and have won four of their last five games in all competitions the defending champions travel to their struggling the varian neighbors knowing a win will cut the lead down to just two points with dortmund not playing until one . coming up indeed only a business monica jones will be here she'll be talking about the latest round of trade. talks in beijing between the u.s.
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and china those are scheduled to end today chinese president xi jinping is due to join talks towards the end of the session. a lot more still to come and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information from around the clock on our web site that set d w dot com thanks for being with us. boy. oh boy.
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the food. in developing countries it's an industry and a deadly threat to people and the environment it's going down this illusion of the focus on the families to fight to bring it down to two hundred votes really. wide reform. it's news children were trusting in international law so by. the life
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the hazards of electronic waste in forty five minutes t.w. . i'm secure in that volume or not hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers we're liars and. what's your story. i mean when i was a women especially in victims of violence in terms of take part and send us your story we are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. nothing visitor nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information.
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of obscene wealth. india's new must rogers allow fleeting glimpses of. the subcontinent economics has made them billionaires. up there reveling in their lives fortunes. come to news and choose. the news rogers of the search for your own t.w. . where all u.s. china trade relations had it negotiators from the world's two top economies met in beijing to result a trade dispute that's weighing on markets and business and it's also on the shelves why millions in india dream often well for the government.
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welcome to a business i want to get jones and bill in good to have you with us and we're starting with a look to asia where stocks.


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