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tv   DW News - Live from Munich Security Conference 2019  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2019 10:00am-11:00am CET

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already. digital. storage marketing. w. this is t w news live from berlin it's muckle of us is tense at the munich security conference delegates are looking forward to joining speeches from the truly to its german chancellor angela merkel will make a plea for multilateralism while u.s. vice president mike pence has criticized the european union over iran will be covering muckle speech life also coming up. nigeria's presidential election
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postponed for a week the electoral commission made the announcement just hours the full polling booths put you to open. hello and a very warm welcome i'm. in but when it's day two of the munich security conference and with global leaders missing in the german city that to discuss peace and diplomacy german chancellor angela merkel and the u.s. vice president mike pence are expected to deliver a jew ling speeches today the conference was opened by its chairman who was making a point about europe's role in the wold of three superpowers. he couldn't have made his point more clearly the head of the munich security
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conference open proceedings wearing an e.u. hoodie forgoing issuing a wants world leaders to know that europe has to fulfill its role within the growing struggle of the superpowers the e.u. russia and china crucial. all new leaders carry an even greater responsibility than in the recent past security chairman defense minister funded lyon gave one of the keynote speeches she began by greeting her british counterpart calvin williamson and emphasizing the strong partnership between their countries this by breaks it. there is no better place there is no better time to underline the friendship between our two countries germany and the u.k. they stand together shoulder by shoulder as all soldiers do every day in their missions the next month. i will use them said that the u.k. and the e.u.
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would continue to work closely on security. for while the united kingdom is leaving the european union i want to start by saying our commitments to european security remain steadfast. one immediately unifying challenges how to deal with russia. russian nuclear missiles have prompted us withdrawal from the nuclear arms treaty i.n.f. europe fears a new cold war. in munich strictly guarded by the show who foretell top politicians and experts are meeting to discuss how such a walk can be avoided germany wants to do all it can to save the i.n.f. treaty a nuclear arms. german foreign minister heikal mosque held talks with his russian counterpart sergey lavrov of. russia as current behavior was the only in this treaty hints at the negative impact this could have for the security of everyone
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involved and especially for us in europe. given the crisis surrounding the preservation of the i and if treaty we need greater dialogue between americans europeans and russians. high level u.s. representatives such as if i could trump are also attending before arriving in munich u.s. vice president mike pence visited the former concentration camp in poland on his flight to germany he accused iran of conducting itself with quote the same semitic hatred as the nazis. at germany's chancellor angela merkel is due to speak shortly and we'll be going live to munich for that she said she wants to speak about the role of europe in the world chief political correspondent melinda crane is standing by for us in munich melinda has a new arms race between russia and nato a trade war between china and the us the munich security conference has set itself the goal of trying to create some order out of this chaos off your first day that
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what's your impression of all the latest seeking this kind of new global order. the leaders heard a very clear warning from the head of the security conference wolfgang ischinger you saw him take the stage there in the report wearing that e.u. sweat shirt with stars on it and he said to them right at the outset of the conference you know what all of you are using this forum too often to talk at each other rather than with each other so a very very clear appeal for him from him there for the people attending this conference and they include decision makers from all over the world truly the absolute leaders who could work together to try to solve international challenges for them to really get down to the nuts and bolts of working on solutions but the fact is to some degree the polarization that we have seen
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in the international order absolutely is present here at munich as well and i think this year as we have seen it in the last couple of years there is enormous concern about the in adequacy of multilateral institutions and processes to address all of the very severe challenges ranging from a potential new nuclear arms race that you mentioned to challenges like the effects of climate change on human security on the effects of russian aggression we just heard some very powerful words from the current head of the european council that's a rotating presidency he is the president of romania and he said look we have a very vulnerable eastern flank we need a much stronger nato presence on that flank that again in direct reference to
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to the perception that europe is directly threatened by by russia spill. adler attitude so a whole lot of challenges to be faced and a great deal of concern that we don't have the multilateral will to address them. multilateralism obviously. a priority for chancellor merkel who is going to be speaking soon we'll be going live to that speech when she does start speaking what do you expect from her what priorities will she set. i think she undoubtedly will speak as the german defense minister did yesterday about the need for european union member states to truly coordinate their own military procurement and operations we heard the defense minister talk about the very effective cooperation that has been going on in the baltic states i think we're likely to hear the chancellor talk about that as well to also reassure nato members that that is not
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in competition with nato that that actually enhances nato's own capacity concern about that issue was raised by the british defense minister whom you saw also in the report going beyond that though i think she certainly will say look we all must work together to solve these international challenges this is something that she says here in this forum every year and she also points out every year that this is not a military challenge alone this is not something that will only be resolved by arms and military cooperation but also by work to address international problems at their root causes in other words to address the origins of conflict and i'm sure that we will hear something like that again this is also an area where she has often said look when we talk about how much is germany how much is europe contributing for example to nato is efforts it needs to be measured not only in monetary terms and military contributions but also in the degree to which we invest
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in development in the degree to which we in. best in international cooperation because those are the things that really help root out conflict before it begins. all right chief political correspondent melinda crane thanks so much will could be coming back to you in the in the coming hour but for now thanks so much for your reporting. some other news now nigerians were supposed to be heading to the polls today to choose a new president and in a shock move the election has been postponed just a few hours before voting was scheduled to start and polling stations remain shut it was expected to be a tight race between president muhammadu buhari and the main opposition candidate businessman and former vice president atika bucca the chairman of the independent national electoral commission made the announcement. we would take your full review
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of the influences of this loses it's over so. that it's an issue for you to be the root of their shows. the issue to you is. that of course you do they should pursue. this a lot of. this through. the vision to decide who is who the person do so listen to us and do that. too this is a way for today all right our correspondent is in lagos live for us again we didn't hear many details there about exactly why the elections are being postponed what more do we know. well indeed not much details all we know is that they postponed it for operational and logistical reasons the independent electoral commission did not go into details at all but what we know is that in the
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pos days there were several cases of offices of the electoral commission setting alight and that burned a lot of the voters i.d.'s and also of the caterina's that are necessary for the elections to take place so many believe this postponing could be related to these incidences but we don't know exactly why and a lot of nigerians are indeed surprised that the electoral commission did not come up with any details many people actually even angry i just went out on the streets to talk to some people here in lagos and they really expressed a lot of frustration and anger many of them vote early in the early in the morning to go voting but nothing is happening there so on social media that the elections where postponed not alone to talk of the thousands tens of thousands of helpers and workers who are supposed to walk at the polling stations throughout the country is of course they were ready they were expecting for the votes to take place. as you said i mean these things have been happening for the last couple of days but this announcement came late in the middle of the night just before the polls were supposed to open why was it such a last minute thing. you know just five hours before actually the pows were
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supposed to open and this is pure speculation as of now they gave a press conference we've seen the statements but everybody here surprised why they did it that spontaneous because it's not the first time that elections were postponed we've seen it during the last two elections they were both postponed but not on such a short notice and this is really shocking to a lot of nigerians many of them feel actually betrayed what happened right now is that the major political parties the a.p.c. and the p.d.p. party and the tea party they're actually both condemning what has happened but they also both blaming each other for trying too many police the elections trying to push the elections further to possibly change the results but they of course didn't come up with any details this is also just pure speculation and allegations without any proof ok what happens next early on that any guarantees that the election will happen next saturday i mean all electoral observers on the ground lots of journalism on the ground everybody is actually prepared and everybody was shocked
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that it's postponed so i do not believe that they can reschedule the elections again they have one week to prepare everything now and i do believe things will go ahead in one weeks of time all right a correspondent in lagos thanks so much for joining us ok let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world north koreans are celebrating the seventy seventh anniversary anniversary of the birth of the late leader kim jong il the capital pyongyang was decorated to mock the public holiday which is known as the day of the shining star his son and current leader kim jong un also paid his respects. at least seven people have died in violent protests in haiti the protests have been going on for nine days protesters accuse the government of corruption and a calling on the president to resign. police say five people were killed in a shooting at a suburban chicago business the gunman reportedly open fire on friday at his
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workplace an industrial warehouse and aurora illinois after being fired from his job of fifteen years he also wounded five policemen before he was killed. ok we're going to be continuing our coverage of the munich security conference now in our political correspondent to maximally on the joins me now maximiliano at a time of real global uncertainty shifting global alliance is what can we expect from chancellor merkel when she when she speaks in the next few moments well she's certainly expected to make a strong statement on multilateralism a topic that she is emphasizing recent weeks once and once again and also have you heard talk about by the german defense minister also funded line yesterday when she was opening the munich security conference and yeah we also expected to hear something from german chancellor angela merkel about use the european union's role
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in the world and how their european union can come together more strongly and play a role for serb multilateralism multilateralism it's a word that we often hear that is extremely important. but germany is often criticized for not playing an active enough role in global security masses how can germany up its game well it's interesting to see because germany seems to have always quiet sort of suspect role is not that seems not that proactive but when it comes to actual security masses looking back to the ukraine crisis for example in two thousand and fourteen german chancellor angela merkel was in fact being very proactive she was the one fostering the normandy talks together with france to bring russia and ukraine together at one table and try to solve the crisis resulting effectively into the minsk agreement and i think this is the role we can and should expect more from germany and from the german government to kind of be a broker in security issues and topics for example like the i.n.f.
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treaty to bring people back to the table to bring and foster negotiations when those concerns. ok so we're actually seeing live pictures right now of chancellor merkel approaching the. stage and we will be crossing to her as soon as she starts speaking in the meantime million we will continue with our conversation here you mentioned the i.n.f. treaty the intermediate range nuclear forces tracy. u.s. vice president mike pence is going to be speaking just off to chancellor merkel the u.s. has announced it's going to be leaving the tree see russia says it will do the same saying this is a threat to european security what is germany doing about this well germany has announced both the foreign minister and the defense minister also have on the line are we going to save german chancellor angela merkel is going to address this issue any further that they want to bring negotiations negotiations back on they don't
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want to have this just being to solve it into nothingness they just want to give it will more chance and what they what the defense minister was on the phone a lot has said just days before the security conference opened is that she does want to bring china and so the table which is question and vicious project because china currently isn't possible the i.n.f. treaty but russia the united states have said that not only they were concerned with russia violating the treaty but they also want to have china be more involved because they think china is also not in violation of the treaty because a lot of pasta fits but it's violating the issues of the treaty so it will be interesting to see if germany can manage that bring both russia the united states and potentially china into one table three negotiate the i.m.f. treaty case a very big politics we're talking about here now german u.s. relations are not in a particularly good place right now one particular point of contention is the new gas pipeline that's being built from russia to germany known as north stream too.
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could it be said that germany is following an economic agenda here in terms of the stream to that's actually actively threatening relations with the us of a time when german u.s. relations really need some help coming back to what we've heard yesterday of the security conference it may be actually an issue that hasn't been quite agreed on within the german government so we've been speaking good obvious been speaking yesterday with both the defense minister and the economics minister and there was a completely different managers on that regards the defense minister has been speaking for example on the concern that the european union wants to now. it's a sort of majority of principle in decision making regarding for example economics foreign policy and a lot of the european member states are against little stream to so it could be that germany will sort of like adopt the majority opinion to kind of be more concerned about norse into but on the other hand we heard the commies mr pease else maya say that this is still a domestic issue it's a domestic. principle of how to have one's an engine mix being concerned and
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that this is not something that is under the general idea of the european union. now let's have a talk about european unity oversea one of the one of the issues that's a great priority for germany germany and france usually seen as the two european nations really trying to keep the european project going but when we take a look at the munich security conference france's president mccall isn't there what does that say about the state of european unity well this of course was a big concern or was a big back for both the organizers of the munich security conference and probably for the european union as that was supposed to be a signal sharing the european unity at the munich security conference now french president kroll has canceled his attendance saying that he had more important domestic issues we know that france is currently seeing a lot of protests the yellow vests the general are protesting for weeks and weeks
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in france and french president menem across said that he had to give his attention to dogs but it's over in the second year that we haven't seen the dissipated joint appearance of the french president and the german chancellor and yeah we'll hope that at least the german chancellor may be giving in her speeds a signal so what she understands european six units and maybe also german french friendship will still be in the forthcoming yes ok now chancellor merkel wasn't the munich security come. last year this year she is present isn't there let's talk a little bit about macros legacy this could be the last time that merkel. appears at the munich security conference as germany's chancellor if she if she doesn't appear that if she doesn't speak next year what kind of tone do you think she'll be setting in terms of her legacy what she'll be remembered for this is certainly
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something our lot of observers here in berlin are currently paying a lot of attention to because we already know that the german chancellor has already giving up the. party leadership of her social democratic union party the conservatives currently in government let me just stop you there for one argument because i can see that chunks leventhal has actually started has a fever and will be covering that astonishing ladies and gentlemen and of course. i would like to also mention and recognize here the minister president of the priesthood for a very i think you are a wonderful host and indeed this city is a wonderful city we have a just beautiful cities in germany as well but today all eyes are on munich ladies and gentlemen two thousand and nineteen is a year. in which we remind ourselves that two hundred fifty years ago alex and for whom by exist. except in. the in the here i should you know just realization he was a scientist a scholar a traveler and he was
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a new to find a and understand the world as it was completely and he was quite successful in so doing and his credo as we can read in his mexican diaries from eighteen as he is everything is interdependent. about two hundred years later in the year two thousand and the nobel laureate for chemistry goes from the. well. after having done research on the in the is only on their own hold he said this is going to be and new geo chronological age ice age is over and also the immediate post i exchange now we have the anthropocene in two thousand and sixteen the international geological society adopted this time we live in an era where the traces of human beings indeed so deep and have left such
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a deep imprint on our globe that even the following generations will recognize this as an era as an age that has been determined by man by humankind for example the traces of nuclear testing of climate change of micro plastics in the oceans and extraction of raw materials these are but a few phenomenon that we recognize today all of that has an impact on global security and of the issues that we're debating right here at this conference so it's only a matter of consequence to remind ourselves that we started in sixty three with what was then called a very crude a talking very much influenced by the postwar period by national socialism and its legacy a transatlantic kind of conference so i'm delighted to see so many representatives from the united states here today in the audience i'm moving over to
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a comprehensive security conference where we talk about energy supply we talk about development cooperation obviously military issues defense issues are also addressed but we look at matters and a very comprehensive very holistic way as regards security and i think that's exactly the right answer we have to think integrated structures and interdependencies the military component is but one of them and in the beginning of the twenty first century after all this is the second decade of the twenty first century and we feel very acutely that the structures in which we was. basically structures that hark back to the horrors of the second world war of the immediate legacy of the national of national socialism but that these structures are faring much under pressure because the challenges of today the developments of today demand from us to form them but we cannot simply dispense with them or destroy them there's so the great puzzle the motto let me just start with one hand by everybody
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among the great powers the motto of this conference shows to us that what we see as an overall architecture underpinning our world as we know it is a bit of a puzzle now it has been sort of. if you like it has collapsed into many tiny months now the berlin wall fell. almost thirty years ago the cold war ended we talked at the time about. well do we still need nato today we need yes we do need nato as an anchor of civility on the stormy sea we needed as a community of shared values because we do should never forget that nato was founded not only as a military alliance but as an alliance of nations that chaparral years that share the same values as regards human rights as regards democracy guidelines that we all share and the fact that this is still a very attractive alliance was clearly borne out by the developments over the past few months we were trying to grapple with the question whether northern macedonia
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as we now all are able to act to call it can become a member of nato and i would like to thank i at this instance the prime minister. from north a message only and alexis tsipras the grieco prime minister for the courage that they show. thank you and. they will be awarded the closest prize and i think that's an excellent example of among all of those protests. conflicts which we have not find a solution but if you show the necessary courage you can find solutions i had actually given up in the meantime of trying to come up with a different combinations for the name and now finally is so huge and has been found so my congress nations my heartfelt congratulations but there are many conflicts that challenge us and that after all is also what we're talking about here i would like to start with one that i am very busy with right now but many of us as well
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our relationship to russia and russia from many many years in the shape and form of the soviet union was an antagonist using the gears of the cold war and after the fall of the wall we did have hope and that was when we stopped when we agreed on the nato russia founding act we wanted to pave the way for a better understanding and if i remember the year two thousand and seven at the end at the on the margins of the security conference i'm eating into russia founding actually wanted to pave the way for a better understanding and if i remember the year two thousand and seven at the end at the on the margins of the security conference i'm eating took place between hillary clinton and say lover of where they. signed the education documents for the phone you start the exchange these documents today and two thousand nine hundred that seems ages ago but at the time both talked about a milestone and to not only insisting on the validity of the nato found the nato
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russia founding it but also trying to seek and explore channels of dialogue now in two thousand and fourteen and we had the annexation of crimea which was clearly a violation of international law peytral bushrangers here among us later on that was just tack on the eastern ukraine yeah. well there is a sort of fragile stability in our for which we work very hard to tackle eastern ukraine yeah. well there is a sort of fragile stability in our for which we work very hard with the minsk agreement but we tried together with france to work for a solution but we're far away from solution while honest and for us the europeans this year very bad news the fact that the i.n.f. treaty was now cancelled after years of violations no one has to say by
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russia. is violations of the set use of this treaty and it was probably not possible to cancel to do otherwise but i would like to say this again to our american colleagues we europe have supported this but it's an interesting combination here it's a designed them and treaty that very much has an impact on european security but that is cancelled by the united states and by russia a successor to the soviet union and we said that with the results obviously we tried to make everything we can which isn't right in the remit of our house to make further disarmament steps possible but our attorneys. represented see it today this armament is something that we all have to grapple with that we all have to concentrate on and we'd be delighted if not only between the united states and russia such negotiations say took place but also with china i know there are a number of reservations but we were delighted we would be delighted to see
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movements in this direction. of as a response to what happened in ukraine in two thousand and fourteen we then set in wales in two thousand and fifteen not only combating terrorism that what we've done in afghanistan but also defending our alliance as such is very much in the foreground of our efforts is very much at the very top of our agenda and so this is why we said we want to move in the direction of two percent defense expenditure. i am. trying to say that this also vote early i was a target because all of the new members of nato said if you don't move towards that goal of two percent you will not be accepted as members this was actually before i was into office as chancellor now germany is has been criticised and i will also speak about it in two thousand and fifteen our defense expenditure was increased from one point eight to one. to one point we want to be at
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one point five in twenty and twenty four for many people not satisfied with that but for us it is very much an essential step forward now what do we do with this if we all are in recession if we don't have economic growth defense expenditure is going to be easier but whether that is better for the ions is a matter for discussion so obviously we have to have some kind of reference point but if g.d.p. is a drag reference point is a matter for discussion now we are trying to give our contributions for eighteen years we've been present in afghanistan we've had about one thousand three hundred soldiers there on the ground it together with twenty others we are in the north of afghanistan. and please. that is my request to all of it this is the first. mission according to article five that we have been in to gether for many many years and we also discussed the further development of
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matters together because we have tried to convince our population to trying to tell them yes our security too is depended on the end because i don't want to be left with a situation where some point in time was simply have to leave because obviously we need the integration of forces that we're dependent on that we have represented in a lady away for the second time assumed the lead in the spare had so all of these are indeed contributions that have great used to. and so we're more than ready to lend our contribution to strengthen he lives and outside of nato we're also active in maadi for example that was a gigantic step for germany we simply to are not used to this different to for example our french friends and this mission and that is the question of developments in africa and it was not a matter by chance that this morning you had a discussion between the president of the european union the rotating presidency
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and the new chairman of the african union egypt and present president cesium i convert to nations on your elections this was only a few days ago. because this relationship that we forge with africa is going to be a very challenging must particularly for us here peons do a little bit different from the relationship with the united states it will not be always nato missions that said please we want to build a consistent coherent european defense policy and this is not addressed against nato it is something that is just strengthened cooperation within nato rendering it more efficient make it better because among the many who are member states in the european union and nato a we can overcome hurdles only and so if we develop a joint. sort of culture here i'll join defense culture if you like if we realign our weapons systems we want to we will be challenged very much here in germany we have signed this treaty and i hung with france and obviously export control plays
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a role if we don't develop a a common culture of how we deal with arms exports obviously the development of a comma defense industry will also be jeopardized we cannot speak of also of a european army if and defense cooperation if we're not ready to adopt a common defense export policy and a common arms export policy there will be quite a number of tricky discussions out there it's not a secret i think that i'm telling you here now they. sentiment power from our relationship with russia we've also we also have combating terrorism on the agenda another great challenge and after march two thousand and fourteen apart from the euro crisis in two thousand and fourteen fifteen we work as you know very closely with the results trying to make it possible for greece to remember to say and the euro zone and then we have to grapple with the refugee issue the migration issue and this was feel old obviously by the situation in syria on the ground because
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there is a civil war raging there. with terrorist elements with terrorist challenges so we were faced with a completely different security issues and the one that we have in our alliance by way of defense issues that because the question was out there we in here are ready when we have a humanitarian drama an hour spent on our special on our doorstep will we be ready to help and the fact that so many refugees came to europe simply has to do with not dealing with this before there were refugees in jordan they were refugees in rabun and in turkey millions of them the stability of these countries have been gravely and bad and you have to capitalize with this in in the end the refugees then entrusted their faith to human traffickers trying to find different routes so europe then adopted a task not only obviously germany sweden and other countries to at the time there
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was a humanitarian crisis and we stepped in and said we have to help but i think we're all agreed in saying that the response to humanitarian needs and humanitarian distress cannot be that it isn't trust their faith to human traffickers it was good to agree with turkey on this humanitarian agreement and it was also good for germany to increase its expenditure and development cooperation and now in this period of time and ever since wales ever since i don't do. in this two percent time we now have also increased our development cooperation expenditure because we said that two is a security issue if we don't give it and we're one of the largest donors in the if we don't give money to the world food program if we don't give money to world bank and then this refugee problem will be perpetuating the readiness of the german citizens to help to sapien was great but we have to find
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a structured response to this so that was a parallel challenge that i from a security viewpoint think is just as important as the strange thing our alliances such. as and beyond on which to do it. because of the situation in libya on the ground there that was a harbinger of what a year and now italy. will have to. grapple with the african continent is developing in a way that instability in libya led to a situation where this became a sort of launching pad if you like for a huge inflow of refugees a spanish fans have had this challenge even earlier with our own morocco ten fifteen years earlier. and what happened then was that we said well we have to develop a partnership with africa in
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a much more consistent way with the europeans but we are at the very beginning of this because if if in sub-saharan africa in egypt in morocco in tunisia and algeria to situation does not develop in the way that young people feel that there is a perspective for a future that they have opportunities then this great gap in prosperity between africa and europe is going to become a huge problem for all of us and we see that china for example has forged development policy as. in africa they are helping in europe we have a very much a sort of traditional form of development corp i discussed this with mice and she didn't ping quite often i'm discussing with him whether we can perhaps one from new best practices as it is but we have not yet come up with a an underlying development political agenda where we can say well these investments will be sufficient to create sufficient jobs to create sufficient stability and security in these countries as
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a consequence and again in germany and it's not something that will or that used to and talk about when we were founded where we say yeah we support g five cyo the mission that is trying to work against terrorism where inside we're trying to work together with the united nations against terrorism we are present in mali we're trying to train the the armed forces there but at the same time all of that will be in vain if these countries don't have an economic perspective don't have economic opportunities which is why we increase our and economic cooperation economic defend and cooperation to defend the expenditure but we can only do this together with the african union i know very very glad that africa and in twenty years sixty three for example are the plans has been developed by the african union but they have very clear ideas now because they have to be the ones who own this process and they have to feel that these are our programs that we developed together with them on the
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mountain a truck operation of the past years i think has improved and i must say that is primarily due to also the efforts of the african union their good example here now these are problems they disenchantment and i wanted to outline to you germany has become engaged now we have to talk about methodology how what sort of cooperation do we want in the transatlantic alliance. well basically it used to be a defense of a line. and it still is the foreign ministers meeting quite often but for many many years we talked to it with france about whether we can also discuss political issues that nic nature can only live up to its responsibilities in this integrated defense and security. idea is also factored in because militarily all of these conflicts i think we are agreed it cannot be solved and then obviously we have to ask ourselves what can be convincing responses. on
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the pain of the minsk agreement is one that we agreed on. sanctions moral. strength and sanctions with cats for example and i would like to ask this to do this in a coordinated effort under nato russia founding as we don't want this channel to be blocked this dialogue and then economic development well north korean two is obviously one contentious issue in understand that petro poroshenko says i'm a transit country for russian gas i would like to remain come to the country for question again i assured him time and time and then that i will support him in every way possible and we will do this and no matter whether there is an election campaign going on now russian gas molecules remains of russian gas molecules being transported by crane or through the baltic sea so the question how dependent how we actually on russian gas. that question cannot be created fired by simply looking at
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the way it is transported so i say i am ready to not being sort of you know laterally dependent on russia but i remember when i was in the g.d.r. side and i received russian gas anyway but even in the what was then the fed republic of germany they received russian gas during the cold war time so i don't understand really are times today really so bad that russia will all of a sudden not be a reliable partner. it's actually interesting here this set up on my right to have the chinese represent on my left i have the ukrainian and i have had to push into it should we perhaps be not participating will china be the one that is benefiting from that we want to be part of those trade relations as well so we have to be openly addressing this we have made a strategic decision although we have a lot of l.n.g. capacity and actually we have enough energy terminals in europe more than we have an empty gas but when people when it's true what people predicted namely that and
10:43 am
he production will be increased coming in from the united states we as germany have decided ok well it factor that into our energy mix and since we phase out lignite and nuclear. we will be certainly an interesting market for the next three years to come as far as exports of natural gas is concerned iran once again another bone of contention dividing us i must say i am. very much well it's i'm sad about that because in my speech to the knesset i said the right of existence of israel is part of our reason to try as as as a nation and i mean this seriously i see the ballistic missile program as iran and syria i see it as having its hand in yemen and there i see the europeans on the one side and the americans on the other side but is it helpful for our common goal to
10:44 am
see to it that this negative impact that iran has is contained by canceling the only existing agreement. to all can we use this as a sort of little small lever to make pressure on other issues that is a tactical issue that we need to talk about but the goal that we perceive is the same so i'm criticized every day as you know. yes also is it a good thing to immediately withdraw troops from syria now american troops that is old will that. not strengthen iran's hand and russia's hand to influence the situation on the ground that too is something that we need to discuss that is very much out there and that's very much something that we need to discuss. the same goes for the question about economic relations between china and the united states and europe huge problems we see china is indeed an emerging economy very much so when i go to china the chinese representatives say to me first first one thousand
10:45 am
seven hundred years of the two thousand years ever since. christ was born we have been a leading economic solution why are you so excited that we are so worried about that when the only thing that's happening is we are trying to be leading again and now we used to be and we say but we've used to bleed now we have to deal with the situation we have to find sensible so you sions as a west of the whole wait a situation where we are fighting against each other that by weakening as all around and i am for fair trade relations reciprocity we need to talk about this but we have to talk about this imbued with the spirit of partnership and also in the awareness that there are so many problems in the world of today that we need to solve together and that we have to find an agreement and i'm very much pinning hopes on the trade talks that are currently happening between america and china now the transatlantic partnership for me as
10:46 am
a german chancellor is obviously not that simple to read that apparently the american secretary of trade says when german cars are a threat to america's national security what proud of our automotive industry and i think we can be proud of our cars they are built in the united states of america south carolina is one of the largest is actually it's actually the largest b.m.w. plant not in bavaria south. lana is supplying china so when these cars because they're built in south carolina are not becoming less threatening rather than the ones that are built in bavaria supposed to be a threat to the national security of america it's a bit of a shock to us thank
10:47 am
god and on so quite frankly i think it would be a good thing is that we come back to the table and talk to each other when somebody has a problem has a headache one needs to talk about is that there has been always the case all over the world now ladies and gents but all of these questions a little bits and pieces of a mosaic. are basically. underpinned by one big issue because we feel there's enormous pressure on our traditional way of doing things will this lead to a collapse of our auto will we think we're going it alone is the best answer as a german chancellor i can only say we will then be left out and live because the united states of america economically speaking are so much more powerful in the dog dollar as a leading currency is so much more powerful well they will have a better time and china is so much bigger that one point three billion people we
10:48 am
can be as hard working as we can without eighty million we will simply not be at the same level if china decides we don't want to have good relations with germany that's going to be repeated the world over so will we abide by the principle that we have learned our lesson from the second world war that was caused by the national socialist my germany that even though international multilateral forum may be slow maybe that work maybe i. but putting yourself in the other person's shoes and looking beyond the pale trying to forge win win situations is is not better i am firmly convinced than trying to solve all of these issues alone. thank you i'm going to invite you so late center and so i was so happy yesterday night
10:49 am
when i prepared my speech for today that i could find a quote from lindsey graham and multilateralism may be complicated but it's better than simply staying home alone and i think that is exactly the right answer to the motto of this great puzzle who will pick up the pieces we only all of us together thank you thank
10:50 am
you. all right that was chancellor germany's chancellor angela merkel speaking there at the munich security conference a standing ovation after speech in which she covered a whole. of topics global security migration terrorism and not least the transatlantic relationship and to break that down for us i'm now joined by up as a political correspondent michael meehan and with chief political correspondent melinda crane who joins us from munich. milind you were listening to mechelle speech there what was it that jumped out at you were there any surprises in what she had to say today. i have to say i think it's probably the best speech i've ever
10:51 am
heard her give here and i've been attending this conference since her very first year as chancellor she spoke very very directly to a number of the issues that are arousing enormous concern here in munich starting with this issue of great power rivalry people here are talking about competition between the great powers meaning the u.s. russia and china as possibly heading in the direction of something almost approaching a new cold war certainly also a tech cold war as this often referred to in terms of china and the u.s. and the chancellor very clearly stated that we cannot allow that to happen she said. sensually in reference to china that she when she sits down with president xi jinping of china she's really asking what can we learn from
10:52 am
each other that was are very refreshing sentence to hear after hearing many many people here at the conference talking about china in very adversarial tones then she said in regard to russia as she was discussing the very controversial german north stream natural gas pipeline that would bring russian gas to germany it's aroused tensions with germany's e.u. partners and also a lot of tensions with the u.s. she said quote unquote do we really want to treat russia as an adversary and force it into the arms of china or do we want to continue working together with russia where we can again a very refreshing take on great power rivalry here at a conference that is very very worried that the multilateral approach of the past seventy years is is simply crumbling before our eyes so i would. say that is one of
10:53 am
her absolutely central messages the other one that i found very very interesting extremely clear words directed to the united states she sometimes tend to speak a little indirectly that wasn't the case here at all. melinda thank you i'm going to turn to maximally ana now melinda was talking about the state of the united states we heard merkel talk about the transatlantic relationship and talking again about mulch multi-lateralism and saying you know if it might be complicated but it's good to talk do you think she's made a step in any way towards the united states with her speech or was it completely the opposite i think she made a step towards the last of those melinda has just put it she was not only delivering on the emphasis of multilateralism but really embodying it saying the always have to talk as melinda said it was very refreshing it was probably one of her best speeches she really shows that she's keen to and her political capital in these last years are for chancellorship on promoting the idea of much better than
10:54 am
also under levering on it so she was saying like if we have problems when still if we have a headache we need to talk about is and she's like extending this invitation to all sides the united states russia and china the big powers currently competing yes of message there it's good to talk you mentioned russia and michael of course talked about germany's relationship with russia what was her assessment of the current state of german russian relations was very interesting to observe because as we know the german chancellor angela merkel has a history of having left and in the former soviet associates is german democratic union so she's grown up and east germany and she's probably there for drawing often from her own experience so she has been saying russia used to be an antagonist for western countries then after the end of the cold war became pope of coloration but of course she's also stressed or addressed the difficulties the currently seeing she's mentioned the. ukraine crisis in two thousand and fourteen west yourself and
10:55 am
has been as wolf as we talked earlier about in the negotiations of fostering or like making the minsk agreement and she said that that isn't over that the issues we still have to talk about but she said and showed a very kind of like open point of being interested in taking on the brokering all the negotiating role of germany being sort of the. yeah the the not the neutral ground but certainly the brokering ground for finding positions between these countries all right much million of thanks so much and thank you to melinda crane who is covering this conference live for us from munich we'll have more on the munich security conference in the coming hours and don't forget you can watch the live stream of all the speeches and discussions in the conference room of the munich security conference on our web site that's d w dot com. thanks so much for joining us i mean you can mackinnon in berlin.
10:56 am
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