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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  February 15, 2019 10:45pm-11:00pm CET

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she became a star back in the one nine hundred sixty s. with films like that. and is known for her cool on screen presence she's worked with actors and directors from around the world performing in english french and italian now the golden bear life so well. i'm an older woman and when you when you've actually lived lived quite a long life is great i actually have that lifetime celebrated my job goes beyond a. function thing it's about telling stories we tell stories. and joining me now from the heart of the festival down and put some of. it's cyclopedia film if i may say so mr scott roxboro a man who i know has a soft spot for playing. yeah i was had the great pleasure privilege a few years back of being able to interview miss rampling here in berlin but have
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to mean i didn't love the woman since i was a child at first screed i've always had a thing for older women but i'm not sure that's a subject we really want to discuss in detail i think i think we should draw. swiftly the yes yes rose drawing the first of those drugs were close to to cost lex lost as a director. i do you rate this festival as a whole. yeah you know it's interesting because has been has been doing this festival for eighteen years and he really put his stamp on the festival he really chose a certain type of cinema a certain type of movie particularly political films and films of so really strong social realism that's been sort of the stamp that he's put on this daily now and a lot of times it's been very impressive the villain has become much more political and much more direct and socially aware but there's also a negative to that and the negative is that a lot of the films in berlin tend to be very overtly political and this year in
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particular they tend to be i don't know a bit dirty a bit of it a bit dark. and sometimes quite quite quite dull i think this year is not really a particularly good year and you've seen how to hold a quite a bit of what i would call the misery poor and just wallowing in the in the worst of humanity and the best or perhaps worst example of that was the film from. the golden globe which is a true story about a serial killer in hamburg of the one nine hundred seventy s. but the film itself is just it's just it's just it's just so intense and so violent and so really repulsive in it's just walling in the misery of this man and and the women he kills really after going through it after suffering through this film i really can't imagine why you would make a movie like this and i really can't imagine why you would want to watch it so unfortunately there's been a lot of that type of really nastiness at this year's bellina ok now you've seen
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a lot of good films let's concentrate on the competition you have to keep this brief what are your favorites for the big prize. ok well the my favorites are the films that won against the the nastiness there's a great film from norway called out stealing horses which is this really just stunning about a man looking back at a pivotal point in his youth and it just looks at the grand nature of norway and how it impacts a person's identity and memory a beautiful beautiful movie but if i had to pick the film i think is going to win this year's bella nala it's a chinese movie called so long my son which looks at china's one child policy but from a very personal perspective i think we have a small clip of the film just if you give you a feel of it when we take a look. well .
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yes so that was a very kind a little section of what is over a three hour movie that covers decades of chinese history going from a culture of illusion. throughout the years but the movie is really beautiful stunningly beautiful credibly personal and so so touching i was bawling by the end of it this is a film that should win the gold bear it's the best film at this year's ballon allah but given my locket it probably won't you're not the only one i've heard amazing things about the film actually three hours long with very beautiful for the moment thank you scott but don't go away now just behind scorsese standing is the red carpet someone on one side about the normally schools of photographers one of them could be big clay but she doesn't spend much time there rather with the styles personally she's well known to them for striking black and white close up portraits
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of the girl and is the busiest time of year for. good play though rushes from one photo session to the next she often has just five minutes to snap the perfect shot usually using whatever life's available. so she's developed techniques to make sure she gets the photos she wants. she gives her subjects precise direction in how to pose. serious and concentrated. smiles forceful it'll. hear a subject is zimbabwean filmmaker. yes. i think i'm mostly interested in the encounters the photos are essentially of documenting encounters. if not. the results are intense and surprisingly intimate portraits usually in black and white they have earned her a reputation that means she's able to get international stars to sit for her including german court legend in-joke here. who's sitting for her again at this
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year's bill and this isn't enough to call it up really really down a bit yes like that yes the law. is in it as i think is a great actor and it's really fun working with him and he's got a great face fantastic eyes i say that as a photographer. but does she ever get nervous dealing with famous people who. can play each other i'm going to photograph charlotte rampling in a moment so yes some kind of nervous there's a lot of pressure there when i have my camera in my hand and then it goes away with my camera in hand i do things i never do otherwise and then i'm not nervous. and in the end she's got yet another impressive portrait for her portfolio. scott is with us down the red carpet so you be mingling with the stalls where they go to
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socialize during the festival. you know what might surprise you but the top stars are actually really creatures of habit so carolyn they always do the same things they all have breakfast at the atlanta luxury hotel here if they want to go for a drink they all go to the soho house which is a private club and when they go out to dinner they almost all go to bore shots and the interesting about this restaurant is when the stars go there they almost all order the same dish only take a look. everything revolves around schnitzels film stars like tom cruise cate blanchett jack nicholson jessica alba and robert de niro are all big fans of the berlin restaurant board is known in hollywood as the schnitzel place and stars don't just come here during the international film festival. the restaurant owner roland mary knows exactly what the stars want
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is a very discreet host understatement is the name of the game. by locals mark none of us here like monocultures we like mixing things up or because if celebrities come that's fine course we wouldn't exclude them but we don't give them special treatment either we go. in ball shot hundreds of schnitzels a pre-paid each day seven days a week from midday until late at night. some one hundred members of staff make sure the customers wishes the field. don't get as it were that's why it's important that we get the best meet we always use organic eggs and we have our own baker who produces the breadcrumbs for our schnitzels. does that and of course how we make the special to. the restaurants history stretches back to the eight hundred fifty three in former east german times it was
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a place you could go dancing after the fall of the berlin wall in nine hundred eighty nine the building at first stood empty now days bowshot has an international flair. during the bell and the restaurant is booked up for the whole ten days. is one of the most exclusive inverting rolen mary attracts all the big names it seems they just can't get enough of the schmidt. right so we know where you're going to replace but before you do that. don't tell us about next year there's going to be a change of dates because the all schools are going to be before it now how is that going to change the festival. yeah that's going to have a really incredible impact it's going to really have a domino effect on the entire festival season but particularly berlin so. traditionally has always been before the oscars and that's been advantageous on one
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side because it's helped attract sort of big stars and big films that have oscar chances to berlin vice was a good example this year christian bale film which is oscar nominated. there's always been a disadvantage though too because it's difficult for the business people who want to go back and forth between hollywood and berlin to make the trip if they have to go back so quickly to get to the oscars next year could be after the oscars will be good for business you'll probably see more business done in berlin buying and selling in movies but is going to be bad for the fans i think because the really big hollywood films won't be probably won't be coming because they'll all be doing their oscar campaigns in l.a. and after the oscars everyone just wants to take a couple of months off before the whole machine starts get go going again so i think next year might see more business but if you are stars and two new bosses to the festival how's that going to change. yeah because of his leaving after eighteen years as we said we've got two people coming in. and risen back it'll be
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interesting to see what they do they'll have faced a lot of challenges the oscars only being old new change of dates only being one of them but i'm really excited to see it because we've had for eighteen years he's had a very certain style of cinema i'll be really interested to see if they can shake things up a bit bring in some fresh blood and really make the belly exciting again that's what i'm looking forward to scott i was always a mine of information thanks very much for being with us today. and. that wraps up the show for the day the film festival festival isn't quite over the gold and silver baz will be an ops on saturday night we'll bring them to you first here on the w. i'll leave you with pictures of some of the stars who appeared on the red carpet at this year's festival i found out.
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quadriga the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week next week the vatican will host a conference on sexual abuse by clerics pope francis is trying to restore faith in his sacred institution can he do it should join me as we discuss the catholic church's darkest secret one hundred. quadriga thirty minutes on d w. a world of obscene wealth. india's new maharajas allow fleeting glimpses of it. to some continents an economic boom has made them billionaires. down there reveling in their new misfortune. to news and richness.
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love my stuff. starts feb eighteenth on t.w. . united states president donald trump has declared a national emergency in order to secure billions of dollars to build a wall on the mexican border trump failed to win funding for his wall through congress democratic party leaders said it would be a gross abuse of power and have threatened a legal challenge if trump goes ahead. german foreign minister hi chrome os says europe will continue to support the iran nuclear deal that's in response to demands from the u.s. that european allies i see.


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