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tv   DW News - Africa  Deutsche Welle  February 15, 2019 7:30pm-7:46pm CET

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the only security conference twenty. should be our competition trade nationalism. we're in the european union compete effectively in this new in. the twenty nine. today. this is news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes africa's most populous nation goes to the polls candidates have been making their final pitches it's now up to nigeria's eighty four million registered voters to choose the next president we have an exclusive with one of the men vying for the top job. and the story of a young girl whose dream up becoming a superhero is threatened by terminal illness we'll talk to one of the screenwriter winning film supermoto.
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i'm christine when the while come to news africa it's good to have you with us the campaigning has ended and the candidates have said all they can say it's now time for voters to choose between continuity and reform in nigeria's presidential voters since the end of military rule twenty years ago it's the country's first presidential election to include a generation of bushes who have only known democracy flourish tequilla has this explainer on africa's biggest even action the right who made the current president mohamed worry for the routine all progress. on his standards as the former vice president. from the opposition on people's democratic party president karzai came into office. we made concrete bombs the guide fighting corruption and crossing the extremist group was born. four years later president.
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has received and praised by the wall except asshole where many. points every sense of. the wall of concentration. on our almost. to sound good scene was superb was it lead to. a small. change anything to do. with consignors a right why restrung. is promising economic prosperity. for thirty nine president unemployment. promises. to be airing some sort of woodsy because of the mc diplomacy's. those things are.
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going to be doing what you talk you know. what. listen do we do something i want to know is using. religion the race one i dare ask top job yes to yes it's in the. x. box. as well as endorsement from niger as so-called . seems to be the man who was president in the country. club fathers don't usually walk off is. what many believe the waltz would decide the election. was that they are well it's course. those will use money and
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influence so when support for their preferred candidates get got so as this is not always selected for their political out it's you but rather on the absolute see to repeat and reach their goal as far as going to be. a little smoother as well as it is. to do as you will. soon. look to still young men who are believed to do through discipline. to support. on the some. things like this in business. i'm afraid. you might all be. dropped the cool moment. for me seventy one of them the most prominent among those hopefuls as characterized by gold in the mists of time lame stranger asks to party establishment and by that
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age it's social media campaign that iran needs to sixty under the hostile not so young to run such see that in lowering the required age of the president for secret thirty five while the two men can do this. i want all that said when. you tell me the country where mob mentality the president of the population is less than twenty five years old on planes i've also been pushing for people to get involved in this election by signing up the board as a result of these and call them what we really are new for that i guess that's one thing i'd like to show many out there that may be the best type of. at told our adrian krishna he's confident of victory against one. so what makes you optimistic that this time around you will get the majority of nigerians voting for you i was able to secure the ticket of the party in
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a very very convincing. and then after that you know this is our last state as far as electioneering campaign is concerned. we have been able to us as you know seem to believe to know the party and also the country due to the budget so that makes one very hopeful there's been many corruption allegations against you but you were never convicted by any court yet when you talk to ordinary nigerians is it here or in lagos many would say even your supporters they don't fully believe you that you were never in any form and off to question why do you think this conception exist in the media you need to then before the gun in the you know they will have every reason to believe in me but why do you think this conception is still there the position is there because my open is always latched on to that so i mean any accusation that gives one to be done all the time one to time his bone you know to deceive the additional people he said he would consider granting amnesty to
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looters if they return stolen state funds do you think that is a right thing to do with many people would think that would be a sign of impunity for the future not necessarily but whatever. news to you again would be based on the rule of the country you know in order to go we have provision for that you know laws. but is that something you definitely going to do or something you just consider something we could consider. differently i'm going to do but this something we would consider that the security situation has been deteriorating and parts of the country also here in the northeast and recent weeks what is the assessment of the leadership of the security forces especially the military leadership have they been doing a good job was that something you will look into once if you if you will be elected as a present. and. our number one additions again is dimitri our caller. on . and there's his local train and i will look over that would be. a note of local
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necessary working conditions you know for them to survive for as you know they're allowed to board the people of this country so you have to look towards all these issues in a holistic manner and solutions for them all right here in berlin we're at the business end of the city's annual international film festival the billion dollar the eleven day showcase brings to give the stalls of international film and up and coming talent from around the world like kenyan screenwriter gombeen teco who this week picked up yet another award for this film. the film tells the story of a terminally ill nine year old whose wishes of becoming a superhero of the filled with the help of her family and villages. micah genius sat down with a to talk about all things african film but first its take a peek at the film that's making waves troll he doesn't call people you can't because i only said one thing that he was said to the japanese she was
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a little kid i was in the tumult of the moment of hunger the movement it's not just the discipline that if you. shoot the film. with he said i guess it's down.
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we did not expect. that supermoto was going to take on the life that he did on the festival circuit. i didn't even expect when i was sitting in the room during the premier that was going to carry it we did in an audience in once in a mall and it's received so much applause and you seemed ovations and their flaws just went on and on for about five minutes straight and it was only interrupted by the fact that there's a little scene after the credits that it plays and i mean it was just spectacular i think the thing that carries about it is that it's such a high performing film about triumph over adversity the power of community and therefore providing this to this film being
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a little go who succeeds against all odds to show everyone that it's possible to follow your dreams and be who you want to be against all these enormous audience has a lot of people. just reminded again about what the power of cinema is there's a school of thought that for african movie to be world class you sort of have to copy westerns that to be able to reach the international market the international audience. how true or not is totally untrue but one day is a superhero film this is a kids' film but it's also a very can and film actually is a film that you could see it was safe i you could see how some horror elements in it but it's a drama about the afterlife but that still has a very can and twist to it you can take any of these conventions that exist around the world and add an african convention to it that makes it really authentically
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north call but still very translatable to the whole world my question generally what really should we be proud of very good question. the kings of cinema have existed on this side of the world right and they have established what cinema ought to nor like and sound like and feel like and what kind of stories can be told on the big screen and. african filmmakers for a long time have been on the side to watching but now here and there enough with the best of them telling us stories. we have very authentic. and i think that's what we ought to be most proud of that we're standing on and i mean that we thought was owned and managed and run by people from other parts of the world but we have as might say in what gets to be seen thanks very much thank you very much fun thank you that is it for news africa for now you can catch all
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our stories on our face to face book and great sides that's the news i'm to see one dollar eighty micah ginia will be with you next week by. going to. take a closer look at modern culture from. culture. extravagant. and. really know their stuff.
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with the building and the finished. party and share with us from around the world. group's every week w. l o m welcome to news from the world of arts and culture i'm robin merrill and it's the byrne and international film festival all the way today as it's coming to a close we'll talk to a film expert about movies in the stars and about the future of the festival. first of all the let's celebrate the great actress shiloh ram play who was almost on thursday evening with a special gold baffling lifetime achieve. she became
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a star back in the one nine hundred sixty s. with films like that. and is known for her cool on screen presence she's worked with actors and directors from around the world performing in english french and italian now the golden bear. i'm an older woman and when you when you've actually lived lived quite a long life this great i actually have that lifetime celebrated my job goes beyond age it is beyond any kind of functioning thing it's about telling stories we tell stories to die. and joining me now from the heart of the festival down in part some of. its cyclopedia film if i may space mr scott ross for a man who i know has a soft spot for shallow rampling. yeah i was had the great pleasure privilege a few years back of being able to interview this rambling here.


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