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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2019 9:00am-9:15am CET

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this is the w. news live from the lead nigeria's presidential election postponed for a week the electoral commission made the announcement in the middle of the night just hours before polling booths were due to open will take a look at what's next in nigeria also or something very good for virtual invasion purposes drugs. traffickers. and gangs one of the u.s. president donald trump declares a national emergency along with the u.s. border with mexico it means he'll be able to get the money he wants to build
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a border wall but he'll face legal battles from the opposition democrats. and as the birdland film festival draws to a close we'll take a look at some of the favorite films found seems to win the silver and gold in the . l a and the very warm welcome i'm his mckinnon nigerians was supposed to be heading to the polls at this hour to elect a new president it was expected to be a tight race between president mohammed do bihari and the main opposition candidate businessman and skilled one vice president of a backup but in a shock move the vote was postponed just a few hours ago the chairman of the independent national electoral commission made the announcement. thank you for review.
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obviously this is precisely. the. point that really. shows. that we should. never proceed with a nation who. is no longer. going to be. the focus in the senate race to the presidential to assume that. since. this is the way. all right our correspondent is in lagos live for us again we didn't hear many details there about exactly why the elections are being postponed what more do we know. well indeed not much details all we know is that they postponed it for operational and logistical
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reasons the independent electoral commission did not go into details at all but what we know is that in the past days there were several cases of the offices of the electoral commission setting alight and that burned a lot of the voters i.d.'s and also of the caterina's that are necessary for the elections to take place so many believe this postponing could be related to these incidences but we don't know exactly why and a lot of nigerians are indeed surprised that the electoral commission did not come up with any details many people are actually even angry i just went out on the streets to talk to some people here in lagos and they really expressed a lot of frustration and anger many of them vote early in the more woke up early in the morning to go voting but nothing is happening they saw on social media that the elections where postponed not alone to talk of the thousands tens of thousands of helpers and workers who were supposed to walk at the polling stations throughout the country is of course they were ready their holes were supposed to open why was it such a last minute thing. you know just five hours before actually the pows were supposed to open and this is pure speculation as of now they gave
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a press conference we've seen the statement but everybody here surprised why they did it that spontaneous because it's not the first time that elections were postponed we've seen it during the last two elections they were both postponed but not on such a short notice and this is really shocking to a lot of nigerians many of them feel actually betrayed what happened right now is that the major political parties the a.p.c. and the p.d.p. party and articles party they're actually both condemning what has happened but they also both blaming each other for trying too many police the elections trying to push the elections further to possibly change the results but they of course didn't come up with any details this is also just pure speculation and allegations without any proof ok what happens next early on that any guarantees that the election will happen next saturday i mean all electoral observers on the ground lots of journalists on the ground everybody is actually prepared and everybody was shocked that it's postponed so i do not believe that they can reschedule the elections again they have one week to prepare everything now and i
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do believe things will go ahead in one weeks of time all right a correspondent in lagos thanks so much for joining us. the u.s. president donald trump has declared a national emergency to free up funds to build a wall along the mexican border the declaration allows the president to access budget is usually meant for other purposes trump says he needs about eight billion dollars and he says he's confident he will defeat any legal challenges. donald trump southern border wall was a key promise in his presidential campaign and one that he seems keen to keep. thank you very much everybody i'm going to be signing a. national emergency we're talking about an invasion of our country. with drugs with human traffickers. with all types of criminals and gangs
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we fight wars that are six thousand miles away wars that we should have never been in in many cases but we don't control our own border. so we're going to confront the national security crisis on our southern border they say well those don't work walls work one hundred percent the forty fourth president isn't the first to declare a national emergency has been done fifty eight times since the law was enacted in one thousand nine hundred eighty six but reporters questioning of whether immigration environment soko really constitute an emergency but as an angry response we're getting them asking you to clarify where you get your numbers because most of the d.n.a. crimes reporting statistics that we see show that drugs are coming across at the ports of entry that illegal immigration is down in the violence is down so what do you base your lack of much less go secondly out of the what you go on and you get one with a set your sights anyway sit down sit down could you please sit down you get one i
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watched as i get my numbers from a lot of sources like homeland security primarily and the numbers that i have from homeland security are a disaster just weeks after the issue spots the longest government shutdown in u.s. history trump remains defiant for him the wall is necessary and he believes he's got the facts to prove it. our correspondent in washington helen humphrey says it's not just trump's political opponents who criticized his decision to declare a national emergency is also coming under fire from within his own republican party speaking in the rose garden here in washington d.c. mr trump said that he didn't have to declare a national emergency he did it in order to build the wall faster essentially bypassing congress and that is exactly the logic which was so maligned by the democrats calling that a gross abuse of power but there's also on these across the aisle some big name
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republicans have also been speaking out to condemn the move including mitt romney marco rubio senator susan collins issued a written statement saying that this move constituted a dangerous precedent for future presidents now though it's expected that this national emergency will face drawn out legal battles potentially going all the way to the supremes court that means a lot more talk many legal documents and for the president a lot less wall than his promise to deliver its state of the munich security conference with global leaders meeting in the german city of munich to discuss peace and diplomacy around thirteen heads of state and government are attending to debate a range of topics and later today german chancellor angela merkel will speak about the role of europe in the world a topic of growing importance to germany. he couldn't have made his point more clearly the head of the munich security conference called the proceedings waiting
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and beauty votes going fishing or wants world leaders to know that europe has to fulfill its rule within the growing struggle of the superposed the us russia and china to be a crucial element all of the new leaders carry an even greater responsibility than in the recent past security europe can't afford to show weakness that's why germany's foreign minister was a low from the lion began by greeting her british counterpart govern williamson and emphasizing the strong partnership between their countries despite brags that. there is no better place there is no better time to underline the friendship between our two countries germany and the u.k. they stand together shoulder by shoulder as i was soldiers do every day in their missions and it's williamson said that the u.k. and the e.u. will continue to work closely on security. for while the united kingdom is
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leaving the european union i want to start by saying our commitments to european security remain steadfast one immediately unifying challenge is how to deal with russia. new russian nuclear missiles have prompted u.s. withdrawal from the i.n.f. treaty on nuclear arms europe fears a new cold war. in munich strictly guarded by a shell hole foretell top politicians and experts are meeting to discuss how such a war can be avoided. germany wants to do all it can to save the i.n.f. treaty a nuclear arms foreign minister heikal must held talks with russian counterpart sergey lavrov only on the russia's current behavior with the oil and if treaty hints at the negative impact this could have for the security of everyone involved and especially for us in europe we're going to given the crisis surrounding the
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preservation of the i.m.f. treaty we need greater dialogue between americans europeans and russians of. high level u.s. representatives like ivanka trump are attending the conference. before arriving in munich u.s. vice president mike pence visited the former concentration camp auschwitz on his flight from poland to germany he accused iran of conducting itself with quote the same and semitic hatred as the nazis. the berlin film festival draws to a close this weekend with the jury deliberating over which films will pick up the coveted silver and gold and their awards is a look at some of the films critics favor for the top prizes. just what are these six people thinking many wish they knew just a few hours remain for the jury surrounding presidential yet be nourished to decide who will receive the coveted bears. one of the favorites so long my son
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in it director one cherish rice sensitively and gripping lee tells a tale of two chinese families it's a film about guild forgiveness and humanity in times of dictatorship here everything that's personal is also political a film made for this year's belly nolen much of this girl also made an impression actor helen not single. in the german films esteems playing on the ten year old place extremely convincingly a violent child who overwhelms the grown ups around her. how bad. how does a child prepare herself for a role like that helen not single answer the journalist's questions like a seasoned pro. as if you haven't dog and you have a few we talked
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a lot about how it is for a child so that i could prepare myself well for how i would have to act in the scene and would i have to be more sad or more aggressive see for his. role for the first time in the history of the berlin and north macedonian soul has made it to the competition section and immediately cost an uproar. lead actors are it's a new sheva place the thirty two year old petunia who somewhat by chance rebels against a male tradition a convincing film with excellent acting and so worthy of a bear. oh for ten days the red carpet was the place for the stars and the wannabes to strut their stuff now the waiting begins. all right just time for some one to sleep good news now on friday friday so buy in
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munich move within two points of league leaders don't mind after they field eight three two come from behind win against bavarian neighbors book and the title holders got off to a night mess to start conceding after just eight seconds was the softest own goal in going to sleep in the street but they fought back to grab all three points david alibi hissing the win up early in the end of the win now puts pressure on rival still open to play on monday. that's the news wrap for now i'll be back at the top of the hour with live coverage of chancellor merkel's speech at the munich security conference i join us for that and now thanks so much for watching he doesn't use.
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his time to take one step further than face the possible. time to such deal no question for the troops. time to overcome their own dreams and connect. it's time for the.


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