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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2019 12:30am-12:46am CET

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the first. world some. of them. might. start feb eighteenth d.w. . the u.s. is closer than ever to a real trade deal with china according to donald trump anyway that's coming after days of talks between beijing and washington ended without one in sight also coming up. india's that could have the largest of any youngest workforce in the next two years and millions of parents dream of working for the government are first budget cut out to discover why. welcome to d.w.
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business i'm john el-gamal on in berlin thanks for joining us u.s. and chinese negotiators have ended trade talks in beijing went further round scheduled in washington next week now officials have praised the progress made and the discussions but neither side had much detail to provide. not every picture speaks a thousand words proportions and beijing would have liked to hear a thing or two about how the laces trying to of us chinese trade talks were progressing but all they got was a neatly arranged family photo featuring u.s. treasury secretary steve maneuver and trade representative property life hisor alongside their chinese hosts meanwhile in washington u.s. president donald trump was more verbose. tariffs are hurting china very badly they don't want to mint frankly if we could make the deal it be my honor to remove them but otherwise we're having many billions of dollars pouring into our treasury we've
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never had that before with china it's been very much of a one way street so that's happening and. the relationship with china is very good but i think they finally respect our country basing has already said it will buy more u.s. made goods to ease the trade deficit between the two economic powers but several other sticking points remain there's reportedly been little progress on us to mom's that china both cracks down on force technology transfers and reduces subsidies for ten mystic companies. to investment analyst kenneth fisher if as the american president is quote a master of distraction we also asked him how well the chinese understand trump i think more than most yes the chinese certainly get more than europeans get him he seems so crazy to a european that it makes no sense but what he's always done and he wrote about this . in his book the art of the deal people just don't believe that he tries to do it
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is he makes extreme statements does extreme things seems like he's a crazy man with extreme demands and then he ends up settling for something in the order of twenty percent of what he demanded and then he walks away declaring victory he did that with the north american free trade agreement he's doing that with tariffs in europe. generally he'd start big blows up creates the concern of chaos but the chinese or more used to that because they've got a despotic world to begin with they've got a top down control economy and they're used to the notion of extremity. investor can fischer there talking about how well equipped the chinese are to understand trump now trade optimism because of those talks pushed equities higher i time then to bring in our man on the markets. so why are investors so cheered considering the talks have closed for the week with very little progress. not much progress do you
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know but it's still better than the prospect of increasing conversations will continue next week in washington at least that's the spirit among investors who also think that even some kind of deal comes to fruition or will not really talk about some of the warning issues here such as force the transfer or subsidies or what they see is a commitment from china to increase its imports from the u.s. from our cultural products to semiconductors in these last cases up to two hundred billion dollars over the next years or different services all these could reduce it to a gaap a main point of friction for trump but the still several issues could arise such as implementation and commitment to any compromise. seems that open to the idea to extend negotiations without increasing tirades and try to force the gene to agree on certain reforms in a possible meeting face to face with china's president xi jinping hope springs
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eternal on wall street and it also appears unfazed by trump declaring a national emergency why's that. years and you know in that regard investor seem to be immune to a situation which they can see the more of a political move the increases tensions between the white house and democrats in a couple of hill but it's true that the political gridlock in washington could bring chills to wall street when for example the debt ceiling gets reinstated early march so it will need to be increase in the next coming months to avoid a default also by september thirtieth if the there is no agreement on a budget for twenty twenty we would see out of spending cuts which would lead to an abrupt and disorder fiscal adjustment something that will bother not only markets but also affect growth increasing the probabilities of exhausting the current economic cycle here in the u.s. personnel at least haro thank you very much. to india now where more than
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half the country's population is below the age of twenty five and keen to start a career and many of them aspire to work in the public sector especially in the indian railways that are there and of jobs to meet the demand our india correspondent sagna phonic are sent us this report. and this. is already bus. thousands of students come here to pay for exams the promised land them a green job with the indian government. this institute about four hundred students d.d. . used to work in a hotel but she says she put in twelve to thirteen hours a day. she now dreams of working in a public sector. when you know when you get into a government sector that your life is that nobody is nobody really knew you from the post in the garbage that does you know when it goes out it goes down it goes or
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it is gone out of the company like that. a job with long term security is what most students here after. their own competing for needed to look around the government with you she started about fifteen thousand rupees and that's about two hundred euros a month what is the one where the classes prepare students for exams that are notoriously tough to crack the government jobs a crack hundreds of thousands of applicants dramatically exceeding the number of available positions the coach is managing expectations is a big part of the job the simple thing that you have to do. in order to get you so if one makes out a five hundred ninety nine are bound to get disappointed that's how the game is that's although you know holding off but it's cool too. this is the company which everyone hopes land the job the indian railways with more than one million workers
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it's one of the world's largest employers. right here. today the company is conducting in a sense but a recruitment drive on the outskirts of the. competition disputes earlier this year more than twenty million people apply for about a hundred thousand jobs in india grades. but for many here it's the only hope to get regular employment and a secure future here maybe for me even if you have a master's degree or the starting salaries in the private sector to look you can support a family and that oh man you're in the villages everyone wants a government job farming is the only work that way there's no other option. and a government job offers more than the regular income going to. a government job really increases your magics possibly affect your family doing the everyone goes they go to a matter of land with the security if you. but getting those coveted jobs won't be
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easy if you're living on the one out of two hundred applicants we get a chance to work with the indian railways. and some more bad news for the auto industry car sales dropped again in the e.u. in january that marks a five month long decline according to the european automobile manufacturers association this time the fall was four point six percent to almost one point two million vehicles that's the fight widespread discounts and cut price offers. the discounts and deals just aren't working their magic a matter how tempting and we're not talking small reductions slashing prices by as much as a said has become almost standard that's according to research as the university of duisburg s. in. but despite the lofty discounts fewer and fewer cars are rolling out of the dealers yards. in france car sales shrunk by one point one percent in
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january in germany europe's biggest car market by one point four percent figures were even higher in britain where company car sales in particular have stalled many firms are exercising caution due to bret's it topping the slowdown list though are italy and spain. there are several reasons behind the ongoing slump says consultancy firm why in many e.u. countries economic growth is slowing and the ongoing debate about c o two emissions and driving bans is also dampening the confidence of potential buyers. perth fashion week is just around the corner and the fear it's not only adults who are taking to the catwalk the first ever kids at fashion week took place on friday it's all youngsters and modeling
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a range of high end clothing for juniors kids brands appear to be especially interested in penetrating the ever growing chinese luxury of market which was worth twenty two billion dollars in twenty eighteen. and that's your business update for more you can always go to our website that's w dot com slash business thank you for watching.
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let's go live and. take a closer look at modern culture from. the culture of. what's coming up on the going to sleep so much movement in the thinking about this the sentence it's all such a joke it's not psycho but all that means for the type of clothes.
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to sleep every weekend here on t.w. . christ's against humanity. civilians become witnesses. coming up. their recorded images travel around the globe just social media. the damned fictional what is fact. digital investigators combing through the flood of images they combine. trying to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of crimes. thanks to this video recording from am a soldier who shot the young man is on trial now. forensics between bits and bytes. i think.
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it's shit and then. this is a chance because justice is about the truth. truth detectives starts february fifteenth on t w. m welcome to news from the world of arts and culture i'm robin merrill and it's the burn in international film festival all the way today as it's coming to a close we'll talk to a film expert about movies in the stars and about the future of the festival. first of all let's celebrate the great actress charlotte rampling who was all of that on thursday evening with a special gold baffling lifetime achievement. she became
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a star back in the one nine hundred sixty s. with films like that. and is known for her cool on screen presence she's worked with actors and directors from around the world before ming in english french and italian now the golden bear. i'm an older woman and when you when you've actually lived lived quite a long life time is great i actually have that lifetime celebrated my job goes beyond a. functioning thing it's about telling stories we tell stories to die. and joining me now from the heart of the festival down impart some of our encyclopedia of film if i may mr scott ross for a man who i know has a soft spot for shallow rampling. yeah i was had the great pleasure privilege a few years back of being able to interview miss rampling here in berlin.


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