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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 15, 2019 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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this is new w. news live from bergland donald trump bypasses congress and declares a national emergency along the u.s. border with mexico declaring you're for virtual invasion purposes drugs. traffickers and gangs one of the reasons the move will allow the u.s. president access to the funds that he says counties to build a border wall but he's already expecting a long legal battle but also coming up the defense and diplomacy gathering known as
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the new nick security conference opens a big debate over who should do what it's syria afghanistan yemen and other global hotspots posed germany says that it wants to see increased a multilateral cooperation plus ahead of saturday's hotly contested presidential vote in nigeria we tag along with the country's youngest ever candidate. you may surprise the pollsters because his focus on telling people is in a country where the majority of the population is under twenty five. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has declared a national emergency to free up funds to build a wall of long the mexican border that emergency declaration allows the president access to budgets usually meant for other purposes. now mr trump says that he needs
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about eight billion dollars and he's confident that his administration will defeat expected court challenges. donald trump southern border wall was a key promise in his presidential campaign and one that he seems keen to keep. i'm going to be signing a national emergency we're talking about an invasion of our country with drugs with human traffickers with all types of criminals and gangs we fight wars that are six thousand miles away wars that we should have never been in in many cases but we don't control our own border. so we're going to confront the national security crisis on our southern border they say wolves don't work walls work one hundred percent the forty fifth president won't be the first to declare a national emergency it's been done fifty eight times but reporters questioning
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whether the situation caused by immigration via mexico constituted an emergency brought an angry response thank you mr president just a i'm not forgetting that i'm asking you to clarify where you get your numbers because most of the d.n.a. crimes reporting statistics that we see show that drugs are coming across at the ports of entry that illegal immigration is down in the violence is down so what do you base your lack of much less go on and secondly out of to what you go on you get one with a set your sights and wait sit down sit down could you please this is are down you get when i watch it i get my numbers from a lot of sources like homeland security primarily and the numbers that i have from homeland security are a disaster just weeks after the issue sparked the longest government shutdown in u.s. history trump remains defiant for him the wall is a necessity whatever the facts may be. and let's get more now we're joined by correspondent helen humphrey who is standing by with the latest from washington so
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i mean we saw that there a contentious press conference trump declaring a national emergency what happens next. sarah sensually he stood there in the rose garden and he drew the battle lines himself he said that he would sign off on this national emergency and soon with the ink be dry on not document that he would expect legal challenges they could come from many stakeholders whether that be civil society groups on the ground there near the border it was about the individual states the democrats fighting a legal challenge themselves the president said that he did indeed anticipate a long drawn out to track to set of legal challenges potentially going up all the way to the supreme court so this could take months if not years let's talk a little more about one of those challenges because nancy pelosi in fact she actually spoke ahead of this announcement by trump already anticipating and this is what she had to say and then i'd like to get your reaction there after. i know the
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republicans have some unease about it no matter what they say because if the president can declare an emergency on something that he has created as an emergency . in the illusion that he wants to convey just think of what a president with different values can present to the american people i mean she's alluding there to some potential cracks in the republican party trumps own party on this where do the republicans stand. right sarah let's be very clear about this on these is not confined to one political stripe in this declaring of a national emergency we've already seen some big names in the republican party come out to express their on the marco rubio for one mitt romney we also had a statement condemning the move from the maine senator susan collins up haps we can take a look at that in more detail a great quote here she said that a declaring
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a national emergency would be a mistake on the part of the president such a declaration would undermine the role of congress it also sets a bad precedent for future presidents it is also gee this she writes here calls to choose may so yeah that essentially sets out many of the facets of the problem at hand here so i mean he's really going to swim upstream when it comes to this it is clear that he's going to have some challenges why is this campaign promise so important to him well that's a very good question essentially it all comes down to the fact that the president doesn't want to lose face on this this was a central tenet of his campaign pledge to make america great again he continues to insist that illegal immigration is at such a level that a border wall has to exist despite the fact that the numbers supporting that suggest otherwise he wants to reach out to his base he wants to give them a win and he's eyeing twenty twenty and the potential for
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a second term he thinks that this is something he has to deliver on and so we're essentially already in election mode perhaps helena humphrey with the latest from washington thank you. well now let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world a former governor of massachusetts is considering whether to challenge challenge donald trump for the party's presidential nomination in twenty twenty william weld is the first republican to announce an exploratory committee for president well it says that trump has served him self rather than the nation and is too unstable to carry out his duties authorities in nigeria say that at least sixty six people have been killed in a wave of violence in the central state of a doona ahead of the country's presidential election they are thought to have been killed in clashes between christian farmers and the fulani muslim herod's men the two groups have been competing for land and water for years. the u.n.
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investigation shows that rape and sexual violence against women and girls is still widespread in more than south sudan that's despite the signing of a peace deal to end the country's five year civil war last september the report says that many perpetrators were members of youth militia groups or the national army. friends has sent its ambassador back to italy following the biggest diplomatic dispute between the two countries since world war two last week paris recalled the christian macit to protest what it called italian meddling in french domestic issues after italian deputy prime minister the demaio met with french yellow vest activists. well now to the munich security conference that is opened in southern germany amid concerns over expected u.s. withdrawals from syria and afghanistan it's three days of high stakes global debate and closed door meetings and the u.s. has sent its largest ever delegation the hosts germany is focused on cooperation at
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all levels but first and foremost on the european continent. he couldn't have made a stronger statement the head of the munich security conference opened to meetings wearing and e.u. who deep. most important once world leaders to know that europe has to fulfill its role within the growing struggle of the superpowers to use a russia and china all of the new leaders carry an even greater responsibility than in the recent past security europe cannot afford to show any weakness and that is why germany's foreign minister was enough on deadline began by greeting her british counterpart kevin williamson and emphasizing the strong partnership between their countries despite brics that there is no better place there is no better time to underline the friendship between our two countries germany and the u.k.
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stand together shoulder by shoulder as all soldiers do every day in their missions the next williamson emphasized that the u.k. and the european union will continue to work closely in the area of security and nato. for while the united kingdom is leaving the european union i want to start by saying our commitments to european security remain steadfast. one immediate and uniting challenge is how to deal with russia because of new russian nuclear myside the us has withdrawn from the nuclear arms treaty i n f. worries that a new cold war might begin. in munich strictly guarded by a show horse hotel top politicians and experts are meeting to discuss how a second cold war could be averted germany wants to do all they can to save the nuclear arms treaty i n f foreign minister held talks with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov of
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their act. russia's current behavior with the i.n.f. treaty hints at the negative impact this could have for the security of everyone involved and especially for us in europe. given the crisis surrounding the preservation of the oil and if treaty we need greater dialogue between americans europeans and russians. high level us through presents tips like even the trump are attending the conference before arriving in munich us five president mike pence visited the former concentration camp auschwitz on his flight from poland to germany he accused iran of using the quote same anti-semitic hatred as the nazis. and is very own teri schultz is standing by at the munich security conference for us so terry i just like to begin by addressing something that germany's defense minister ursula fonder line said earlier she spoke about the return of competition
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between great powers and distinguished nato's values and interests from those of other alliances just walk us through what she was getting out here at here and how that's playing out at the conference. that's right a minister for underlying and many other people here in attendance at munich came straight from brussels and defense minister which was heavily focused on the i.n.f. treaty and on russia's continued violation of the ranges of missiles allowed under that treaty and that's something that europe is very very worried about and minister underlined spoke about this in her speech the return not just of a cold war but of a nuclear war and of course europe would be the battleground in any such conflict so that's something that people very much want to avoid there are six months left in the waiting period before the u.s. formally withdraws and she also wanted to talk about values of human rights values and not just military and that's something that minister about elaine mentioned she
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talked about the european union and what it can contribute to defense so she was very much balancing these fears about russia and the need for nato and the european union both to step up with defense and to fight battles not just with military means ok so whole range of issues there but if we just drill down into what she's the about nato you know she talked about more fairness within the alliance was going president trumps call for europe to spend more on its defense i mean what what does germany is position on that currently now because it's a controversial issue. it's a controversial issue especially between germany and president trump because he is of course relentlessly pounded berlin on its relatively low defense spending and yes she was acknowledging that germany needs to do more and there has been a defense budget laid out until two thousand and twenty four in which germany would up its spending to one point five percent of g.d.p. so germany is moving in the right direction although everyone says including sort
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of underlying that germany in these to do more but she had a second message with this this comment about fairness and that is new worries that the united states will pull out of afghanistan abruptly too abruptly for europeans taste and so when she was talking about fairness she mentioned specifically the resolute support mission in afghanistan and the fact that nato has said we went in together we'll go out together and that was a message to washington not to pull out troops from from afghanistan without relying on the ongoing peace process for a conditions based withdrawal so mr viner lane was very much taking responsibility for the criticisms that comes from president trump but also sending sending some warnings back to him to truly be all for one and one for all when it comes to u.s. forces around the world ok so many topics to discuss we know it's only day one now at the munich security conference so it's going to be a big weekend there for you and teri schultz we very much appreciate
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a bit of the preview and the sum up of today thank you. and you'll find virtually nonstop coverage of the munich security conference on our web site that's at d w dot com where we'll have live streams that updates and of course we'll be tracking major news from the conference right here on the w. throughout the gathering. but in the meantime we're going to head to india now where the prime minister narendra modi has warned pakistan to expect what he called a crushing response to a car bomb attack on a military convoy that killed more than forty indian paramilitary police the bombing in indian administered kashmir is the worst attack in the divided region in decades security officials saying that a kashmiri militant a brand and explosive laden band into a bus carrying indian soldiers india says that it has clear evidence of pakistan's involvement islam about has denied the allegation and condemned the attack in kashmir and our reporter in delhi has been out on the streets of the indian capital
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to gauge the reaction to this attack. after one of the worst attacks in kashmir. the blast which killed over forty indian security forces on the key highway in kashmir district has dominated headlines here. people on the streets here are appalled by the loss of life are not a monarchy but look this is just. whether it's india or any other country this is simply wrong. it's a mindset i wouldn't go to i think the government should give a befitting reply to start with a look calm even a little bit about what the attack was claimed by the jessie muhammad considered to be a pakistan back to see almost an outfit india has long blamed pakistan for providing support and financially to the creek a charge that the film about in. a dark place these trigger for prime time focused on demonstrations. some have taken to the streets to
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vent their anger. but when somebody in pakistan others have expressed concern about the situation in the bush made one which has seen a soldier home grown militancy in recent days i also feel that a lot which is were done in the way because what happened. in this incident i need to do more than war so there's that act that it is groups who are trying to brainwash people and especially younger to the which is which is a bit of a d.v.d. nobody would be alarming. mislead has been a flashpoint between india and pakistan and similar attacks in the boss have led to a complete breakdown and talks and brought the two countries to the brink of war once again after the recent attack india has checked into isolated pockets there and take strong action against the attackers all eyes are now on what prime minister narendra modi's government will do next. and now to nigeria and africa's
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most populous country is going to the polls on saturday it looks like the presidential election will be a tight race between two candidates the incumbent president mohamed do hari a former army general who was voted in four years ago on an anti corruption ticket and his main opponent a teco a back up now he's a businessman who has also served as vice president and stands for more modern and more liberal policies full of these men they are part of the aging political elite but nigeria has reduced the minimum age for presidential candidates so some youngsters have thrown their hat into the ring one of them is thirty five years old in a country where the other twenty five make up the majority of the population his chances may be better than some have predicted. creech joined him on the campaign trail. on the election campaign trail in the nigeria's capital she who is visiting
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a private school he is the youngest ever niger. presidential candidate and education is his central theme. until we start to fix education that will be difficult to fix any other sectors in our nation who lived in the us where he worked as a mathematics lecturer he's calling for thirty five percent of the country's budget to go to war it's education. because all the school's principal is surprised to see a politician who understands education well the school receives no state support and is financed by fees affordable only to those earning good money and then you know they don't know the cinnabon to do creation. and they don't see education as something that would bring money to them so this was done with funding education that the political failures over the past few decades can be seen three hours drive from a state funded school in ca northern nigeria where you work feel the need parts of
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that have collapsed the classrooms have made the desks nor chasse. opportunities fourteen years old himself a student that's currently responsible for his whole class. here's what i take care of them because i am older and i want to help my brothers and sisters like this the teachers aren't here again that's why i'm doing it until i. hear they are no books jotters chalk it up to its own learning eight. it is nine o'clock in the morning and only now the first teacher has shown up in total the school has eight hundred students and only four teachers. sons go to school here the fact their father reduced daily the teachers are willing
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to pay. he says no one would want to teach at such a school. and my children should become doctors or soldiers they should have a worthwhile drop and a good future that's my dream of these circumstances nothing will come of it. if he had enough money of the motorbike taxi driver says he would have long ago sent his children to private school the ruling party of president who has been in power for four years and the federal state of the commissioner of education has shifted the blame for the educational situation onto previous governments seventy percent of teachers where i'm qualified more than twenty thousand teachers have been let go because they couldn't reach all right. on those old ones for the you know. budget requests for. the key is.
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to take the. ten years to the ideas states spends a third of its budget on education but at the federal level education spending makes up only seven percent of the budget issue place hardly any role and president who hours election campaign. wants to change that but he and his small party are struggling to be taken seriously and in spite of a minimal campaign budget he wants to lay down a marker. it's the hope the passion the vision the puppies that we as young people bring to the table started to change this narrative there were not good enough that were not ready or not qualified to be i think it's very evident that we have a whole lot more to offer to our generation and the generations coming after us than the people who have been there he says it's a simple equation if nigeria with its booming population no longer invests in
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educate. the next crisis will not be far away that he says is something every politician should understand. now is how much different competition the competition at the berlin international film festival to these the last day it is really down to the wire and film expert maya schrader is standing by on the red carpet so what's happening down there by oh. well just a few hours ago we saw the premier of a brazilian film what was really extraordinary was there were actually some protesters that crashed the red carpet shouting slogans in favor of the current sorry next you know the current the the former president president who's currently sitting in jail and actually the actors and the director and the producers are on the red carpet for the film started chanting along with them and the thing about this film is actually coming along at
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a very testy time in brazil's political history and it itself is about a controversial brazilian political figure who was a revolutionary agitator in the one nine hundred sixty s. named carlos rodriguez who got himself assassinated in a car and at the press conference the director was talking about how you know they might get some harassment in brazil for having made this film and actually they don't even have a release date in brazil yet because of the content of this film they can't find distributors willing to show it yet interesting stuff meantime we know that amazing grace ran earlier today what's it about and what's it like. oh my goodness that this film was just ninety minutes of pure absolute joy this is a film that was a documentary shot in the one nine hundred seventy s. about aretha franklin and it's just a recording of her making her taping her album amazing grace live in
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a church in los angeles and it is unlike any other music documentary you have ever seen there's no talking heads there's no real cutaways it's just you're in the church you are with the people in the church experiencing this amazing concert as she sings with her backup choir it's a really transformative experience and it's cut so interestingly because the thing about this footage is it was basically archived and forgotten about until recently when they brought it back out and had to remaster the sound and sync everything up because it had been taped separately in a special way and they really had to try to make something out of this weird footage so it feels very kind of haphazard but it's very organic and just wonderful and transformative to experience and who doesn't love a wreath and frankly i mean you were watching these films all this week what might win that top prize we'll find out tomorrow the golden bear. well one of my personal favorites was the italian film called hiran as well which is about
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these gangs in naples made up of children and it's a really beautiful very personal kind of subtly political film about these these children's descent into criminality the kind of live fast die young mentality that they inhabit and what makes it actually really special is the fact that these these actors were not professional actors they were just kids from these neighborhoods some of them are professional chefs or just work other jobs but they actually are from the places that are represented in this film these sort of working class somewhat rougher neighborhoods and they actually personally know gangsters so that's my theory but the one that people are talking about that might actually win is a chinese film called so long my son which is kind of a subtle critique of china's one child policy that's been causing a lot of buzz around here especially in light of the other chinese film that was supposed to premiere at the beverly knowledge by directors right a move that got cancelled at the very last minute for very dubious reasons maya
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schrader there on the red carpet will find out tomorrow who indeed wins thank you. it's and now you're up to date on news i'm sarah kelly in berlin don't forget you can always follow us on social media as we are on facebook instagram twitter in a message thank you so much for watching have a great day. of
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a burning ambition. to become a conductor. i was a very curious child and very excited and in love with music and i would go to concerts with my parents and i always. hear and for being on stage decisions and being part of that magic it was a difficult trot at first to the girls she was told to become conductor but this girl had other ideas and obsessive. and one day she really did become a world famous conductor brimming over with virtuous city construction. mundo the love ok i.
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love my stuff. starts feb eighteenth on t.w. . illegal immigration is an invasion of our country the words of u.s. president donald trump as he declares a national emergency in order to build his border wall in an unprecedented move which promises to be challenged i'm sorry kelly and our lead this is the day.


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